The Secret Life of the American Teenager

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Good-girl band geek Amy discovers that she is pregnant after losing her virginity to Ricky at band camp. Christian cheerleader Grace, however, has promised abstinence to her parents. As their secrets start to spread, everyone is affected by the news.

Genre: Drama

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    • Episode 24

      Love Is Love

      aired: Sun, Jun 3, 2012

      Anne shares some news with her family, and Ben gets a tour of Dylan's school to decide if he wants

    • Episode 23


      aired: Sun, May 27, 2012

      With all the rumors spreading, Amy is the center of attention, which causes Grace to become jealous of her. Anne and Ashley finally return from Europe.

    • Episode 22

      The Text Best Thing

      aired: Sun, May 20, 2012

      Amy sets a date for the wedding, which spreads like wildfire, along with a rumor about Anne.

    • Episode 21


      aired: Sun, May 13, 2012

      The guidance counselor warns Amy she is failing out of Summer school, which prompts George to step in and help her study, along with giving her advice on other matters.

    • Episode 20

      Strange Familiar

      aired: Sun, May 6, 2012

      Kathleen tries to bribe Grace into speaking with Jacob, while Dylan tries to bond with Adrian.

    • Episode 19

      The Splits

      aired: Sun, Apr 29, 2012

      Ben and Dylan go on their first official date, and Tom gets into trouble with the law.

    • Episode 18

      The Beach Is Back

      aired: Sun, Apr 22, 2012

      George and Kathleen bond at the "beach" and Dylan and her friends join Ben at school.

    • Episode 17

      Suddenly This Summer

      aired: Sun, Apr 15, 2012

      George is convinced Anne has feelings for someone close to him, and Grace is anxious for her mother's return.

    • Episode 16

      They Gotta Eat

      aired: Sun, Apr 8, 2012

      Not knowing all that went on between them, Amy, Lauren and Madison's dads arrange a dinner for their daughters in hopes they can work out their disagreements.

    • Episode 15


      aired: Sun, Apr 1, 2012

      Amy decides to go to summer school instead of work, while Dylan and Ben, after getting caught by their parents, are forbidden from seeing each other.

    • Episode 14

      Smokin Like a Virgin

      aired: Sun, Mar 25, 2012

      Ben and Dylan get closer, and Amy reveals she isn't in a rush to get married.

    • Episode 13

      And Circumstance

      aired: Mon, Sep 5, 2011

      Grace helps Jack with his graduation speech, Ben takes Adrian out to celebrate, and Ricky's graduation speech has a surprise for Amy.

    • Episode 12


      aired: Mon, Aug 29, 2011

      George thinks Nora and Anne are getting too close, while Jack uses a school project to get close to Grace again.

    • Episode 11

      The Games We Play

      aired: Mon, Aug 22, 2011

      Amy wants Ricky to propose, but Ricky has plans of his own.

    • Episode 10


      aired: Mon, Aug 15, 2011

      Amy is upset with Ricky over a voicemail, and Grace offers to set Adrian up with one of Daniel's friends.

    • Episode 9

      Flip Flop

      aired: Mon, Aug 8, 2011

      Adrian changes her mind about Ben and sets her targets on someone else.

    • Episode 8

      Dancing With the Stars

      aired: Mon, Aug 1, 2011

      Jack scrambles to find a date for the senior dance, and Amy tries to convince Ricky to take her to the dance.

    • Episode 7


      aired: Mon, Jul 25, 2011

      Grace tries to fit in to Daniel's college world, while Amy attempts to help Ricky get into college.

    • Episode 6

      Don't Go In There!

      aired: Mon, Jul 18, 2011

      Ricky has an interview with a local college but it doesn't go as planned, and Kathleen decides to play a prank on Grace.

    • Episode 5

      Hole In The Wall

      aired: Mon, Jul 11, 2011

      Adrian decides to empty out the nursery to help deal with her feelings, which causes Ben and Adrian to get into a huge fight.

    • Episode 4

      One Foot Out The Door

      aired: Mon, Jul 4, 2011

      George gives Ashley an ultimatum about returning home, while Amy is convinced John is sick.

    • Episode 3

      When Opportunity Knocks

      aired: Mon, Jun 27, 2011

      Grace has a secret from her recent trip, and Ben continues to make his feelings about Adrian known to everyone but Adrian.

    • Episode 2

      Another One Opens

      aired: Mon, Jun 20, 2011

      Ashley continues her trip, and Betty tries to get Adrian to open up about her feelings.

    • Episode 1

      When One Door Closes

      aired: Mon, Jun 13, 2011

      Adrian is depressed and not leaving the house, while Amy decides to make changes in her living situation.

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    • Episode 26

      ...or Not to Be

      aired: Mon, Jun 6, 2011

      Adrian and Ben go to the hospital in preparation for the baby, while Amy and Ricky get closer.

    • Episode 25

      To Be...

      aired: Mon, May 30, 2011

      Amy gets mad when Ricky let's Jack use his apartment, while Adrian is getting nervous about the baby.

    • Episode 24

      It's Not Over Till It's Over

      aired: Mon, May 30, 2011

      Adrian and Ben both have second thoughts about their upcoming wedding, while George continues meddling in his daughters' lives.

    • Episode 23

      Round II

      aired: Mon, May 23, 2011

      The fighting continues leading up to Adrian's baby shower.

    • Episode 22

      Loose Lips

      aired: Mon, May 16, 2011

      Ben tries to defend Adrian, but in doing so, hurts his friendship with Amy.

    • Episode 21

      Young at Heart

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Ricky puts pressure on Amy to make a decision, while Adrian continues to make plans for her wedding.

    • Episode 20

      Moving In and Out

      aired: Mon, May 2, 2011

      Ricky is hesitant about Amy moving in and tries to find a way out.

    • Episode 19

      Deeper and Deeper

      aired: Mon, Apr 25, 2011

      Ashley studies with another home schooled student to help her studying habits, while George attempts to take Ricky's mom out on a date, not realizing she is already dating someone.

    • Episode 18

      Another Proposal

      aired: Mon, Apr 18, 2011

      George is lonely without Anne and shows interest in Ricky's mom, while Lauren finds out something about her parents.

    • Episode 17

      Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner

      aired: Mon, Apr 11, 2011

      Ashley continues with her home schooling and Ben proposes.

    • Episode 16


      aired: Mon, Apr 4, 2011

      Ben considers proposing to Adrian, while Grace and Grant discuss next steps in their relationship.

    • Episode 15

      Who Do You Trust

      aired: Mon, Mar 28, 2011

      Ricky has a surprise visitor show up on his doorstep and Adrian and Ben find out the sex of the baby.

    • Episode 14

      Rules of Engagement

      aired: Mon, Sep 6, 2010

      Anne and Amy suspect George is cheating again, Ricky and Amy go out on a date, and Grant and Grace get ready for camp.

    • Episode 13

      Up All Night

      aired: Mon, Aug 30, 2010

      Ricky agrees to take Amy on a date to see if there are still sparks, while Grace and Grant spend the night together.

    • Episode 12

      Sweet and Sour

      aired: Mon, Aug 23, 2010

      Everyone forgets Amy's birthday, and Adrian goes to the doctor for an emergency exam.

    • Episode 11

      Lady Liberty

      aired: Mon, Aug 16, 2010

      Ben gets fired from the butcher shop after an altercation with Ricky, and Amy goes to a nightclub in New York.

    • Episode 10

      My Girlfriend's Back

      aired: Mon, Aug 9, 2010

      Ricky visits Amy in New York, and Ben goes with Adrian for a sonogram.

    • Episode 9

      Chicken Little

      aired: Mon, Aug 2, 2010

      Ashley is torn between her feelings for Ricky and Grant, while Grace decides to play matchmaker for Griffin.

    • Episode 8

      The Sounds of Silence

      aired: Mon, Jul 26, 2010

      Amy reaches out to Adrian, Ricky asks Ruben for help and George plans a romantic date for Anne.

    • Episode 7

      New York, New York

      aired: Mon, Jul 19, 2010

      Ben goes to New York to visit Amy and finally tell her the news, while Ricky bonds with his mom.

    • Episode 6

      She Went That A'way

      aired: Mon, Jul 12, 2010

      Everyone is finding out about Adrian's decision, except Amy, who Ben still hasn't told yet.

    • Episode 5

      Which Way Did She Go?

      aired: Mon, Jul 5, 2010

      Ruben disagrees with Adrian's decision, Jack and Tom bond over some brownies, and Amy discovers the music program is for teen moms when Bristol Palin shows up at her dorm room.

    • Episode 4

      Goodbye Amy Juergens

      aired: Mon, Jun 28, 2010

      Ricky moves into the Juergens' house to take care of John while Amy is away, but Amy's parents are concerned about the looks between Ricky and Ashley.

    • Episode 3

      Get Out of Town

      aired: Mon, Jun 21, 2010

      Everyone rallies around Amy so she can attend the music program, while Ben continues to hide his secret from her.

    • Episode 2

      Accentuate the Positive

      aired: Mon, Jun 14, 2010

      Amy is accepted into a music program but doesn't think she can attend as it is in NYC, while Jack continues looking for a place to live.

    • Episode 1

      Do Over

      aired: Mon, Jun 7, 2010

      In the season premiere Adrian copes with the news from last season, while Ben confesses his love for Amy.

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    • Episode 24

      Ben There, Done That

      aired: Mon, Mar 22, 2010

      John's first birthday is here, and Adrian has a major secret.

    • Episode 23

      I Got You, Babe

      aired: Mon, Mar 15, 2010

      Ricky tries to get George's assistance in getting joint custody, which causes Amy to retaliate.

    • Episode 22

      Good Girls & Boys

      aired: Mon, Mar 8, 2010

      Ricky, Ben, Amy and Adrian try to work out all their differences for the sake of John.

    • Episode 21


      aired: Mon, Mar 1, 2010

      Ricky confronts his mom about the past abuse, while George tries to update his look.

    • Episode 20

      Mistakes Were Made

      aired: Mon, Feb 22, 2010

      Amy goes to visit Jimmy to find out why he never called her, while Adrian makes a confession to Ricky.

    • Episode 19

      The Rhythm of Life

      aired: Mon, Feb 15, 2010

      It’s the night of the dance and gossip is spreading fast which causes people to make revelations.

    • Episode 18

      Let's Try That Again

      aired: Mon, Feb 8, 2010

      Amy is concerned when Jimmy doesn't call her so she seeks Ricky's help, while Anne tries to figure out her relationship with George.

    • Episode 17

      The Second Time Around

      aired: Mon, Feb 1, 2010

      George tries to win Anne back, Ben and Grace connect, and Amy goes on a date with Jimmy.

    • Episode 16

      Just Say Me

      aired: Mon, Jan 25, 2010

      Grace begins a campaign that takes over the school, while Adrian continues to try and befriend Amy.

    • Episode 15

      Loved and Lost

      aired: Mon, Jan 18, 2010

      Ricky and Adrian get into a fight over money and Amy and Ben attempt to resolve their relationship issues.

    • Episode 14

      'Til It's Gone

      aired: Mon, Jan 11, 2010

      Anne runs into an ex-boyfriend and Amy is attracted to his son, while Ashley and Griffin have a sleepover.

    • Episode 13

      You Don't Know What You've Got...

      aired: Mon, Jan 4, 2010

      Most of the gang ditches school causing the new school counselor to chase them down, while Amy and Anne have taken off on a mother/daughter vacation.

    • Episode 12

      Be My, Be My Baby

      aired: Tue, Apr 21, 2009

      Grace and Jack hit a roadblock in their relationship, while Amy and Ben try to work on theirs.

    • Episode 11


      aired: Tue, Mar 17, 2009

      Amy is jealous when Ashley gets her own room in the garage, while Ricky pursues Adrian but she claims to have moved on.

    • Episode 10

      Knocked Up, Who's There?

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Amy tries to keep Ben's attention, while Grace makes an impression on Adrian.

    • Episode 9

      Hot Nuts

      aired: Tue, Mar 3, 2009

      Adrian and Amy's fighting escalates and Ricky intervenes.

    • Episode 8

      A New Kind of Green

      aired: Thu, Feb 26, 2009

      Adrian pushes George and Anne together but her intentions are for personal reasons.

    • Episode 7


      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Everyone returns from their summer vacations and George makes a big revelation to Anne.

    • Episode 6

      The Summer of Our Discontent

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Amy discovers her summer is going to be filled with working and school, while Ben prepares to leave for his summer trip without Amy.

    • Episode 5

      Born Free

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Grace reveals a secret, and Amy tries to find a way to accompany Ben on his trip.

    • Episode 4


      aired: Thu, Jan 29, 2009

      George and Ashley attempt to help Amy with her hectic schedule, while Ben figures out his summer plans.

    • Episode 3

      Par For The Course

      aired: Mon, Jul 6, 2009

      Ricky intervenes when Grace isolates herself from her friends and family, and Adrian is blamed for Grace's decision.

    • Episode 2

      What's Done Is Done

      aired: Mon, Jun 29, 2009

      Grace thinks her actions are to blame for her dad's death and Ben tries to find his place in Amy's life.

    • Episode 1

      The Big One

      aired: Mon, Jun 22, 2009

      Amy struggles to balance her life as a new mom and high school student while Grace makes a life changing decision.

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    • Episode 23

      And Unto Us, a Child Is Born

      aired: Sun, Mar 22, 2009

      Amy's baby is born but Amy has a hard time transitioning into a full time mother, while George and Ashley move out.

    • Episode 22

      One Night at Band Camp

      aired: Mon, Mar 16, 2009

      While preparing for labor, Amy has flashbacks to when she first met Ricky.

    • Episode 21

      Whoomp! (There It Is)

      aired: Mon, Mar 9, 2009

      Adrian and Grace plan Amy's baby shower, and Jack and Grace share a moment while setting up the shower.

    • Episode 20

      Maybe Baby

      aired: Tue, Mar 3, 2009

      Amy's friends come up with a plan to help Amy's decision about the baby.

    • Episode 19

      Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free

      aired: Thu, Feb 26, 2009

      Anne receives a potential job offer, Adrian attempts to change her style and Jack raises money for underprivileged children.

    • Episode 18

      Making Up Is Hard To Do

      aired: Tue, Feb 17, 2009

      Ricky attempts to sabotage the adoption while Ashley tries to convince Ben to return to Amy.

    • Episode 17

      Season 1 Episode 17

      aired: Tue, Feb 10, 2009

      Ben tells Amy he would like some space and Amy's parents interview potential adoptive parents for the baby.

    • Episode 16

      Chocolate Cake

      aired: Wed, Feb 4, 2009

      Amy and Ricky discuss adoption, while George is approached by his co-worker about possibly adopting Amy's baby.

    • Episode 15

      That's Enough of That

      aired: Tue, Jan 27, 2009

      Amy has a chance to find out the sex of the baby, and while Jack is doing his community service he spots Bob possibly violating his parole.

    • Episode 14

      The Father and the Son

      aired: Fri, Jan 23, 2009

      Ricky's father comes to town with a plan for Ricky and the baby.

    • Episode 13

      Baked Nevada

      aired: Wed, Jan 14, 2009

      The marriage is revealed to the parents, which leads to a brief reconciliation between Anne and George, while Adrian's father tries to find out who is behind the fake I.D.s.

    • Episode 12

      Season 1 Episode 12

      aired: Wed, Jan 7, 2009

      Amy and Ben make a rushed decision that could change their lives after Anne informs Amy that she needs to get a job to support her baby.

    • Episode 11

      Just Say No

      aired: Tue, Sep 9, 2008

      Adrian is missing which prompts her dad to get involved in her life, while Grace and Ricky try to make their relationship work and Anne makes a decision about her marriage.

    • Episode 10

      Back To School Special

      aired: Tue, Sep 2, 2008

      Amy decides on her future school plans, Adrian's mother encourages Adrian to have a relationship with her father, and Alice and Henry take their relationship to the next level.

    • Episode 9

      Slice of Life

      aired: Tue, Aug 26, 2008

      George uses Adrian's apartment as his own so he doesn't have to tell Amy and Ashley he is living at the furniture store, while Adrian searches out her own father.

    • Episode 8

      Your Cheatin' Heart

      aired: Tue, Aug 19, 2008

      Amy's Grandma visits and wants to help, while Adrian flaunts her new friendship with Grace.

    • Episode 7


      aired: Tue, Aug 12, 2008

      Amy considers a change in her living situation, while Ricky struggles to accept responsibility.

    • Episode 6

      Love for Sale

      aired: Tue, Aug 5, 2008

      Amy reveals her secret to her mother, while Grace hopes to persuade Amy to make a choice.

    • Episode 5

      What Have You Done to Me?

      aired: Tue, Jul 29, 2008

      Ben shocks Amy with a question, while Amy makes a decision about her pregnancy.

    • Episode 4


      aired: Tue, Jul 22, 2008

      Amy and Ben's relationship grows stronger, while Grace is involved in a scandal.

    • Episode 3

      I Feel Sick

      aired: Tue, Jul 15, 2008

      Amy is scared her secret may be revealed to her parents when her mom has a run in with Amy's doctor, while Ben decides to make the next move in his relationship with Amy.

    • Episode 2

      You Are My Everything

      aired: Tue, Jul 8, 2008

      Ricky continues to look for more from his relationship with Amy, while Ben reveals his feelings for Amy.

    • Episode 1

      Falling In Love

      aired: Tue, Jul 1, 2008

      Fifteen year old Amy's life is turned upside down when she discovers that she is pregnant.

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