The Immortal Yi Soon Shin

The Immortal Yi Soon Shin
The Immortal Yi Soon Shin
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    • Episode 106

      106. Behind the Scenes, Part 2

      aired: Sat, Sep 10, 2005

      Special Behind the Scenes of the making of Immortal Yi Soon Shin Part. 2

    • Episode 105

      105. Behind the Scenes, Part 1

      aired: Fri, Sep 9, 2005

      Special Behind the Scenes of the making of Immortal Yi Soon Shin Part. 1

    • Episode 104

      104. Episode 104

      aired: Sat, Sep 3, 2005

      The news that Soon-shin locked up the emissary and went off to fight a battle stuns the royal court. The Westerners move to charge him with high treason, and Yu Sung-ryong turns in his resignation.

    • Episode 103

      103. Episode 103

      aired: Fri, Sep 2, 2005

      The Royal emissary demands that Soon-shin open up the retreat path for Konishi and his troops, but Soon-shin will not budge. Officers who had first opposed Soon-shin come around and unite vowing their loyalty once again.

    • Episode 101

      101. Episode 101

      aired: Fri, Aug 26, 2005

      Kwon Yul comes to Soon-shin urging him to let the Japanese retreat without further hostile action. But Japan had deceived Chosun once before calling a truce when there were in trouble then carrying out a second invasion.

    • Episode 100

      100. Episode 100

      aired: Sat, Aug 20, 2005

      Bribed by Konishi Yukinaga, Ming Commander Yu Jung fails to attack as agreed and sends a message to Jin Lin not to go in too deep. Reading his message as a ruse to take credit for the battle alone, Jin Lin puts his fleet in the advance guard position.

    • Episode 99

      99. Episode 99

      aired: Sun, Aug 14, 2005

      Feeling threatened by the Chosun-Ming alliance, Konishi Makes a preemptive strike on the Gogeumdo navy base. Jin Lin's Ming navy watches like a spectator, but Chosun navy is fully prepared.

    • Episode 98

      98. Episode 98

      aired: Sat, Aug 13, 2005

      Having secured a considerable amount of provisions and men, Soon-shin begins a huge battleship building project and makes Konishi Yukinaga Wekyo his first target.

    • Episode 97

      97. Episode 97

      aired: Sun, Aug 7, 2005

      After the victory in Myongryang, Soon-shin and his fleet make a long march along the western coast. It is to declare that the command of the sea belonged to Chosun and to break the morale of the Japanese army.

    • Episode 96

      96. Episode 96

      aired: Sat, Aug 6, 2005

      A fleet of 13 against a fleet of 300. And the current is in enemy's favor. But there is a chance. The oarsmen have trained very hard to hold their position in the swift current, and the Chosunese navy has a secret weapon.

    • Episode 95

      95. Episode 95

      aired: Sun, Jul 31, 2005

      Sonjo receives a self-assured letter from Soon-shin. Taking into account Kwon Yul's report which said the chances of victory is almost none-existent, Sonjo grants Soon-shin's request to fight at sea with intent to hold him responsible for defeat.

    • Episode 94

      94. Episode 94

      aired: Sat, Jul 30, 2005

      Yoshira comes to Chosunese navy camp with a proposition to surrender. Soon-shin warns him that the sea of Chosun will be their graveyard if the Japanese attempt to attack his navy again. Yi Soon-shin may be a great naval leader, but 12 battleships is all he has left.

    • Episode 93

      93. Episode 93

      aired: Sun, Jul 24, 2005

      Yi Young-nam evacuates the advance camp and burns in down. It's painful to watch the base in flames, but what's more painful is that soon the Japanese will occupy the place. Woo Ji-chuk and his men escape death and make their way to Chogae where Soon-shin is serving his post as a common soldier.

    • Episode 92

      92. Episode 92

      aired: Sat, Jul 23, 2005

      Won Kyun's fleet is attacked. After losing 500 of his men in Gaduk, Won Kyun retreats to Chilchundo. Finding out about the situation at the front, Soon-shin prepares for the worst.

    • Episode 91

      91. Episode 91

      aired: Sun, Jul 17, 2005

      As the royal court continues to put pressure to attack Pusan, Won Kyun begins to realize why Soon-shin refused to attack Pusan through notes and charts Soon-shin left behind.

    • Episode 90

      90. Episode 90

      aired: Sat, Jul 16, 2005

      Past merits have barely saved Soon-shin from penalty of death. For the second time, Sonjo orders Soon-shin to serve the military as a common soldier. On his way to his post in Soon-chun, Soon-shin learns that his elderly mother is on a boat to Ahsan to see him.

    • Episode 89

      89. Episode 89

      aired: Sun, Jul 10, 2005

      Charges of treason and disloyalty. Soon-shin's inquiry begins. When Soon-shin does not confess to wrongdoing despite the treacherous torture, Yoon Dusu realizes Soon-shin will die before he confesses his crime and asks Sonjo to take a special measure.

    • Episode 88

      88. Episode 88

      aired: Sat, Jul 9, 2005

      Soon-shin refuses to go to battle that he cannot win, and Sonjo orders him arrested for defying the king's command. Not even Yu Sung-ryong can help Soon-shin now.

    • Episode 87

      87. Episode 87

      aired: Sat, Jul 2, 2005

      It's year 1596. As the war enters its fifth year, talks of peace negotiations are heard in the court of Chosun as well, and an envoy is dispatched to Japan. But Soon-shin is against the truce talks as he predicts the terms will be equally unfavorable to Chosun as defeat.

    • Episode 86

      86. Episode 86

      aired: Tue, Jul 25, 2006

      The navy is too poor to buy medicine for the sick soldiers, but they can't stop sending offerings to the king. They try to use whatever natural remedies they can find, but nothing proves effective.

    • Episode 85

      85. Episode 85

      aired: Sat, Jun 25, 2005

      As months pass locked in a dead heat with Kyunneryang between the Chosunese Navy and the Japanese invaders, Yi Soon-shin begins to feel the need to break through the stalemate.

    • Episode 84

      84. Episode 84

      aired: Sun, Jun 19, 2005

      Soon-shin requests to hold a separate military service examination exclusively for the navy with equal opportunity for all social castes. Yoon Dusu is infuriated by Soon-shin who leads a navy of 20,000 men and now wants control of personnel affairs and questions his loyalty.

    • Episode 83

      83. Episode 83

      aired: Sat, Jun 18, 2005

      Learning that Soon-shin had been taken to the capital, Wakizaka Yasuharu plans a full force attack on the Chosunese Navy. But Konishi Yukinaga who is more interested in ending the war quickly and cashing in his benefits tells Ming Commander Shim Yu-kyung that it would be wise to release Yi Soon-shin to resume the peace talks.

    • Episode 82

      82. Episode 82

      aired: Sun, Jun 12, 2005

      Kwang-hae refuses to remove Soon-shin from service, and Yu Jung replies that both Sonjo's throne and Kwang-hae's future throne will not be safe unless Soon-shin is removed.

    • Episode 81

      81. Episode 81

      aired: Sat, Jun 11, 2005

      Ming court orders Chosun not to take hostile action against the Japanese forces while the peace talks are in progress. But the Japanese are just using the passive Ming government to keep Chosun temporarily in check.

    • Episode 80

      80. Episode 80

      aired: Sun, Jun 5, 2005

      If they open the gate, the enemy will take the fort. Kim Shi-min makes a painful decision not to open the gate. Knowing that Kim has no other choice, Commander Yu and his men bravely fight to the death outside the gates of Jinju against 30,000 Japanese soldiers.

    • Episode 79

      79. Episode 79

      aired: Sat, Jun 4, 2005

      Sonjo receives the victory report, but he is not entirely pleased by the fact that Soon-shin did not press on to recapture Pusan Fort.

    • Episode 78

      78. Episode 78

      aired: Sun, May 29, 2005

      Soon-shin's fleet safely passes through the channel. Gouki, Dodo and the other Japanese warriors are stunned by the Chosunese Navy's land raid. But Wakizaka Yasuharu believes that Soon-shin is going to attempt a landing on Pusan this time, and he shows complete confidence that he can win on land.

    • Episode 77

      77. Episode 77

      aired: Sat, May 28, 2005

      Yi Young-nam locks up Won Kyun and leads his men to the alliance navy training at the Left Cholla Naval Station. Won Kyun soon follow. Soon-shin places Yi Young-nam under arrest for defying his superior officer's order and leaves it up to Won Kyun to punish him.

    • Episode 76

      76. Episode 76

      aired: Sun, May 22, 2005

      Infuriated by his disobedience, Sonjo orders Soon-shin arrested immediately. The court officials also begin to question Soon-shin's loyalty, and Yi Aukki and Won Kyun send messages to Soon-shin refusing to participate in the alliance navy training.

    • Episode 75

      75. Episode 75

      aired: Sat, May 21, 2005

      Officers show concern when Soon-shin orders the construction of 20 more battleships. New ships require new cannons, and they are running out of gunpowder. Some complain that it is unnecessary work since the Japanese have already been frightened into paralysis.

    • Episode 74

      74. Episode 74

      aired: Mon, May 16, 2005

      Soon-shin orders his fleet to retreat, and Wakizaka's fleet follow close behind. As they come closer and closer, Wakizaka grows more and more confident of his victory. Then suddenly Soon-shin's fleet stops running and moves into a formation no one has ever seen on the ocean before.

    • Episode 73

      73. Episode 73

      aired: Sun, May 15, 2005

      Soon-shin orders his men to launch the fleet to Kyunneryang on July 8th. His men resist because the water will be much to enemy's favor that day, but Soon-shin remains firm.

    • Episode 72

      72. Episode 72

      aired: Mon, May 9, 2005

      Wakizaka Yasuharu realizes the time that is required to load and reload the cannons in a battle and devises a new strategy to destroy the Chosunese navy.

    • Episode 71

      71. Episode 71

      aired: Sun, May 8, 2005

      Chung-hyang who sustained injury during her escape passes out after blurting out that the Turtle Ship is in danger. Yi Young-nam heads for the Left Cholla Naval base with Chung-hyang in his arms, but Wakizaka quickly dispatches his men to destroy the Turtle Ship.

    • Episode 70

      70. Episode 70

      aired: Mon, May 2, 2005

      When Japan announces that they will soon be sending another hundred thousand troops to Chosun, Yi Aukki and Yi Soon-shin conclude the Japanese will take the sea route instead of the land route and agree to focus their efforts on defending Cholla Province.

    • Episode 69

      69. Episode 69

      aired: Sun, May 1, 2005

      The fleet of ships approaching them was not the enemy but the Right Cholla Navy. June 4, 1592, with a fleet of 51 ships in all, the alliance of the Left and Right Cholla Navy and the Right Kyung-sang Navy achieves huge victories in Danghang-po Jin-hae and Yul-po.

    • Episode 68

      68. Episode 68

      aired: Mon, Apr 25, 2005

      Yi Soon-shin is shot. He is losing a lot of blood, and the command ship must return to the base to treat him. But Soon-shin orders his men to continue fighting refusing to leave the battle.

    • Episode 67

      67. Episode 67

      aired: Sun, Apr 24, 2005

      Won Kyun orders his men to prepare for battle to recapture Gon-yang. Many of his men think it is a bad idea, but no one can stop him.

    • Episode 66

      66. Episode 66

      aired: Mon, Apr 18, 2005

      Attacking Gon-yang, Dodo Takadora purposely hurts Won Kyun's ego to provoke him. Won Kyun loses consciousness during a fierce battle and the Right Kyung-sang Navy retreats to the Left Cholla Naval Station.

    • Episode 65

      65. Episode 65

      aired: Sun, Apr 17, 2005

      Jotai sends an expert sharpshooter Kansuke to Dodo with instructions to kill Yi Soon-shin. When Gurujima suggests an attack on Soon-shin's naval base, Dodo tells him that Yi Soon-shin is unlike any other warriors in Chosun and suggest thorough reconnaissance of both the Left Cholla and Right Kyung-sang naval stations.

    • Episode 64

      64. Episode 64

      aired: Mon, Apr 11, 2005

      Once again, Won Kyun is not thinking rationally. Overwhelmed with rage, the soldiers also resolve to go after the enemy. Soon-shin orders them to disband, and he tells Song Hee-rip that a true warrior does not allow his emotions to dictate his actions and to forget the memory of victory.

    • Episode 63

      63. Episode 63

      aired: Sun, Apr 10, 2005

      The first campaign against the Japanese is a huge success, but Soon-shin punishes Chung Oon by flogging when they return to the base. Uh Young-dam goes to Chung and explains that if they had followed Won Kyun and landed in Okpo, they would've suffered huge casualties.

    • Episode 62

      62. Episode 62

      aired: Mon, Apr 4, 2005

      Observing that all commands are coming from Soon-shin's ship, Dodo begins concentrated attack on the command ship. Japanese ships come close enough to fire their muskets, but Soon-shin continues to press on.

    • Episode 61

      61. Episode 61

      aired: Sun, Apr 3, 2005

      Soon-shin's men are thrilled when they see the Right Kyung-sang Navy. But Won Kyun insists on commanding the battle since they are in his jurisdiction, and speaks his intent to attack the enemy's base.

    • Episode 60

      60. Episode 60

      aired: Mon, Mar 28, 2005

      The special task force successfully accomplishes its mission thanks to the brave sacrifice of San-bok. As refugees continue to escape Dodo's cruel pillage and seek refuge at the base, soldiers become increasingly fearful of the battle ahead.

    • Episode 59

      59. Episode 59

      aired: Sun, Mar 27, 2005

      First Soon-shin divides the fleet in two and thoroughly inspects the coast. Once he confirms that the surrounding waters are clear, he proceeds to Dang-po and waits for the Right Kyungsang Navy.

    • Episode 58

      58. Episode 58

      aired: Mon, Mar 21, 2005

      Yi Young-nam continues to request aid despite Soon-shin's rejection. Finally, intelligence reports arrive which indicates that the enemy's strength lies in infantry and that they are not after the control of the ocean. Soon-shin agrees to rendezvous with the Right Kyungsang Navy on the 5th of May in Dang-po.

    • Episode 57

      57. Episode 57

      aired: Sun, Mar 20, 2005

      April 13, 1592, Konishi Yukinaga's troops land in Pusan, and within three days both Pusan Fort and Dong-lae Fort crumbles. Commander of Left Kyungsang Navy sinks his ships and flees the battle.

    • Episode 56

      56. Episode 56

      aired: Mon, Mar 14, 2005

      Soon-shin pleads before the king to rescind the dissolution of the navy. The royal court is stirred up once again, and Prince Kwang-hae begs the king not to forsake valuable retainers like Yi Soon-shin and Yu Sung-ryong.

    • Episode 55

      55. Episode 55

      aired: Sun, Mar 13, 2005

      Royal messenger brings an order to disband the navy. The base is in confusion once again, but from commanders to petty officers, no one is willing to obey the order.

    • Episode 54

      54. Episode 54

      aired: Mon, Mar 7, 2005

      The Turtle Ship sinks to the bottom of the sea before Shin Lip and the other leaders. Won Kyun tells Soon-shin that the idea of fighting at sea is foolish and ridiculous.

    • Episode 53

      53. Episode 53

      aired: Sun, Mar 6, 2005

      As the onboard artillery tests yield success and completion of the Turtle Ship draws near, the Left Cholla Navy begins the nautical formation training.

    • Episode 52

      52. Episode 52

      aired: Mon, Feb 28, 2005

      After becoming the commander of the Right Kyungsang Navy which is larger in size than the Left Cholla Navy, Won Kyun goes to Soon-shin with an entourage of his men as if to undo the humiliation he suffered a year ago when Soon-shin took over his post.

    • Episode 51

      51. Episode 51

      aired: Sun, Feb 27, 2005

      Won Kyun is extremely harsh with his men from the first day of his job, and Lt. Yi Young-nam argues with Won Kyun's unreasonable actions citing the military codes of conduct. Won Kyun challenge Yi to a fighting match.

    • Episode 50

      50. Episode 50

      aired: Mon, Feb 21, 2005

      A fatal accident occurs during artillery training, but Chung Oon removes the body from the training area and continues the exercise. Disgruntled gunners have had enough of his merciless training. They react by taking the dangerous explosives and attempting a group desertion.

    • Episode 49

      49. Episode 49

      aired: Sun, Feb 20, 2005

      After the right officers were put to right duties, things are starting to settle down in the Left Cholla Naval Base, and the military training becomes increasingly vigorous and intense. The most vigorous training of all is the artillery training.

    • Episode 48

      48. Episode 48

      aired: Mon, Feb 14, 2005

      While discussing an onboard battle scenario, Na Dae-yong comes up with an idea of putting a cover on assault vessels. When Soon-shin responds seriously to this ridiculous idea Su-chang argues that the enemy would quickly set fire to the cover and sink the ship.

    • Episode 47

      47. Episode 47

      aired: Sun, Feb 13, 2005

      The threat of invasion increases, but even the officers do not seem to fully realize the imminent danger. Soon-shin grows anxious and irritable. When even his most trusted officer Kwon Joon tells him that he cannot serve Soon-shin from the heart, he carefully asks why.

    • Episode 46

      46. Episode 46

      aired: Mon, Feb 7, 2005

      A unique ship that is one of a kind... A ship only I can make...

    • Episode 45

      45. Episode 45

      aired: Sun, Feb 6, 2005

      Our only hope is our men. Ultimately, war is fought by men not by weapons.

    • Episode 44

      44. Episode 44

      aired: Sun, Jan 30, 2005

      The only way to contend with the Japanese who are extremely well trained in close combat is to defeat them at sea before they land. To prove this to his disbelieving officers, Soon-shin puts the three Japanese spies that were captured in Bup-sung in a fighting match with Chung Oon's men. Chung Oon's men are quickly defeated.

    • Episode 43

      43. Episode 43

      aired: Sat, Jan 29, 2005

      The sea is where the enemy will be stopped. I will not let one single enemy set foot on this land.

    • Episode 42

      42. Episode 42

      aired: Sun, Jan 23, 2005

      Soon-shin goes to work as the new commander of the Left Cholla Navy. Won Kyun barges in during an officers' meeting and confronts Soon-shin for stealing his post.

    • Episode 41

      41. Episode 41

      aired: Sat, Jan 22, 2005

      Won Kyun is discharged only days after he begins his new job as the High Commander of the Left Cholla Naval Station. Outraged by the king's order, his men refuse to accept Won Kyun's dismissal.

    • Episode 40

      40. Episode 40

      aired: Sun, Jan 16, 2005

      Cho-hee is abandoned by the mother who raised her and loses her child during delivery. But the people of Jung-eup have no sympathy for the wife of a traitor Sahwadong. They throw stones at her and beat her.

    • Episode 39

      39. Episode 39

      aired: Sat, Jan 15, 2005

      When Japanese spies that were being tracked disappears near Jung-eup, Captain of Nokdo Chung Oon suspects the returned prisoners in the area named Gong Taewon is working with the Japanese and interrogates him.

    • Episode 38

      38. Episode 38

      aired: Sun, Jan 9, 2005

      Both the Eastern and Western factions are looking for a talented military officer with Soon-shin and Won Kyun as candidates. Sung-ryong is forced to choose between the two friends who risked their lives to protect the borders for over twenty years.

    • Episode 37

      37. Episode 37

      aired: Sat, Jan 8, 2005

      When Chung Unshin is exiled and Chung Chul is named new prosecutor for the Trials of 1589, Westerners see this as an opportunity to purge the Easterners and accuse Yu Sung-ryong and Yi San-hae of conspiring with Chung Yuh-rip.

    • Episode 36

      36. Episode 36

      aired: Sun, Jan 2, 2005

      With unification of entire Japan in front of him, Toyotomi Hideyoshi sends another envoy to Chosun demanding Sonjo to come before him, but Sonjo pays no attention. Consequently, Japanese envoys So Yoshitoshi and Genzo go to Prince Kwang-hae and Sung-ryong and show them a musket.

    • Episode 35

      35. Episode 35

      aired: Sat, Jan 1, 2005

      When Yi Il recklessly tries to stop the nomads on his own, Soon-shin goes to him on his knees and tells him that there is no shame in asking for help, but there is shame in losing your men and your friends.

    • Episode 34

      34. Episode 34

      aired: Sun, Dec 26, 2004

      For the crime of negligence and for abandonment of his men impending enemy attack, Yi Soon-shin is stripped of his rank and ordered to serve the military as a common soldier.

    • Episode 33

      33. Episode 33

      aired: Sat, Dec 25, 2004

      The Jurchen nomads attack Nokdune while Soon-shin is away. Soon-shin returns to Nokdune with Yi Kyung-lok and the backup troops, but his brave men and the people of Nokdune are already dying after putting up a desperate fight.

    • Episode 32

      32. Episode 32

      aired: Sun, Dec 19, 2004

      Desperate for military aid, Soon-shin puts his sword to Yi Il's throat, but it is useless. In Nokdune Island, the fear of imminent Jurchen attack is getting to the soldiers' heads.

    • Episode 31

      31. Episode 31

      aired: Sat, Dec 18, 2004

      On the day of Mijin's daughter Cho-hee's wedding, Cholla Province is attacked by the Japanese armed with muskets. Cho-hee is taken prisoner by Wakizaka Yasuharu to Japan.

    • Episode 30

      30. Episode 30

      aired: Sun, Dec 12, 2004

      It was none other than Beksu who fell for Chun-su's tricks and turned over the arrows of Chosan Fort to the Jurchens. Soon-shin blames himself for not seeing the pain of one of his men who was driven to commit this crime to provide for his family, but he is left with no choice but to punish him by death.

    • Episode 29

      29. Episode 29

      aired: Sat, Dec 11, 2004

      Soon-shin cannot understand Won Kyun who with cold blooded murder of a prisoner gave the scattered Jurchen tribes a reason to unite. Won Kyun and Yi Soon-shin's attitude toward their enemies and treatment of their prisoners could not be more different.

    • Episode 28

      28. Episode 28

      aired: Sun, Dec 5, 2004

      Soon-shin proposes peace with the Jurchen tribes. He tries with all his might to arrange a hostage exchange for Gobdan, but Yi Il's reaction is lukewarm, and the royal court is indifferent to Soon-shin's outcry about finding a tangible solution to the problems at the northern borders.

    • Episode 27

      27. Episode 27

      aired: Sat, Dec 4, 2004

      The operation is a success. Soon-shin leads his first battle to victory and clears the misunderstanding among the people about exacting the grains. But Chief Commander Yi Il is displeased with Soon-shin for carrying out a military operation without his permission.

    • Episode 26

      26. Episode 26

      aired: Sun, Nov 28, 2004

      Checking out Chosan Fort anonymously, Soon-shin runs into Oh Hyung and Yim Kyung-bun who are exacting grains from the farmers to present to the new garrison captain.

    • Episode 25

      25. Episode 25

      aired: Sat, Nov 27, 2004

      Mijin returns to Gonyang from Japan pregnant and badly injured, but she safely gives birth to a girl with Eunu's help. Soon-shin returns to Seoul to take the military service exam, and dying Mijin watches Soon-shin from afar.

    • Episode 24

      24. Episode 24

      aired: Sun, Nov 21, 2004

      Soon-shin meets the King in disguise at Sung-ryong's house. Sonjo asks Soon-shin how he feels about the changes the new king is making, and Soon-shin replies that the world will not truly change as long as innocent people are being starved and persecuted.

    • Episode 23

      23. Episode 23

      aired: Sat, Nov 20, 2004

      Wakizaka slaughters the people of Gonyang with vengeance. Soon-shin frantically runs after the Japanese when he learns that Mijin had been taken. He finds Nalbal's house on fire on the way and saves the young boy from the flames.

    • Episode 22

      22. Episode 22

      aired: Sun, Nov 14, 2004

      Year 1567, King Myung-jong dies without an heir apparent, and Prince Ha-sung ascends to the throne as the 14th king of Chosun Sonjo. Immediately upon his ascension, Sonjo begins a reform exonerating neo-Confucian scholars that had been wrongfully prosecuted starting with Master Cho Kwang-jo.

    • Episode 21

      21. Episode 21

      aired: Sat, Nov 13, 2004

      Sung-ryong is brought before King Myung-jong for making corrections on a diplomatic document. But he lectures the king saying that a servant would not be doing his duty to his king if he were afraid to speak the truth.

    • Episode 20

      20. Episode 20

      aired: Sun, Nov 7, 2004

      Until every last sword of tyranny against the people is withdrawn, do not let this sword out of your hands.

    • Episode 19

      19. Episode 19

      aired: Sat, Nov 6, 2004

      The land will give back exactly how much you put in. Isn't it most honest and kind?

    • Episode 18

      18. Episode 18

      aired: Sun, Oct 31, 2004

      Jang-pyung's father is badly beaten by the authorities because of pottery Jang-pyung has hidden. Soon-shin is struggling with his inability to help them. Seeing that Soon-shin cares more about other people than about himself, Namgoong finally begins to teach him martial arts.

    • Episode 17

      17. Episode 17

      aired: Sat, Oct 30, 2004

      Soon-shin arrives in a small pottery town of Gonyang. Namgoong Du is an old potter and a martial arts master. Soon-shin's persistent pleading moves Namgoong Du to take him in as his disciple.

    • Episode 16

      16. Episode 16

      aired: Sun, Oct 24, 2004

      Framed for a crime he did not commit, Soon-shin is on the run. He goes to Ahsan to see his mother but finds his poster posted everywhere. He turns around vowing never to be defeated by the world again and heads for Gon-yang to find Namgoong Du.

    • Episode 15

      15. Episode 15

      aired: Sat, Oct 23, 2004

      Baron Huh frames Chun-su and Supervisor Kim for all of his criminal activities in the salt tax collection and points to Soon-shin as the snitch causing division between Chun-su and Soon-shin. Chun-su and Supervisor Kim are arrested and tortured by the authorities.

    • Episode 14

      14. Episode 14

      aired: Sun, Oct 17, 2004

      Chun-su makes a trip to Andong for the company instead of Soon-shin so that Soon-shin would not miss his archery contest, but he makes a huge mistake during his trip. Chun-su grows increasingly despondent as he realizes that nothing goes right for him while everyone seems to hold his friend Soon-shin in high regard.

    • Episode 13

      13. Episode 13

      aired: Sat, Oct 16, 2004

      Soon-shin is able to dream once again of entering government service.

    • Episode 12

      12. Episode 12

      aired: Sun, Oct 10, 2004

      The moon sheds light on everyone equally without prejudice. But the world is so unfair...

    • Episode 11

      11. Episode 11

      aired: Sat, Oct 9, 2004

      All I can do now is to live for the sake of living.

    • Episode 10

      10. Episode 10

      aired: Sun, Oct 3, 2004

      Running from Song Tak, Soon-shin and Chun-su end up in Hanyang. Soon-shin goes to Sung-kyun Academy to find his old friend Sung-ryong, but the sight of refined scholar keeps him from approaching him.

    • Episode 9

      9. Episode 9

      aired: Sat, Oct 2, 2004

      After failing the civil service exam, Soon-shin turns to a wild life among the hunters to forget the pain of defeat and injustice.

    • Episode 8

      8. Episode 8

      aired: Sun, Sep 26, 2004

      Soon-shin agrees to take the exam for the magistrate's son to save his older brother Yo-shin. His parents are bewildered by Yo-shin's untimely release from imprisonment not knowing about the deal Soon-shin has made to get him out.

    • Episode 7

      7. Episode 7

      aired: Sat, Sep 25, 2004

      Soon-shin's family has moved to Ahsan, and eight years have passed since Soon-shin and Sung-ryong promised to meet again at Sung-kyun Academy. There is a civil service exam being held in nearby Own-yang, but Soon-shin has put his dream aside to take care of his family.

    • Episode 6

      6. Episode 6

      aired: Sun, Sep 19, 2004

      I refuse to continue my education if I can't even protect a friend!

    • Episode 5

      5. Episode 5

      aired: Sat, Sep 18, 2004

      I want to be brave like Kyun.

    • Episode 4

      4. Episode 4

      aired: Tue, Jul 25, 2006

      This is the burial ground for me and the enemy. I am not certain if I am determined to die or determined to live.

    • Episode 3

      3. Episode 3

      aired: Sat, Sep 11, 2004

      Retreating enemy is more intimidating than the approaching enemy. By retreating, the enemy seemed to be trying to demonstrate the futility of life.

    • Episode 2

      2. Episode 2

      aired: Sun, Sep 5, 2004

      The King feared the enemy and he feared the Supreme Naval Commander who was fearless against that enemy.

    • Episode 1

      1. Episode 1

      aired: Sat, Sep 4, 2004

      We must stop the retreating enemy at sea!

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