There & Back: Ashley Parker Angel

There & Back: Ashley Parker Angel
There & Back: Ashley Parker Angel
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    • Episode 10

      Season Finale

      aired: Mon, Mar 13, 2006

      Fame and fortune should be just around the corner considering all the work Ashley has been putting in lately. Now that he's finished recording his album, Ashley is going to have to start promoting it, which is going to be an uphill battle in itself. Since most people are used to seeing Ashley during his O-Town days, he has to convince nearly everyone that he's a credible musician. This means hours on the phone and at radio stations doing interviews, and weeks at a time on the road playing back-to-back gigs.

    • Episode 9

      Weekend in Vegas

      aired: Mon, Mar 6, 2006

      It seems like Ashley has been working harder than ever. Between writing and recording a rock album, keeping the house clean, and raising his son Lyric, Ash definitely has his hands full. Tiffany, who is determined to ease some of Ashley's stress, plans a surprise visit from Ashley's mom Paula. In these stressful times, a little help from mom is just the extra boost that Ashley needs.

    • Episode 8

      Chore Night

      aired: Mon, Feb 27, 2006

      As if trying to become a rock star while raising a family wasn't enough to fill Ashley's plate, it looks like he is also going to have to start worrying about picking up after himself. Turns out that Charlotte and Tiffany's patience with Ashley not pulling his weight at home are running thin, and they're desperate to find a way to get Ashley to help out a little more around the house. Tiffany has the idea to create a chore chart so that everyone can understand what jobs need to get done.

    • Episode 7

      Whatever It Takes

      aired: Mon, Feb 20, 2006

      Times are tough for Ashley and Tiffany, they've got more bills every day and a very limited budget to work with. Since his O-Town money is running thin, Ashley is determined to get a new job in an effort to make some extra cash for his family. There's only problem, since Ash has spent the past several years being a pop star, he doesn't really have the qualifications necessary for your average 9-to-5. Turns out Ashley's good buddy from his O-Town days, Jacob Underwood, will be able to help him out with a new job in construction. Ashley hopes this will solve some financial problems while he tries to kick his solo career into high gear.

    • Episode 6

      Pop the Question

      aired: Mon, Feb 13, 2006

      Nobody said having a baby would be easy, but it looks like Ashley and Tiffany are gliding into parenthood with ease. The biggest problem these two have to face is finishing Lyric's nursery, which is looking to be a little bigger of a problem than they could have anticipated. With the nursery's final touch delayed indefinitely, who knows when Lyric will have a completed room of his own?

    • Episode 5

      The Birth

      aired: Mon, Feb 6, 2006

      Tensions escalate between Ashley and Tiffany. In an attempt to make Tiffany feel better, Ashley suggests that she get a belly cast done. A little reluctant at first, Tiffany agrees.

    • Episode 4

      Birthday Boy

      aired: Mon, Jan 30, 2006

      Ashley reunites with former fellow O-Town member Dan Miller, in town for a Boys of Summer show featuring select guys from boy bands. When he finds out the show has been cancelled, he is crushed. It's a far cry from his days selling out stadiums with O-Town.

    • Episode 3

      Bed Rest

      aired: Mon, Jan 23, 2006

      Telling Tiffany something that she doesn't want to hear is hard. And a very pregnant Tiff doesn't want to hear the doctor's order to remain in bed.

    • Episode 2

      Moving Ahead

      aired: Mon, Jan 16, 2006

      Things are finally looking up for Ashley and Tiffany. They move out of her mother's small apartment and into a home of their own, bringing mom with them. With only one month's rent to their name, however, the struggle is far from over.

    • Episode 1

      Ashley's Back

      aired: Mon, Jan 9, 2006

      Who can forget the blond, spike-haired Ashley from the platinum-selling group, O-Town? Well, now things have changed. O-Town is over, and Ashley's back as a solo artist. But Ashley is broke, living with his pregnant girlfriend and her mother in a small apartment.

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