Zorro (Spanish for fox) is the secret identity of Don Diego de la Vega (originally Don Diego Vega), a nobleman and master swordsman living in the Spanish colonial era of California. The character has undergone changes through the years, but the typical image of him is a black-clad masked outlaw who defends the people of the land against tyrannical officials and other villains. Not only is he much too cunning and foxlike for the bumbling authorities to catch, but he delights in publicly humiliating those same foes.

Genre: Action and Adventure

  • Watch Zorro Season 2

    • Episode 25

      One for All, Part 2

      aired: Sat, Apr 27, 1991

      Part 2 of 2: D'Artagnan's heir is there too, only he was careful enough to send a declining letter to stake the place first. Diego joins the 'three musketeers' and Picotin has uniforms ready for each. Diego is happily welcomed home by Felipe and Victoria.

    • Episode 24

      One for All, Part 1

      aired: Sat, Apr 27, 1991

      Part 1 of 2: Diego decides to take a vacation and goes to France. Diego is expecting a quiet vacation, but finds himself in the middle of a village full of rowdy people. Soon, he meets Porthos, who is a descendent of one of the original Three Musketeers.

    • Episode 23

      The Devil's Fortress, Part 2

      aired: Sat, Feb 23, 1991

      Part 2 of 2: Don Diego is arrested, but escapes before Rosalinda De La Fuente's coach reaches the fortress. Zorro rides on and finds Victoria's youngest brother lurking around. Meanwhile the alcalde has his own secret agenda.

    • Episode 22

      The Devils Fortress, Part 1

      aired: Sat, Feb 23, 1991

      Part 1 of 2: A grandfather shows Diego De La Vega's diary about the Devil's Fortress. Victoria produces a letter, allegedly from her father, Alfonso's, cellmate. If true, it means that he didn't die in the Mexican Revolution, but that he is seriously ill.

    • Episode 21

      The Newcomers

      aired: Sat, Feb 9, 1991

      Protestant Daniel Nielson, who is fleeing religious persecution with his wife and son, becomes the first-ever client to actually claim a piece of Los Angeles via Alcalde Ramon's land office. However, Diego and Victoria warn them it is a barren wilderness.

    • Episode 20

      The Jewelled Sword

      aired: Sat, Feb 2, 1991

      Royal troops bring a jeweled sword believed to have belonged to Charlemagne. When the theater troop arrives in L.A., the alcalde insists on an excessive amusement tax of 50 pesos, and puts a premium on Zorro's head. Zorro must prove his own innocence.

    • Episode 19

      The Don's Dilemma

      aired: Sat, Jan 26, 1991

      Deputy Governor Frasquez is a day early carrying the order to capture Zorro, while the alcalde had not returned yet. He decides Mendoza is unfit as acting alcalde, and appoints Don Alejandro. Mendoza demands Zorro's capture or Alejandro will be in chains.

    • Episode 18

      The Whistling Bandit

      aired: Thu, Jan 24, 1991

      When Zorro deals with stage coach-robbers, Lopez admits he was released from jail by the alcalde to prevent the arrival of his fat and rude cousin, Hermelinda. Diego and Felipe set a musical trap, which Zorro closes at Aragon's concert in the tavern.

    • Episode 17

      To Be a Man

      aired: Sat, Jan 12, 1991

      Judge Bernardo de la Paz is threatened because he is about to condemn Vincente Torres' brother to death. For safety, he sends his teen son Carlos for to the De La Vega hacienda. Now Carlos must be protected from both the gang and himself.

    • Episode 14

      It's a Wonderful Zorro

      aired: Sat, Dec 15, 1990

      Don Diego is depressed because his father tells him that he should at least have been protesting while Zorro single-handedly saved an innocent villager from flogging. Down and out, Diego wonders if Zorro's crime fighting really even matters.

    • Episode 13

      The Falcon

      aired: Sat, Dec 8, 1990

      The Falcon is a felon with many birds of prey. He arrives in Los Angeles, considering it to be the ideal target because of its corrupt alcalde, provided he can set a suitable trap for Zorro.

    • Episode 12

      Rites of Passage

      aired: Sat, Dec 1, 1990

      Ramon, who is prejudiced against Indians, chases them off their land. A young girl named Keenona is accidentally left by herself. Zorro decides to protect her, but the alcade wants her as a servant. The Indians now want retribution, and wage an attack.

    • Episode 11

      The Challenge

      aired: Sat, Nov 24, 1990

      Ramon forbids the pueblo's citizens from traveling to Indian land because he doesn't approve of Indians receiving help from the townspeople. Joshua offers to take them food, and Ramon is infuriated and demands that Joshua hunt Zorro and kill him.

    • Episode 10

      The White Sheep of the Family

      aired: Thu, Nov 15, 1990

      The Alcade rides into town as a changed man, charming and courteous to everyone. The new alcade is even 'courting' Victoria, until he suddenly is his old wicked self again. The problem is solved when Zorro figures out that people have been seeing double.

    • Episode 9

      Broken Heart, Broken Mask

      aired: Thu, Nov 8, 1990

      Don Carlos loses at poker, beaten by a foreign gambler whom he believes is a cheat. Zorro intervenes, but the coward shoots and Victoria receives the bullet. Victoria may be shot but she gets her first kiss from Zorro, still not knowing his real identity.

    • Episode 8

      The Chase

      aired: Thu, Nov 1, 1990

      Zorro rides to expose the Alcalde's manipulation of the market's weights. An Indian scout follows his trail in order to earn the horse he admires. Felipe, who can't ride as fast, hides in a dangerous abandoned mineshaft while Toronado runs back alone.

    • Episode 7


      aired: Sun, Oct 28, 1990

      Men try to subdue Zorro when a reward is offered for his capture. After being bitten by a snake, Zorro turns to Magdalena, the wife of Alicio. When Alicio's barn is burned down, he must choose between being grateful his wife is alive or pursuing Zorro.

    • Episode 6

      Freedom of the Press

      aired: Thu, Oct 18, 1990

      Don Diego becomes the editor of the new pueblo newspaper, The Los Angeles Guardian. The alcalde, however, decides to take it over after getting some bad publicity.

    • Episode 5

      He Who Lives by the Sword

      aired: Thu, Oct 11, 1990

      A highly conceited British expert fencer arrives. Soon, he takes power over the pueblo, demanding that Ramon be his servant. Ramon then has Zorro teach him how to duel, so that he can be freed of Sir Miles Thackery's control.

    • Episode 4

      The Tease

      aired: Thu, Oct 4, 1990

      After Sgt. Mendoza becomes smitten by an attractive woman, Don Diego decides to show him ways to seduce a woman. Mendoza lets his emotions get the best of him, leading him to be trapped by bandits. Zorro must now rescue him.

    • Episode 3


      aired: Thu, Sep 27, 1990

      Felipe and Victoria are kidnapped by Captain Henry Stark and his crew of pirates, who believe there is a hidden treasure in the area. Felipe espcapes to find Zorro, so that he can rescue Victoria and the others that are held captive

    • Episode 1

      The Wizard

      aired: Thu, Sep 13, 1990

      An inventor named Dr. Henry Wayne has arrived in Los Angeles. Alcalde Ramon hires him to devise a method to eliminate Zorro. The first device designed to kill Zorro when he enters the Alcalde's office is a failure. Ramon then arrests Victoria as bait for

  • Watch Zorro Season 1

    • Episode 25

      Palomarez Returns

      aired: Thu, May 24, 1990

      Diego learns that Colonel Palomarez plans to sell the pueblo. Zorro finds that the land grant is a forgery, but is poisoned by Palomarez and must find a way to force Palomarez to lead him to the antidote.

    • Episode 23

      An Explosive Situation

      aired: Thu, May 10, 1990

      Quintana tricks Don Alejandro, Diego, and alcalde Ramon into coming to the tavern for a party. He ties them up and lights the fuse to a keg of gunpowder and tells them they have 15 minutes to think of all of their dreams that will never happen.

    • Episode 22

      The Unhappy Medium

      aired: Thu, May 3, 1990

      Don Diego and Victoria suspect that the medium Mayatana, who claims to speak to the deceased loved ones of people in the pueblo, is a fraud.

    • Episode 21

      The Bounty Hunters

      aired: Thu, Apr 26, 1990

      When the mail shipment is robbed, Zorro believes that the man responsible for delivering the pueblo mail may in fact be the person behind the thefts. Zorro attempts to gather evidence so that innocent Indians will not be killed.

    • Episode 20

      Ghost Story

      aired: Thu, Apr 19, 1990

      Sgt. Mendoza finds out that the hacienda he just inherited is haunted. During Mendoza's first night in his new home, he is visited by what appears to be the ghost of a former occupant.

    • Episode 19

      A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

      aired: Thu, Apr 12, 1990

      The new priest, Padre Benites, arrives and decides to run the mission with an iron fist. Don Diego does not believe that the real Padre Benites would act in such a rough fashion and discovers that the alcalde and the priest are in league with each other.

    • Episode 18

      Child's Play

      aired: Thu, Apr 5, 1990

      Toronado is injured and lost, limping in the desert, to Diego's despair. A small boy finds and 'adopts' the normally indomitable stallion.

    • Episode 17

      All That Glitters

      aired: Thu, Mar 29, 1990

      The alcalde is delighted to hear that Leonardo Montez, the thief who stole the jewel from the Guadelupe mission, has escaped from jail and is headed in the pueblo's direction.

    • Episode 16


      aired: Thu, Mar 22, 1990

      Sebastian Moreno, an author from Spain, arrives in the pueblo to write the story of Zorro and reveal his true identity.

    • Episode 15

      A Deal With the Devil

      aired: Thu, Mar 15, 1990

      Colonel Mefisto Palomarez, the dreaded butcher of the Yucatan campaign, announces he has come to eliminate Zorro by executing one pueblo inhabitant each day until Zorro hangs.

    • Episode 14

      The Magician

      aired: Fri, Mar 9, 1990

      A magician named Fucard is paying a great deal of attention to Victoria. Diego is jealous and suspicious of Fucard. When a shipment of gold is stolen, Diego must prove that Fucard is the villain before Fucard convinces Victoria to leave with him.

    • Episode 13

      Honor Thy Father

      aired: Thu, Mar 1, 1990

      Diego's father, don Alejandro de la Vega, witnesses a robbery and gets knocked down trying to stop it, putting him in a coma. The only medicine that might give Alejandro a fighting chance was stolen.

    • Episode 12

      Pride of the Pueblo

      aired: Fri, Feb 23, 1990

      A freed slave named Jack Holton discovers that racism abounds in Pueblo de Los Angeles.

    • Episode 11

      The Legend Begins: Part 4

      aired: Fri, Feb 16, 1990

      After Zorro is injured in a fall, the alcalde resumes the forced labor, new taxes, and prepares a memorial service with a fake Zorro-corpse to bury the myth. Against doctors order's, Diego rises and Zorro resumes riding.

    • Episode 10

      The Legend Begins: Part 3

      aired: Fri, Feb 16, 1990

      After falling off a cliff, Zorro remembers how Felipe helped him train the wild black stallion after saving his foal. When the alcalde plans to execute don Alejandro just for escaping from jail, Zorro prepares a flying contraption his lab.

    • Episode 9

      The Legend Begins: Part 2

      aired: Fri, Feb 16, 1990

      Desperate for a hiding place in the canyon, the wounded Zorro reminisces further about his origins and when he showed Felipe his set-up in his secret hide out.

    • Episode 8

      The Legend Begins: Part 1

      aired: Fri, Feb 16, 1990

      Zorro falls off of a cliff after his horse, Toronado, is spooked. While lying at the base of the cliff, he remembers the events which led to him becoming Zorro.

    • Episode 7

      s Other Woman

      aired: Thu, Feb 15, 1990

      When Zorro finds the spoils of some bandits, the loot includes a bundle of joy they are glad to be rid of: a baby girl!

    • Episode 6

      The Sure Thing

      aired: Thu, Feb 8, 1990

      Jose Maceas has a fabulous horse, which he plans to race against Seor Herrera's horse, and will bet everything on his own horse winning in an attempt for sudden wealth.

    • Episode 5

      The Best Man

      aired: Thu, Feb 1, 1990

      Diego's cousin is visiting the hacienda with his fiance. However, when it becomes apparent that she plans to leave him due to her infatuation with Zorro, he plans to challenge Zorro to a duel.

    • Episode 4

      Double Entendre

      aired: Thu, Jan 25, 1990

      The alcalde hires a fake Zorro to rob the people, which convinces most of the villagers that it was Zorro who robbed them.

    • Episode 3


      aired: Thu, Jan 18, 1990

      Alcalde Ramon tries to monopolize the pueblo's water supply.

    • Episode 2

      Deceptive Heart

      aired: Thu, Jan 11, 1990

      Don Alejandro's female pen pal comes to Los Angeles and wedding bells are in the air, much to Diego's chagrin.

    • Episode 1

      Dead Men Tell No Tales

      aired: Thu, Jan 4, 1990

      Victoria is accused of murdering a guest at her tavern.

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