The Donna Reed Show

The Donna Reed Show
The Donna Reed Show premiered September 24, 1958 on ABC, and has remained a family sitcom favorite ever since. The show’s story places the Stone family in the fictional Midwestern small town of Hilldale, where Donna encounters typical family problems and life experiences. Whether it’s hosting a dinner party for friends, catering to her husband’s needs, or reveling in the activities of her children, the perfect housewife does it all with style and grace.

Genre: Comedy

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    • Episode 38

      Mary's Little Lambs

      aired: Thu, Jun 8, 1961

      Mary decides to host a Saturday nursery school to earn extra money. But, her father wants to sleep late on Saturday morning, unaware of the chaos at hand.

    • Episode 37

      The Mustache

      aired: Thu, Jun 1, 1961

      Alex decides to grow a mustache, but Donna is not pleased.

    • Episode 36

      Mary's Driving Lesson

      aired: Thu, May 25, 1961

      Scotty, who's sweet on Mary, agrees to teach her how to drive. Will their romantic friendship last through the course?

    • Episode 35

      Military School

      aired: Thu, May 18, 1961

      When Herbie suggests his friend Ken go to the dance with them, Mary decides not to go. But, when she sees Ken in full uniform from the Military Academy, she of course has a change of heart.

    • Episode 34

      The Good Guys and the Bad Guys

      aired: Thu, May 11, 1961

      The school bully makes fun of Jeff being in the choir, so Jeff starts "pumping iron".

    • Episode 33

      Jeff, the Treasurer

      aired: Thu, May 4, 1961

      Jeff is elected class Treasurer and the funds are missing...can Jeff find the missing money in time?

    • Episode 32

      For Better or Worse

      aired: Wed, Apr 26, 1961

      A story about every married couple's dilemma: what decisions can a husband make on his own?

    • Episode 31

      Let's Look at Love

      aired: Wed, Apr 19, 1961

      Mary is angry when she learns two boys tossed a coin to see who would take her to the dance, she swears off boys.

    • Episode 30

      Music Hath Charms

      aired: Wed, Apr 12, 1961

      Donna and Alex remember their honeymoon and the musical tobacco jar for Alex. When the jar is broken, they all search down identical replacements.

    • Episode 29

      Merry Month of April

      aired: Wed, Apr 5, 1961

      Income tax time, Alex decides to save money and prepare his own taxes this year rather than have Harvey do it.

    • Episode 28

      Donna's Helping Hand

      aired: Wed, Mar 29, 1961

      Dr. Steinhaus is retiring as the head of the Board of Health & Donna thinks Alex should get the position.

    • Episode 27

      Mary's Heart Throb

      aired: Thu, Mar 23, 1961

      While babysitting for the Damons, Mary meets their older son Rick, who has dropped out of college because he wasn't accepted into a fraternity. He plans to join the Foreign Legion with Mary's help.

    • Episode 26

      The Poodle Parlor

      aired: Wed, Mar 15, 1961

      Donna and her friend consider opening a fancy poodle parlor.Their husbands think the whole idea is ludicrous which make the ladies all the more determined to succeed.

    • Episode 25

      Aunt Belle's Earrings

      aired: Thu, Mar 9, 1961

      Alex's Aunt Belle has come for a visit and resumes her relationship with Oliver Greavey. But, when the relationship soon turns sour, can a pair of earrings bring them back together?

    • Episode 24

      Tony Martin Visits

      aired: Thu, Mar 2, 1961

      While driving through Hilldale, Tony Martin is arrested for speeding. In court, Tony sees Donna fighting a parking meter violation and insisting on a jury trial rather than pay a $2 fine. Tony decides to ask for a jury trial, too.

    • Episode 23

      The Busy People

      aired: Thu, Feb 23, 1961

      Donna signs her & Alex up for painting lessons.

    • Episode 22

      The Geisha Girl

      aired: Thu, Feb 16, 1961

      The new doctor is married to a Japanese Geisha girl and Donna attempts to "Americanize" her.

    • Episode 20

      Donna Directs a Play

      aired: Thu, Feb 2, 1961

      Donna fills in for the director of Mary's drama group.

    • Episode 19

      The Stones Go to Hollywood

      aired: Thu, Jan 26, 1961

      Alex needs to go to Hollywood for a work trip, so the whole family takes the opportunity to go along to see Hollywood.

    • Episode 18

      Variations On a Theme

      aired: Thu, Jan 19, 1961

      The piano becomes a "parking lot" with everyone dropping belongings on it, like books, the newspaper, so Alex decides to sell it.

    • Episode 15

      Lean and Hungry Look

      aired: Thu, Dec 29, 1960

      Donna can't fit into the dress she bought a few months ago, so she decides it's time to exercise and diet the extra pounds off!

    • Episode 13

      Donna Goes to a Reunion

      aired: Thu, Dec 15, 1960

      Donna attends her College reunion.

    • Episode 12

      Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

      aired: Thu, Dec 8, 1960

      Mary is so indecisive, always asking her mother about what clothes to wear or which boys to date. When Mary and her friends get into money troubles at the Flamingo Club, that's when Mary makes the right decision.

    • Episode 11

      The Model Daughter

      aired: Thu, Dec 1, 1960

      Mary goes to a session at Taffy Cinders Charm School and wins a scholarship to learn how to be a model.

    • Episode 10

      It Only Hurts When I Laugh

      aired: Thu, Nov 24, 1960

      The tables are turned as Alex becomes a hospital patient.

    • Episode 9

      Never Marry a Doctor

      aired: Thu, Nov 17, 1960

      The Stones' cleaning lady's baby is sick and her husband lost his job due to illness. Donna hires the husband to do odd jobs in their house, but now the twenty dollars for Mrs. Cruikshank's charity is missing. Could the handyman be a thief?

    • Episode 8

      Higher Learning

      aired: Thu, Nov 10, 1960

      Jeff has scored in the "genius" category on the school I.Q. test and it's suggested that Jeff go away to a school for higher learning.

    • Episode 7

      Worried Anyone?

      aired: Thu, Nov 3, 1960

      Worried Anyone? Like, are we worried about Mary riding in Scotty's car?

    • Episode 6

      Alex's Twin

      aired: Thu, Oct 27, 1960

      Mary is enamored with the new boy at school, because he reminds her of what her dad must have been like as a teenager.

    • Episode 5

      How the Other Half Lives

      aired: Thu, Oct 20, 1960

      Mary's friend Ginny lives in a mansion with a maid, a tennis court, and swimming pool. What can Mary do to impress Ginny, when she's invited to stay at the Stones house for the weekend?

    • Episode 4

      The Love Letter

      aired: Thu, Oct 6, 1960

      Nick, the handyman is still learning English, so he asks Jeff for help write a love letter to his girlfriend. Mary finds the letter in Jeff's handwriting and thinks Jeff has a new romance.

    • Episode 2

      The Mystery Woman

      aired: Thu, Sep 22, 1960

      A stranger spots Donna and Mary having lunch, so she stops to say hello. She recognizes Donna, but Donna doesn't recognize her. Later, Donna must find out who this mystery woman was.

    • Episode 1


      aired: Thu, Sep 15, 1960

      The Stone family wants to get away for the weekend.

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    • Episode 38

      Cool Cat

      aired: Sat, Jun 18, 1960

      Jeff wants to keep a cat that followed him home, so can Harry the Cat stay? The Stone family will decide by using the democratic process.

    • Episode 37

      The Wedding Present

      aired: Fri, Jun 10, 1960

      Aunt Lettie is coming to visit, so Donna and Alex try to find the wedding present she gave them so she would be certain to see it. It would help if they could just remember what it was! And by the way, Alex, can Donna buy a $250 Porcelain Dresden figurine?

    • Episode 36

      Love's Sweet Awakening

      aired: Thu, Jun 2, 1960

      Sixteen- year-old Petie is home from military school and visiting the Stone family. Petie and Mary have been friends for years, but seeing how beautiful Mary has become, he would now like to be more than just friends. As Alex puts it, "springtime has come to Petie!" How can Petie catch Mary's eye?

    • Episode 35

      The Gossip

      aired: Thu, May 26, 1960

      Donna tells Emily, the town gossip, that Kay Watson is having a baby. Then Donna learns from Alex that Kay is keeping it a secret so that she can stay working longer. Donna is crushed, knowing that she may have let Kay's secret out.

    • Episode 34

      The First Time We Met

      aired: Thu, May 19, 1960

      Donna and Alex have different stories about how they first met. Also Donna plays matchmaker to a new doctor in town and a pretty nurse at the hospital.

    • Episode 33

      Mary's Crusade

      aired: Thu, May 12, 1960

      Mary vows not to go to the school dance unless Ellen has a date for the dance. Ellen is rather plain so Mary goes to work to transform Ellen into a glamorous young lady.

    • Episode 32

      Jeff, the Financial Genius

      aired: Thu, May 5, 1960

      Jeff gets involved in a series of trades with his friends in order to repay a debt.

    • Episode 30

      Alex Runs the House

      aired: Thu, Apr 21, 1960

      Jeff is away at his grandparents' farm, and Donna misses him so much that Alex convinces her to join Jeff at the farm. Can Alex manage the household in Donna's absence?

    • Episode 29

      Mary's Growing Pains

      aired: Thu, Apr 14, 1960

      Mary becomes infatuated with a new intern at the hospital.

    • Episode 28

      Pickles for Charity

      aired: Thu, Apr 7, 1960

      While Alex was the "belle of the ball" with his fantastic dancing at the Woman's Medical Auxiliary Dance, the dance cost more to produce than the income from ticket sales provided. Each member agrees to contribute $27 using her skills in moneymaking to make up the budget shortfall. Donna will sell 54 jars of her famous pickle recipe at fifty cents per jar and donate the money to the Auxiliary. Will Donna's plan work?

    • Episode 27

      The Perfect Pitch

      aired: Thu, Mar 24, 1960

      Donna makes Jeff take trumpet lessons when she discovers he has perfect pitch. Jeff would rather be on the track team.

    • Episode 26

      The Fatal Leap

      aired: Thu, Mar 17, 1960

      Alex's wild room-mate from college is getting married, and Alex is invited to the bachelor party. Donna doesn't like this idea at all.

    • Episode 25

      The Gentle Dew

      aired: Thu, Mar 10, 1960

      Alex lays down the law when Jeff and Mary slack off on their responsibilities at home and their schoolwork. Now Alex is furious when it appears that Mary didn't come home from a bowling date with Roger on time.

    • Episode 24

      The Editorial

      aired: Thu, Mar 3, 1960

      Jeff is named Editor of the school newspaper, and his first action is to write a negative editorial about homework.

    • Episode 23

      A Night to Howl

      aired: Thu, Feb 25, 1960

      Donna and Alex decide to shake up their daily routine by going out on the town...and on a Monday night, no less! Nothing works out the way they planned.

    • Episode 22

      A Place to Go

      aired: Sun, Dec 18, 1960

      Jeff and his friends get into trouble when they are discovered using an abandoned house as a hang-out. This prompts Donna and the other mothers to create a nice meeting place for the children.

    • Episode 21

      The First Quarrel

      aired: Thu, Feb 11, 1960

      Donna gets involved in a couple's spat.

    • Episode 20

      The Free Soul

      aired: Thu, Feb 4, 1960

      Alex's Uncle Dan takes a break from traveling all over the world. Jeff likes the idea of going to Alaska, Saudi Arabia, Malaya, Australia, and doing whatever he wants, just like Uncle Dan. Jeff decides to join him. Will Donna and Alex allow him to go? Would you believe, yes?

    • Episode 19

      Just a Housewife

      aired: Tue, Jan 28, 1969

      The radio show "Housewives Corner" is broadcast from McClure's Market. Host Jerry Parker is asking the ladies if housewives find questions like "While baking an upside down cake, do yourecommend standing on your head?" This presents an opportunity for Donna to defend homemakers like herself as being a bit more than "just a housewife"!

    • Episode 18

      The New Mother

      aired: Thu, Jan 21, 1960

      Little David Barker is very excited. His father is getting married and he hopes this means he can leave military school and live in a real home, but things don't work out the way David thought they would.

    • Episode 17

      The Secret

      aired: Thu, Jan 14, 1960

      Mary gets an engagement ring and phone calls from Matt, a freshman at UCLA, but doesn't tell anyone in the family about the ring or why Matt is calling. So what's going on? As Donna says, "Alex, our daughter has a secret."

    • Episode 16

      The Broken Spirit

      aired: Thu, Jan 7, 1960

      Suddenly Jeff is acting like the model child. Donna thinks it is due to the scolding Alex gave him, but the truth is that Jeff feels responsible for an elderly neighbor's fall down the stairs.

    • Episode 15

      The Lucky Girl

      aired: Thu, Dec 31, 1959

      Lately all Donna has been hearing is how wonderful Alex is, and how lucky she is to be his wife. After a while this gets Donna to wondering if what people really mean is that Alex got the short end of the stick by marrying Donna.

    • Episode 14

      The Homecoming Dance

      aired: Thu, Dec 24, 1959

      To ease their minds about Mary having a blind date with a college man, Donna and Alex chaperone at Homecoming.

    • Episode 13

      A Difference of Opinion

      aired: Thu, Dec 17, 1959

      Donna gets cornered into accepting an invitation from a couple that neither she nor Alex really care for. Alex refuses to go, sparking an argument that they try to keep quiet from the children.

    • Episode 12

      The Punishment

      aired: Thu, Dec 10, 1959

      Dilemma in the Stone household: How to discipline the children without having Donna look like a villian by meting out the punishments, or having Donna look like a squealer when Alex does .

    • Episode 11

      Jeff Joins a Club

      aired: Thu, Dec 3, 1959

      Jeff finds out the reason why he wasn't made a member of a club: He is friends with a boy no one else likes.

    • Episode 10

      All Mothers Worry

      aired: Thu, Nov 26, 1959

      Jeff's friend, Phillip, has a problem. He wants to play football, but his mother is over-protective and won't let him.

    • Episode 9

      Flowers for the Teacher

      aired: Thu, Nov 19, 1959

      Jeff's class has a new teacher, Miss McGuinness. The boys in particular complain that she is too strict, so Donna meets with the new teacher to get matters settled.

    • Episode 8

      Nothing Like a Good Book

      aired: Thu, Nov 12, 1959

      Donna mistakenly accepts an invitation to 'culture vulture' Lydia Langley's cocktail party, at which Lydia mentions that she also conducts a book discussion group. She goads Donna into joining it and then reporting on Tolstoy's "War and Peace" at her first meeting. Donna then attempts to immerse the whole family in culture, by buying Jeff a Dickens book, Mary a Tchaikovsky record, and a copy of Tolstoy's epic for her and Alex to read together. She then tries to read the lengthy novel in a week...

    • Episode 7

      The Neighborly Gesture

      aired: Thu, Nov 5, 1959

      Alex is hurt that Jeff likes the new neighbor.

    • Episode 6

      Going Steady

      aired: Thu, Oct 29, 1959

      Mary wants to meet a boy, so she talks Jeff into going to his kid sister's party.

    • Episode 5

      The First Child

      aired: Thu, Oct 22, 1959

      Alex must contend with overly anxious new parents who constantly call him in a state of panic, thinking that there is something wrong with their baby.

    • Episode 4

      A Friend Indeed

      aired: Thu, Oct 15, 1959

      Jeff's 'friend' Doug keeps getting him into trouble at school, and Jeff silently takes the blame for him because he knows Doug's mother constantly picks on him and wonders why he can't be more like Jeff, who behaves like an innocent cherub at their house.One day when Dr. Alex is at Doug's house, he witnesses Doug's mother berating Doug unfairly, so Donna invites Doug's mother over just before Mary and Jeff get home from school so she can be there to see Jeff's behavior at home. Doug's mother learns that Jeff is obnoxious to his sister, loud, and unruly at home (just like any other adolescent boy) and all ends well when Doug arrives and his mother sees that he too, is just like any other boy, but knows when to be polite in somebody else's house.

    • Episode 3

      A Penny Earned

      aired: Thu, Oct 8, 1959

      Donna has trouble deciding whether or not buy a new dress.

    • Episode 2

      Sleep No More My Lady

      aired: Thu, Oct 1, 1959

      Donna is too excited to sleep because Alex is giving a speech at a convention. While trying to sleep on the plane Alex gives Donna a tranquilizer to help her sleep.

    • Episode 1

      That's Show Business

      aired: Thu, Sep 24, 1959

      Kenny, a short, shy boy who stutters, wants to drop out of the school show. To improve his confidence, Mary gives him a "lucky" penny, and convinces him to stay in the show. But Mary is miserable now that she is partnered with the shorter Kenny in a dance number, so she convinces him to wear shoes with lifts with disasterous results.

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