The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful
The high-glam soap about L.A.'s fashionable and fertile Forrester clan was designed as a sister soap to the popular The Young and the Restless, and quickly won ratings and global fans with cast crossovers, exotic remotes, glossy runaway shows and fast-paced storylines about beautiful people behaving badly. In 2004, the show introduced a new family, the Marones, and recruited several nighttime alums to beef up the cast. And to create a little chaos.

Genre: Soap

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    • Episode 1011


      aired: Fri, Apr 12, 2013

      Hope and Taylor verbally spar when Hope refuses to oblige Taylor's demand about Liam. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 1001


      aired: Thu, Apr 11, 2013

      Dayzee and Caroline commiserate about Maya as they both want her out of their lives! (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 991


      aired: Wed, Apr 10, 2013

      Brooke becomes emotional as she sits alone at Katie's hospital bedside. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 981


      aired: Tue, Apr 9, 2013

      Taylor voices her suspicions about Bill and Brooke concerning their role in Katie's current condition. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 971


      aired: Mon, Apr 8, 2013

      Not realizing that she's been set up by Caroline, Maya becomes excited at the new job she's been offered. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 941


      aired: Fri, Apr 5, 2013

      Maya and Rick determine that they will focus on the present, not the past. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 931


      aired: Thu, Apr 4, 2013

      Bill is astounded and saddened by the enormity of Katie's words. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 921


      aired: Wed, Apr 3, 2013

      Katie makes a bold declaration upon finding Brooke and Bill together in Brooke's bedroom. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 911


      aired: Tue, Apr 2, 2013

      Katie reaches the end of her rope when she receives a call from Bill's phone … but from Brooke. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 901


      aired: Mon, Apr 1, 2013

      Katie gets candid with Danielle about her relationship with Bill. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 871


      aired: Thu, Mar 28, 2013

      Maya and Rick share a passionate kiss. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 861


      aired: Wed, Mar 27, 2013

      Caroline makes it clear to Maya that Rick is strictly off limits. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 851


      aired: Tue, Mar 26, 2013

      Separately, Brooke and Bill think of one another and what they will do about the predicament they now find themselves in. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 841


      aired: Mon, Mar 25, 2013

      Katie and Bill get into a heated conversation about the problems in their marriage. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 831


      aired: Sun, Mar 24, 2013

      In an attempt to help her forget about Rick, Maya accepts a date with Carter. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 781


      aired: Tue, Mar 19, 2013

      Brooke and Bill experience the wrath of Katie when she finds them together in the Forrester Showroom. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 771


      aired: Mon, Mar 18, 2013

      Dayzee makes a revelation to Maya when Maya tells her about the trip Rick took her on to Rodeo Drive. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 761


      aired: Sun, Mar 17, 2013

      Caroline vamps it up in lingerie in an effort to regain Rick's affection. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 731


      aired: Thu, Mar 14, 2013

      Thomas seizes the moment during a business meeting to get another chance to run Forrester Creations. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 721


      aired: Wed, Mar 13, 2013

      Raw from her recent break up, Hope makes a huge demand, in the form of a request, to Steffy. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 711


      aired: Tue, Mar 12, 2013

      Rick doesn't reveal that he's a Forrester when he shows Maya the time of her life on Rodeo Drive. (TV-14 D)

    • Episode 701


      aired: Mon, Mar 11, 2013

      After hearing her poignant story, Rick takes Maya on an impromptu trip to have some fun! (TV-14 D).

    • Episode 691


      aired: Sun, Mar 10, 2013

      Rick decides to take full advantage when he finds himself in a unique situation with Maya. (TV-14 D).

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