From the creators of The Wire, Treme explores the lives of several struggling musicians and other New Orleans locals in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Genre: Drama

  • Watch treme Season 4

    • Episode 5

      ...To Miss New Orleans

      aired: Sun, Dec 29, 2013

      Series finale. Colson is offered a transfer; guardians send Lambreaux home; Batiste takes his sons to a Dr. John gig; Hidalgo returns to Texas; McAlary revisits his pothole, now decorated.

  • Watch treme Season 2

    • Episode 11

      Season 2, Episode 11

      aired: Sun, Jul 3, 2011

      In the Season 2 finale, Jazz Fest takes center stage in New Orleans, giving Treme residents a welcome respite from a challenging year.

    • Episode 10

      Season 2, Episode 10

      aired: Sun, Jun 26, 2011

      The community mourns a fallen artist; Toni asks Colson for inside help; Sonny is smitten at the docks; Janette earns a new nickname at the Lucky Peach; Sofia is tempted at her job; Antoine's showboating costs him a singer; Delmond and Albert head south to cut their record.

    • Episode 9

      Season 2, Episode 9

      aired: Sun, Jun 19, 2011

      Davis is eclipsed by his protege, Lil Calliope; Albert's quest for authenticity rankles Delmond; Antoine experiences the upside of teaching and downside of band-leading; Larry forces LaDonna to make a choice; Colson lands in Homicide; Sofia is chastened; Hidalgo finds opportunity in frustration; Janette is transformed by her new job; Toni and King probe witnesses to murder; Annie experiences the highs and lows of New Orleans in a single night.

    • Episode 8

      Season 2, Episode 8

      aired: Sun, Jun 12, 2011

      Delmond pitches his fusion project to Dr. John; Toni enlists a PI for the Abreu case; Davis debuts his band while Annie resists debuting her song; LaDonna's marriage is tested; Janette weighs a move to a more casual kitchen; Cornell continues to monitor Sonny's rehab; Hidalgo strikes a sweetheart deal with the city; Sofia runs with the wrong crowd; Susan Cowsill and Leroy Jones perform.

    • Episode 7

      Carnival Time

      aired: Tue, Apr 17, 2012

      As Carnival arrives in New Orleans, Albert unveils his new plumage, and Delmond discovers a new sound; Annie heads to a rural celebration with Harley, while Davis looks for an alibi to party in town; Hidalgo combines business with pleasure on a Zulu float; Toni and Sofia struggle with their memories of Creighton; Antoine club-hops with his sons while LaDonna avoids the fracas; and Cornell offers Sonny a second chance away from all the revelry. In New York, Chef Ripert gives Janette time off to attend to personal business and Fat Tuesday.

    • Episode 6

      Feels Like Rain

      aired: Tue, Apr 17, 2012

      Hidalgo does a favor for Councilman Oliver Thomas; Antoine appoints a straw boss; Janette learns that Jacques is in trouble; Sofia has a realization; John Hiatt and Henry Butler perform.

    • Episode 5

      Slip Away

      aired: Tue, Apr 17, 2012

      Lt. Colson questions the quality of police investigations; Janette lands at Le Bernardin; Annie tries composing; Aunt Mimi gets a track from rapper Mannie Fresh, while Davis discovers a new talent; Sofia lands an internship in Councilman Oliver Thomas' office.

    • Episode 4

      Santa Claus, Do You Ever Get The Blues?

      aired: Tue, Apr 17, 2012

      Aunt Mimi and Davis form a record company and sign rapper Katey Red; Janette makes her dramatic departure from Restaurant Brulard; Antoine reluctantly lands a teaching job.

    • Episode 3

      On Your Way Down

      aired: Tue, Apr 17, 2012

      LaDonna confronts the return of the crime problem; Sofia channels her father's YouTube rants; Toni takes the Abreu case; Janette and Albert apply for Road Home money; Sonny barely escapes arrest.

    • Episode 2

      Season 2, Episode 2

      aired: Sun, May 1, 2011

      Antoine decides to form a band; Vincent Abreu drops a suspicious death case on Toni; Hidalgo makes lucrative connections; Sonny realizes playing music on the street is a dead end.

    • Episode 1

      Season 2, Episode 1

      aired: Sun, Apr 24, 2011

      Season Two premiere. Antoine contemplates a move while LaDonna resists one; Davis moves in new directions, personally and professionally; Toni worries about Sofia's emotional distance; Colson contends with the return of crime to New Orleans; Annie returns from a national tour. In New York, Delmond debuts his new album, while Janette holds her tongue in the kitchen of a demanding boss. Juvenile sits in with Galactic and the Dirty Dozen Brass Band.

  • Watch treme Season 1

    • Episode 10

      Season 1, Episode 10

      aired: Sun, Jun 20, 2010

      In the Season One finale, Toni's concerns about Creighton turn to anger; Albert and the Indians suit up for St. Joseph's night; Antoine gambles away a big payday; Davis tries to convince Janette to stay put; Annie weighs her future options. A funeral procession offers its mourners a chance to reflect on the events of the last year in New Orleans.

    • Episode 9

      Season 1, Episode 9

      aired: Sun, Jun 13, 2010

      Davis concocts a remedy for the post-Mardi Gras blues; Annie makes a decision that Sonny takes personally; Janette's latest chef's gig gets bogged down; Antoine becomes LaDonna's unexpected benefactor; Colson warns Albert to avoid trouble on St. Joseph's night; Creighton is inspired by a classic novel set in old New Orleans.

    • Episode 8

      Season 1, Episode 8

      aired: Sun, Jun 6, 2010

      As New Orleans gears up for its first Fat Tuesday since Katrina, Albert is sent a less-than-celebratory message by the NOPD. Sonny leaves Annie to her own devices; LaDonna puts her bad news on hold; the Bernettes make a Mardi Gras appearance, though Creighton's heart isn't really in it.

    • Episode 7

      Season 1, Episode 7

      aired: Sun, May 23, 2010

      A judge's ultimatum gives hope to LaDonna and Toni; Albert makes a stand and pays the price; Antoine gets an airport gig but loses a mentor; Davis scores a get-out-of-jail pass; Janette takes her cooking skills on the road; Annie auditions for a Cajun gig.

    • Episode 6

      Season 1, Episode 6

      aired: Sun, May 16, 2010

      Toni tracks down a former cop in search of clues about Daymo; Davis raises his profile on the streets and on TV; Delmond tours while Antoine toils; Janette considers suspending operations; Albert vents about the lack of tribe lodging; Sonny crosses a line with Annie; the Bernettes make a splash at the Krewe du Vieux parade.

    • Episode 5

      Season 1, Episode 5

      aired: Sun, May 9, 2010

      Albert presses Councilman Ron Singleton to reopen housing projects; Davis enlists some top local musicians to cut a campaign CD; a Japanese jazz fan does a good turn for Antoine; Janette cooks for four celebrity chefs; Annie fails to embrace Sonny's houseguest; the city celebrates the return of displaced residents with a second-line parade.

    • Episode 4

      Season 1, Episode 4

      aired: Sun, May 2, 2010

      While Antoine heads to Baton Rouge for a holiday visit with his sons, LaDonna and Toni probe a case of mistaken identity in New Orleans. Sonny takes a gig in Texas, leaving Annie behind; Albert accepts a dinner invitation from Darius's aunt Lulu; Delmond considers a tour offer; Davis and Creighton decide to take their angst to the masses; Albert's Indians bury their Wild Man.

    • Episode 3

      Season 1, Episode 3

      aired: Sun, Apr 25, 2010

      Albert makes a shocking discovery; Davis barters freedom for piano lessons; Antoine hits rock bottom; Annie gets a birthday gig.

    • Episode 2

      Season 1, Episode 2

      aired: Sun, Apr 18, 2010

      Albert takes the law into his own hands; LaDonna gets good news about her missing brother.

    • Episode 1

      Season 1, Episode 1

      aired: Sun, Apr 11, 2010

      (Series Premiere) A New Orleans neighborhood celebrates its first second-line 'parade' since Katrina, reuniting many of its musicians and residents, though many more have yet to return.

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