Upstairs Downstairs

Upstairs Downstairs
Upstairs Downstairs

Genre: Drama

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  • Watch Upstairs Downstairs episodes from 2011

    • Episode 1131

      The Cuckoo

      aired: Sat, Apr 23, 2011

      Lady Persie's life has become increasingly complex, as she continues her illicit affair and pursues her right-wing political interests. Meanwhile, Sir Hallam finds himself dragged into the abdication crisis facing the monarchy.

    • Episode 1061

      The Ladybird

      aired: Sat, Apr 16, 2011

      It is five months since the Holland's moved into Eaton Place, and Rose is officially installed as housekeeper, while Lady Agnes has maneuvered the house to the center of London society. But storm clouds are gathering in Europe...

    • Episode 1001

      The Fledgling

      aired: Sun, Apr 10, 2011

      Diplomat Sir Hallam and Lady Agnes Holland move into 165 Eaton Place, closely followed by his widowed mother and her wayward sister. They also need a full serving staff, and Lady Agnes turns to an agency run by none other than Rose Buck.

    • Episode 991

      1. The Fledgling

      aired: Sun, Apr 10, 2011

      It is January 1936 and diplomat Sir Hallam and Lady Agnes Holland move into 165 Eaton Place, closely followed by his widowed mother and her wayward sister. But they also need a full serving staff, for which Lady Agnes turns to an agency run by none other than Rose Buck, who used to work at the house. But the arrival of an unwelcome guest puts a strain on relations both, upstairs and downstairs.

  • Watch Upstairs Downstairs episodes from 1975

    • Episode 3541

      16. Whither Shall I Wander?

      aired: Sun, Dec 21, 1975

      Summer 1930. Eaton Place is sold, and James's debt means Georgina inherits nothing. Will Robert return for her after all? As the saga ends, upstairs and downstairs go their separate ways.

    • Episode 3471

      15. All the King's Horses

      aired: Sun, Dec 14, 1975

      October 1929. Home after making a killing on Wall Street, James urges the Bellamy household to get on the gravy train, and Rose trusts James to invest for her.

    • Episode 3401

      14. Noblesse Oblige

      aired: Sun, Dec 7, 1975

      Summer 1929. Georgina and Robert want to marry. His parents agree, with a catch: the pair must not see each other for a time. Downstairs, Mrs. Bridges and Ruby are at odds.

    • Episode 3331

      13. Joke Over

      aired: Sun, Nov 30, 1975

      Summer 1928. Georgina's out-of-control behavior causes more trouble for the Bellamys. When a joyride proves fatal, Lord Robert Stockbridge comes to Georgina's aid.

    • Episode 3261

      12. Will Ye No' Come Back Again?

      aired: Sun, Nov 23, 1975

      On a household holiday in the Scottish Highlands, Hudson confronts a poacher. James reveals his feelings for Georgina, but when she doesn't return his ardor, he leaves abruptly for America.

    • Episode 3191

      11. Alberto

      aired: Sun, Nov 16, 1975

      June 1927. James takes Lady Prudence to Ascot. Georgina's friendship with Lady Dolly Hale, a wild society girl, leads to an ugly scene and the departure of a key servant.

    • Episode 3121

      10. The Understudy

      aired: Sun, Nov 9, 1975

      September 1926. Eaton Place hosts an important dinner party for the French ambassador. When Hudson falls ill, someone must take his place, causing a crisis downstairs.

    • Episode 3051

      9. The Nine Days Wonder

      aired: Sun, Nov 2, 1975

      May 1926. Britain's General Strike of 1926 rattles the Bellamy household. Lord Richard is dismayed, James takes a job as a bus conductor, and Hudson struggles to keep order downstairs.

    • Episode 2981

      8. Such a Lovely Man

      aired: Sun, Oct 26, 1975

      Summer 1925. Seeking an important government post, Lord Richard courts influential millionaire Sir Guy Paynter. But Guy is more interested in Virginia. Meanwhile, Ruby has a suitor.

    • Episode 2911

      7. Disillusion

      aired: Sun, Oct 19, 1975

      Spring 1924. Georgina returns from America with news of Elizabeth. Hudson stuns the household when he falls in love with Lily, a young house maid, and gives notice.

    • Episode 2841

      6. An Old Flame

      aired: Sun, Oct 12, 1975

      Spring 1923. Bored with life, James takes up with his best friend's wife. When they spend a weekend together in a cottage, the Bellamys barely avert a scandal.

    • Episode 2771

      5. Wanted--A Good Home

      aired: Sun, Oct 5, 1975

      Spring 1922. Virginia's son goes to boarding school, and her daughter gets a puppy. The imperious new governess is not pleased, and soon Eaton Place is in an uproar.

    • Episode 2701

      4. The Joy Ride

      aired: Sun, Sep 28, 1975

      Autumn 1921. James buys a small airplane and takes his young stepmother for a spin. When the plane disappears, the household prepares for the worst and the press has a field day.

    • Episode 2631

      3. Laugh a Little Louder Please

      aired: Sun, Sep 21, 1975

      Summer 1921. The Viscount and her Ladyship travel for their honeymoon. While they're away, Georgina throws a wild party at Eaton Place that ends in tragedy.

    • Episode 2561

      2. A Place in the World

      aired: Sun, Sep 14, 1975

      February 1920. Medically discharged from the army, James enters politics but refuses any guidance from his father. Also striking out on their own, Edward and Daisy have left service but are struggling to survive.

    • Episode 2491

      1. On with the Dance

      aired: Sun, Sep 7, 1975

      Summer 1919. Upstairs, Lord and Lady Bellamy make plans to leave Eaton Place. Downstairs, the servants fear for their jobs. Fortunately, Virginia's young children save the day.

  • Watch Upstairs Downstairs episodes from 1974

    • Episode 3401

      13. Peace out of Pain

      aired: Sat, Dec 7, 1974

      Lord Richard proposes to Virginia Hamilton. James is sullen and difficult, especially with Hazel. London rejoices when the armistice is declared, but Eaton Place experiences one more tragedy.

    • Episode 3331

      12. Facing Fearful Odds

      aired: Sat, Nov 30, 1974

      When young widow Virginia Hamilton learns that her son is to be court-martialed, she asks Lord Richard for help. Edward goes into hiding to avoid being sent back to France.

    • Episode 3261

      11. Missing Believed Killed

      aired: Sat, Nov 23, 1974

      Is James alive or dead? A message arrives from the military hospital where Georgina is working. Hazel and Lord Richard travel to France to bring their wounded loved one home.

    • Episode 3191

      10. The Hero's Farewell

      aired: Sat, Nov 16, 1974

      Lady Prudence commandeers the Bellamys' drawing room for a charity matinee, but her plans are disrupted when a bomb falls nearby. A telegram brings bad news about James.

    • Episode 3121

      9. Another Year

      aired: Sat, Nov 9, 1974

      Ruby and Edward return to Eaton Place, the latter suffering from a severe case of shell shock. Sir Richard tries to help him and also gets appointed Viscount Bellamy of Haversham.

    • Episode 3051

      8. The Glorious Dead

      aired: Sat, Nov 2, 1974

      Eaton Place is rocked by tragedy: Rose's fiance has been killed in battle, and pilot Jack Dyson is dead. James comes home on leave and takes a walk in the park with Hazel.

    • Episode 2981

      7. If You Were the Only Girl in the World

      aired: Sat, Oct 26, 1974

      At the tea party for wounded officers, Hazel feels drawn to Jack Dyson, a shy young pilot. Rose and Daisy await news about their soldier sweethearts, while James and Georgina meet in France.

    • Episode 2911

      6. Home Fires

      aired: Sat, Oct 19, 1974

      Rose is reunited with the Australian Gregory Wilmot, now an Anzac Sergeant. Lady Prudence wants Hazel to host a tea party for wounded officers. Hazel says no, but Hudson says yes.

    • Episode 2841

      5. Tug of War

      aired: Sat, Oct 12, 1974

      James longs to rejoin his regiment along the Western Front, and Hazel pulls some strings. Rose becomes a bus conductor, and Georgina finds nursing less glamorous than she expected.

    • Episode 2771

      4. Women Shall Not Weep

      aired: Sat, Oct 5, 1974

      Edward and Daisy marry. Georgina trains as a volunteer nurse, and kitchen maid Ruby takes a job at a munitions plant. James is unhappy with his posting as a staff officer.

    • Episode 2701

      3. The Beastly Hun

      aired: Sat, Sep 28, 1974

      The sinking of the Lusitania fuels anti-German sentiments. The servants are forced to examine their feelings when a local tradesman's store is burned and his family is beaten.

    • Episode 2631

      2. News From the Front

      aired: Sat, Sep 21, 1974

      On leave from the Western Front, James carelessly complains about shortages and is drawn into a political intrigue. Daisy and Edward announce their engagement.

    • Episode 2561

      1. A Patriotic Offering

      aired: Sat, Sep 14, 1974

      1914: War has begun. James fights in the trenches of France, Edward feels pressure to enlist, the servants draw the curtains tight, and Hazel takes in a family of refugees.

  • Watch Upstairs Downstairs episodes from 1972

    • Episode 641

      13. 1-13

      aired: Sun, Mar 5, 1972

      June 1909. On the eve of her wedding to Lawrence, Elizabeth wonders if she's doing the right thing. James takes up with Sarah, now a music-hall sensation.

    • Episode 571

      12. 1-12

      aired: Sun, Feb 27, 1972

      Winter 1908. Elizabeth falls under the influence of a group of bohemians that includes a handsome poet, Lawrence Kirbridge. Her behavior alarms the servants and infuriates her parents.

    • Episode 501

      11. 1-11

      aired: Sun, Feb 20, 1972

      October 1908. James has a guest at Eaton Place, a Swedish army officer with a dashing valet. Valuable objects start disappearing, and Sarah becomes an unwitting pawn.

    • Episode 431

      10. 1-10

      aired: Sun, Feb 13, 1972

      Autumn 1908. James and Elizabeth find their former servant Sarah starving in the East End. Elizabeth reinstalls her in the household, where she causes trouble upstairs and down.

    • Episode 361

      9. 1-09

      aired: Sun, Feb 6, 1972

      November 1907. In the depths of a guilt-induced breakdown, Mrs. Bridges, the cook, steals a baby. The Bellamys' efforts to help only make matters worse.

    • Episode 291

      8. 1-08

      aired: Sun, Jan 30, 1972

      April 1907. The woebegone kitchen maid Emily falls deeply in love with a footman. When they are forbidden to see each other, she takes drastic action.

    • Episode 221

      6. 1-06

      aired: Sun, Jan 23, 1972

      Summer 1906. Swept off her feet by Charles Hammond, a handsome, cultured young friend of James, Lady Marjorie falls passionately in love.

  • Watch Upstairs Downstairs episodes from 1971

    • Episode 3171

      7. 1-07

      aired: Sun, Nov 14, 1971

      October 1906. Sir Richard finds a young housemaid crying. He offers to help with her secret dilemma, but soon learns he is risking his political career. (Note: due to a technician's strike during production of this series, this episode is only available in black and white).

    • Episode 3101

      5. 1-05

      aired: Sun, Nov 7, 1971

      December 1905. Eager to marry Elizabeth off, the Bellamys are relieved when she falls in love with a young German baron--until they make a shocking discovery. (Note: due to a technician's strike during production of this series, this episode is only available in black and white).

    • Episode 3031

      4. 1-04

      aired: Sun, Oct 31, 1971

      May 1905. Home from abroad to make her society debut, 17-year-old Elizabeth Bellamy shocks the household with her radical political views and nonconformist behavior. (Note: due to a technician's strike during production of this series, this episode is only available in black and white).

    • Episode 2961

      3. 1-03

      aired: Sun, Oct 24, 1971

      August 1904. With the Bellamys and their senior servants on holiday, the junior servants run wild. Son James returns home unexpectedly and is drawn to the free-spirited Sarah. (Note: due to a technician's strike during production of this series, this episode is only available in black and white).

    • Episode 2891

      2. 1-02

      aired: Sun, Oct 17, 1971

      June 1904. Lady Marjorie sits for a portrait by an avant-garde artist. Sent to his studio on an errand, Sarah makes a decision that creates a humiliating scandal for the Bellamys. (Note: due to a technician's strike during production of this series, this episode is only available in black and white).

    • Episode 2821

      1. 1-01

      aired: Sun, Oct 10, 1971

      November 1903. There's a new face downstairs: a pretty parlor maid with a fictitious past. She calls herself Clemence, but Lady Bellamy calls her Sarah.

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