The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers
The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers is set after the year 2086, when two aliens from the planets Andor and Kirwin travelled to Earth to search for allies against the ruthless and expansionist Crown Empire led by the Queen of the Crown. In return for their help, mankind was given construction plans for an FTL-drive (hyperdrive). After this key-event in human history, interstellar travel flourished and a huge number of colonies were built on distant star-systems. Alongside the growth of human activities in space, criminal activities also grew and the new colonies had to be defended against various threats, including the Crown Empire. BETA (Bureau for Extra-Terrestrial Affairs) was founded to cope with these tasks along with the Range division. Most of the colonies portrayed in the show are either specialized in agriculture (by growing genetically engineered crops or breeding genetically engineered cattle), or mining star stones. Many of the planets have names that evoke Western settings including Nebraska, Mesa, Ozark and Prairie.

Genre: Animation, Science-Fiction, Western

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    • Episode 65


      aired: Wed, Dec 10, 1986

      The Rangers race to the planet Tarkon to protect it against an armada sent by the Queen.

    • Episode 64


      aired: Tue, Dec 9, 1986

      Billy manages to save Sundancer but the gang who killed Billy's parents have tracked them down.

    • Episode 62

      Tower of Combat

      aired: Sun, Dec 7, 1986

      The General is back and has perfected a matter transportation device to capture and create an army.

    • Episode 61

      Fire and Iron

      aired: Thu, Dec 4, 1986

      The Galaxy Rangers must save the settlers of the planet Prairie from BOVO thugs.

    • Episode 59

      Don Quixote Cody

      aired: Tue, Dec 2, 1986

      Cody Carson has stolen a powerful weapon from a gang of outlaws and it's up to the Rangers to get it back.

    • Episode 58


      aired: Mon, Dec 1, 1986

      Ariel has summoned Niko and the Rangers to help fight her arch enemy Megamind.

    • Episode 57


      aired: Sun, Nov 30, 1986

      Niko and Doc receive a distress call and are captured by a band of Indians.

    • Episode 56

      Trouble at Texton

      aired: Thu, Nov 27, 1986

      Goose is trapped inside a particle accelorator created by an evil scientist.

    • Episode 55

      Rusty and the Boys

      aired: Wed, Nov 26, 1986

      Love is in the air on the planet Basoot when a magic love potion wreaks havoc.

    • Episode 54

      Battle of the Bandits

      aired: Tue, Nov 25, 1986

      The Galaxy Rangers go undercover and enter the first ever Intergalactic Battle of the Bands.

    • Episode 53


      aired: Mon, Nov 24, 1986

      The human colony world of Nebraska is facing a huge drought until a mysterious man arrives claiming his special machine can create rain.

    • Episode 52


      aired: Sun, Nov 23, 1986

      The Galaxy Rangers are assigned to investigate the land-rush on the planet Ozark.

    • Episode 51

      Promised Land

      aired: Thu, Nov 20, 1986

      Human settlers and natives of the planet Mesa are disappearing and it's up to the Galaxy Rangers to help them find out why.

    • Episode 50


      aired: Wed, Nov 19, 1986

      Goose must infiltrate the Deltoid Rock Prison colony which has been taken over by the inmates.

    • Episode 49

      Lord of the Sands

      aired: Tue, Nov 18, 1986

      The Galaxy Rangers' ship is sabotaged by Crown Agents and crash lands on an unknown planet.

    • Episode 48

      Galaxy Stranger

      aired: Mon, Nov 17, 1986

      Two renegade Super Troopers have been spotted working for an evil cattle baron on the frontier planet Nebraska.

    • Episode 47

      Super Trooper

      aired: Sun, Nov 16, 1986

      Kllbane and the renegade Supertroopers are back and coming to Earth to free their frozen comrades and form a Supertrooper army.

    • Episode 45

      Badge of Power

      aired: Wed, Nov 12, 1986

      Lazarus Slade teams up with Mogul in a plot to steal the Galaxy Rangers’ Series 5 powers. The plan backfires when Slade absorbs the Rangers’ power of good and demands to become a Galaxy Ranger.

    • Episode 43


      aired: Mon, Nov 10, 1986

      The Galaxy Rangers must ward a gang of cattle rustlers after the Black Hole Gang forces a transport of Bovo-12 genetic cattle to crash land on the planet Nebraska.

    • Episode 42

      Rogue Arm

      aired: Sun, Nov 9, 1986

      Zachery’s bionic arm is infected by a psychocrystal fired into the Sol System. After being removed it takes on a life of its own and builds itself up into a monstrous metal Slaver Lord. Can Goose stop it before it destroys the ship?

    • Episode 41


      aired: Thu, Nov 6, 1986

      Hundreds of tiny cowboy and indian robots have invaded a space colony in search of a micro satellite dish.

    • Episode 40

      Bronto Bear

      aired: Wed, Nov 5, 1986

      The Galaxy Rangers land on the planet Prairie to transport a Bronto Bear back to its arctic habitat.

    • Episode 39

      Shoot Out

      aired: Tue, Nov 4, 1986

      The Queen holds a contest on Tortuna to find the fastest gun in the galaxy as a trap to capture the Galaxy Rangers.

    • Episode 38

      Marshmallow Trees

      aired: Mon, Nov 3, 1986

      A batch of Kiwi Mallow Trees are delivered to Granna and begin to multiply at a rate that would cause the planet to be covered in giant marshamallows in two days.

    • Episode 36

      Scarecrow's Revenge

      aired: Thu, Oct 30, 1986

      The Galaxy Rangers must stop the Scarecrow once and for all when it appears on the planet Tarkon searching for an ancient indestructible warrior called the Sleeper.

    • Episode 35

      Natural Balance

      aired: Wed, Oct 29, 1986

      Lazarus Slade has been expirimenting with a stolen vial of Batch 22, causing the trees to mutate into an evil forest.

    • Episode 34


      aired: Tue, Oct 28, 1986

      The Galaxy Rangers must rescue the Kirwin's most treasured friend, the Mothmoose from being the main attraction at the Tortuna nightclub.

    • Episode 33

      Lady of Light

      aired: Mon, Oct 27, 1986

      Mogul the space sorcerer draws a being from another universe into our own hoping to tap into her powers.

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    • Episode 32

      Murder On the Andorian Express

      aired: Sun, Oct 26, 1986

      The Galaxy Rangers must solve the mystery of the murder of Premier Kubla Dutch.

    • Episode 30

      Buzzwang’s Folly

      aired: Wed, Oct 22, 1986

      Lazarus Slade has set up an invasion of BETA Mountain and the only ones who can stop it are Buzz, Zozo, Waldo, the Kiwi babies and Buzz’s new robots from Q-Ball’s defense program.

    • Episode 29


      aired: Tue, Oct 21, 1986

      The Queen is searching for a mysterious gateway to another universe in order to find another world to conquer. The Rangers head out on a quest to find the mysterious gateway before the Queen's armies.

    • Episode 28

      Birds of a Feather

      aired: Mon, Oct 20, 1986

      The Galaxy Rangers are sent to retrieve the Queens most valuable memory bird when it turns up missing.

    • Episode 27


      aired: Sun, Oct 19, 1986

      Captain Kidd joins up with the Galaxy Rangers as they go against the Queen when she mounts an all-out assault on the Sol System.

    • Episode 26

      Magnificent Kiwi

      aired: Thu, Oct 16, 1986

      The Queen sends an armada of fighters to re-capture the last remaining Girkins who are living and thriving on Kirwin. Will the Rangers make it in time to help the Kiwi and make their stand against the Imperial Crown.

    • Episode 24

      Renegade Rangers

      aired: Tue, Oct 14, 1986

      Goose is thrown through a wormhole during a firefight and is exposed to energy rays that overload his Series Five implant causing him to transform into menacing creatures.

    • Episode 23


      aired: Mon, Oct 13, 1986

      The Queen has set a trap to lure Zachary Foxx into attempting to retrieve the pscyho crystal from her psychocrypt asteroid.

    • Episode 22


      aired: Sun, Oct 12, 1986

      The Galaxy Rangers must save the Andorian Ambassadors who have been taken captive and forced to perform in the Orion Flying Circus and Rodeo.

    • Episode 21


      aired: Thu, Oct 9, 1986

      Doc is kidnapped and delivered to The General, an evil alien who plans on building an army from the winners of a game where captives fight dragon birds. Can Goose stop The General in time to save Doc from fighting?

    • Episode 20

      The Power Within

      aired: Wed, Oct 8, 1986

      Nimrod has trapped the Galaxy Rangers and removed their badges so they can no longer use their Series Five implants. He soon finds out that the Rangers are too hot to handle.

    • Episode 19


      aired: Tue, Oct 7, 1986

      While testing the soil of a newly colonized human farm world, the machine awakens a creature sleeping deep within the planet’s surface. This ancient terror stalks the night wearing the clothing of a nearby scarecrow.

    • Episode 18

      Space Moby

      aired: Mon, Oct 6, 1986

      The Galaxy Rangers are sent to investigate when an asteroid mining colony is attacked by giant creatures and find themselves in the middle of a war between Mylox and the Space Moby.

    • Episode 17


      aired: Sun, Oct 5, 1986

      A series of geological disturbances on the planet Shaky uncovers a huge amount of rare and valuable minerals. Can the Galaxy Rangers prevent the Black Hole Gang from stealing the stones?

    • Episode 16

      The Ax

      aired: Thu, Oct 2, 1986

      The Galaxy Rangers arrive on the asteroid mining colony of Bardo to investigate the discovery of a giant robot called Ax.

    • Episode 15

      Queen’s Lair

      aired: Wed, Oct 1, 1986

      The Queen has built a fearsome new weapon that can cross time and space and Earth is her first target unless 5,000 humans are delivered to her psycho crypt.

    • Episode 14


      aired: Tue, Sep 30, 1986

      The Galaxy Rangers must battle robot warriors designed by an alien factory workers on a distant water-based planet in the Empty Zone.

    • Episode 13

      Space Sorcerer

      aired: Mon, Sep 29, 1986

      The Galaxy Rangers must save the planet Basoot from the space sorcerer Mogul who has conjured up creatures with his psychic powers that have been enhanced by Starstones.

    • Episode 12

      Tune up

      aired: Sun, Sep 28, 1986

      Evil Earth scientist Lazarus Slade sneaks an alien copying machine into BETA Mountain where it accidentally gets set off.

    • Episode 11


      aired: Thu, Sep 25, 1986

      Renegade Supertrooper Killbane returns to Earth to steal the experimental Mindnet technology designed to control all human life and sell it to the Queen of the Crown.

    • Episode 10


      aired: Wed, Sep 24, 1986

      Captain Kidd discovers a Traash scout ship while fishing in hyperspace. His ship is attacked by an invasion fleet. Can Kidd stop them before they destroy Earth?

    • Episode 9

      One Million Emotions

      aired: Tue, Sep 23, 1986

      The Galaxy Rangers track the dangerous and priceless Po sculpture that was stolen by the notorious smuggler Jacky Subtract. Goose grabs the statue but will he survive the deadly effects.

    • Episode 8

      Ghost Station

      aired: Mon, Sep 22, 1986

      An anti-matter doomsday device controlled by an immense computer on a space station is set to blow. Can the Galaxy Rangers stop it from destroying the universe in time?

    • Episode 7


      aired: Sun, Sep 21, 1986

      The Galaxy Rangers are assigned to deliver an explosive isotope to a mining operation in the Orion asteroid belt. The Galaxy Rangers must face a mob of angry miners who threaten to set off the space mines if their demands aren’t met.

    • Episode 6


      aired: Thu, Sep 18, 1986

      Zachery and Zozo have been sent to the low-tech planet of Dybarr and discover that the Black Hole Gang are there searching for Starstones.

    • Episode 5

      Smuggler’s Gauntlet

      aired: Wed, Sep 17, 1986

      The Rangers must track down the top secret Supertroopers DNA formulas that have been stolen by smugglers who plan to sell this “Supertrooper juice” to the Queen.

    • Episode 4


      aired: Tue, Sep 16, 1986

      Goose has been assigned the task of escorting the reputed leader of the Black Hole Gang from the Deltoid Prison Rock back to Earth.

    • Episode 3


      aired: Mon, Sep 15, 1986

      Following up on a tip from alien informant Geezi the Pedulont, the Galaxy Rangers visit the great domed Tortuna City in search of the Queen’s precious memory birds.

    • Episode 2

      New Frontier

      aired: Sun, Sep 14, 1986

      The Galaxy Rangers are sent to rescue captured humans from the Queen’s psychocrypt asteroid including Zachery Foxx’s wife, Eliza.

    • Episode 1


      aired: Sat, Sep 13, 1986

      With bionics and a computer implant in his brain, Foxx heads up a group of Galaxy Rangers with special abilities to fight these powerful enemies from Outer Space.

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