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Untamed & Uncut
Untamed & Uncut
  • Watch Untamed & Uncut Season 3

    • Episode 8

      8. Tiger Attacks Zookeeper

      aired: Sun, Apr 5, 2009

      Tigers attack a keeper at a zoo in the Philippines. A massive rescue mission is put into effect when three grey whales are found trapped in the Arctic ice in Alaska. In Mexico, a bull charges out of the arena and into a section of crowded bleachers.

    • Episode 7

      7. Catapulted Horse Racer

      aired: Sun, Mar 8, 2009

      A chariot racer is catapulted 40 feet in the air in Idaho. A massive earthquake rocks China, and the race is on to save a group of pandas that have been left stranded. A dog crashes the Tour de France.

    • Episode 6

      6. The Moaning Cowboy

      aired: Sun, Mar 1, 2009

      A rodeo unexpectedly turns into a horrifying musical. An Australian racetrack is the scene of one of the worst racing accidents in history. A baby elephant is stuck in a watering hole, and his mother works desperately to save him.

    • Episode 5

      5. Gator Tricks Gone Bad

      aired: Sun, Feb 22, 2009

      "Untamed and Uncut" brings you the most incredible animal encounters ever caught on tape! From heart-stopping attacks, to heartwarming real stories about the world's most amazing creatures.

    • Episode 4

      4. Pilot Whale Attack

      aired: Sun, Feb 15, 2009

      A mama crocodile fiercely protects her nest at an Australian sanctuary. A pilot whale takes hold of a diver's leg and plunges towards the bottom of the ocean. A horse and rider tumble into a 6-foot deep crevice, and both are hangining on for their lives.

    • Episode 3

      3. Trouble at the Track

      aired: Fri, Feb 6, 2009

      A steeplechase jockey is accidentally catapulted 20 feet in the air during a race. A harness race results in an eleven rider, ten horse pile up in a massive chain reaction crash. A 70 year-old harness racer has a heart a attack in the middle of a race!

    • Episode 2

      2. Elephant Seal Attack

      aired: Sun, Jan 25, 2009

      Two divers are attacked by an elephant seal. A model/bullrider puts both careers at risk when she takes a horn to her face. A man climbs 70 feet in the air to save his beloved pet bird, and now both are stranded and in need of rescue.

    • Episode 1

      1. Gaucho, Ouch-o!

      aired: Sun, Jan 18, 2009

      A father and son make a frantic 911 call while trapped inside their car and being attacked by thousands of wasps. A dog and his owner are trapped on a mountain cliffside. In Argentina, a cowboy attempts to break a wild horse, but the horse breaks him.

  • Watch Untamed & Uncut Season 2

    • Episode 5

      5. Wrong Way Horse Collision

      aired: Sun, Nov 30, 2008

      A jockey's life hangs in the balance after a horrific head-on collision. A 26-foot anaconda attacks an environmental officer attempting to relocate it. A Chihuahua and her owner dangle 10 stories in the air after a terrible paraglider crash.

    • Episode 4

      4. Beware of Charlie Bullware

      aired: Sun, Nov 23, 2008

      A cowboy tries to ride one of the meanest bulls on the rodeo circuit, Charlie Bullware, and fails. A frog is saved from the jaws of death by an unlikely hero. A kangaroo attacks a mascot of a children's TV show in Australia.

    • Episode 3

      3. Leopard Attack

      aired: Sun, Nov 16, 2008

      A park ranger attempting to relocate a leopard is mauled in Kenya. In New Zealand, a dog is swept away by a raging river current, and his owner makes a daring rescue attempt. Killer bees attack a firefighter while he tries to rescue a fallen hiker.

    • Episode 2

      2. Shark Takes Leg

      aired: Sun, Nov 9, 2008

      A woman on an environmentalist mission is caught in a tug-of-war between a great white shark and rescuers. A rookie competitor in a wild horse race receives a life-threatening kick to the head. An alligator wrestler is bested by his 8-foot opponent.

    • Episode 1

      1. Lions, Camera, Action!

      aired: Sun, Dec 7, 2008

      The guest of honor at the Golden Lion Awards, a real lion, viciously turns on his trainer on the red carpet. A rodeo bullfighter tangos with a Mexican fighting bull. A dog is trapped 180 feet down the shaft of an abandoned well.

  • Watch Untamed & Uncut Season 1

    • Episode 4

      4. Cheetah Attack

      aired: Sun, Aug 10, 2008

      A TV host visits a cheetah enclosure and is attacked. An elephant goes berserk during a parade in India after being provoked by someone in the crowd. A skiing dog takes a head over tail tumble down a 200 foot mountainside and survives.

    • Episode 3

      3. Double Great White Attack

      aired: Sun, Jul 6, 2008

      Two Great White Sharks attack a surfer at once - and it is the only time this behavior has been captured on tape! A mule race in Brazil goes awry. A professional alligator wrestler undergoes an event that might make him rethink his career choice.

    • Episode 2

      2. Cobra Attack

      aired: Sun, Jun 8, 2008

      A Monocled Cobra, one of the world's deadliest snakes, shows an exotic animal trainer why it should be handled with care. Two men fishing unfortunately reel in a spinner shark. A black bear mistakenly climbs a power pole with disastrous results.

    • Episode 1

      1. Elephant Shock

      aired: Sun, Aug 31, 2008

      Rescuers rush to save a wet elephant who has wrapped her trunk around a live electrical wire. Terror strikes a crowd when a bull veers off course during a water buffalo race. Rescuers come to the aid of a baby polar bear caught in an hunter's trap.

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