Stargate SG-1

Stargate SG-1
Stargate SG-1 (often abbreviated as SG-1) is an American-Canadian science fiction television series, part of the Stargate franchise. Its story begins one year after the events of the 1994 science fiction film Stargate. In the Stargate science fiction universe, a network of ancient alien devices called Stargates connects the far reaches of several galaxies, including the Milky Way, Pegasus and Ori galaxies, opening the door for near-instantaneous interstellar travel. Stargate SG-1 chronicles the exploits of SG-1, the "flagship team" of at least 25 teams who explore the galaxy and defend Earth against alien threats such as the Goa'uld, Replicators and later the Ori.

Genre: Action and Adventure, Science-Fiction

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    • Episode 20


      aired: Fri, Jun 22, 2007

      Summoned by the Asgard SG-1, lead by General Landry (Beau Bridges) aboard the Odyssey, learn the Asgard have only a short time left to live. Their final attempt to solve their physiological degeneration resulted in each of them developing a rapidly progressing disease leaving them only weeks to live. Fearing their knowledge might fall into the wrong hands they plan to end their lives after handing over their entire knowledge base, technology and history to SG-1. But before all the final advancements can be installed on the Odyssey the Ori drop out of hyperspace and engage the ship. As the Odyssey retreats pursued by one of the Ori ships the Asgard destroy their planet taking the other two Ori ships with them. The Odyssey with shields nearly failing is forced to test their new Asgard weapons and is barely able to destroy the Ori ship in time. The Ori able to constantly track the Odyssey before it has time to repair damage send ship after ship trying to destroy it. The ability to track the Odyssey seems caused by the Asgard technology integrated into its core systems. The team is caught in a conundrum that the very tools that seemed to promise their victory over the Ori might actually spell their defeat. Beaming the rest of the crew to a safe planet, SG-1 tries to find a way disengage the Asgard technology but are drawn into a fire fight before they have the chance to finish. With shield failed and a final blast just off its hull Lt. Col. Carter (Amanda Tapping) is able to trap the ship inside a time dilation field, slowing the blast to appear it’s nearly frozen moving only inches a year. With a seemingly inexhaustible amount of time Carter sets at solving their dilemma or else the team will be forced to live out the rest of their days in the dilation field aboard the Odyssey.

    • Episode 19


      aired: Fri, Jun 15, 2007

      Believing Vala (Claudia Black) to have escaped imprisonment by the IOA after being deemed too large a risk, Adria (Morena Baccarin) hopes to finally ally alongside her mother. The two attempt to uncover the Clava Thessara Infinitas, storehouse of infinite ancient treasure, only to learn the address and Vala's memories are just an elaborate trap by SG-1 to capture Adria. The tables quickly turn as the team themselves are ambushed and Adria taken captive by Ba'al (Cliff Simon). The team quickly scrambles to locate Ba'al and retake Adria in the hopes of either convincing her to leave the galaxy with her army or have her killed. Intel of a meeting of Ba'al's forces reveals that the real Ba'al has killed off all of his clones. While on Ba'al's ship he explains to Adria he plans to implant her with his symbiote to take control of her body and therefore of her army. SG-1 aboard the Odyssey track Ba'al's ship and are able to retake Adria and kill Ba'al at the same time. However back aboard the Odyssey they learn they might have been too late as Ba'al's symbiote is already in control of Adria. With no other way, SG-1 brings in the Toakra to remove Ba'al's symbiote and implant Adria with one of their own in hopes to use Adria's body to command the Ori out of the galaxy. Ba'al being true to form doesn't go easily, injecting Adria's nervous system with a slow acting toxin. Adria back in control fights to keep herself alive long enough to ascend, but with SG-1 trapped outside the operating room it's up Vala to kill her own daughter before she can ascend to join the Ori.

    • Episode 18

      Family Ties

      aired: Fri, Jun 8, 2007

      To Vala's (Claudia Black) dismay her father Jacek (Fred Willard) contacts Stargate Command claiming to have knowledge of Arkad’s ships that were en route to bomb earth when he was killed by Teal'c (Christopher Judge). With it likely, the mercenaries still believing they are to follow through with their bombings, SG Command is forced agree to the deal. Regardless of Vala's warnings about Jacek's devious and scamming nature General Landry (Beau Bridges) has no option but to grant him sanctuary on earth after his information proves to be true. Jacek trying to assimilate into earth's population shows no inclination of give up his scamming ways. While SG struggles to figure out what to do with him, Vala continually rebukes every attempt her father makes at reconciliation with his estranged daughter. Wearing down SG's patience and Vala's resolve, they discover Jacek trying to break home arrest and catch him consorting with one of Arkad's Jaffa splinter cells stationed on earth. Claiming he was trying to stop another of Arkad's ships destined to destroy Cheyenne Mountain and the Stargate the team must put their trust again in Jacek to help them locate the cloaked ship and disable it before it can explode.

    • Episode 17


      aired: Fri, Jun 1, 2007

      The bombing massacre of a Jaffa leaders summit not only kills dozens of innocent Jaffa, but also leaves Bra'Tac (Tony Amendola) clinging to life and Teal'c (Christopher Judge) badly injured. With his hands tied by the IOA, General Landry is unable to give Teal'c the help he asks for to hunt down the man responsible. Teal'c believing the hypocritical IOA would not sit so idle if those dead had been humans takes it upon himself to leave SG-1 and hunt down the man responsible himself. Intel leads Teal'c to believe a Jaffa leader named Arkad is behind the bombing, a step he took to try to control the Jaffa nation and deliver them to the Ori. Teal'c must wade through the seedy underworld from arms dealer to assasins to finally find the location of Arkad. With a history that runs deeper than just the battles they fought as opposing first primes, Teal'c decides to take on the role of jury and executioner. SG Command meanwhile learns that the same Jaffa leader Teal'c is hunting appears to be coordinating a massive series of bombing attacks on earth as a pawn of the Ori. Not wanting to lose the only man who may know how to stop the plans that are already in motion, SG-1 is ordered by the IOA to intercept Teal'c at all costs before he kills Arkad. The remaining members of SG-1 must decide between the life of their friend and the lives of millions at risk should the bombings succeed.

    • Episode 16

      Bad Guys

      aired: Fri, May 18, 2007

      Following a cartouche to what they believe is a store house of Ancient's treasure the SG-1 Team find themselves trapped in a museum on a world that has yet to discover the secret of the Stargate. Without a DHD to dial-out their plan to wait for Stargate Command to send help is cut short when they are discovered and mistaken for a militant group of rebels. Forced into a gun fight inside the museum the security system is tripped and locks down the building trapping the SG team and a number of civilians inside. As an army builds outside the museum the team decides to pretend they are in fact the rebels they have been accused of being, and mock a hostage situation to buy themselves enough time for Stargate Command to dial-in for a checkup. Aided by a museum researcher Ciccero (Joshua Malina) the team passes for the local rebels and make corresponding demands to keep busy the hostage negotiator Quartus (Ron Canada). Meanwhile Mitchell (Ben Browder) and Vala (Claudia Black) search the museum for a DHD crystal but instead must deal with the museum’s night watchman, Jayem (Alistair Abell) who has decided to take matters into his own hands. As the hostages begin to get restless the well intentioned Cicero slips out of the museum to tell Quartus the team are not rebels they have pretended to be and are harmless. Jackson (Michael Shanks) realizing Quartus has failed to check in with him as promised knows it’s a matter of time before the army outside attempts to breach the museum and kill them. With a full scale attack moments away Vala and Mitchell are forced to improvise and attempt to use a Naquada bomb to power the gate without blowing the entire museum up in the process

    • Episode 15


      aired: Fri, May 11, 2007

      Following the destruction of one of his shipments and in light of their constant undermining of his power Netan (Eric Steinberg) decides the only way to deal with SG-1 is to put a bounty out on their heads. As the word gets out, a competing group of bounty hunters descend on earth to hoping to claim the bounty. With each member on leave from SG Command they are tracked and targeted by enterprising bounty hunters. Jackson (Michael Shanks), Carter (Amanda Tapping) and Teal'c (Christopher Judge) barely surviving individual attacks, are able to outwit and kill their would-be assassins. When Stargate Command learns of each attack and the impending trouble, they are unable to reach and warn Mitchell (Ben Browder) and Vala (Claudia Black) who are attending Mitchell's high school reunion. Dealing with the stress of not only a high school reunion but keeping Vala in line, Mitchell is blindsided when a bounty hunter named Vashin (Timothy Paul Perez) threatens to kill those close to him if he doesn’t surrender along with the whole SG-1 team. When an attempt by Vala to save Mitchell fails Vashin takes the entire high school reunion hostage and threatens to start executing them unless each member of SG-1 is delivered to him so he can claim their bounty.

    • Episode 14

      The Shroud

      aired: Fri, May 4, 2007

      SG-1 learns of a new Prior spreading the word of the Ori in a more humane way then ever before and decides to investigate. When the new prior turns out to be Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) the team elects to save him even though it's very likely a trap by Adria (Morena Baccarin). Transported and held captive on the Odyssey Daniel explains his becoming a prior is all part of an elaborate plan that he and Merlin, who is still partially in control of his consciousness, have devised to trap Adria and the Ori. Though his story seems to honestly prove how he gained Adria's trust only to use Merlin's device against her, his plan requires SG-1 to close the wormhole that is blocking the Supergate. With the Supergate functional there would be nothing stopping the Ori from sending their armies through to earth's galaxy. Whether or not they aid him with his potentially catastrophic plan becomes mute when the IOA decides Jackson poses too great a risk and must be killed. Col. O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) not willing to let his friend be sentenced to death works with the SG-1 team to find a way to finish Merlin's weapon and send it through the gate to destroy the Ori. But when Jackson is able to escape imprisonment and hijacks the Odyssey along with Col O'Neill it appears that his plan was really just a way of delivering SG-1 and the finished Merlin device to Adria.

    • Episode 13

      The Road Not Taken

      aired: Fri, Apr 27, 2007

      Working with Merlin’s phasing device, Carter (Amanda Tapping) is mistakenly pulled into a parallel reality where her double is attempting to draw energy from other such realities. With their Carter killed in the experiment the real Carter must step in to help a desperate Stargate Program from stopping a would-be attack from the Ori. Carter is questioned and ultimately recruited to help the efforts by the head of Stargate Command General Hammond (Don Davis). Successfully able to move the entire planet out of phase using Merlin’s device moments before an Ori attack, Carter is hailed a hero by President Landry (Beau Bridges). The President, who has had the country under martial law since the chaos that emerged when the public was made aware of the Stargate, tries to use Carter’s cache as an American-hero to not only convince the public they are again safe but to secure his presidency. Carter soon realizes that the president has no intention of allowing her to try to recreate the experiment that brought her there in hopes of returning home again. She is forced to request the help of her ex-husband a multi-millionaire dot comer named Rodney McKay (David Hewlett) and the advice of a paraplegic ex-302 fighter pilot, Cameron Mitchell (Ben Browder) in a hope to find a way back to her proper reality.

    • Episode 12

      Line in the Sand

      aired: Fri, Apr 20, 2007

      After several successful tests using Merlin’s device to take objects and areas out of phase, General Landry (Beau Bridges) sends SG-1 to use the device to protect a village from an aggressive Prior. Greeted by the village leader Thilana (Aisha Hinds) SG-1 sets up Merlin's device and uses it to successfully take the entire village out of phase. But when the displacement field collapses bring everything back into phase, the team must act fast to fix the device before the Prior and his army return. While Carter (Amanda Tapping) struggles to get the device operational in time Mitchell (Ben Browder), Teal'c (Christopher Judge) and Vala (Claudia Black) prepare the village to fight off an incoming Ori army. While a fire fight ensues Carter is blind sighted by an Ori soldier who blasts her and the device. Mitchell, killing the soldier, saves Carter who forces him to activate the device just in time to take themselves and the lab out of phase. As the rest of the village is rounded up and most of them executed by the Ori army their leader Tomin takes Vala back to the ship.

    • Episode 11

      The Quest, Part 2

      aired: Fri, Apr 13, 2007

      Proving worthy of the last obstacle (the dragon) SG-1 along with Adria (Morena Baccarin) and Ba’al (Cliff Simon) try once again to remove the Sangraal. Still unable to remove the jewel all but Adria are transported to a hidden cave where they find Merlin (Matthew Walker) encased in ice. Apparently a plan by Morgan Le Fay to destroy the Sangral but preserve the man who could construct another, hiding his whereabouts by using an obelisk and Stargate to relocate the cave at set time intervals. Reviving the old mage Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) explains the new struggle against the Ori and convinces him to again build a device to destroy them.

    • Episode 10

      The Quest, Part 1

      aired: Fri, Sep 22, 2006

      Having failed so far to find the Sangraal on any of the planets uncovered by Daniel's (Michael Shanks) research, Vala has a dream that provides SG-1 with the information they need to locate the planet. SG-1 arrives at a medieval village and is told by the local villagers that another group has already arrived and set off in search of the Sangraal, and based on the descriptions, it's obviously led by Ba’al (Cliff Simon). The townspeople warn SG-1 that no one has succeeded in the quest to find the Sangraal. Undaunted, SG-1 goes to the village library and meets Osric, the keeper of the archives. Osric shows them the parchment of virtues, left by Morgan Le Fay for all those who seek the Sangraal, but Osric refuses to share the map she also left behind. However, when the Ori army arrives to convert the village and burns the contents of the library, Osric seeks out SG-1 and offers to help them find the Sangraal, having memorized the contents of Morgan Le Fay's map. SG-1 then encounters a series of obstacles and traps left by Morgan Le Fay to weed out unworthy seekers of the Sangraal. SG-1 deciphers a way through a temporal distortion maze, and then discovers Ba'al, trapped in a force field and abandoned by his Jaffa servants. Ba'al claims to know the name of the protector of the Sangraal, so they allow him to join them on the quest. And he is not their only unwanted companion. Osric morphs into Adria (Morena Baccarin), and forces SG-1 to take her along on pain of death. The unlikely group heads into the caves to pass the final tests and confront the protector of the Sangraal, or die trying.

    • Episode 9

      Company of Thieves

      aired: Fri, Sep 15, 2006

      On a mission to investigate rumors of a second Ori supergate in the Milky Way Galaxy, the Odyssey, with Lt. Col. Carter (Amanda Tapping) aboard, is attacked by Anateo, a former captain of the Lucian Alliance. After receiving the Odyssey's mayday transmission, SG-1 sets out to find the Odyssey and save its crew. Vala (Claudia Black) and Daniel (Michael Shanks) track the Odyssey's subspace beacon to a chop shop on a nearby planet, but it turns out to be an ambush and Daniel and Vala are captured and brought aboard the Odyssey. Having run out of options, SG-1 decides to use the Reole Chemical - a drug that causes people to believe they are seeing someone else - to allow Lt. Col. Mitchell (Ben Browder) to infiltrate the Lucian Alliance posing as Kefflin, another captain in the Lucian Alliance and the old friend of the Alliance's leader, Netan. Mitchell discovers that Netan double crossed Anateo by sending him on a suicide mission to take the Odyssey in order to solve some of the Alliance's internal political struggles. But now that Anateo has succeeded in taking the Odyssey and half of SG-1, he intends to discredit Netan and take control of the Lucian Alliance himself. As Carter, Daniel and Vala hatch a plan to retake the Odyssey, Mitchell learns of the Odyssey's true location, but is identified by Tenat - a rogue agent aboard Netan's mothership. Now Mitchell must pull a double cross of his own, or else be discovered.

    • Episode 8

      Memento Mori

      aired: Fri, Sep 8, 2006

      Out for a celebratory dinner with Daniel (Michael Shanks), Vala (Claudia Black) is kidnapped by Trust agents working for Athena, a Goa'uld searching for the code to an Ancient treasure map. Athena hooks Vala up to a memory reading device so she can search her memory for the code, told to Vala when she was the host to a Goa’uld named Que'tesh. SG-1 discovers her whereabouts, but during the rescue attempt the device is hit by an energy blast and affects Vala's memory. Vala escapes but with complete amnesia. She soon finds herself penniless and unable to pay for lunch at a small diner. The diner's owner takes pity on her and offers her a job and a roof over her head. As SG-1 searches for her, she becomes accustomed to life as Val, a blue plate waitress. However, when Vala takes out two armed robbers liked a seasoned combat veteran, she is taken into police custody and a missing person's flier is circulated. And Trust posing as SG-1 retrieve Vala from police custody moments before the real SG-1 arrives. But Vala escapes again, and takes Mitchell (Ben Browder), who had been following her, hostage. While Mitchell tries to convince Vala of her true origins and that she is a member of SG-1, the rest of the team desperately tries to locate them before the Trust resurfaces.

    • Episode 7


      aired: Fri, Aug 25, 2006

      SG-1 is doing recon on a planet where Adria (Morena Baccarin) appears, now the fully-grown leader of the Ori Army. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to SG-1, the Jaffa have modified the Ancient device SG-1 used to destroy the replicators so that it now unmakes all living beings. The Odyssey beams SG-1 off the planet just before the Jaffa's new leader, Se'tak, deploys the Ancient weapon. Se'tak believes the weapon is the Jaffa's only means of battling the Ori, regardless of the casualties. SG-1 takes the opportunity to investigate the unmanned, unguarded Ori mothership left on the planet's surface. As a precaution, Teal'c and Mitchell plant C-4 explosives in the ship's power generation chamber, but are then taken prisoner by Jaffa forces led by Bo'rel, who arrives and claims the mothership in the name of the Jaffa. Meanwhile Landry (Beau Bridges) goes to Dakara to convince Se'tak to stop using the Ancient weapon. Back on the ship, Jaffa warriors capture Vala (Claudia Black) and Daniel (Michael Shanks) but Adria, who survived the Ancient weapon because of a powerful protective amulet she wears, intervenes. Adria intends to eradicate the weapon as she recognizes its power to prevent the Ori's conversion the entire galaxy. When she discovers the weapon is on Dakara, she flies the mothership there. Mitchell (Ben Browder) and Teal'c (Christopher Judge) realize their only chance at saving Dakara may be to destroy the Ori mothership, with SG-1 on board.

    • Episode 6

      Remember When (200)

      aired: Fri, Aug 18, 2006

      Martin Lloyd (Willie Garson), last seen in Wormhole X-treme, returns to the SGC looking for assistance from SG-1 with his feature film script. The team is reluctant, especially Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell (Ben Browder), who is excited about his next off-world mission, which marks his 200th trip through the event horizon. However, when technical glitches prevent the team from gating off-world, they are stuck in the boardroom under the orders of General Landry (Beau Bridges), because the Pentagon believes a successful science fiction film about intergalactic wormhole travel will serve as a good cover story to keep the Stargate Program a secret. The notes session, however, quickly devolves into the team members pitching their own versions of a successful sci-fi film - including tributes to The Wizard of Oz, Star Trek, a younger and edgier SG-1, and even a wedding that showcases the return of General Jack O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson).

    • Episode 5


      aired: Fri, Aug 11, 2006

      As the rest of SG-1 prepares to join Landry (Beau Bridges) and Mitchell (Ben Browder) on a retreat, Teal'c (Christopher Judge), who is assisting the SG-3 team, discovers that the inhabitants of a distant planet are being mutilated by a savage and elusive alien creature. While SG-1 fears the Ori's sinister work is at play, they soon discover the creatures are being created by a parasite not indigenous to the planet. Meanwhile Mitchell and Landry are the object of surveillance while staying at General O'Neill's cabin. As SG-1 receives word that the creatures are appearing on other planets are also, Mitchell discovers some hunters who have been the victim of a similar attack on Earth. Desperate to find the origin of the parasites, the team makes an alarming discovery: not all planets affected by the attacks were visited by the Ori, but they were all recently visited by SG-1. Horrified to discover that they could somehow be at fault, SG-1 must determine how to stop the creatures before they kill again.

    • Episode 4


      aired: Fri, Aug 4, 2006

      As SG-1 continues to piece together clues to the whereabouts of the elusive Ancient weapon that could defeat the Ori, an alien vessel streaks into Earth's atmosphere towards the SGC. When the vessel does not respond to hails, it is shot down and crash lands. To everyone's surprise, the pilot is none other than Ba'al (Cliff Simon). Ba'al informs SG-1 that his clones, which he had created to assist him, are now turning against him, and he is seeking SG-1's help in tracking them down and obliterating them. In exchange, he promises to assist SG-1 by giving them the key to finding the planet on which the Ancient weapon is located. Realizing that Ba'al's clones might turn over the location of the weapon to the Ori, the team sets to work capturing the clones and bringing them back to the SGC. Soon, there are nearly 20 Ba'al clones in isolation at the SGC, all claiming to be the real Ba'al. Before the team members are able to elicit any useful information from the clones, they escape - turning Stargate Command into a battlefield.

    • Episode 3

      The Pegasus Project

      aired: Fri, Jul 28, 2006

      The SG-1 team travels to Atlantis to attempt to establish a stable wormhole to the Ori supergate, which will prevent the Ori from sending more ships to Earth's galaxy. In order to do so, Carter (Amanda Tapping) and McKay (David Hewlett) must detonate precisely calibrated nuclear warheads to cause a wormhole to "jump" from a nearby spacegate to the supergate, without destroying their ship, the Odyssey, in the process.Meanwhile, Daniel (Michael Shanks) and Vala (Claudia Black) take advantage of their time at Atlantis to research the Atlantis database for clues to the location of Merlin's weapon. During their research, they are met by Morgan Le Fay, an ascended Ancient posing as the Lantian holographic interface, who gives them the names of two planets where the device might be located. But can she be trusted? Weir (Tori Higginson) detects a Wraith ship headed towards the Odyssey, and is unable to relay the message due to the interference of the nearby black hole. And the Odyssey detects an Ori ship headed toward the supergate. Will the team be able to complete their mission before they are attacked?

    • Episode 2


      aired: Fri, Jul 21, 2006

      After learning that the Ori have successfully infiltrated six more galaxies, SG-1 goes off-world to find an Ancient weapon that Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) believes is the key to defeating the Ori. SG-1 travels through the gate and discovers a village in which all the inhabitants died of a mysterious illness. However, before they can make any real progress in their search, SG-1 becomes infected by a virus that causes its victims to fall into a deep sleep from which they will never wake up. Risking the spread of the virus if they return to Earth, the isolated team searches for a cure, while Daniel investigates the local library looking for clues to finding the weapon they seek. Back on Earth, Vala (Claudia Black), on General Landry's (Beau Bridges) orders, undergoes a psychiatric evaluation to determine if she is fit to join Stargate Command.

    • Episode 1

      Flesh and Blood

      aired: Fri, Jul 14, 2006

      Following their defeat by the Ori motherships that came through the supergate, SG-1 struggles to overcome massive setbacks. Without the use of the now-damaged Odyssey's beaming technology, Mitchell (Ben Browder), must find a way to rescue Carter (Amanda Tapping), who is stranded in space and quickly running out of life support. Vala (Claudia Black), on board one of the Ori motherships, has given birth to the Orici - a genetically superior human with the knowledge of the Ori, who will lead the Ori armies into battle against all unbelievers. Vala names her daughter Adria, and watches in astonishment as she rapid-grows into a teenager within a few hours of her birth. Daniel (Michael Shanks), who had managed to ring onto Adria's mothership, reunites with Vala. Together they attempt to capture Adria, whom they believe to be their best chance against the Ori. Meanwhile SG-1 must find a way to rescue Teal'c (Christopher Judge), who is captured and being tortured by the Lucian Alliance. When the Ori motherships resurface near Chulak, SG-1 joins Bratac (Tony Amendola) in attempting to defend the Jaffa planet and also to rescue Daniel, whom they hope is still alive.

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    • Episode 20


      aired: Fri, Mar 10, 2006

      The threat of an imminent Ori invasion hangs heavily over the galaxy as SG-1 searches a planet where Merlin may have hidden a weapon capable of destroying Ascended beings. In a village with the auspicious name of Camelot, Meurik, the governor, and Antonius, a historian, explain that Arthur and his knights departed on a quest long ago and never returned. Although Merlin vanished then, too, his library remains - but the villagers believe that it's cursed, so no one dares to go inside. Antonius nervously helps SG-1 enter the forbidden building. Although the team is braced for booby traps, they find only piles of manuscripts and a secret passageway that conceals an Ancient control panel. Antonius isn't so lucky: A holographic Black Knight kills him after he hurries home. Apparently, the Black Knight is programmed to terrorize the village whenever anyone enters the library. Worse, before SG-1 can de-activate the murderous hologram, the Odyssey unexpectedly beams them away. They're needed elsewhere, because the Jaffa have discovered the Ori's supergate. A coalition of human, Jaffa, Asgard and Tok'ra warships are assembling there, ready for battle. Because Merlin's weapon could stop the Ori in a single stroke, however, SG-1 splits up. Daniel and Mitchell beam back to the library; the new Russian ship Korolev will pick them up later on its own trip to the supergate. Carter leaves with the Odyssey, and Teal'c seeks out the renegade Lucian Alliance to persuade them to join the fight. In Camelot, the Black Knight nearly kills Mitchell before Daniel manages to deactivate it. Afterward, Daniel pieces together clues that suggest the weapon looks like a red stone pendant, but it isn't in the library. Instead, according to Meurik, the missing stone was the object of Arthur's quest. Before Daniel and Mitchell can figure out how to track down Arthur, however, the Korolev beams them away. Meanwhile, the supergate opens and the massive Ori ships unleash their weapons. The holy war has begun.

    • Episode 19


      aired: Fri, Mar 3, 2006

      Mitchell, Carter, and Teal'c are startled when Vala's personality suddenly shows up at Stargate Command - in Daniel's body. She's using an Alteran communications device to contact them all the way from the Ori's home galaxy. Gen. Landry is not as impressed as Vala might have hoped. He and Daniel are due at a critical meeting with the Russian and Chinese representatives from the International Oversight Advisory Board. He'll have to handle the tricky negotiations alone, however, because Vala insists on telling her story before she'll give up Daniel's body. After being sucked through a black hole created by the Ori, she explains, she awoke in a village called Ver Isca, where an Ori worshipper named Tomin took her in. As she slowly got to know her honest, kind benefactor and the other devout villagers, she was content to keep a low profile. Some time later, she discovered she was pregnant. That was odd, because she hadn't slept with Tomin - or anyone else - since her arrival. Concerned that the villagers would burn her to death for having a baby (even a miraculous one) out of wedlock, she married Tomin, hoping to convince him that the child was his. Then the Priors conscripted her brand-new husband into a vast army to wage war against the unbelievers of the Milky Way. Genuinely upset to see the gentle Tomin turned into a crusader, Vala turned to the local anti-Ori resistance movement for help. Those rebels, wisely, didn't trust her at first, but their torturous test of her commitment was a little extreme, even for Vala. Still, she passed, so they revealed their plans for decimating the Ori army: an act of sabotage so massive that it would destroy all the Priors' newly-built warships and kill most of the army -- including Tomin.

    • Episode 18

      Arthur's Mantle

      aired: Fri, Feb 24, 2006

      After a long night of work on an Ancient device found in Glastonbury, England, Carter achieves a breakthrough. As Mitchell looks on, she activates the device - which unexpectedly shifts them both into a different dimension. Invisible and powerless, they can now only observe as their friends try to figure out where they've gone. A distress call from the Sodan warriors interrupts Teal'c and Daniel's search. Teal'c and SG-12 hurry to the Sodan homeworld, where a brutal massacre has taken place. The Sodan leader, Haikon, clings to life as he explains what happened. A Prior of the Ori turned one of the warriors, Volnek, into an irrational killer. Wearing a Sodan wrist device that makes him invisible, Volnek butchered his comrades and is still stalking the area. Because warriors wearing the wrist devices can see each other, Teal'c puts on a second device and sets out in pursuit. On Earth, Dr. Lee discovers lepton radiation near the Ancient device. Daniel, recalling that leptons were associated with his own disappearance into another dimension several years ago, delves into Ancient texts recovered in Glastonbury. There he finds a legend about Arthur's Mantle, a mythical cloak that made the famous king invisible. The cloak, Daniel concludes, was actually a medieval metaphor for the Ancient device, which allows transportation - and communication - between alternate dimensions.As Carter and Daniel begin a painstaking, trans-dimensional conversation, Mitchell tags along with a team of reinforcements to the Sodan world. There, Teal'c has just confronted Volnek in a desperate battle, but Volnek was eerily invincible to gunfire and forced Teal'c to retreat. Meanwhile, Dr. Lee activates the Ancient device - mistakenly sending Daniel to the alternate dimension, too. Frustrated, Daniel nonetheless seizes the chance to read pages of holographic text that the device only displays on this side. He learns that Merlin, an Ascended Ancient, built the dimensional transporter to keep a critical project secret even from his fellow Ancients. He was designing a weapon to defend his people from the Ori -- a weapon that can kill Ascended beings.

    • Episode 17

      The Scourge

      aired: Fri, Feb 17, 2006

      The Pentagon orders SG-1 to escort diplomat Richard Woolsey and three representatives from the International Oversight Advisory on a tour of the Gamma site. At that off-world base, the British, French and Chinese diplomats meet scientists who are studying alien bugs that might have been created by the Priors. Meanwhile, Daniel and Mitchell speculate that the real purpose of this tedious mission is to placate the Chinese, who are frustrated by American refusals to share stargate-related military technology. Suddenly, the voracious bugs escape containment and kill a scientist. As the critters take over the 'gate room and swarming the base, Col. Pearson, the base commander, sends the IOA representatives outside for their own safety. Guarded by SG-1 and two airmen, the group struggles through dense forest toward an uncrewed research station, where they can wait until Pearson and his team defeats the infestation. They don't get far before the bugs - which burrow underground and have highly sensitive hearing - burst from beneath the feet of an airman and devour him alive. The survivors race to a nearby cave, where the rock walls can protect them...for a while. During a long, tense night in the cave, Mitchell tries and fails to radio Pearson while Daniel, true to form, squeezes in some high-stakes diplomacy with the Chinese delegate. In the morning, the second airman dies horribly, the victim of a single insect that laid its eggs within him. Determined not to suffer the same fate, Mitchell and Teal'c risk returning to the base, hoping to find F-302s with which they can fly everyone to safety. As they approach, however, a massive explosion rocks the ground. The Gamma site's self-destruct has gone off, leaving nothing but a smoking ruin. With the F-302s destroyed in the explosion, Mitchell and Teal'c return to the cave. There, Carter explains that Gen. Landry, on Earth, will have to follow standard procedure to defeat the infestation by sending the Odyssey to the planet with a neurotoxin that kills bugs and humans alike.

    • Episode 16

      Off the Grid

      aired: Fri, Feb 10, 2006

      While investigating an addictive substance called kassa that's being sold around the galaxy, SG-1 visits P6G-452, an agrarian planet where poor farmers grow the corn-like crop. There, Mitchell arranges a meeting with Worrel, an unscrupulous kassa supplier for the shady Lucian Alliance. As Daniel, Carter, and Teal'c look on from hiding, Mitchell tries to pose as an interested buyer, but Worrel's not buying his story. Moments later, SG-1 is racing to the stargate, pursued by Worrel's gang of thugs. As they reach the 'gate, it suddenly vanishes, apparently beamed away. SG-1 would love to find out who stole their only escape route, but they can't, because Worrel wastes no time taking them prisoner. He's proud to have captured the famous SG-1. Unfortunately, he also believes they're responsible for the stargate's disappearance, so he sets out to torture them into returning it. When they point out the obvious fact that his theory makes no sense, he only becomes more brutal. Meanwhile, after discovering that P6G-452's stargate is inactive, Gen. Landry dispatches Earth's newest interstellar battleship, the Odyssey, to investigate SG-1's disappearance. Soon afterwards, he learns that at least four stargates have been stolen throughout the galaxy. Already suspecting the mastermind behind this audacious crime, Landry travels to Area 51 to question Nerus, the gluttonous Goa'uld prisoner who once worked for the system lord Ba'al. Just as Worrel orders his men to kill SG-1, the Odyssey beams the team to safety. Although they're exhausted, the ship's commander, Col. Emerson, briefs them on the urgent problem of the stargate thefts. Back on Earth, Nerus confirms Landry's theory that Ba'al is responsible for the crime, probably in an attempt to build himself a secret empire complete with his own private 'gate system. In exchange for this intelligence, Landry gives Nerus his freedom - after secretly tagging him with a tracking device.

    • Episode 15


      aired: Fri, Feb 3, 2006

      Jared Kane, whom Daniel Jackson met during a war between the Rand Protectorate and the Caledonian Federation on the planet Tegalus, arrives through the stargate with urgent news. Thanks to interference by a Prior of the Ori, Rand has managed to build a massive satellite weapon, and the country's leader, President Nadal, has given the Caledonians five days to surrender or die. Jared, desperate to stop his country from committing this genocide, has illegally snuck through the stargate for help, bringing along some early designs of the weapon. As Daniel asks the Rand government for permission to visit and explain the true nature of the Ori, Mitchell and Carter - less confident in the power of diplomacy - study the preliminary schematics that Kane has provided. Should Daniel's plan fail, they decide to fly to Tegalus on the Prometheus and destroy the weapon from orbit. Daniel and Kane depart for Rand, only to be imprisoned for treason the moment they arrive. As they struggle to make President Nadal and his military leader, Commander Pernaux, believe their innocent intentions, Prometheus arrives in orbit. The satellite weapon targets this intruder, so Prometheus's commander, Col. Pendergast, orders a first strike. The satellite's shields, however, harmlessly deflect Prometheus's attack. Worse, the weapon's answering blasts slice effortlessly through the Earth vessel's defenses. Prometheus is in serious trouble. On the planet below, President Nadal tells Daniel that he'll spare the foundering ship- and its crew -- if Daniel and Kane explain how Earth is collaborating with Rand's Caledonian enemies. Unable to confess to something that isn't true, Daniel watches helplessly as the satellite blasts the Prometheus into oblivion.

    • Episode 14


      aired: Fri, Jan 27, 2006

      Just before the Jaffa Nation holds its first elections, two of the national council's most devout supporters of democracy, Kal'el and Maz'rai, abruptly announce that they no longer condone the plan. Shocked and disappointed, Teal'c and Bra'tac conclude that treachery - not honest dissent - must be behind their comrades' strange behavior. Meanwhile, Mitchell visits his friend and fellow pilot, Maj. Bryce Ferguson, in a Colorado Springs hospital. Four years ago, Ferguson suffered a head wound while saving Mitchell's life. Because of that injury, Mitchell got Ferguson's slot in the Stargate program - while Ferguson still lacks the security clearance to know what a "stargate" is. Worse, now he's dying of an aneurysm caused by his wound. Mitchell, full of grief and guilt, has arranged for his friend to be treated by Dr. Kelly, a specialist affiliated with Stargate Command. Mitchell is confident that Kelly - with her access to top-secret alien technology - can find a cure. Mitchell doesn't leave Ferguson's side, even when Bra'tac arrives with the disturbing news that Teal'c has disappeared. Instead, Daniel and Carter start investigating. With Bra'tac's help, they realize that someone has been abducting Jaffa council members and brainwashing them with Goa'uld technology. This mysterious enemy is probably trying the same technique on Teal'c. Hoping to learn more, Daniel and Bra'tac convince Maz'rai to undergo the dangerous Rite of M'al Sharran, which will clear his mind of any Goa'uld manipulation -- if it doesn't kill him. Maz'rai dies during the Rite, but not before scrawling out a clue: "Kal'el." Bra'tac begins tailing that council member, assuming she will lead him to Teal'c, and Carter preps a rescue mission, to be launched the moment Bra'tac's plan succeeds.

    • Episode 13

      Ripple Effect

      aired: Fri, Jan 20, 2006

      SG-1 returns from a mission early, accompanied through the stargate by a weird sound and a flash of light. Then, during their debriefing with Gen. Landry, they reveal that they were exploring a different planet than the one they'd been assigned. Moments later, the stargate activates again - and a second SG-1 team steps through. Dr. Lam determines that, genetically, both of the Mitchells, Carters, Daniels, and Teal'cs are exactly who they claim to be. Because the second group arrived on time and from the correct planet, Gen. Landry guesses that they are the "real" SG-1. Carter then theorizes that the other team comes from an alternate - though very similar - universe. Under questioning from their counterparts, the duplicates explain that their Earth is about to be invaded by the armies of Origin. Unfortunately, because an astronomical fluke - the passage of the stargate's wormhole directly through a black hole - seems to have caused their arrival in this universe, sending them back to join the fight in their own universe won't be easy. B efore the two Carters can find a solution, the stargate activates again, and out steps a third SG-1 team. Within hours, more SG teams from more alternate universes arrive, until more than a dozen SG-1 units are roaming the base. One of the teams even contains alternate-universe versions of two old friends that Carter, Daniel, and Teal'c never expected to see again: Martouf and Dr. Fraiser. Because both died several years ago in this universe, their appearance is a bittersweet shock for everyone who knew them. The troop of Carters now working to solve this astrophysical conundrum soon brainstorms an extremely complex solution that involves - among other details - flying the Prometheus to the black hole and detonating an explosion inside the singularity to seal the multiversal rift that has developed. This will prevent more teams from coming through - but it will also strand the new arrivals permanently on this Earth. While Dr. Frasier, in particular, pleads with Landry to give them time to find a better solution, he reluctantly decides that his universe must come first. He orders his own SG-1 and the first duplicate team to take the Prometheus and carry out the mission.

    • Episode 12

      Collateral Damage

      aired: Fri, Jan 13, 2006

      SG-1 embarks on a diplomatic mission to the planet Galar, whose human inhabitants have discovered how to graft a memory from one person into the mind of another. What they haven't discovered is space travel, so they're eager to initiate trade talks with Earth. After an impressive demonstration of the memory-sharing technique, Col. Mitchell finds himself smitten with Dr. Reya Varrick, the brilliant and beautiful civilian scientist in charge of the project. Mitchell's somewhat unsubtle overtures win him a few knowing smirks from his teammates -- and an invitation from Dr. Varrick to visit her apartment. There, after a few drinks, the two consummate their own private Earth-Galar alliance. Hours afterward, Mitchell is awakened by Galaran security forces dragging him to his feet. Dr. Varrick lies dead nearby, and there's blood on his hands. Worse, he vividly remembers killing her. Even though he promptly confesses, neither Carter, Daniel, nor Teal'c believes that he committed the crime. Instead, Daniel voices what they're all thinking: The true killer has implanted the memory of the murder into Mitchell's mind. Before SG-1 can present this theory to the Galarans, the Galaran emissary himself announces that, for the sake of diplomatic relations, Mitchell may return to Earth without penalty. But Mitchell refuses to take the deal. He can't live without knowing whether he's really guilty of the bloody crime he remembers. Instead, he demands that the Galarans initiate a full criminal investigation, even though, if he's convicted, he'll be executed. As Daniel and Teal'c review the evidence, Carter and Mitchell meet with the memory project's scientists. The man now in charge, Dr. Marell, believes that Dr. Varrick was killed by the military because of her insistence that the project remain in civilian hands. Accordingly, he eagerly agrees to investigate Mitchell's memories. Unfortunately, his initial tests yield no evidence that Mitchell's recollection of the murder is false. Finally, by comparing Mitchell's memory of the crime to an earlier memory with a similarly painful emotional resonance -- Mitchell's unintentional bombing of a civilian convoy in the Middle East -- Dr. Marell turns up a faint inconsistency in the murder memory. It's a fake.

    • Episode 11

      The Fourth Horseman, Part 2

      aired: Fri, Jan 6, 2006

      The Ori's plague is spreading inexorably across Earth, threatening to become a global pandemic. Carter and Orlin search desperately for a cure, but Orlin has grown weak: His Ancient knowledge is too overwhelming for his human brain to handle. Meanwhile, on Dakara, Gerak's commitment to the Ori has led him to become a Prior. Flaunting his newfound mystical powers, the arrogant leader seems poised to convert the entire Jaffa nation to Origin. Teal'c and Bra'tac, however, can't bear to watch the Jaffa fall into servitude to these new false gods. Accordingly, they persuade their followers to assemble a fleet and rebel openly against Gerak's vastly superior forces. It's a terrible gamble, but Teal'c hopes that, faced with civil war, Gerak will ultimately betray the Ori rather than kill thousands of his Jaffa brothers and sisters. With billions of human and Jaffa lives thus endangered, Daniel and Mitchell are relieved to find a ray of hope on their mission to capture a Prior alive: The reclusive and powerful Sodan warriors - who recently converted to Origin - have already renounced their new religion. Having witnessed the Priors' murderous tactics for themselves, they now vow to help Daniel and Mitchell trap one of the deadly missionaries with Carter's untested weapon. The weapon actually works (eventually), leaving Mitchell and Daniel face-to-face with a very powerless, very angry Prior. They draw the blood sample that Orlin needs and send it back to Stargate Command. Next, they try to talk the Prior into switching sides, knowing that his help would be invaluable in curing the plague. Unsurprisingly, however, he is less than receptive to their arguments. But they're about to get assistance. On Earth, Orlin has grown too weak to help Carter and the medical team to incorporate the Prior's DNA into their antidote. Instead, he journeys to the Sodan world, where, calling upon the last of his Ancient wisdom -- and the last of his strength -- he confronts the Prior himself. Orlin's profound knowledge unnerves the Prior, who blurts out that the Ori plan to kill all the Ancients even if they must ravage the Milky Way to do it.

    • Episode 10

      The Fourth Horseman, Part 1

      aired: Fri, Sep 16, 2005

      SG-6 returns from P2X-885 with bad news: The planet, like so many others, has surrendered to the Ori and to their ambassadors, the Priors. Soon afterward, Teal'c learns that Gerak, leader of the Jaffa council, has also pledged his allegiance to these new false gods. Faced with these increasing threats, Carter becomes adamantly determined to design a weapon that can defeat the Priors' superhuman powers. Suddenly, a member of SG-6 collapses with a severe illness. Dr. Lam recognizes the symptoms: They match the plague that the Priors unleashed on P8X-412. What's worse, another member of SG-6 has already left the base, carrying the highly contagious disease outside. Mitchell sets out with a hazmat team to control the damage, but from the beginning it's a losing battle. Meanwhile, Teal'c and his old mentor, Bra'tac, head for their homeworld, Chulak. Though they don't want to start a civil war with their Jaffa brothers, they reluctantly gather supporters to resist the Jaffa nation's conversion to Origin. Even so, they still fail to appreciate how far Gerak will go to ensure the success of his new crusade. Back on Earth, the infection spreads quickly to neighboring states. Things look bleak. Then an unexpected old friend visits Carter - Orlin, the Ascended being who once fell in love with her. He has reincorporated with a fragile human form, sacrificing his immortality, to warn Earth that the Ori's promises of enlightenment are utterly false. In fact, the Ori demand belief only because they derive sustenance and power from the worship of the unsuspecting Priors and their other followers. Essentially, the Ori suck energy from their worshippers, and then abandon them to die. If the Ori convert Earth and the Milky Way, the energy of billions of new worshippers will make them stronger than ever. To find a cure for the plague, Orlin needs a blood sample from the Prior who originally gave the disease to SG-6 on P2X-885. Daniel and Mitchell must track down that Prior, then hope that Carter's untested weapon really can suppress a Prior's superhuman powers. If it doesn't, and they fail, Earth's entire population will die with them.

    • Episode 9


      aired: Fri, Sep 16, 2005

      A gravitational disturbance near P3X-584 catches Carter's attention, but when SG-1 'gates to the planet, they find something even more fascinating than a mere black hole. First, there's the elaborate security system on P3X-584's stargate, which re-routes incoming travelers to other planets until Carter cracks its access code. Second, there's the mysterious underground laboratory on the planet itself. The lab contains a Goa'uld DNA manipulation device, computer logs filled with Ancient text, and a man frozen in a stasis pod. SG-1 sends the man, Khalek, to Earth. He claims he was a prisoner of a Goa'uld, but, by translating the records in the lab, Daniel learns the truth. The Goa'uld was Anubis, and Khalek was not his prisoner - Khalek was his creation. Anubis engineered him with human and Goa'uld DNA, gave him the genetic memory of the Goa'uld, and artificially advanced his evolution. Although Anubis was defeated before he could finish this prototype, Khalek already has superhuman abilities. Worse, he has evolved almost enough to Ascend - to become an immortal energy being. Given his background, there's no doubt he'll use his immense powers for evil. Daniel surprises everyone by arguing that Khalek must be executed. Gen. Landry takes this warning seriously, although Daniel himself has second thoughts when he realizes that killing Khalek might actually enable his Ascension. In the end, the decision is out of their hands: Stargate Command's oversight committee dispatches Richard Woolsey, with orders to keep the prisoner alive for study. The dangers of this plan quickly become clear. As Carter and Dr. Lam conduct a brain-scan, Khalek unleashes his telekinetic powers and nearly escapes before Mitchell subdues him. Despite this close call, Woolsey still insists that the potential rewards of the study outweigh the risks. He orders unprecedented security measures and the project continues. Back at Anubis's lab, Carter, Daniel and Teal'c run a simulation using the DNA manipulation device. They discover that Khalek can't Ascend until he has another few treatments in the machine. Daniel's first instinct was correct: If Khalek can't ever be confined safely, he should be killed before he can return to P3X-584 and complete his evolution. When SG-1 reports back to Landry, Khalek overhears every word, even though he's several floors away. Once again, he lashes out with his mind, and this time, he escapes. The team's superhuman prisoner is now loose on the base.

    • Episode 8


      aired: Fri, Sep 9, 2005

      Throughout his life, Teal'c has heard rumors about the Warriors of Sodan: Jaffa who rebelled against the Goa'uld system lord Ishkur more than 5,000 years ago, then retreated to a hidden planet where they still live in freedom. Having located the planet, SG-1 is eager to meet these legendary warriors. But the team doesn't get a warm greeting - instead, they're ambushed. In the firefight, Mitchell is separated from the others. By the time Teal'c, Daniel and Carter reach his location, he has vanished, along with all of the Jaffa. Only one badly injured warrior remains behind. SG-1 sends the captured Jaffa back to Earth for medical treatment and begins a massive search for Mitchell. They find no sign of him, only an obelisk bearing Ancient writing and emitting an energy signature. Daniel and Carter think it can transport them to Mitchell - if they can make it work. They hope that the injured Jaffa on Earth can help them when he wakes up. Mitchell himself awakens in the hidden village of the Warriors of Sodan. His captors cure his injuries, only to inform him that because he has shed Sodan blood, he must suffer Kel Shak Lo, a ritual battle to the death against a Sodan Warrior. He'll almost certainly be killed. The Sodan value honor, however, so they feel obligated to teach Mitchell their fighting style before the duel. Jolan, a cold, unsympathetic man, becomes Mitchell's instructor. As days pass, Mitchell learns more than just Sodan battle tactics. His captors possess a few pieces of Ancient technology and prize their hard-won Ancient knowledge. They believe that, because they are so close to enlightenment, they shouldn't condescend to care about the rest of the galaxy. Nonetheless, Mitchell's skill and determination slowly earn Jolan's grudging respect. Then, to Mitchell's horror, a Prior of the Ori arrives and is welcomed as a returning friend. His promises of wisdom and power have appealed to the proud Warriors. Mitchell warns Jolan that the Ori are dangerous, but he's too late. The Warriors of Sodan officially become worshippers of the Ori. And Mitchell's battle is only a few days away. Back on Earth, Teal'c and Daniel have interrogated their Jaffa prisoner, but he refuses to help them find their friend. With Gen. Landry under budgetary pressure to end the expensive search, SG-1 is out of options. Unless Mitchell can win Jolan's trust, he'll be listed as MIA.

    • Episode 7

      Ex Deus Machina

      aired: Fri, Aug 26, 2005

      With Vala missing in action after the incident at Kallana, Mitchell unites SG-1 under his command at last -- and not a moment too soon. A Jaffa warrior belonging to the warlord Gerak turns up dead by the side of a rural Virginia road, and the team has to figure out why. Mitchell and Teal'c interrogate Gerak at the Jaffa capital on Dakara, but he evades their questions. Daniel and Carter, meanwhile, head to Virginia, where they slowly uncover an intricate conspiracy involving several corporations, especially defense contractor Farrow-Marshall Aeronautics. Most of the men involved have also been linked to the Trust, a secretive international organization that was recently infiltrated by the Goa'uld. SG-1 hoped they'd solved that particular problem, but Daniel and Carter now suspect that more Goa'uld might still be operating within Earth's highest circles of power. Back on Dakara, Ka'lel, another Jaffa leader, privately confides in Teal'c and Mitchell. Her shocking news confirms Daniel and Carter's theory: Ba'al, one of the most despotic of the Goa'uld system lords, is living incognito in the United States. Gerak has been sending Jaffa to Earth, hoping to capture Ba'al and thereby solidify his own grip on the hearts and minds of the Jaffa Council. After Gerak's Jaffa conduct an unsuccessful raid on Farrow-Marshall's headquarters, Ba'al himself steps openly into the game. He sends a videotaped message to Stargate Command, announcing that he wishes only to conduct his business on Earth in peace. Left alone, he promises to cause no trouble. But if anyone - human or Jaffa - tries to capture him again, he'll detonate a naquadah bomb somewhere in the United States. Letting a former system lord treat Earth as his personal playground is, of course, not an option. Mitchell and Teal'c struggle to restrain Gerak's Jaffa from making further attacks while Carter and Daniel track down Ba'al. They hope to kill him quickly and quietly, denying him time to detonate the bomb. Their plans are foiled, however, when Ba'al goes public at a TV news conference. Posing as a human businessman, he proudly announces his acquisition of Hammel Technologies, a major corporation. SG-1 must now find a way to capture the newly famous Ba'al, outwit Gerak's Jaffa warriors, and defuse a bomb hidden in a major U.S. city -- all without exposing the Stargate program.

    • Episode 6


      aired: Fri, Aug 19, 2005

      When Nerus, a minor Goa'uld, requests an alliance with Earth, Gen. Landry and SG-1 don't need Vala to warn them that Nerus can't be trusted. Vala warns them anyway, but Landry decides to risk inviting Nerus to Stargate Command. Nerus explains that a mysterious force field has appeared on the planet Kallana. The field surrounds Kallana's stargate and periodically increases in size. Worse, the stargate hasn't shut down for two days, which violates all known laws of physics. Worst of all, there's a Prior of the Ori on the scene. The team is forced to agree with Nerus's frightening conclusion: The Ori must be establishing a beachhead from which to launch their invasion of our galaxy. Landry orders Mitchell and his team to use any means necessary to stop the Ori. To that end, he sends along the military's latest superweapon, the Mark IX "Gatebuster" naquadria-enhanced nuclear warhead. He also sends the Mark IX's designer: Lt. Col. Samantha Carter. SG-1's pleasure at working together again is tarnished only slightly by Vala tagging along. Her life is still linked to Daniel's, but now, in the presence of the full SG-1 team, even she can tell that she's just a fifth wheel. SG-1 travels aboard the Prometheus to Kallana, where the force field has grown so large that it's visible from orbit. Mitchell, Daniel, Teal'c, and Vala manage to transport down to the planet's surface with the Mark IX. They try to negotiate with the Prior, but even the threat of imminent nuclear vaporization doesn't budge him. Suddenly, a bombardment of energy weapons rains down from above. Gerak, the leader of the free Jaffa, has learned of the Ori incursion and demands to take matters into his own hands. At the same time, the force field expands again. Out of options, Mitchell arms the bomb and transports his team back to Prometheus.Humans and Jaffa alike brace for impact as the Mark IX detonates below. As the shockwave dissipates, they are stunned to discover that the force field has only gotten bigger. Soon it will engulf the entire planet, and they have no idea what will happen next. Even after Carter uncovers the true enormity of the Ori scheme, SG-1 is at a loss to stop it. Unexpectedly, only Vala guesses what must be done. And, even more unexpectedly, she finds the courage to do it...

    • Episode 5

      The Powers That Be

      aired: Fri, Aug 12, 2005

      Because nothing but time will dissolve the link between them, Daniel and Vala are forced to remain together at Stargate Command. But when Vala learns that P8X-412 is one of 43 planets already visited by a Prior of the Ori, she persuades Mitchell to help the villagers of that primitive world resist this new danger. Mitchell, Daniel and Teal'c accompany Vala to the planet, where they discover the real reason for Vala's special interest: The villagers there worship her as the Goa'uld god Quetesh. Vala was once host to the real Quetesh, and after she was freed of the symbiote, she discovered that the people of this isolated planet hadn't heard that their god was dead. She continued posing as Quetesh, and the villagers showered her with the few riches they had. Now she's back to collect her loot. She also thinks she can simply order the villagers to reject the Prior. Daniel and the rest of the team doubt that. The Prior's powers are very real - on his previous visit, he apparently healed a villager, Vachna, of a terrible illness. Vala won't be able to compete with the Prior in a god-versus-god showdown; the villagers will inevitably lose faith in her and submit to the Ori. Daniel finally persuades Vala that their only hope is to tell the truth. If her people come to see Vala as a false god, maybe they'll be suspicious of the Ori, too. Unfortunately, the revelation of Vala's true identity doesn't go over so well. The outraged villagers toss her in prison and put her on trial for her life. As Daniel argues that Vala deserves mercy, the Prior of the Ori returns. He debates with Daniel, and it's obvious that some of the villagers are buying his claims. When Vachna falls ill again, however, Vala heals him using a Goa'uld hand device. This demonstration forces many villagers, including Vachna, to question the validity of the Prior's claims - until more people collapse with the illness. The disease spreads too fast for Vala to keep up. Worse, those she heals fall sick again afterwards. Soon, even Mitchell succumbs.

    • Episode 4

      The Ties That Bind

      aired: Fri, Aug 5, 2005

      Back at Stargate Command and freed from the bracelets that bound them together, Daniel and Vala bid each other a not-so-fond farewell and return to their respective lives. But they haven't been apart for more than an hour before Daniel collapses and Vala reappears through the 'gate, also dangerously weak. Although the bracelets are gone, their effect remains, perhaps because the Ancient communications device augmented their power. Whatever the reason, Daniel and Vala will die if they are separated. Until they can find a way to break the link, their lives are still bound together. When Vala admits that Arlos Kadavam, the scientist from whom she stole the bracelets, might know the answer, a highly motivated Daniel insists that they visit the man immediately. With Mitchell, he and Vala head through the stargate to Arlos's laboratory. After some negotiation - during which Daniel and Mitchell learn more about Arlos and Vala's love life than they ever wanted to know - Arlos agrees to help, on one condition: Vala must return the heirloom necklace she also stole from him. Unfortunately, Vala already sold that necklace to an unscrupulous Jaffa trader named Inago. And before Inago will sell it back, he wants the power coil he sold to her - but she's already disposed of that on yet another planet. Daniel and Mitchell are in for a very long day. They follow the trail of Vala's ill-gotten gains to a cargo ship that is now in the hands of the Lucian Alliance, a dangerous gang of smugglers and mercenaries. Bottom line: If Daniel and Vala want the link broken, they'll have to steal back the cargo ship. Gen. Landry, however, refuses to authorize this final step in their scavenger hunt. It's too risky, and besides, Stargate Command's budget is up for review in Washington, and he needs Daniel to testify at the hearing. Grudgingly, Daniel travels to Washington for the hearing, with Vala sworn to silence at his side. Even with his articulate contribution, however, Sen. Fisher, the appropriations committee chairman, remains determined to impose drastic budget cuts. When Vala chimes in with some helpful comments about the chairman's anatomical shortcomings, Stargate Command's budgetary fate is sealed, and Gen. Landry is suddenly more than willing to approve a potentially profitable mission against the Lucian Alliance. Daniel, Mitchell, Teal'c, and Vala will risk everything -- but at this point, no danger seems too great if it removes Vala from all their lives for good.

    • Episode 3


      aired: Fri, Jul 29, 2005

      Daniel and Vala have been saved from the fanatical Ori followers, but -- because their savior is an Ori priest and they're still trapped in "borrowed" bodies in a distant galaxy -- they're not exactly home-free. Instead, the priest transports them to the Ori's holy realm of Celestis, where Daniel begins to uncover the secrets of the mysterious gods. What he learns is not reassuring. The Ori seem to be Ascended beings who believe that they deserve unquestioning worship and devotion from all humans. They also consider the more benevolent teachings of their Ascended rivals, the Ancients, to be evil. For millennia, the Ancients have protected the humans of the Milky Way from domination by the Ori, but Daniel's activation of the communications device has alerted the Ori to the vast numbers of unbelievers in Earth's home galaxy. As a result, the Ori have begun to send out missionaries, called Priors. Armed with the power of their Ascended masters and convinced that heathen lives are worthless, the Priors' goal is to convert the entire galaxy to the worship of the Ori - by any means necessary. As Daniel realizes that Earth is about to find itself on the wrong end of an intergalactic crusade, word reaches Stargate Command that a mysterious evangelist has arrived on a planet formerly occupied by the Goa'uld. Hoping to prevent the recently enslaved humans there from falling prey to what sounds suspiciously like another false god, Mitchell sets off to investigate. Teal'c stays at SGC, where he and Landry are deep in treaty negotiations with Gerak, the power-hungry new Jaffa leader. Mitchell soon returns with an Ori Prior, who zealously preaches about the wondrous powers of the Ori to anyone who wants to listen -- and to anyone who doesn't, for that matter. Meanwhile, after Daniel refuses to worship the Ori, he and Vala are returned to the village, where they are to be the bait in a deadly trap to catch other heretics. After that, they are to be burned to death -- with no interruptions this time. When their bodies, still at Stargate Command, go into cardiac arrest, it's up to Mitchell and Teal'c to find a way to bring them home.

    • Episode 2

      Avalon, Part 2

      aired: Fri, Jul 22, 2005

      Trapped along with Teal'c and Vala far beneath England's Glastonbury Tor, Daniel and Mitchell have only seconds to outwit the Ancient snares in which they're caught. Once they succeed, they have to handle only one or two more small details -- such as a near-impossible swordfight with an inhuman knight -- before they win access to the cave's vast treasure. Amid the standard-issue gold and jewels, Daniel uncovers a horde of books apparently written by the Ancients. They tell a fantastic tale: The highly advanced Ancients may have once called themselves the Altera, and may have evolved in a far distant galaxy. The crew excavating the treasure also finds a piece of Ancient equipment, which Daniel believes is a communications device. Always eager to uncover more secrets of the Ancients, and excited by the possibility of visiting galaxies beyond the reach of the stargates, Daniel persuades Mitchell and Gen. Landry to let him test the machine. Within seconds, he and Vala - whose lives are still bound to one another by the Jaffa bracelets - drop to the ground, unconscious. Already developing a keen sense of how things work at Stargate Command, Mitchell deduces that this is a bad sign and puts the two under medical supervision. Similarly worried, Teal'c skips a critical meeting of the new Jaffa council to stay by his friend Daniel's side. Meanwhile, Daniel and Vala find themselves inhabiting the bodies of two married villagers on a distant planet. Being married to Vala - in even the remotest possible sense - gives Daniel the creeps, even before he learns that the villagers are devout worshippers of all-powerful and unforgiving beings called the Ori. What's worse, the two people whose bodies Daniel and Vala are inhabiting are suspected of heresy against these mysterious gods. Before long, Vala ends up chained to a sacrificial altar, about to be burned to death by the village's Administrator and his fanatical followers. Restrained by the vehement villagers, there's nothing Daniel can do but watch in horror as the flames are lit. Back on Earth, Mitchell and the others are watching, too, as Vala slips toward death. Because of the bracelets, if she dies, so will Daniel. Apparently, only divine intervention can save the pair now...

    • Episode 1

      Avalon, Part 1

      aired: Fri, Jul 15, 2005

      With the departure of Gen. Jack O'Neill, Stargate Command enters a new era. That said, Stargate Command's new commanding officer, Gen. Hank Landry, and SG-1's new leader, Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell, barely have time to settle in -- let alone inaugurate a new era -- before the sudden return of the beautiful thief Vala. Motivated by her insatiable appetite for ill-gotten gain, Vala has come bearing a stolen tablet that only Dr. Daniel Jackson can decipher. She is convinced that the tablet holds the secret to an incredible buried treasure, while Daniel is convinced that some way, somehow, she's going to make his life miserable. At Mitchell's request, however, he consents to a meeting with her. Unfortunately, the tablet isn't the only artifact Vala has stolen. She has also brought along some insurance -- two ancient Jaffa bracelets that Teal'c explains were once used to bind prisoners to their guards and thus prevent escape. Before Daniel has a chance to argue, Vala clamps one of the bracelets onto his wrist and the other onto her own. After Dr. Lee tries and fails to remove the shackles, a resigned Daniel complies with Vala's demand and cracks the tablet's code. His translation leads the pair, along with Mitchell and Teal'c, into a deep and ancient cavern under Glastonbury Tor in England. With the treasure just out of reach, they find themselves trapped. Unless they can solve a series of complicated riddles, they will never find the treasure -- and, worse, they'll never get out alive.

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    • Episode 22

      Lost City, Part 2

      aired: Fri, Mar 19, 2004

      A lot is riding on Col. O'Neill's "fron" - the Ancient word for head: Having had the repository of Ancient knowledge downloaded into his mind, he now, hopefully, will soon know the secret location of The Lost City of the Ancients, where the power to defeat Anubis is thought to lie. And with Anubis and his super-drone army rapidly approaching Earth, SG-1 can only pray that O'Neill will "go Ancient" soon - even though everyone sadly knows that when that happens, O'Neill's physical composition won't be able to stand the transition for long, and he will die. The process seems to have already begun: Dr. Daniel Jackson notices O'Neill has written some Ancient words into a crossword puzzle he was trying to finish while he can still read English. Daniel discerns that they are not words but syllables of two words - Praclarush Taonas, the planet where the Lost City lies. But Daniel also figures out that each syllable also is a clue to the planet's stargate address - one they tried dialing two years ago without success. That means the stargate is buried. Maj. Carter can use the address to chart the planet's position in space, but they'll have to travel there by ship. Dr. Elizabeth Weir - the newly installed head of Stargate Command - reminds them that the starship Prometheus can't be taken now, as it is Earth's last line of defense against Anubis. Teal'c and Bra'tac, however, have procured an unarmed interstellar cargo ship on Chulak. The ship was stolen from Anubis by a free Jaffa named Ronan, who joins them in their mission. They and SG-1 travel to Praclarush Taonas with a load of equipment that O'Neill has packed without knowing why. O'Neill also senses they're not traveling fast enough, and he modifies the engines in a way that even Carter can't fathom. She tells O'Neill she has authorization to take control of the team if she determines his brain has become too overwritten with Ancient consciousness. He tells her to take command now. Anubis begins the attack on Earth. An American aircraft carrier and a battle cruiser are destroyed by one of his ships. Communications across the planet are knocked out. Vice-President Kinsey runs to Stargate Command to 'gate to the Alpha Site. At the White House, President Hayes - who has been meeting with top officials, including Gen. Hammond, and has spoken with a projection of Anubis himself - tells his team to stand and fight. He orders the Prometheus to launch.

    • Episode 21

      Lost City, Part 1

      aired: Fri, Mar 12, 2004

      Dr. Daniel Jackson makes an amazing discovery while translating the Ancient writing on the colonnade that SG-2 discovered on planet P3X-439. The writing talks about a library of knowledge and Daniel suspects it contains a repository - the same type of device that once downloaded the Ancients' knowledge into Col. O'Neill's brain and would have cost O'Neill his life had not the Asgard intervened and removed the alien data from his mind. However, SG-2 spots a Goa'uld reconnaissance drone while on the planet, which means that system lord Anubis is also aware of the repository's existence. SG-1 must get to it first, so that they can, once and for all, learn the location of the Lost City of the Ancients and use that race's advanced technology to save the galaxy from Goa'uld oppression. Should this knowledge fall into Anubis' hands, nothing will be able to stop him. This time, SG-1's plan is to remove the repository rather than downloading it into a human, and then to bring it back to Earth and find a safe way to retrieve the data. The Asgard and other alien allies are not responding, so Stargate Command is on its own. SG-1, SG-2 and SG-3 are dispatched to P3X-439, where Daniel and Maj. Carter try to remove the repository from the monument - with no luck. Suddenly, a full-scale Goa'uld attack rocks the monument, as Alkesh fighters carpet-bomb the area. There is no choice: Someone must download the Ancient knowledge into his or her brain. O'Neill assesses that Carter is too valuable, and that Daniel will be needed to translate the Ancient language that whoever goes through with this will be speaking when their consciousness is taken over and replaced by that of the Ancients - resulting in neural overload and death. So he does it again: O'Neill steps up to the repository, where the face-hugging arms come out, grab O'Neill's head and pump Ancient knowledge directly into his brain. The teams return to Stargate Command, where they must face the inevitable: O'Neill's human consciousness will soon be obliterated and he will begin speaking in Ancient. Not long after that, his human physiology will no longer be able to handle the strain and he will die.

    • Episode 20


      aired: Fri, Mar 5, 2004

      As the newly elected President Hayes steps into the Oval Office, he finds Gen. Francis Maynard, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, waiting for him. Maynard is there to brief Hayes about the Stargate Program, of which Hayes has been unaware until this very moment. Hayes storms into now Vice-President Kinsey's office, angry that Kinsey knew about Stargate Command and never told him. Kinsey claims that he was under a special executive gag order - and that he and Hayes now are finally in the position to clean house at Stargate Command by replacing Gen. George Hammond and SG-1. However, President Hayes says he's going to need convincing. He learns that Kinsey, while head of the Senate Appropriations Committee, tried to shut down the Stargate Program. Gen. Maynard explains that Kinsey later almost convinced the other nations of the world, during an international full-disclosure meeting at the Pentagon to give him control of Stargate Command. The president meets with Kinsey, Gen. Maynard and Kinsey's investigator, attorney Richard Woolsey, who has been brought him in to argue the case that Hammond and SG-1 need to be replaced. Woolsey cites SG-1's insubordination when they ignored orders to suspend all offworld travel pending a review of the Stargate Program. Two years later, the team refused Hammond's own order for SG-1 to stay put. Gen. Maynard counters that, in the latter case, SG-1 averted an alien invasion by sabotaging a mothership that the Goa'uld eventually would have used against Earth. He also reminds Woolsey that SG-1 was under the influence of an alien device at the time. Which brings Woolsey to the number of times SG-1 has fallen under alien control. He cites Maj. Carter's implantation with a Goa'uld symbiote and becoming host to an alien virus. There was also Dr. Daniel Jackson's death and Ascension into a higher life-form; and the fact that Teal'c - an alien and one-time Goa'uld soldier - now possesses full security clearance at America's most classified facility.

    • Episode 19


      aired: Fri, Feb 27, 2004

      Agent Malcolm Barrett of the National Intelligence Division (NID) has called SG-1 (minus Col. O'Neill, who is still recovering from the recent firefight on P3X-666) to Los Angeles, where a massacre has taken place. The locale, a seemingly abandoned warehouse, is actually the site of a rogue NID sleeper cell. The body count is 32 personnel, ranging from scientists to cleaning staff. Barrett has the killer - a fragile-looking young woman named Anna - in custody in a Plexiglas cell. There is also one survivor, a German scientist named Dr. Keffler. Barrett shows SG-1 a security tape of the massacre, depicting Anna in deadly action. When eventually found, she was cowering in a corner. Barrett placed her in the cell - where she said "they" had kept her. He then takes the team to a room of Egyptian Goa'uld artifacts - none of which Dr. Daniel Jackson has seen before. Teal'c recognizes the markings on a scepter, which indicate it belonged to a powerful Goa'uld named Sekhmet, once loyal to Ra, the very first Goa'uld system lord humans had encountered (in the movie Stargate). Barrett presumes the artifacts to have been originally uncovered by Germany, because the files he has on Keffler say that he is the son of a convicted Nazi war criminal. While Teal'c and Daniel explore the artifacts, Maj. Carter and Barrett interrogate Keffler. The smarmy scientist is not forthcoming, and all Barrett found on him were some nitroglycerin pills for his heart condition and a remote for his car alarm. Barrett next takes Carter to a lab, where he shows her three jars. Each contains a semi-human, mutated embryo. Carter takes a crack at the lab's encrypted computer files to try to learn what this experiment was about. Meanwhile, Daniel and Teal'c find an ark with four knobs that can be turned as though they're some sort of combination lock.

    • Episode 18

      Heroes, Part 2

      aired: Fri, Feb 20, 2004

      Documentary filmmaker Emmett Bregman and his crew, Tech Sgt. Dale James and Airman First Class Shep Wickenhouse, are bumped from their scheduled time to tape shots of the stargate because Bregman is not allowed to record "ongoing activity." And a lot of activity is going on: SG-1 has just gone through the stargate to planet P3X-666, along with Marine Combat unit SG-5, Dr. Janet Fraiser and two medical technicians. At an editing console with his crew, Bregman reviews all the interview footage he's gotten so far. Col. O'Neill and Gen. Hammond are still unwilling to be part of, as Hammond put it, Bregman's "little reality show." Because of all the restrictions placed on him, all Bregman has is a bunch of talking-head interviews. "Where's the equivalent shot of [Apollo 14 commander Alan] Shepard playing golf on the moon?" he asks rhetorically. "This is unbelievably boring." But what's happening on the other planet is far from boring: The SG teams and Fraiser have 'gated into an ambush. Col. Dixon of SG-13 had reported that only six Jaffa had invaded the site, but now they are facing an army of them, with Alkesh gliders dropping plasma bombs left and right. A retreat is in order but Dr. Fraiser needs more time to stabilize a patient before he can be moved. O'Neill, trying to buy her that time, goes to take out an approaching Jaffa - and he takes a blast square in the chest. O'Neill is down - smoldering and unmoving. Back at Stargate Command, Bregman is interviewing a technician about the equipment when an incoming-wormhole alert sounds. Hammond orders Bregman away, but the filmmaker takes the camera in his own hands and keeps shooting as a covered gurney is wheeled by. Then he sees Carter coming down the hallway, where the crew is authorized to shoot. She's crying and shouts, "Shut that damn thing off!" When Sgt. James complies, Bregman turns livid: "You turn that camera off when I tell you to turn it off!" he orders, then continues, "You force the press into the cold and all you'll get is lies and innuendo, and nothing is worse for a free society than a press that is in service to the military and the politicians. Nothing!"

    • Episode 17

      Heroes, Part 1

      aired: Fri, Feb 13, 2004

      On the occasion of the 1000th trip through the stargate, and in preparation of the Stargate Program someday going public, the president authorizes documentary filmmaker Emmett Bregman to chronicle a day's events at Stargate Command. Gen. Hammond is less than enthusiastic but has agreed to follow the president's orders to the letter - which means cooperating only as much as he has to. Bregman's camera crew consists of two handpicked Air Force personnel, Tech Sgt. Dale James and Airman First Class Shep Wickenhouse - a concession in light of what happened during the "Prometheus" incident, the last time a film crew was allowed on the site. Accompanying them is Col. Tom Rundell, the Cheyenne Mountain Complex public-affairs liaison. Emmett tries to get Dr. Daniel Jackson to talk about what it felt like to Ascend, but Daniel doesn't remember. A remarkably hostile Col. O'Neill tells Emmett to send him a memo. From Teal'c he learns ... nothing. But Dr. Lee and Sgt. Siler do offer Bregman a James Bond-style "Q moment" with a prototype protective vest, and Maj. Carter bubbles over with technobabble about how the stargates' DHDs might be a purer source of power than anything else currently used on Earth. Emmett is more interested in getting a shot of the stargate spinning, but he and his crew are prohibited from getting involved in any ongoing activity. Consequently, when an offworld-activation alert sounds, the 'gate room is off-limits to him. Later, Bregman does get some material from the visiting Sen. Kinsey - who's now a presidential candidate's running mate - but the only person he's really able to get close to is Dr. Fraiser, with whom he seems a bit smitten. Meanwhile, on planet P3X-666, the SG-13 survey team led by Col. Dave Dixon discovers the remains of a city built by the Ancients - a momentous find. Balinsky, the team archeologist, proudly says, "Dr. Jackson is gonna die when he sees this!" Answers Dixon, "What, again?" A few minutes later, an airborne robotic probe appears and fires upon them. The survey team manages to destroy it and sends back the remains for analysis. Gen. Hammond sends SG-3 to the planet as backup.

    • Episode 16

      Death Knell

      aired: Fri, Feb 6, 2004

      At the new Alpha Site - the safe-haven planet to which Earth's population can evacuate and where the Tok'ra and Jaffa resistance fighters are based - Jacob/Selmak and his daughter, Maj. Carter, discuss modifications to a prototype weapon. It was developed by reverse-engineering the technology of the re-animation device developed by the Goa'uld system lord Telchak. Right now the weapon is only 70 percent effective against Anubis' super-drone army. Carter is calibrating a new, more effective power pack for it when, incredibly, a fleet of Goa'uld ships approaches the planet. The location was highly classified, yet somehow the Goa'uld still found it. Base commander Col. Riley orders an immediate evacuation to the Beta Site and the self-destruction of the Alpha Site base. After the evacuation, 90 people are unaccounted for, including Jacob/Selmak, Carter and Riley. Col. O'Neill, Teal'c, Dr. Daniel Jackson and SG-3 search for survivors at the Alpha Site. They find Jacob/Selmak, who gives O'Neill the semi-effective prototype weapon, which has only a few more shots left. Carter has the upgraded and fully charged power pack, but Jacob doesn't know where she is or even if she's still alive. Twelve more survivors are found and brought back to Stargate Command, where Gen. Hammond questions the second-in-command, Maj. Green. Jacob/Selmak tells Daniel how he and Carter had scrambled to download the weapon design into the Matrix Crystal when a drone broke into the lab. Jacob fired the weapon, but in its present configuration it only stunned the drone. He and Carter retreated with the rest of the survivors, but the drone followed only the two of them. Jacob/Selmak surmises that the purpose of the attack was to eliminate the weapon, its plans and its creators. He thinks that because Carter has the weapon design, the drone is still after her. Indeed it is. Back at the Alpha Site, Carter, badly bruised and exhausted, has been evading the deadly super-predator all this time. O'Neill and Teal'c are now following her trail and Gen. Hammond has sent an armed UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) reconnaissance mini-plane to search for more survivors and attack the super-soldier if necessary.

    • Episode 15


      aired: Fri, Jan 30, 2004

      Maj. Carter has been set up with her brother Mark's friend Pete Shanahan, a cop from Denver who thinks Carter works for the Air Force in a simple research capacity. Their relationship has really started to heat up, judging from their romantic role-playing at a coffee bar this morning and the eye-opening sun dress she has on. Meanwhile, Dr. Daniel Jackson has been visited in his dreams by his former lover, Sarah Gardner, who was possessed by the Goa'uld system lord Osiris. As Pete, with cop instincts, questions Carter to learn what she really does, Osiris uses a Goa'uld mind-link to probe Daniel's subconscious while he sleeps. Daniel dreams about deciphering the tablet that is supposed to lead to the lost city of the Ancients, where the most powerful weaponry in the universe might lie. In these extremely vivid dreams, Osiris, as Sarah, coaxes and inspires Daniel in his office back at the University of Chicago's archaeology department, where they met - she as a Cambridge-educated research assistant, he as a professor. Pete and Carter's relationship reaches a new level, and they sleep together. Pete tells her about his divorce and his love of the classic police sitcom Barney Miller. Carter, however, can't reciprocate: She can't expose Pete to the top-secret truth about what she does - or to the danger of it that she alludes to. Pete takes it as a rejection and calls an FBI buddy, Farrity, to do a background check on her. Pete's pal tells him that the background check turned out so squeaky clean that it can mean only one thing - Samantha is into something top-secret and he shouldn't ask too many questions. Daniel, increasingly troubled and exhausted by his dreams, finally confides in Teal'c and Carter, and the three try to understand why Sarah - whom, in reality, Daniel pushed away with his long hours working - is now in his dreams, sharing his obsession to find the Lost City. Teal'c has the answer: The Goa'uld possess the technology to probe one's memories.

    • Episode 14


      aired: Fri, Jan 23, 2004

      Stargate Command gets a surprise visit from Jonas Quinn, a Kelownan scientist and former SG-1 member from the planet once designated P9Y-4C3 and now dubbed Langara. But the circumstances of this reunion are not at all happy. Jonas tells SG-1 and Gen. Hammond that he and other scientists from Kelowna - one of three nations on his world - have been analyzing data left behind by Thanos, the Goa'uld marauder who occupied their planet 3,000 years ago. They've discovered that the fuel-source ore Naquadria, long thought to be native and unique to Langara, is not a natural element. That's not earthshaking news, but what follows is, literally: Thanos initiated a process that synthesized Naquadria from the less powerful but more stable element Naquadah while the ore was still in the ground. This started a chain reaction that even now continues to convert the planet's Naquadah deposits into Naquadria. The conversion process now reaches so deeply into the planet that one particular, immense Naquadria deposit is priming to explode with enough force to obliterate Kelowna and throw the world into nuclear winter. Maj. Carter goes to Kelowna with Jonas to help learn how the conversion process works so that they can find a way to stop it. There she meets Jonas' attractive assistant, Kianna Cyr. Back at Stargate Command, the three representatives of the joint ruling council of Langara arrive through the stargate: Eremal, the representative from Tirania; Tarthus, the representative from the Andari Federation; and former ambassador, now first minister, Dreylock of Kelowna. They meet with Hammond, Col. O'Neill, Dr. Daniel Jackson and Teal'c to discuss the partial relocation of their people to a world called Madronus, which is willing to accept many thousands of refugees. Carter and Jonas return to SGC with alarming news. The original deposit of Naquadria was created by a freak explosion in the Goa'uld lab where Thanos created the first sample thousands of years ago. This explosion created the first vein, which would simply have reverted back to Naquadah in another 10,000 years had the Kelownans not mined it. Unfortunately, the Kelownans inadvertently accelerated and intensified the conversion process two years ago, when they tested the Naquadria bomb. In essence, the Kelownans are responsible for the possible destruction of their planet.

    • Episode 13


      aired: Fri, Jan 16, 2004

      Maj. Carter is aboard the recently repaired Prometheus, helping Col. Ronson get the starship home via short sub-light bursts - jumping out of hyperspace every 50 light-years so that the sub-light engines can cool down. At the current stop, Carter notices a gaseous anomaly; she requests Ronson investigate it. Just then a hostile alien ship appears. Outgunned, Carter suggests they use a short sub-light burst to make a hyperspace jump into the cloud for cover. As she reroutes the systems, the ship suffers a massive hit, knocking Carter unconscious. When she awakens, she is the only crew-member left aboard; the escape pods have been jettisoned. The hyper-drive is intact but the sub-light engines are offline. What's more, the hull will breach in about eight hours. As Carter uses every stopgap measure she can to save the ship, she has trouble staying awake. Teal'c then appears and tells her she must stay awake to stay alive. She also gets visits from Dr. Daniel Jackson, her father Jacob/Selmak, Col. O'Neill and a little girl named Grace - all of whom Carter surmises are part of her subconscious mind and all of whom have something important to tell her. Daniel suggests that Carter use this opportunity to investigate the cloud. Teal'c warns her that she might not be on Prometheus at all, but being held prisoner, along with the other crew-members, aboard the alien ship, and that her mind is being probed. While she's searching for a way to get the sub-light engines online, the aliens could be learning from her how the ship's technology works. Jacob tells her to stop following every scientific lead and follow her heart, find someone to love and not deny herself a chance to be happy. Daniel comes up with a theory that the cloud is a sentient being and if she talks to it, maybe it'll let the ship go. But how can she do that? Daniel then suggests that the little girl Carter keeps seeing might be the personification of the cloud. O'Neill finally appears and encourages Carter not to give up and suggests that there might be a chance for them to be together. They even share a subconscious kiss.

    • Episode 12

      Evolution, Part 2

      aired: Mon, Dec 15, 2003

      Dr. Daniel Jackson and his colleague Dr. Lee are tortured by the Honduran revolutionary Rafael, who wants to know about the artifact they've found in one of the secret temples of the Goa'uld system lord Telchak. The artifact is actually the original device used by Telchak to create the first healing sarcophagus, and it could be the key to discovering how to reverse the life-giving effects of this technology - which system lord Anubis is using to create a race of indestructible supersoldiers. Back at Stargate Command, Gen. Hammond tells Col. O'Neill that Daniel and Lee are being held for ransom and will be killed in 72 hours if the United States doesn't pay. Unable to intervene directly because of strained relations with Honduras, the president has unofficially authorized the CIA to gather intel on the two scientists' whereabouts. Time is of the essence: Rafael is growing tired of Daniel's refusal to talk about the artifact and has resorted to electric-shock torture. The CIA eventually surmises a location, and an agent named Burke requests that Col. O'Neill aid in the extraction. O'Neill is raring to go, even though he and Burke have a shaky history: Burke still blames O'Neill for not coming to his defense on a friendly fire charge resulting in Burke being sent to permanent assignment in Honduras. Hammond, Teal'c, Maj. Carter and her father Jacob (and his Tok'ra symbiote, Selmak) hatch a plan to infiltrate Anubis' base on Tartarus, where the new supersoldiers are being developed. The stargate on Tartarus is inside Anubis' base and has a powerful force field protecting it. In order to shut down the sensor array, Selmak volunteers to wear the captured supersoldier suit, which is capable of penetrating the force field. Once the array has been deactivated, a Tok'ra scout ship will deliver the truncated SG-1. Radioactive isotopes taken internally will permit the team to move around freely without being detected by the base's internal sensors.

    • Episode 11

      Evolution, Part 1

      aired: Fri, Aug 22, 2003

      On the rendezvous planet where the Goa'uld system lords Tilgath and Ramius were to forge an alliance, Teal'c and his mentor Bra'tac find the two armies slaughtered and Ramius gone. Ramius' First Prime is still barely alive and warns them to leave immediately. But it's too late - out of the distance, a tall, lone warrior in black body-armor comes forth shooting power blasts of tremendous magnitude from his wrist weapons. After a desperate firefight, the warrior finally falls. The body is brought back to Stargate Command, where Maj. Carter and her father Jacob/Selmak remove its armor and discover a huge but poorly detailed synthetic Goa'uld host with no evidence of trauma from energy blasts. The armor appears to be made of an energy-absorbing material. Teal'c and Bra'tac did not kill the warrior: It died of a heart attack, having been engineered for strength and not longevity. Selmak the Tok'ra half of Jacob Carter's symbiotic being surmises that this was intended to be a synthetic Goa'uld foot soldier. Also, the being was only about three weeks old and was given life after it was fully grown. Its energy signature is similar to that of Goa'uld sarcophagi, which can heal and even restore life but are not able to bring life to things that were never alive in the first place. Selmak explains that thousands of years ago, a Goa'uld system lord named Telchak found a device created by the Ancients from which he was able to create the first sarcophagus. Telchak and fellow system lord Anubis went to war over the device, but Anubis never found it. The Tok'ra have long sought this original device in the hope of using it to perfect the sarcophagus technology. Now it might be the key to fighting this kind of warrior, by discovering how to reverse the device's life-giving energy. Its healing power is also of great value. But where to find it? Dr. Daniel Jackson recalls that his grandfather, Nicholas Ballard, in his search for the fountain of youth, claimed he had found evidence indicating that the source of the fountain's power was a piece of alien technology used by early Mayan tribes around 900 BC. Ballard traced its origin to Chac, the Mayan God of rain, who might have been Telchak. Much of Ballard's notes are indecipherable because, as Selmak sees instantly, they are written in an obscure Goa'uld dialect.

    • Episode 10


      aired: Fri, Aug 15, 2003

      While on a mission to P3X-955, SG-1 is attacked by Jaffa forces loyal to the Goa'uld system lord Moloc. Suddenly, six Jaffa warrior-women storm in and take out the attackers. Mala, leader of the armed Amazon party, has been seeking SG-1, and she has the team 'gate with them to an outpost called Ha'ktyl - the Jaffa word for liberation, which they also use to describe themselves. There SG-1 meets Ishta, Moloc's beautiful high priestess. She and her fellow warrior-women have been secretly rescuing newborn female Jaffa, who are condemned to death by Moloc, and bringing them to this haven. Ishta and her seconds, Mala and Neith, tell how they use their offworld privileges to 'gate to other planets, ambush Jaffa patrols and take their Goa'uld symbiotes. The symbiotes are then transferred to young girls at Ha'ktyl when they reach the age of prata, at which time they must take a symbiote or fall ill and die. The Ha'ktyl women ask SG-1 for weapons, food and supplies to continue their struggle, and in return offer their services and knowledge. Maj. Carter, knowing that Teal'c uses the Pangaran drug tretonin in order to survive without a symbiote, proposes this drug as an alternative. The idea is detestable to Neith, whose younger sister, Nesa, will soon reach prata. Teal'c eventually convinces Ishta that tretonin, though not without risks, is worth trying. She asks for volunteers to accompany her to Stargate Command to test the drug. Mala insists she go in Ishta's place. A fellow warrior named Emta and two others also step forward. While Carter, Col. O'Neill and the five Jaffa women jaunt to Stargate Command, Dr. Daniel Jackson stays behind to report any news on the tretonin tests that SGC will radio-in through the MALP. Meanwhile, Teal'c and Ishta become very close. Daniel tells young Nesa of the drug that can save her life. This conversation infuriates Neith, who, after conferring with fellow warriors Ginra and Ka'lel, challenges Ishta to combat for control of Ha'ktyl. Teal'c tries to break up the fight when Daniel arrives with bad news: Mala did not respond to the tretonin - she is dead.

    • Episode 9

      Avenger 2.0

      aired: Fri, Aug 8, 2003

      Instead of simply disabling the stargate on P5S-117, though, the virus triggers a systemwide update throughout all the DHDs (Dial Home Devices) in the entire stargate network. Because Stargate Command doesn't use a DHD, they now have the only stargate that can dial out. Twelve of the 15 SG teams offworld at the time return safely before the entire network goes offline. Unfortunately, Daniel is trapped on P3L-997, where the floodwaters are rising, and Teal'c and O'Neill are stranded on P3C-249 in the middle of a brutal firefight.

    • Episode 8

      Space Race

      aired: Fri, Aug 1, 2003

      The race begins. After Warrick and co-pilot Carter evade the obstacle course's attack drones, they move on to Stage Two, in which the racers head into the coronasphere of Hebridan's sun. Then an explosion occurs: The ship's power diverter has been sabotaged and overloaded. The Seberus is heading into the sun. Their only hope is to relocate the Naquadah generator, bypass the diverter and supply power directly to the engines.

    • Episode 7

      Enemy Mine

      aired: Fri, Jul 25, 2003

      On P3X-403, the SG-11 archeological team headed by Col. Edwards discovers a Naquadah mine that could yield enough of the rare, off-world mineral to build many interstellar battle cruisers and other spacecraft. But when geologist Lt. Ritter disappears after going out to inspect the site, Edwards, whose team is not trained for search and rescue, sends for SG-1 and SG-3. Teal'c and SG-3 search for Ritter while Dr. Daniel Jackson studies relics found by SG-11. Among the artifacts is a large yoke, used to harness a race called the Unas, which was long ago enslaved and abandoned by the Goa'uld. Daniel believes that Unas may still live on this planet, and that they saw Ritter as an intruder in their territory and attacked him. Daniel's suspicions are confirmed when Teal'c and SG-3 find another entrance to the mine, near which Ritter's body is hung up like a scarecrow among some Jaffa warriors' skeletons that are similarly displayed. When Edwards hears the news, he becomes incensed. Against Daniel's advice, he and other SG forces enter the dense forest where Ritter disappeared - and are attacked by a horde of Unas. During the skirmish, Col. Jack O'Neill is wounded in the arm and is about to return fire when Daniel cries out in the Unas' primitive language. The aliens retreat, and after an angry discourse with Edwards - who does not care for civilian Daniel's involvement - O'Neill takes the matter to Stargate Command. There, to Edwards' consternation, Gen. Vidrine from the Pentagon authorizes Daniel's plan to negotiate with the Unas with the help of Chaka, an Unas who SG-1 encountered on another planet, and with whom Daniel has kept in contact. If negotiations are resolved within the time allotted to determine the viability of the mine, fine. If not, Vidrine authorizes the use of deadly force. With O'Neill laid up in the in the infirmary and Maj. Samantha Carter performing a complete overhaul of the stargate's diagnostic system, Daniel, accompanied by Teal'c, must handle the uncooperative Edwards and the Unas situation on his own.

    • Episode 6


      aired: Fri, Jul 18, 2003

      While Carter and Teal'c lead a team back to the ship to search for the party responsible, Dr. Fraiser meets another of the souls Daniel carries a small boy named Keenin. He tells her how their planet was doomed to destruction and how three ships were built to carry three thousand people picked by lottery to go the planet Ardena, where they would repopulate their species. Because Keenin's father was a crewmember, he was allowed to take one family member. He picked Keenin.

    • Episode 5


      aired: Fri, Jul 11, 2003

      Afterward, both Pallan and Evalla deny that anything strange has occurred. When O'Neill and the others offer the Council, now composed only of three men, the opportunity to relocate from the dome to a planet with a breathable atmosphere, they politely refuse. When O'Neill asks what happened to their female colleague, they deny there ever was a woman on the Council.

    • Episode 4


      aired: Fri, Jun 27, 2003

      Upon looking at drawings Daniel has made from his recovered memory - "a Naquadah refinery near a Ha'tak-class vessel under construction on a planet with two moons" - Rak'nor identifies the planet as Erebus, currently under the rule of Goa'uld system lord Ba'al. Because Jaffa unwilling to serve the Goa'uld are brought to Erebus to be worked to death, it was a logical place for Bra'tac and Rya'c to find recruits.

    • Episode 3

      Fragile Balance

      aired: Fri, Jun 20, 2003

      Meanwhile, Selmak looks at O'Neill's test results and says the boy is not O'Neill, but a clone. Carter, Daniel and Teal'c, who have been researching alien-abduction cases similar to O'Neill's, surmise that whichever of the Asgard was responsible for the abductions replaced the test subjects with clones until he was finished studying them, then switched them back. O'Neill's regression was a mistake of which the Asgard researcher was unaware. SG-1 plans to intercept the next switch in order to apprehend him.

    • Episode 2


      aired: Fri, Jun 13, 2003

      In a Kelownan bunker on the outskirts of the capital city, O'Neill and Carter emerge from the nation's stargate, which was moved underground during the world war with the Tiranians and the Andaris. The war ended with the Kelownans using their Naquadria bomb. Many lives were lost, but the Tiranian and Andari representatives have come to negotiate peace - unfortunately, at about the same time that Anubis' ship appeared.

    • Episode 1


      aired: Fri, Jun 13, 2003

      SG-1, SG-3 and SG-5 gate to the address, where they find the nomadic tribe and Daniel Jackson. But Daniel doesn't remember O'Neill, Carter or Teal'c, and he's not sure he wants to remember who he is, because he feels he might have done something wrong. Carter convinces Daniel that he was a very good person and to return to SG-1. The team theorizes that Daniel was expelled from the race of Ascended beings by his benefactor Oma after he interfered in human affairs on Abydos.

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    • Episode 22

      Full Circle

      aired: Fri, Mar 21, 2003

      Col. Jack O'Neill is riding the elevator at Stargate Command when Dr. Daniel Jackson, who had, nearly a year earlier, ascended to a higher plane of existence, suddenly appears and asks for help.

    • Episode 21


      aired: Fri, Mar 14, 2003

      SG-1 is on planet P4S-237, talking to the people there who have been oppressed by the Goa'uld system lord Ba'al, whose emissary, system lord Mot, regularly visits the planet to collect a tribute in the form of Naquadah.

    • Episode 20


      aired: Fri, Mar 7, 2003

      Col. Jack O'Neill is miffed about being taken off SG missions to baby-sit the commander and crew of the Prometheus on her shakedown cruise.

    • Episode 19

      The Changeling

      aired: Fri, Feb 28, 2003

      In a busy hospital Teal'c is wheeled into surgery. As the surgeon in charge looks at him, the doctor's eyes glow white: It is the Goa'uld system lord Apophis.

    • Episode 18


      aired: Fri, Feb 21, 2003

      While on a recon mission to planet P2X-005, where no humans are supposed to have visited, Col. Jack O'Neill finds a photograph of a young human woman.

    • Episode 17


      aired: Fri, Feb 14, 2003

      With Anubis, the most powerful of the Goa'uld system lords, increasing his ability to acquire and use advanced weaponry against Earth, Gen. Hammond decides to break the secrecy of the Stargate program.

    • Episode 16


      aired: Fri, Feb 7, 2003

      The episode starts with Jonas and Carter talking, when suddenly the Russian SG team returns. They bring back a sickly man named Alebran, who informs them that Nirrti is experimenting with his people.

    • Episode 15

      Paradise Lost

      aired: Fri, Jan 31, 2003

      Col. Jack O'Neill is at home, grilling hot dogs in his backyard, when his former friend Col. Harry Maybourne - the traitorous National Intelligence Division (NID) agent now wanted for high treason - shows up. O'Neill threatens to turn him in.

    • Episode 14

      Smoke And Mirrors

      aired: Fri, Jan 24, 2003

      When Sen. Kinsey is assassinated in broad daylight in front of a dozen civilian witnesses, Col. Jack O'Neill is the prime suspect, having been seen and videotaped leaving the scene with a rifle in hand.

    • Episode 13

      Sight Unseen

      aired: Fri, Jan 17, 2003

      SG-1 returns from an archeological site on another planet carrying an ancient artifact that glows and emits strange energy waves. When Jonas catches a glimpse of an eel-like alien life form disappearing through a concrete wall of the gateroom, Hammond orders a security lockdown of the base. However, the alert is lifted when no trace of the creature can be detected. Unfazed, O’Neill heads off on a fishing trip while Jonas and Carter stay behind to examine the artifact. As they work, Jonas sees an alien slither across his arm, but Carter doesn’t see the alien and Jonas starts to wonder if he’s losing his mind. Meanwhile, O’Neill is chatting with a rural gas station owner named Vernon Sharpe when an eel-like alien flies past his head. Sharpe, however, sees nothing unusual. Back at SGC, Carter determines that the creatures exist in a parallel dimension and can only be seen by people who have been exposed to the artifact’s energy. When Carter realizes that the device gives off an electrical charge that can be passed from person to person, O’Neill has to retrace his steps and warn everyone he has contacted. A paranoid and Gulf War veteran, Sharpe starts seeing creatures before O’Neill can get to him. Afraid the government is after him, Sharpe goes AWOL, undermining SG-1’s efforts to contain the disease. Carter and Jonas, meanwhile, create a cure by reversing the device’s energy field. SG-1 deduces that Sharpe headed for a friend’s place in Las Vegas. O’Neill chases him through the airport and into a hangar and talks the psychologically damaged veteran into keeping the whole episode a secret.

    • Episode 12

      Unnatural Selection

      aired: Fri, Jan 10, 2003

      After rescuing SG-1 from hyperspace, the Asgard leader Thor asks SG-1 help fight the replicators that have overrun his home world. The replicators, box-like robots that have the ability to think and evolve, consume everything in their path with an instinctive thirst for the knowledge and experience of those they devour. Thor explains that the Asgard lured millions of the creatures to the planet in an attempt to slow their evolution with a time dilator. Instead the replicators used the device to speed up time, allowing them to evolve at an astonishing rate. SG-1 finds the planet paved in a layer of metal replicator bricks miles thick. Five humans confront the team and order Carter to stop tinkering with time dilator. When she refuses, the humans reveal that they are actually replicators that have "merged" with human forms. The replicator-humans, named First, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth, disarm SG-1 and probe their memory banks, allowing them to see what the team is thinking at all times. Fifth, who seems sympathetic to SG-1, taps into Carter's mind where their communication can’t be intercepted and agrees to help the team escape in return for safe passage from the planet. Faced with the risk of unleashing an army of replicator-humans on an unsuspecting galaxy, the team has no choice but to trick Fifth into missing the ship. Carter reconfigures the time dilator and starts it up just as the replicators realize what’s happening. Fifth is captured, but the device quickly slows time to a standstill and allows SG-1 to escape. A replicator ship veers toward O'Neill and crew but it is consumed by the force field expanding outward from the time dilator as SG-1 heads for home.

    • Episode 11


      aired: Fri, Aug 23, 2002

      When TV reporter Julia Donovan gets wind of a top secret project called Prometheus, the president orders General Hammond to kill the story. An incensed Donovan threatens to alert the foreign media, forcing Hammond to offer her a tour of the project in return for an exclusive at a later date. Prometheus turns out to be a spaceship combining human know-how with alien technology recovered from a spacecraft that crashed in Alaska in 1978. While Jonas and Carter give Donovan and her producer a tour of the bridge, the TV crew - Smith, Reynolds Jones and Sanderson - overpowers the guards and activate the ship’s lockdown controls. Carter goes to investigate and runs into the hijackers, who manage to lock her in a utility closet. The hijackers demand the release of two prisoners, Colonel Frank Simmons and the notorious gou’ald scientist Adrian Conrad. Carter contacts O’Neill by radio and tells him the hijackers are trying to steal the X-303, but it’s too late. They escape as soon as Conrad and Simmons are board. O’Neill and Teal’c give chase in a pair of much smaller X-302s, which are able to dock undetected by the X-303’s partially finished security system. As the vessel heads into hyperspace, Conrad tries to kill Simmons. The two struggle and Conrad ends up dead. O’Neill and Teal’c find Simmons, who turns out to be gou’ald just like Conrad, and a vicious battle ensues. Just as Teal’c is about to die O’Neill activates the airlock and Simmons gets sucked out the door. As the X-303 drifts helplessly through hyperspace, the Asgard leader Thor appears and appeals for help battling an infestation of replicators that has over-run his homeworld. This sets the stage for next week’s conclusion, "Unnatural Selection."

    • Episode 10


      aired: Fri, Aug 16, 2002

      SG-1 pays a visit to Panger, where a working Stargate has recently been discovered among some ruins. The Pangerans, who are a few decades behind Earth technologically, have developed a miracle drug called tretonin that makes the immune system "impervious to all disease." The Pangeran leaders, Tegar and Dollen, offer to share the secret of tretonin. In exchange they ask SG-1 to teach them how to use the gate for interplanetary travel. However, the planets they ask to visit are all gou’ald homeworlds, which are strictly off limits. When scientist Zenna Valk hints at some kind of problem with the tretonin, Teal’c and Jonas visit the facility where the drug is made and discover gou’ald symbiotes living in tanks of murky water. Dollen admits that the symbiotes, which are critical in making tretonin, have been bred in captivity by a gou’ald queen. For the drug to work, he says, the dosage has to be steadily increased. If patients stop taking it, their immune systems shut down completely. With the gou’ald Queen dying and demand for the drug growing, they Pangerans decided to procure another queen. Jonas translates the inscriptions in an underground chamber and discovers that the so-called gou’ald queen is actually the long-lost queen Egeria, the origin of the Tok'ra. A Tok’ra woman named Kelmaa breaks into the Egeria’s chamber and sacrifices herself to give the dying queen her host. Egeria wakes up and reveals that she purposely passed on the imperfection in the tretonin as a defense mechanism. Realizing that the Pangerans mistreated her out of ignorance, not malice, Egeria reveals how to make the antidote and thousands of lives are saved.

    • Episode 9


      aired: Fri, Aug 9, 2002

      The Tok'ra and rebel Jaffa fighting along side them suffer heavy casualties when Anubis' forces overrun SG positions in the Risa system. During the funerals that follow, a scuffle breaks out between Ocker, a Tok'ra and Artok, a Jaffa. Meanwhile Carter discovers that someone has tampered with the Naquadah reactor. Realizing that a saboteur is on board, O'Neill shuts down the gate. When Ocker is found dead, Artok becomes the prime suspect and tensions between the two uneasy allies threaten to boil over. But an autopsy showing that Ocker and his symbiote had their spines severed from behind, not in a face-to-face encounter like those favoured by Jaffa, points to Artok’s innocence. Before he can be freed, Artok is found dead in his cell. There is no sign of resistance and no explanation of how the killer entered and exited Artok's cell. A riot is averted when Bratac finds the killers tracks and the group splits into search parties. One search party turns up dead. Then enemy attacks and kills Bratac. Teal’c and the other rebel Jaffa are furious with Malek for failing to help their leader, but he swears that Bratac was attacked by some invisible force. They realize that the killer is Nirrti, a highly trained gou’ald assassin equipped with a cloaking device. Carter alters the Naquadah reactor to produce an electromagnetic field that reveals their invisible foe. Nirrti quickly shuts off the reactor and begins killing everyone in the room. At the last second, a badly wounded Bratac reappears and kills Nirrti with a series of deadly staff blasts. Bratac and Malek make amends, bringing the Tok’ra and the rebel Jaffa closer together in their fight against the evil gou’ald empire.

    • Episode 8

      The Other Guy

      aired: Fri, Aug 2, 2002

      Professors Coombs, Meyers and Felger are examining the ruins of a gou'ald temple on an unfriendly planet. O'Neill and Teal'c, who are standing guard, leave to join Carter and Jonas, who are a short distance testing equipment near the stargate. Gou'ald attack vessels suddenly swoop down and capture the team, but instead of following O'Neill's orders and heading back to stargate command, Felger decides to go after them. Meyers heads back to SGC and tells Hammond that Felger and Coombs have used the rings at the ruins to go up to the orbiting gou'ald mothership where SG-1 is being held captive. Felger and Coombs crawl through some ducts and find SG-1's holding cell. O'Neill is furious with them for disobeying orders. Carter reveals that their capture was faked to facilitate a meeting with Khonsu, a high-ranking gou'ald who is actually an undercover Tok'ra. Felger and Coombs take cover behind some piled-up containers, but realize something is amiss when two jaffa are gunned down nearby. Her'ak, who is supposed to deliver SG-1, instead pens them inside a force field and sets off to kill Khonsu. Felger and Coombs travel to Khonsu's planet, sneak inside the pyramid and witness the killing. The two wayward scientists access the pyramid control room and contact the team on a gou'ald PA system. With Carter's help, they unlock a stash of weapons. Felger delivers the guns, while Coombs works on shutting off the force field. SG-1 and Felger escape and attack the jaffa who are guarding the stargate, but Coombs gets trapped inside the control room, forcing Teal'c and O'Neill to ring back inside and rescue him. Back at SGC, Felger and Coombs receive special medals of honour for their bravery.

    • Episode 7


      aired: Fri, Jul 26, 2002

      SG-1 receives a delegation from Kelowna, a country on Jonas' home planet. The leader of the delegation tells SG-1 that peace on his planet is being threatened by a non-aggression pact between two rival powers. The Kelownans offer to trade naquadria for some of Earth's superior military technology. Without it, the Kelownans say they will be forced to unleash the awesome destructive power of their newly developed naquadria bomb. Dr. Kieran, a Kelownan scientist who worked on the bomb, tells Jonas he's part of a resistance movement bent on saving the planet from destruction. Jonas tell Hammond a coup is afoot and the Pentagon sends SG-1 to negotiate with the Kelownan government. It's an emotional homecoming for Jonas, who is still seen as a traitor by some of his countrymen. While Dr. Kieran arranges a meeting between SG-1 and the leaders of the resistance, Kelownan First Minister Valis tells Jonas that Kieran has been acting strangely and asks him to spy on the doctor. On the way back to resistance headquarters, Kelownan guards open fire on Jonas and Kieran chasing them into a warehouse. Jonas drives them off with cover fire, but Kieran falls off a catwalk and is knocked unconscious. The Kelownans deny attacking Kieran as a rebel spy. Carter uses a special device to track Kieran's smuggled naquadria to resistance headquarters. They find naquadria, but the building is otherwise deserted. Brain scans reveal that Kieran is suffering from advanced schizophrenia caused by prolonged exposure to naquadria. The team realizes that the resistance was a fantasy that existed only created in Kieran's deteriorating mind. The Kelownan bomb project turns out to be flawed technology and SG-1 returns home with a large quantity of naquadria, leaving Jonas' troubled homeland to fight its battles alone.

    • Episode 6


      aired: Fri, Jul 19, 2002

      O’Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) flees a Jaffa attack on an unknown planet but is captured alongside a slave before reaching the Stargate. Imprisoned and tortured by Ba'al the System Lord, O'Neill loses his memory and cannot remember where he is or why he is there. The specter of Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks), who has been elevated to another plane of existence in death, appears in O'Neill's prison cell and offers the mystical wisdom of Oma. Since SG-1 lacks the firepower to attack Ba'al's fortress, Teal'c (Christopher Judge) suggests recruiting one of the other system lords to attack it. O'Neill and the slave escape together as Daniel appears one last time to tell him "You're going to be all right."

    • Episode 5


      aired: Fri, Jul 12, 2002

      Carter (Amanda Tapping), Teal'c (Christopher Judge) and Jonas (Corin Nemec) are sent to a small town on the Oregon coast to search for missing research scientist Richard Flemming. After the three find a partially constructed alien ship in one of the buildings, Carter discovers that the zombie-like townspeople are actually Gou'ald. We learn that Immunitech is implanting Gou'ald symbiotes in the population. A symbiote is "administered" to Carter, but Flemming's antibiotic allows her to play along until NID special operations forces arrive.

    • Episode 4


      aired: Fri, Jun 28, 2002

      When woman is found frozen in the ice near an Antarctic research station, the SG-1 team is sent to investigate. The three scientists who found the woman - Michaels, Osbourne and Dr. Woods - believe she is thousands of years old. Tissue tests show that, unlike normal human cells, which suffer irreparable damage when frozen, the woman's cells are perfectly intact. Aiyana, as Michaels has named her, is defrosted and slowly comes to life. EEG's indicate that Aiyana may be an example of advanced human evolution, with cells that have evolved to withstand sub-zero temperatures. Carter theorizes that her races may have evolved long modern day humans. Michael's contracts an incurable virus from Aiyana, who seems immune to its effects. Osbourne falls ill. Then Dr. Woods gets lost in an Antarctic blizzard, forcing Teal'c and O'Neill set out on a rescue mission. Teal'c and O'Neill find the doctor nearly frozen and haul him back to the base dome for treatment. As they desperately try to save his life, Aiyana steps forward and heals Woods with her bare hands. After curing Osbourne, Michaels and Carter, Aiyana collapses in exhaustion. With her immune system weakened by the stress of all that healing, Aiyana succumbs to the virus as well. O'Neill begins to show symptoms, but Aiyana dies before she can help him. Back at SGC, a Tok'ra named Thoran informs the team that O'Neill will die unless he accepts a symbiote. O'Neill is reluctant, but Carter assures him that the symbiote will only stay until he is cured and the Tok'ra can find a new host. When Carter mentions that the symbiote has important information acquired during a recent mission, before the untimely death of its host, O'Neill agrees to have the procedure.

    • Episode 3


      aired: Fri, Jun 21, 2002

      Carter (Amanda Tapping) and an SG team board an apparently abandoned Gou'ald mothership and are ambushed. With its drive controls disabled by Anubis' evil plot, the ship plummets through the atmosphere and crashes into the Pacific Ocean. When Carter removes a matrix of crystals from the computer core, the self-destruct mechanism activates, giving the team 17 minutes to escape. With the launch systems jammed, Jonas (Corin Nemec) saves the day and the crewmembers are jettisoned to safety just as the mothership explodes.

    • Episode 2

      Redemption, Part 2

      aired: Fri, Jun 14, 2002

      Carter (Amanda Tapping) estimates that the Stargate can only withstand the attack for another 54 hours. Teal'c (Christopher Judge) and his son, Ryac, decide to seek out and destroy the weapon that has transformed the gate into a time bomb. Meanwhile, Jonas (Corin Nemec) saves the day by devising a plan to explode the Stargate seconds after O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) passes through the hyperspace window. SG-1 acquires a new Stargate from the Russians, trading plans for the ill-fated X-302. As a reward for helping save the planet, Jonas becomes a full-fledged member of SG-1.

    • Episode 1

      Redemption, Part 1

      aired: Fri, Jun 7, 2002

      In this sixth season premiere, Jonas (Corin Nemec), unable to return to Kelowna, is eager to "finish what the missing Dr. Jackson started." He and O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) are introduced to the X-302, the first human-built spacecraft capable of interstellar travel. Meanwhile, the Stargate mysteriously malfunctions and Carter (Amanda Tapping) informs O'Neill that it could explode and destroy all life on Earth. "Redemption, Pt. 1" ends with the fate of Earth in SG-1's hands and no apparent way to avert the impending catastrophe.

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    • Episode 22


      aired: Fri, Feb 23, 2001

      SG-1 pays a visit to the Tok'ra homeworld. They arrive at Vorash on Cronos' mothership — one of the spoils they claimed following their recent battle with him. At a meeting with Vorash's High Council, it is revealed that SG-1 intends to lend the Tok'ra the enormous ship in order to help facilitate the Tok'ra's move to a new planet. Tanith is beside himself. Why wasn't he made aware of this plan? Teal'c informs him that he could not be trusted because he is, after all, a spy for the Goa'uld system lord Apophis. The Tok'ra has known all along. An enraged Tanith is taken away. The Tok'ra begins to move items up to the mothership. Preparations are underway for the extraction ceremony that will remove Tanith's Goa'uld symbiote. But amid all the activity, Tanith escapes his cell and flees to the planet's desert surface. A search operation is mounted, but no trace of him is found. Then the Tok'ra receives word: Tanith must have gotten a message out to Apophis, who has assembled his fleet and is headed for Vorash. Maj. Samantha Carter and Jacob devise a plan that, if successful, could deal Apophis a crippling blow. They will 'gate the Tok'ra to another planet, then load the stargate onto the mothership and leave Vorash. Once in position, they will dial the address of the black-hole planet, and then jettison the gate into the sun. Given proper timing, this will cause the sun to go nova and destroy Apophis' fleet. Everything goes according to plan. They launch the black-hole stargate toward the sun and prepare to flee. Suddenly, a Goa'uld ship decloaks and fires, crippling them. Their weapons systems are disabled. Their hyperdrive is inoperative, and Apophis is closing rapidly. More important, the countdown has begun on a blast that will annihilate the entire solar system....

    • Episode 21

      Double Jeopardy

      aired: Fri, Feb 16, 2001

      SG-1 returns to Juna, formerly known as PX3-989, a planet they — or rather, robot duplicates of them — helped free from Goa'uld enslavement. Once, with SG-1's assistance, the people of Juna were able to rebel against the forces of the Goa'uld system lord Heru'ur and win their freedom. But now the natives face the vengeful system lord Cronos. SG-1 is prepared to lead the planet's inhabitants against him, but the people are not eager to trust SG-1, who had told them that they would be safe from the Goa'uld if they buried their stargate. They did as they were told — and the Goa'uld simply returned in starships. Col. Jack O'Neill and the real SG-1 team must gain the natives' confidence before they can win the battle against Cronos. Fortunately, most of the SG-1 robots have survived and might be of help on this doubly difficult mission.

    • Episode 20


      aired: Fri, Feb 9, 2001

      Stargate Command is infected by an alien probe that uploads its program into the base computers, where it accesses sensitive data on Stargate program and its personnel. The virus program is detected and apparently deleted from the mainframe. Unknown to all, however, the entity's program has downloaded itself into the MALP (Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe) room, where it continues to thrive, building itself a new body in order to contain the immense volume of data it has purloined. When SG-1 discovers the entity, Col. Jack O'Neill wants to destroy it, but Maj. Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson feel that they should attempt to communicate with it first. Carter tries — only to be overcome by a blast of energy. She is rushed to safety while O'Neill shuts down the entity, presumably killing it for good this time. However, the rest of SG-1 soon learns that the entity is far from dead. In fact, it now exists in a new vessel, one capable of storing even greater volumes of data: Carter's body. With the base under siege and the alien entity poised to overwhelm them all, O'Neill and company are confronted with a dire prospect: In order to save Stargate Command, they might have to sacrifice one of their own.

    • Episode 19


      aired: Fri, Feb 2, 2001

      During a visit to the Air Force Academy, Maj. Samantha Carter makes the acquaintance of Jennifer Hailey, a promising young cadet with a rebellious streak. Carter sees great potential in her, but Jennifer seems determined to sabotage her future with the Air Force. She is fiercely independent, opinionated and resentful of Carter, to whom she is constantly being compared. On the other hand, she is brilliant, and Carter recognizes that, given time, Jennifer will prove to be a formidable asset to Stargate Command. Eventually, Carter decides to show Jennifer exactly what she can look forward to if she stays the course — by bringing her through the stargate. They visit an offworld research base, where Col. Jack O'Neill and Teal'c are on security detail, "babysitting" a group of ungrateful scientists. The seemingly routine excursion takes a deadly turn when the team is attacked by alien life-forms composed of pure energy. Trapped and cut off from the stargate, SG-1 must make a desperate gamble to reach safety. (Note: Appearing as himself is Gen. Michael E. Ryan, who retired Oct. 1, 2001, as Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force. The general, a science-fiction fan, said he agreed to guest-star on Stargate SG-1 because, "The ideas that come out of science fiction are often more science than fiction.")

    • Episode 18

      The Light

      aired: Fri, Jan 26, 2001

      One member of an SG unit has committed suicide, and three others, including Dr. Daniel Jackson, are near death. Their condition is a mystery, but the answer could well lie in a strange offworld temple. Col. Jack O'Neill, Maj. Samantha Carter and Teal'c check out the site and discover a room with a mesmerizing light display. They conclude that the temple was, at one point, a Goa'uld pleasure palace. As their investigation progresses, they come to realize that the temple is directly affecting their brains' physiologies — delivering euphoric highs while they are on its premises, and debilitating lows of withdrawal when they attempt to leave. Trapped, they must find a way to break this otherworldly addiction. A young man who is seemingly unaffected by the strange environment might hold the key to their salvation.

    • Episode 17

      Absolute Power

      aired: Fri, Jan 19, 2001

      SG-1 is called to Abydos to investigate a strange phenomenon: a whirling sandstorm that seems to whisper Dr. Daniel Jackson's name. When they confront the twisting tempest, it dissolves to reveal a young boy who introduces himself as Shifu, the Harsesis. Shifu is brought back to Stargate Command, where he undergoes a series of tests. The tests reveal that Shifu is physically normal, but it is apparent to all that the young boy is wise beyond his years. Possessing the genetic memory of the Goa'uld, he undoubtedly has the potential to become a powerful weapon against the system lords. Faced with this prospect, the Harsesis child sets out to teach Daniel a lesson — by imbuing him with the sought-after genetic memories and launching him on a spiritual journey. Ultimately, Daniel must face a difficult challenge. Will he use his newfound knowledge to change the world for the better? Or will he allow this knowledge to change him for the worse?

    • Episode 16


      aired: Fri, Jan 12, 2001

      It's 2010, and a lot has happened in ten years. The Goa'uld have been defeated, and diseases such as cancer have been wiped out. Earth's saviors are an alien race known as the Aschen. Their advanced technology has not only ensured the planet's safety, but it has won them the respect and friendship of all humanity. In spite of vast medical advancements however, Maj. Samantha Carter and her husband, Joe, are unable to conceive a child. The Aschen doctors insist that Carter is fine, but Dr. Fraiser's tests reveal something very different: The Aschen have been lying all along. Carter's investigation reveals an insidious plot to wipe out the human race through a process of slow attrition. Dealing with this insidious alien threat seems virtually impossible. The Aschen have become entrenched in Earth society. They hold all the reins of power. Challenging them would mean certain defeat. Finally, SG-1 comes to realize that there is still hope - ten years in the past.

    • Episode 15

      Chain Reaction

      aired: Fri, Jan 5, 2001

      When Gen. Hammond announces he is stepping down as head of Stargate Command, Col. Jack O'Neill suspects that there is more to Hammond's decision than he is letting on. O'Neill is right; as he discovers, the National Intelligence Department (NID) — the quasi-governmental agency that, among other things, runs the classified Area 51 alien-research facility — was behind the change of command. Fed up with the general's inability to acquire alien technology through whatever means necessary, it pressured him into resigning. When Hammond's replacement, the hawkish Gen. Bauer, breaks up SG-1 and assigns Maj. Samantha Carter the task of building a planet-killing Naquadah bomb, O'Neill decides to take on the NID. However, O'Neill's only hope of restoring Stargate Command to its proper condition rests in the hands of a most unlikely ally: the traitorous Col. Maybourne.

    • Episode 14

      The Serpent's Venom

      aired: Fri, Sep 29, 2000

      While visiting Chulak to gather support for a Jaffa rebellion, Teal'c is captured by the Goa'uld. The rest of SG-1, unaware of his fate, are dispatched to thwart a burgeoning alliance between Apophis and Heru'ur. But when they arrive at the neutral location chosen for the meeting - an ancient minefield floating in space - they discover that Heru'ur has brought along a gift to seal the deal: a battered but defiant Teal'c. SG-1 is torn. Do they try to rescue Teal'c? Or, as Jacob Carter argues, does the success of their mission outweigh the life of their friend?

    • Episode 13

      The Curse

      aired: Fri, Sep 22, 2000

      When Dr. Daniel Jackson's old archeology professor, Dr. Jordan, dies in a mysterious lab explosion, Daniel pays a return visit to his old academic stomping grounds. As Daniel reacquaints himself with his former colleagues — including his former girlfriend, Sarah Gardner, Jordan's research assistant — he begins to suspect Jordan's death might not have been an accident. Daniel discovers that one of the items the professor was studying, an ancient Egyptian jar, contains a perfectly preserved Goa'uld symbiote. Apparently, a crack in the vessel compromised the sedative solution within, killing the creature. But further investigation reveals that a second jar might have existed. With a Goa'uld apparently stalking the campus and the local community abuzz with talk of an ancient curse, Daniel must unravel the mystery before it's too late.

    • Episode 12


      aired: Fri, Sep 15, 2000

      A test of the X-301, an experimental spacecraft adapted from two Goa'uld Death Gliders, goes awry, sending Col. Jack O'Neill and Teal'c hurtling out of Earth's orbit. As the X-301 streaks through space at a million miles per hour, Stargate Command struggles to find a way to retrieve it. After an attempt to alter the spacecraft's course fails, things look grim. Dr. Daniel Jackson seeks the help of offworld allies. He learns that the Tok'ra have a ship capable of reaching O'Neill and Teal'c, but it is on a covert mission in Goa'uld-controlled territory. With time ticking down and the lives of their comrades hanging in the balance, Daniel and Maj. Samantha Carter must locate the Tok'ra ship, intercept the X-301, and pull off a daring rescue.

    • Episode 11

      Point of No Return

      aired: Fri, Sep 8, 2000

      Stargate Command is contacted by a rambling individual who claims to possess full knowledge of a host of government conspiracies, from the Kennedy cover-up to CIA-sanctioned microwave harassment of Libertarian candidates. He sounds like a crackpot, someone hardly worthy of their attention — until he mentions the stargate. Gen. Hammond wants to play it safe. They need to check this guy out. Col. Jack O'Neill meets with the mystery caller, a nebbishy fellow named Martin Lloyd, who insists he is an alien and in possession of a spaceship (whose location slips his mind at the moment). O'Neill is ready to dismiss Martin as a harmless nut and head back to Cheyenne Mountain. Then a series of strange occurrences begin to suggest that maybe, just maybe, there could be some truth to Martin's story....

    • Episode 10

      Beneath the Surface

      aired: Fri, Sep 1, 2000

      SG-1 awakens in a mysterious underground complex, with no memory of their previous lives. In fact, they seem to possess a whole new set of memories. No longer Col. Jack O'Neill, Maj. Samantha Carter, Dr. Daniel Jackson, and Teal'c, they are Jonah, Therra, Carlin and Tor, laborers doomed to a dreary existence, working the mines beneath an ice-covered planet. Back at Stargate Command, meanwhile, Gen. Hammond faces the possibility that SG-1 has perished on the planet's icy surface, an outcome he refuses to accept. As the general tries to unravel the team's mysterious disappearance, the members of SG-1 grasp at fleeting memories of their former lives, memories that are not just the keys to their freedom, but to their very survival.

    • Episode 9

      Scorched Earth

      aired: Fri, Aug 25, 2000

      Thanks to SG-1, a civilization known as the Enkarans have been transplanted from a Goa'uld slave planet to a safer, more hospitable world. Soon after the Enkarans settle in, however, problems arise. One of their villages is attacked by a mysterious ship that appears to pose a threat even more formidable than that of the Goa'uld. SG-1 investigates and discovers that the mystery ship has no hostile intent — it is merely terraforming the planet in order to make it habitable for the Gadmeer, a long-dormant alien species. Lotan, a biomechanical liaison created by the Gadmeer ship, explains that once the terraforming procedure has begun, it cannot be halted. To do so would mean extinction for the Gadmeer. On the other hand, a completion of the terraforming process will mean certain death for the Enkarans. SG-1 must find a solution to this ethical dilemma, or face the extinction of an entire species.

    • Episode 8

      The First Ones

      aired: Fri, Aug 18, 2000

      While conducting an archeological dig on planet P3X-888, Dr. Daniel Jackson makes a remarkable discovery: a primordial Goa'uld symbiote, an ancient, predatory version of SG-1's parasitical enemies. Before he can bring back his sample however, his team is attacked by an Unas. One team member is killed, and Daniel is dragged off into the wilderness by the giant primitive creature. Learning of Daniel's disappearance, Col. Jack O'Neill leads a rescue mission to the planet. Upon his arrival, he discovers that SG-11 has been almost wiped out — only Hawkins survived — and the planet's water supply is teeming with Goa'uld symbiotes. While O'Neill and Teal'c struggle with the possibility that one of their men might have been inhabited by a Goa'uld, Daniel is dragged further into the wilderness by his captor. Gradually, he begins to understand a few words of the creature's language. The Unas, a juvenile whose name seems to be Chaka, saves Daniel's life when he's attacked by a symbiote. As the rescue team struggles to catch up, however, the question remains: Has Daniel become the Unas' newest friend? Or is he simply being brought home as dinner?

    • Episode 7


      aired: Fri, Aug 11, 2000

      When the stargate won't open, trapping teams offworld, the SG-1 team investigates and learns that the Russians have their own stargate, apparently recovered from the sea after an Asgard ship crashed on Earth. The Russian stargate is locked open, maintaining a perpetual wormhole that defies explanation. At the request of Russian scientist Dr. Svetlana Markov, the SG-1 team is dispatched to the Russian stargate facility, where they make a shocking discovery: All the soldiers and scientists are dead and the stargate remains locked open, connected to a water-covered planet. Svetlana explains that the Russians had retrieved a sample of the water and found it has amazing properties, including the ability to emit significant levels of energy. That same water, however, seems to have disabled the drone, leaving it inoperable and sending transmissions that are keeping the stargate open. Dr. Daniel Jackson, Maj. Samantha Carter and Dr. Markov travel through the wormhole in a miniature submarine, in an attempt to recover the drone. The water brings the sub to a halt and begins to crush it, leaving the team unable to return through the stargate. Back at the Russian facility, Col. Jack O'Neill and Teal'c make their own shocking discovery: Inside a freezer is the frozen body of Col. Harry Maybourne, an SG-1 turncoat who apparently has been advising the Russians. As Maybourne begins to thaw, he comes back to life, spewing out gallons of water and a terrified warning. This may look like water, he says, but it's alive — and it's playing for keeps.

    • Episode 6

      Window of Opportunity

      aired: Fri, Aug 4, 2000

      While exploring planet P4X-639, the SG-1 team meets Malikai, a human explorer from another world who shares Dr. Daniel Jackson's interest in an alien computer covered in a strange Latin-like script. As solar flares flash from the red sun overhead, Malikai warns Daniel that the geomagnetic disturbance may be dangerous to the SG-1 team and tells him to leave. When Daniel ignores him, Malikai zaps him with a weapon and begins to program the alien computer. Maj. Samantha Carter and Teal'c rush to Daniel's aid and are caught, with Malikai, in a mysterious blue light. Suddenly, they find themselves back at Stargate Command, ten hours earlier, preparing to head off on the mission from which they've just returned. And then it happens again. And again. And again. As Col. Jack O'Neill returns to eat the same plate of Froot Loops over and over again, he realizes that SG-1 is caught in a time loop and that only he and Teal'c retain their memories through each ten-hour cycle. It's up to them to decode the message on the mysterious machine and figure out a way to break the loop.

    • Episode 5

      Divide and Conquer

      aired: Fri, Jul 28, 2000

      During a meeting with the Tok'ra high council, Maj. Graham of Stargate Command goes berserk, firing uncontrollably upon the Tok'ra before taking his own life. SG-1 is stunned to discover that Graham was a Zatarc, the victim of Goa'uld mind-control technology. According to Anise, its victims are subconsciously programmed to kill, their recollection of the procedure covered by false memories. Anyone who has come into contact with the Goa'uld could well be a Zatarc — and wholly unaware of the fact. Through the use of an experimental testing device designed by the Tok'ra, Anise sets out to determine who at Stargate Command might have been programmed. The test proves successful in uncovering a second Zatarc — Lt. Astor, a former teammate of Graham's, who also goes berserk, shooting up Stargate Command before turning her weapon on herself. Subsequent testing then uncovers false memories in two more members of the Stargate program: Col. Jack O'Neill and Maj. Samantha Carter.

    • Episode 4


      aired: Fri, Jul 21, 2000

      SG-1 responds to an incoming wormhole with their ally Bra'tac's signal. Instead of Bra'tac, they greet Shan'auc, who tells them that she has come on behalf of Bra'tac. Teal'c goes to Shan'auc and it is immediately evident to all that the two share chemistry and history. Shan'auc claims to have discovered a way to communicate with her symbiote, and it, in turn, has shared memories with her. These memories, she believes, could be the means to defeat the Goa'uld. Shan'auc claims that through their communications, she has convinced her symbiote that the Goa'uld are evil. The symbiote is prepared to tell all it knows to the Tok'ra. Teal'c is skeptical of Shan'auc's claim — until he, himself, shares a memory with his symbiote. The Tok'ra agree that Shan'auc's symbiote is of great value, and they find a willing host for it. Will the symbiote continue to tell its secrets and offer a method to defeat the Goa'uld — or has it cleverly deceived Shan'auc, SG-1 and the Tok'ra into letting it inside their defenses?

    • Episode 3


      aired: Fri, Jul 14, 2000

      Anise, a new Tok'ra representative to Earth, approaches Stargate Command for help in testing some mysterious armband devices discovered amid the ruins of a distant planet. Anise believes the devices could be a powerful weapon in their war against the Goa'uld. Because symbiotes seem to render the devices ineffective, she requires human test subjects to prove her theory. Col. Jack O'Neill, Maj. Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson volunteer. They are outfitted with armbands and, within a short time, begin to demonstrate incredible strength and speed. Dr. Fraiser becomes concerned, however, when medical tests suggest that the devices might be endangering their lives. Gen. Hammond orders the armbands removed — only to discover that the devices will not come off. Anise sees an opportunity and suggests that SG-1, now outfitted with the armbands, be sent to destroy a new ship being built by system lord Apophis. The general flatly refuses and orders SG-1 to remain on the base. Unfortunately, Anise isn't taking no for an answer. SG-1, its judgment clouded by the alien devices' influence, defies Hammond's order and sets off on what could be a suicide mission.

    • Episode 2

      The Other Side

      aired: Fri, Jul 7, 2000

      Stargate Command is contacted by Alar, a representative of the planet Euronda. His people are under attack and in need of help. Gen. Hammond sends SG-1 on a humanitarian mission to deliver food and medical supplies. The team arrives to find a civilization devastated by war — and a leader desperate to make a deal. In exchange for the heavy water Euronda needs to sustain its defensive fields, Alar is prepared to offer advanced Eurondan technology to Earth. Col. Jack O'Neill quickly agrees to the trade. Dr. Daniel Jackson, however, is suspicious that the Eurondans have not been completely honest about their agenda, and he sets out to discover their true motives.

    • Episode 1

      Small Victories

      aired: Fri, Jun 30, 2000

      SG-1 returns to Stargate Command with news that Earth has been saved from the Replicators — only to learn that one of the deadly creatures was not destroyed. After crashing into the ocean aboard the ship of Asgard leader Thor, the Replicator bug found its way into a Russian submarine, where it killed the entire crew and continued to rapidly replicate. Col. Jack O'Neill suggests the sub be towed out to sea and nuked, but the Pentagon feels that such an act could cause a serious situation with the Russian government. Instead, O'Neill and Teal'c lead a small, heavily armed team aboard the sub in the hope that the Replicators can be eliminated by sheer firepower. Maj. Samantha Carter is taken to the Asgard's home planet, Cimmeria, which is on the verge of total destruction by the Replicators. Thor believes that Carter's human knowledge might hold the key that will enable the Asgard to defeat the Replicators once and for all.

  • Watch Stargate SG-1 Season 3

    • Episode 22


      aired: Fri, Feb 11, 2000

      While preparing for a week of leave, Col. Jack O'Neill is engulfed in a white glow and disappears. Maj. Samantha Carter immediately recognizes that O'Neill has been transported away by the Asgard. O'Neill materializes, a little disoriented, on Thor's ship. He begins to hear a strange sound and moments later is faced with hundreds of menacing-looking metallic bugs. He freezes as they swarm past him. O'Neill heads in the direction the bugs came from and finds a very weak Thor. Thor tells O'Neill that he is dying and directs him to a control panel for further information, because he is too weak to continue explaining what has happened. O'Neill learns that these bugs, called Replicators, are artificial organisms that have overtaken Thor's ship and have directed it toward Earth. The effects of the Replicators reaching Earth would be devastating. O'Neill appears back in the briefing room of Stargate Command in the form of a hologram. He informs Gen. Hammond and the rest of SG-1 of the situation. He orders them to gather a large amount of explosives that he will transport up. The team, of course, wants to be transported up as well, but O'Neill orders them not to come. O'Neill can't believe his eyes when the explosives arrive with SG-1 in tow. They have little time to formulate a plan to outwit the Replicators and destroy the ship before it reaches Earth, hopefully finding a way to save themselves in the process. But as time runs out, the only answer seems to be a kamikaze-style sacrifice of the ship by crashing it into the sea — a tactic that will spell certain doom for the SG-1 team trapped on board...

    • Episode 21

      Crystal Skull

      aired: Fri, Feb 4, 2000

      Dr. Daniel Jackson becomes intrigued when the video transmission from the MALP (Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe) reveals a huge Mayan pyramid with a glowing crystal skull in its center. He tells the rest of SG-1 and Gen. Hammond that the skull appears to be identical to one that his grandfather, Nicholas Ballard, found in Belize in 1971. He goes on to explain that his grandfather claimed that the skull possessed a power to teleport people to a place inhabited by aliens. After the academic community shunned Nicholas because of his seemingly ridiculous claims, he never recovered. The team travels to the planet to investigate. Daniel approaches the crystal skull and is drawn to stare into its eyes. Meanwhile, the cavern housing the skull begins to emit high levels of radiation. The team starts to evacuate, but Daniel is entranced by the skull. Several moments later, Daniel's body undergoes a phase shift and becomes invisible. Col. Jack O'Neill, Maj. Samantha Carter and Teal'c must flee the lethal radiation, leaving behind the invisible Daniel. Teal'c, being somewhat protected from the radiation's effects by his symbiote, returns to the planet to look for Daniel. When he can't see him, he acquires the skull and returns to Stargate Command, unaware that he has Daniel in tow. SG-1 solicits the help of Daniel's grandfather, whose failure at proving his Crystal Skull theory has landed him in a psychiatric institution. They bring Nicholas Ballard back to Stargate Command in the hope that he can unlock the secrets of the skull and bring Daniel home.

    • Episode 20

      Maternal Instinct

      aired: Fri, Jan 28, 2000

      Bra'tac, accompanied by his battered Jaffa apprentice, arrives at Stargate Command pleading for medical assistance. He announces that Chulak, the home planet to himself and Teal'c, has been brutally attacked by Apophis, and he goes on to explain that it was as though Apophis was looking for something. Dr. Daniel Jackson deduces that the "something" had to be Harsesis, the child Apophis fathered with Sha're/Amaunet. This forbidden child would contain all the knowledge of the Goa'uld and, if he were to fall into the wrong hands, could be the Goa'uld's undoing. Using the combined knowledge of Bra'tac, Daniel and the available computer analysis, SG-1 decides the most likely planet on which Harsesis would take refuge is Kheb — a place from Jaffa and Goa'uld legend. Bra'tac and SG-1 travel to the planet in search of Harsesis. Realizing that Apophis could easily come to the same conclusion about Kheb, the SG-1 team knows it must hurry to find the child before Apophis does.

    • Episode 19

      New Ground

      aired: Fri, Jan 21, 2000

      The SG-1 team travels to the planet Bedrosia, where, unknown to them, the planet's two cultures have been at war over their opposed beliefs regarding the stargate. Upon their arrival, SG-1 is met by the curious Nyan, a scientist. Nyan explains to them that their arrival through the stargate proves that the beliefs of his rival culture, the Optricians, are true and that humans were brought to this planet by aliens through a gateway. His culture, the Bedrosians, believe that human life evolved without a gateway and was created by their god, Nefertum. The team's arrival is soon detected by a group of Bedrosian soldiers and their leader, Rigar. Col. Jack O'Neill, Maj. Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson are captured, while Teal'c and Nyan narrowly escape. During his escape, Teal'c is blinded. Rigar cages his three prisoners and interrogates them as to how they arrived on his planet. He believes that they are Optrician spies; they insist that they traveled here via the stargate. Rather than face the possibility that his people's entire belief system is wrong, Rigar chooses to destroy all evidence, including the SG-1 team. Though blinded, Teal'c, with Nyan's help, must outwit the Bedrosians before Rigar can execute his plan — and Teal'c's comrades.

    • Episode 18

      Shades of Grey

      aired: Fri, Jan 14, 2000

      SG-1 travels to Tollana to negotiate a trade. Col. Jack O'Neill becomes extremely annoyed when the Tollans refuse to cooperate, due to their fear that any weaponry given to Earth would more likely be used on itself than to protect against the Goa'uld. In an act that shocks the rest of his team, O'Neill steals a Tollan device as they are departing back to Earth. Upon hearing of Col. O'Neill's deed, an outraged Gen. Hammond relieves O'Neill of his command. When the Tollans pay a visit and announce that they intend to break all ties with Earth because of O'Neill's crime, Hammond has no choice but to offer O'Neill early retirement. Col. Maybourne, having learned of O'Neill's indiscretion, pays him a visit at home to make an interesting offer: Join a rogue stargate team, under Maybourne's command, that steals alien devices for Earth.

    • Episode 17

      A Hundred Days

      aired: Fri, Jan 7, 2000

      Col. Jack O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 have established ties with a small village on the planet Edora and its leader, Laira, with whom O'Neill shares a mutual and quiet attraction. Everyone gathers to watch the annual meteor shower referred to by the natives as "fire rain." At first, it's a pleasant light show, but an extra-large shooting star prompts Maj. Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson to conduct further research. Their results indicate that Edora travels through an asteroid belt every year, but every 150 years or so, the orbit hits a particularly dense section of debris. Those meteors strike the planet's surface to cataclysmic effect, and apparently this is one of those years. SG-1's evacuation of the villagers is all but complete when Laira discovers her son is missing. O'Neill rushes off to assist her, ordering the rest of SG-1 to return to base. Carter and Teal'c barely make it out in time before a large meteor hits the Edora stargate, burying it and trapping O'Neill and Laira on the distant planet. Both SG-1 and the Edorans are stunned by the loss of their beloved leaders, but SG-1 isn't prepared to accept this tragedy as final just yet.

    • Episode 16


      aired: Fri, Nov 19, 1999

      SG-1 steps through the stargate on its way to a paradise planet and ends up at Stargate Command. Adding to their confusion is Gen. Hammond's assertion that the team was gone for 15 hours, not the mere moment that the SG-1 team-members perceived. Medical officer Dr. Janet Fraiser's examinations of the team-members are inconclusive, but an analysis of the MALP (Mobile Analytic Laboratory Probe) data reveals a brief initial image of an alien lab just before the paradise view. They theorize that the paradise image is a means to lure people to the planet. But for what reason? As they try to figure this out, each member of the team begins to experience intense cravings. Fraiser soon figures out what is causing the cravings: a microscopic implant in each SG-1 member's brain. The team is relieved of duty and isolated until Fraiser can find a way to remove the implants. Soon SG-1 is hearing and seeing the image of a man who identifies himself as Urgo. His presence is generated by the implants in their heads; only SG-1 can see and hear him. Though Urgo claims he only wants to record new experiences, SG-1 begins to suspect he has another, more nefarious purpose.

    • Episode 15


      aired: Fri, Nov 12, 1999

      The Tollan Narim pays an unexpected visit to Stargate Command, inviting the members of SG-1 to participate in a ritual known as "Triad." Only when SG-1 shows up on the new Tollan homeworld do they learn that Triad is an ancient ceremony of justice, and the person on trial is their old friend, Skaara. The Goa'uld Klorel's death glider crash-landed on the Tollan planet. Klorel was injured, which allowed the host personality, Skaara, to emerge and request amnesty. This Triad will determine which of the personalities will forever have control over the host body: the Goa'uld Klorel, or Skaara. Dr. Daniel Jackson and Col. Jack O'Neill are asked to argue for Skaara's position, while another Goa'uld, named Zipacna, will argue for Klorel's. As Daniel and O'Neill work on their arguments, Maj. Samantha Carter and Teal'c grow suspicious that Zipacna's presence might indicate an ulterior motive. But when SG-1 brings its concerns to the Tollan leaders, its protest puts Skaara in further danger of losing his identity forever.

    • Episode 14


      aired: Fri, Nov 5, 1999

      En route to the infirmary after an extended mission, SG-1 learns that part of Stargate Command has been sealed off because of a chemical leak. Soon afterward, during their routine examinations, medical officer Dr. Janet Fraiser injects each member of the team with a sedative, rendering them unconscious. Teal'c is the first to awaken; he secretly observes Dr. Fraiser and Gen. Hammond talking with two aliens. The general orders Teal'c and Maj. Samantha Carter placed in holding cells. Feigning unconsciousness, Teal'c waits until he and his escorts are away from the infirmary before overpowering the guards and waking Carter. Carter and Teal'c quickly realize that they cannot trust anyone in Stargate Command and must seek help from outside the base. During the escape, one of them is captured. The other must rely on the one person they can't trust in order to save SGC and Earth from imminent invasion.

    • Episode 13

      The Devil You Know

      aired: Fri, Oct 29, 1999

      During an attempt to rescue Jacob Carter and his Tok'ra symbiote, Selmak, SG-1 and Martouf have been captured on the Hell-replica moon Netu by one of its denizens, who is determined to use their information to overthrow the Goa'uld system lord Sokar. With the aid of Tok'ra memory technology and a hallucinogenic drug nicknamed "the blood of Sokar," each prisoner is forced to relive vivid, painful memories. This time, however, they are unable to distinguish between memory and reality. Meanwhile, an attack by Sokar's forces leaves Teal'c with no choice but to seek backup from the Tok'ra. They respond with orders to deliver a bomb that will destroy Netu — and Teal'c's friends along with it.

    • Episode 12

      Jolinar's Memories

      aired: Fri, Oct 22, 1999

      The Tok'ra Martouf arrives at the SGC with troubling news: Maj. Samantha Carter's father, Jacob, and his Tok'ra symbiote, Selmak, have been captured by the evil Goa'uld system lord Sokar. Jacob/Selmak is imprisoned on a moon called Netu — which Sokar has transformed to resemble the Biblical Hell. The Tok'ra believe that Sokar plans to launch an attack against the other system lords, gaining full control for himself. Martouf will try to rescue Jacob/Selmak, but his first priority is finding out how much Selmak knows about Sokar's plan. Unfortunately, no one has ever escaped from Netu. No one except Jolinar, and she never told anyone else how she did it. SG-1 and Martouf travel to Netu on a starship. En route, Martouf uses Tok'ra technology to access any of Jolinar's memories that might still be in Carter's mind. However, what Carter recalls are painful remembrances from her own past, and dark secrets that Jolinar never wished for Martouf to know. Once they reach Netu, Teal'c stays aboard the ship while the rest of SG-1 and Martouf search for Jacob/Selmak through the underground caverns of Netu ... but the unexpected appearance of an old foe foils SG-1's plan.

    • Episode 11

      Past and Present

      aired: Fri, Oct 15, 1999

      SG-1 travels to a planet whose inhabitants seem to be suffering from mass retrograde amnesia. They have no memory of their lives before the unknown event they call the "Vorlix," and they report that their elders and children are missing. The planet faces complete devastation unless the people's memories can be restored. The inhabitants introduce SG-1 to Ke'ra, a brilliant and personable young woman who has come to be the leader of her people. She and Dr. Daniel Jackson develop a mutual attraction. Ke'ra returns to Earth with SG-1 in hopes that her existing research on the Vorlix might help them find a cure. But as the investigation progresses, SG-1 begins to suspect that Ke'ra may not be who or what she appears.

    • Episode 10

      Forever in a Day

      aired: Fri, Oct 8, 1999

      During a rescue of captured Abydonians, including his father-in-law, Kasuf, Dr. Daniel Jackson sees his long-lost wife Sha're watching the activity from a nearby tent. He follows her inside, where Sha're — who is actually the Goa'uld Amaunet — takes Daniel in the grip of a Goa'uld ribbon device. Teal'c enters the tent with his staff weapon as Daniel falls unconscious. Daniel awakens in the Stargate Command infirmary, where Teal'c sadly admits he was forced to kill Sha're to save Daniel's life. Daniel refuses to believe this, until he is shown Sha're's body. Distraught over his wife's death and angry at Teal'c for causing it, Daniel pulls away from his friends and resigns from the Stargate program. When Sha're starts appearing to him in vivid dreams, Daniel must overcome his grief if he is to understand her desperate message.

    • Episode 9

      Rules of Engagement

      aired: Fri, Aug 20, 1999

      Upon exiting the stargate, SG-1 finds itself in the midst of battle. A group of SG soldiers battles a Jaffa army. Believing the soldiers to be the missing-in-action SG-11 team, Col. Jack O'Neill and the others provide assistance. Much to their surprise, the mystery SG team turns their weapons against SG-1! SG-1 wakes up in the soldiers' training camp with headaches and no weapons. The camp's leader, Capt. Rogers, assumes them to be from a rival camp until he recognizes Teal'c as a Jaffa. Rogers presumes that SG-1 has been sent by the camp's long-gone Jaffa leaders to test their battle readiness. The captain explains that the soldiers' standing orders are to practice battle using non-lethal Earth weapons until the return of Apophis. O'Neill tells them Apophis is dead. The soldiers don't believe him and resume their war games. As O'Neill and the others try to figure out what to do, the games take a disastrous turn when SG-1's confiscated — and decidedly lethal — weapons accidentally make it out onto the battlefield.

    • Episode 8


      aired: Fri, Aug 13, 1999

      SG-1 arrives at a medieval village and frees Mary, a young woman who has been left outside tied to a stake. Simon, friar of the village and Mary's friend, explains that Mary is a sacrifice for the demon that plagues their village. The leader, called The Canon, chose her when he mistook her illness for an evil possession. When the demon arrives and finds no sacrifice, it promises to destroy the village the next day unless five humans are left as sacrifices. SG-1 recognizes this "demon" and plots to destroy it, but The Canon pronounces SG-1 evil and condemns them to be sacrificed. SG-1 must convince Simon to go against everything he believes and set them free so that they can rid his village of its "demon" forever.

    • Episode 7

      Dead Man Switch

      aired: Fri, Aug 6, 1999

      SG-1 travels to planet PJ6-877 for a routine recon. Almost immediately after arriving, they are snared in an invisible forcefield by alien bounty hunter Aris Boch. Aris takes them to his cargo ship, which is completely invisible from the outside. He has come to this planet to hunt a Goa'uld named Kel'tar, who is wanted by the evil system lord Sokar. He attempts to solicit help from SG-1, in exchange for their freedom — then informs them that should they refuse to participate, he will take them to Sokar. Apparently, there are sizable bounties on the heads of Teal'c and Maj. Samantha Carter, and a reasonable bounty on the head of Col. Jack O'Neill, but Dr. Daniel Jackson could probably only be traded for a day's rations. After an unsuccessful escape attempt, SG-1 agrees to help Aris Boch catch his Goa'uld prey. Carter remains with Aris, at a safe distance from the cave in which Kel'tar is hiding, while O'Neill, Daniel and Teal'c go in for the retrieval. When Kel'tar is captured, he informs SG-1 that he is not Goa'uld, he is a Tok'ra named Korra. If handed over by Aris, Sokar would torture Korra to gain information that would endanger many other Tok'ra. SG-1 and their new Tok'ra ally must find a means of escape or try, against all odds, to convince the cold-hearted bounty hunter to do the right thing. Unfortunately, Aris Boch's survival is dependent on something only the Goa'uld can give him. In order to get it, he must trade Korra's life for his own.

    • Episode 6

      Point of View

      aired: Fri, Jul 30, 1999

      Stargate Command is taken aback when an alternate-reality version of Samantha Carter and the deceased Maj. Kawalsky are found in a secured building in top-secret Area 51. To transport themselves to our present-day Earth, they used the Quantum Mirror ("There But for the Grace of God"). When the alternate Dr. Carter and Maj. Kawalsky are taken to SGC for debriefing, they can't believe how different everything is in this reality. Here Col. Jack O'Neill is alive and single, whereas in their alternate reality he was married to civilian scientist Dr. Carter before his recent death at the hands of the Goa'uld. They're also stunned that Teal'c is an ally rather than an enemy, this world's Maj. Kawalsky has been dead for several months, and this Samantha Carter is a major who would be identical to her civilian alternate if not for her short hair. Dr. Carter begins to suffer from temporal distortion, a side effect caused by travel through the quantum mirror. Maj. Carter determines that Dr. Carter and Maj. Kawalsky will die unless they are returned to their original reality. Unfortunately, in their reality, the Goa'uld are swarming through Stargate Command and returning home means certain death.SG-1 must use their present-day resources and knowledge to return with their new acquaintances and overthrow the Goa'uld.

    • Episode 5

      Learning Curve

      aired: Fri, Jul 23, 1999

      In the pursuit of knowledge, Col. Jack O'Neill, Teal'c and Dr. Daniel Jackson travel to the planet Orban as part of an exchange program. Daniel and Teal'c remain on the planet — Daniel to study an ancient mosaic pattern on the floor of their stargate room that he hopes will explain the origin of the Orbanian people; and Teal'c to prepare the Orbanians, should they ever encounter the Goa'uld, by sharing his knowledge with them. O'Neill travels back to Earth with a young Orbanian girl, Merrin, and her chaperone, Kalan, to present Stargate Command with a valuable Naquadah reactor. All are surprised when it is the young Merrin who volunteers to stay at SGC and teach Maj. Samantha Carter how to build such a complicated technical device. As Carter and O'Neill spend more time with Merrin, they become aware that she is not a typical 11-year-old. She is incredibly knowledgeable, but has no understanding of fun or play. O'Neill and the rest of SG-1 uncover the truth behind Merrin's intelligence, and how it will affect her and the other children of Orban. O'Neill defies orders and sets out to change Merrin's fate by taking her off-base, to show her the value of what her childhood could be like and what she has been missing.

    • Episode 4


      aired: Fri, Jul 16, 1999

      The SG-1 team discovers a room containing the corpses of a league of Goa'uld who challenged the system lords. One holds a tablet; after Dr. Daniel Jackson touches it, he begins to hear voices and see nightmarish visions. Medical tests indicate Daniel is suffering from schizophrenia. Whatever is interfering with his mind, however, soon transfers to Teal'c — with far more deadly consequences. As the Goa'uld parasite leaves Daniel's body, Daniel hears the voice of the dead Ma'chello declaring death to the Goa'uld. Daniel realizes that he was infected by Ma'chello's Goa'uld-killing parasite, a theory borne out by Teal'c's rapid deterioration. Believing the tablet holds the key to Teal'c's survival, the team brings it to the lab. As they open the tablet, though, the parasites ooze into medical officer Dr. Janet Fraiser, Maj. Samantha Carter and Col. Jack O'Neill. Carter proves immune, but with parasites inside them, Fraiser and O'Neill deteriorate rapidly. Gen. Hammond has no choice but to seal the lab off with the three inside.

    • Episode 3

      Fair Game

      aired: Fri, Jul 9, 1999

      Asgard leader Thor tells Col. Jack O'Neill that the Goa'uld system lords plan to attack Earth. He offers his help in negotiating a peace treaty. Three system lords attend the summit: Yu, Nirrti and Cronus — the Goa'uld lord responsible for killing Teal'c's father. The three initially agree to the Asgardian peace proposal, on the condition that Earth surrenders its stargate. When Teal'c and Cronus are discovered unconscious and both badly beaten, Teal'c is blamed and the two remaining system lords vow to attack Earth as retribution. Despite Nirrti's claim that she tried the healing-hand technique on Cronus and it didn't work, Maj. Samantha Carter (who just prior to this mission was promoted from captain) convinces Yu to use it and, in so doing, saves Cronus. Realizing that Nirrti orchestrated the beating to seize power, Yu and Cronus turn their rage toward their former comrade, giving Earth a temporary reprieve.

    • Episode 2


      aired: Fri, Jul 2, 1999

      Capt. Samantha Carter's father, Jacob, enlists the SG-1 team in his hunt for the ancient Goa'uld system lord Seth, whom he believes is hiding on Earth. A computer search reveals that Seth has maintained power on Earth for thousands of years by hiding behind false religions. The SG-1 team traces him to a heavily armed compound in Washington state. Outside the compound, SG-1 clashes with a team of action-happy ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) agents led by the adversarial Special Agent James Hamner. They also meet Levinson, a frantic father who's desperate to rescue his son, Tom, from Seth's cult. Col. Jack O'Neill, Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson break into the compound. Within minutes, however, they fall victim to the biological agent that Seth uses to brainwash his followers into doing his bidding.

    • Episode 1

      Into the Fire

      aired: Fri, Jun 25, 1999

      Trapped on Hathor's planet, Capt. Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson can only watch helplessly as Hathor implants Col. Jack O'Neill with a Goa'uld symbiote. Gen. Hammond sends Col. Makepeace and six SG units to rescue SG-1, but when the units are defeated, Hammond decides to do the job himself. Unknown to Hammond, Makepeace, acting alone, succeeds in rescuing Carter and Daniel, but Hathor's army has created an energy barrier that blocks the SG personnel from reaching the stargate. Back in Hathor's facility, a Tok'ra spy closes O'Neill in a cryogenic chamber to kill his Goa'uld symbiote — a tactic that will, unfortunately, also kill O'Neill. Carter rescues her freezing teammate, and they come face to face with the enraged queen Hathor. In the Jaffa city of Chulak, Teal'c attempts to raise an army to help his friends and stumbles across the injured Bra'tac, who has been left for dead by Apophis' Serpent Guards. Bra'tac leads Teal'c to an ancient Goa'uld death glider, and they begin to forge a daring rescue plan.

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    • Episode 22

      Out of Mind

      aired: Fri, Mar 12, 1999

      Awakening from what seems like cryogenic suspension, O'Neill finds himself in a futuristic version of the SGC surrounded by unfamiliar faces. He is told by doctors he has been frozen for 79 years and the rest of the SG-1 team perished long ago. The doctors hook O'Neill to a device which turns his memories into holographs then question him for information about races able to defeat the Goa'uld. The doctors claim they need all the help they can get in their current war against the Goa'ulds. When O'Neill overhears the doctors speaking in Goa'uld voices, he realizes he maybe part of an elaborate set up. He escapes and discovers the SGC is actually a replica built inside a Goa'uld stronghold, and that in nearby rooms Daniel and Carter are undergoing similar treatments. Attempting to escape, the three are blocked by Hathor who, enraged by their refusal, prepares to implant one of them with a larvae.

    • Episode 21


      aired: Fri, Mar 5, 1999

      Through a solar flare, the SG-1 team are propelled back in time to 1969, landing in a top military facility. Carrying a letter General Hammond gave her, Carter (Amanda Tapping) is searched by a yount Lieutenant (Aaron Pearl) who is astonished by the letter's contents. As the team is transported for futher interrogations, the Lieutenant helps them escape and tells them the letter appeared to be from him many years in the future. Desperate to find the Stargate so they can return to the present, the team seeks out Catherine, who they believe may know its location. Hitchhiking to see her in New York, they are picked up by Michael (Alex Zahara) and Jenny (Amber Rothwell), two friendly flower children on their way to Woodstock. They immediately warm to the team's fugitive appearance. Carter discovers that Hammond's note includes the date of the next solar flare and they race to the Stargate before their chance of leaving the past is lost for good.

    • Episode 20

      Show and Tell

      aired: Fri, Feb 26, 1999

      A young boy (Jeff Gulka) gains entry to the SGC and tells the SG-1 team he has come with his mother, a member of the invisible Reetou race. The boy, who asks to be called Charlie after O'Neill's dead son, announces that the Goa'uld destroyed his planet Reetalia and now Reetous rebels intend to kill all human beings. The rebels believe that by killing all potential hosts for the Goa'uld they will gradually eliminate the the Goa'uld themselves. His mother created Charlie to serve ans an intermediary between the Reetou and humans and to warn them of the coming rebel attack, but due to his accelerated growth, the boy's organs are now failing and unless he receives expert medical help he will die soon. The SG-1 team call Carter's father Jacob (Carmen Argenziano), a Tok'ra, to help them. He brings a laser device which can make the Reetou visible and destroy them. But, it may be too late. Thousands of Reetou are swarming outside the wormhole and an unknown number may have already gained entry into the SGC.

    • Episode 19

      One False Step

      aired: Fri, Feb 19, 1999

      During a routine reconnaissance mission, the UAV plane crashes into a cactus-like plant on a planet inhabited by an unusual life form. Sent to recover the plane, the team discovers those living on the planet are friendly, gentle and far simpler than their human counterparts. Shortly after the team's arrival, aliens begin falling ill and before long a plague of illness sweeps the race. O'Neill and Daniel begin acting erratically and complain of headaches which disappear once they are back at the SGC. As the number of afflicted aliens grows, it appears that the SG-1 team has unwittingly unleashed something that threatened the survival of this civilization.

    • Episode 18

      Serpent's Song

      aired: Fri, Feb 12, 1999

      Pursued by Goa'uld death rays, former Goa'uld conqueror and sworn enemy of SG-1, Apophis throws himself at the mercy of the team and despite his past evil, they grant him sanctuary. Apophis, who shows signs of torture, is slowly dying and promises all the knowledge of the Goa'uld in return for a new host body. When O'Neill rejects his offer, Apophis reveals that he is pursued by an ancient and powerful Goa'uld named Sokar, the original god of death. Conquered by Apophis in Egyptian times, Sokar has come to wreak his revenge and will kill anything that stands between him and his ancien adversary. The team's Tok'ra ally Martouf tells SG-1 that unless Apophis is sent back to face his fate, all those around him will be destroyed, either by Sokar or the many Goa'uld who wish their former leader dead.

    • Episode 17


      aired: Fri, Feb 5, 1999

      When the SG-1 team stumble upon the chamber of former Goa'uld enemy Ma'chello, they fall victim to his powerful body swapping invention. Ma'chello takes on Daniel's body and the young archeologist finds himself trapped in the body of an old and dying man. In Daniel's body, Ma'chello flees the SGC and gets a taste of life on Earth for the first time, while Daniel lies on his death bed in the hospital. In an attempt to help their friend, O'Neill and Teal'c bring the invention to the SGC, but accidentally trigger it and find themselves in each other's body. When Ma'chello is tracked down and returned to the SGC, he reveals that the machine's process is irreversible.

    • Episode 16

      A Matter of Time

      aired: Fri, Jan 29, 1999

      While attempting to save the members of SG-10 from a black hole on planet P3X-451, the SG-1 team activates the Stargate and exposes themselves to the hole's gravitational pull. Trying to break free, the team shuts down the gate's power and in the ensuing explosions, Teal'c and Daniel are badly injured. Even without power, the black hole's gravity continues to draw the SGC closer to the swirling wormhole. With the intense gravity field warping the space/time continuum, the SGC loses contact with the outside world and the Pentagon sends O'Neill's former mate Col. Cromwell to investigate. Cromwell is tormented with guilt for deserting O'Neill during a Soviet mission and volunteers to partner him in the attempt to save the SGC. Time slows to a near stand-still inside the SGC, where only O'Neill and Cromwell are left. Carter scrambles for a solution before the SCG and then the Earth are torn apart by the black hole's gravitational tides.

    • Episode 15

      The Fifth Race

      aired: Fri, Jan 22, 1999

      Daniel and the rest of the SG-1 team travel to an ancient room that houses alien inscriptions in an attempt to decode alien languages discovered by a probe. When O'Neill peers through a viewer in the ancien room, he is caught momentarily in its grasp and shortly after alien words begin appearing in his speech. Before long, his entire brain is taken up with a superior knowledge virtuallly indecipherable to the rest of the team. Daniel is certain that O'Neill now possesses the knowledge of the Ancients, the alien race who invented the Stargates, but he realizes the knowledge is too complex for human minds and will likely cause O'Neill to lose his mind. In an attempt to save himself, O'Neill must access his subconscious mind to discover ones with a greater knowledge than his own, ones who may also have important knowledge about the destiny of mankind.

    • Episode 14


      aired: Fri, Oct 30, 1998

      When a group posing as the SG-1 team steals the climate-controlling Touchstone from the planet Madrona, the planet's weather deteriorates, threatening inhabitants with imminent death unless the stone is recovered. Madrona's high priest Roham and his granddaughter Princess La-Moor, blame the SG-1 team for the theft. The SG-1 team make a disturbing discovery: the secon Stargate on Earth, which had been officially decommissioned, was reactivated by high level orders and used to steal the Touchstone. Now the weather device is on Earth and being used to manipulate the world's climate. When Gen. Hammond discovers the whereabouts of the second Stargate, the SG-1 team races to it, determined to find the Touchstone before all of Madrona perishes, and to discover the hidden agenda behind the Touchstone's theft.

    • Episode 13


      aired: Fri, Oct 23, 1998

      The SG-11 team has not returned from its mission to planet PXY-887, where they recently discovered an element, Trinium, that is a hundred times lighter and stronger than steel. Instead, the inhabitants of the planet have fired an arrow made of Trinium through the Stargate and into the shoulder of Jack O'Neill. With O'Neill in the infirmary, the SG-1 team, led by Samantha Carter, heads through the Stargate to investigate and to negotiate a mining treaty with the inhabitants. SG-1 is knocked out on the arrival and when they awake, they meet Tonané, a plains spoken Coast Salish Indian, who explains that the SG-11 team were taken by 'the spirits' - the same spirits who gave the valuable metal to his people. Carter and the others are skeptical as they address T'akya, the wolf, and Xe'ls, the raven, even after the SG-11 team mysteriously reappears. Negotiations with the Salish reach a stalemate and Tonané returns to Earth with SG-1 and SG-11 to look at alternative mining methods. But when Gen. Hammond tells Conner news of plans by N.I.D. to mine the planet whether the Indians agree or not, strange things begin to happen as the spirits, determined to protect the Salish, reveal their true nature.

    • Episode 12

      The Tok'ra, Part 2

      aired: Fri, Oct 9, 1998

      The Tok'ra have turned down SG-1's request for an alliance against the Goa'uld because, as Garshaw explains, the earthlings don't offer enough rewards to justify a security breech. And the fact that none of the humans will act as host for Selmak, a Tok'ra whose host is dying does little to build trust. However, Samantha Carter has an idea. Her father, Gen. Jacob Carter is dying of cancer. If he will become a host, it will save both his life and that of Selmak. But when she and O'Neill return to the Stargate to propose the idea to her father, the Goa'uld, tipped off by a spy, launch an attack on the Tok'ra. The Tok'ra have enough warning to relocate, but by the time O'Neill, Carther and her father return, the attack is underway. The bonding of two beings as sick as Gen. Carter and Selmak would be difficult under the best of circumstances. With Goa'uld death gliders filling the sky, it requires even greater risk and urgency.

    • Episode 11

      The Tok'ra, Part 1

      aired: Fri, Oct 2, 1998

      Samantha Carter has a vivid dream: she sees through the eyes of Jolinar, the Tok'ra or rebel Gou'ald, who briefly inhabited her body before dying. Although her father Jacob is dying of cancer, Carter knows she must go on the mission with O'Neill and the rest of the SG-1 team to find the Tok'ra on planet P34-353J. Upon their arrival they meet a suspicious and heavily armed group of Tok'ra, but as Carter reveals her knowledge, relations begin to warm up. The team learns more about the Tok'ra - how they ususally only inhabit willing hosts and do not use the Goa'uld sarcophagus - and Carter learns more about the relationship between Martouf and Jolinar, who were partners for nearly 100 years. There is even talk of an alliance, but the trust is fragile and the outcome of the negotiations are uncertain.

    • Episode 10


      aired: Fri, Sep 25, 1998

      While exploring BP6-3Q1, O'Neill and the SG-1 team are attacked by giant insects. The team escapes through the Stargate but not before Teal'c is stung. When Teal'c returns to Earth, a strange transformation begins, as the insect virus transforms Teal'c's DNA into something like its own. The change baffles Dr. Samantha Carter and geneticist Dr. Richard Harlow and it terrifies Teal'c, who makes O'Neill promise he'll stop the transformation. But Tea'lc's condition intrigues Colonel Maybourne who sees the potential for biological weapons in the insect venom. Maybourne uses his presidential mandate to take custody of TEal'c but the Jaffa escapes while being translated, leaving behind his Goa'uld larvae. As Teal'c hides out on the mean streets of the city, he is befriended by Ally, a young homeless girl, Oneill and the team return to BP6-3Q1 to capture the insect. While there, they discover the terrible power of the insects: how they bypass normal breeding by genetically transforming their victims into their offspring. With time being of the essence, the Stargate Command must devise a vaccine and keep the larval Goa'uld alive. Most important of all - they must find Teal'c before Maybourne does.

    • Episode 9


      aired: Fri, Aug 21, 1998

      Daniel Jackson and Teal'c travel back to Abydos, as it has been a year since Daniel left to fulfill a promise he made to Sha're's father, Kasuf. When they arrive, Daniel learns that his wife, whom he hasn't seen since she was taken by the Goa'uld, is nine months pregnant. The father is Apophis, who plans to use the baby as his new host. O'Neill and Carter are in Washington to receive a medal for their bravery and receive their own shocking news. O'Neill is approached by a reporter named Armin Selig who says he has the inside scoop on the Stargate program and is going to run the story. Carter is reunited with her father, who tells her he has cancer. As Carter and O'Neill deal with these large issues, Daniel and Teal'c try to find a way to get Sha're back to Earth before the child is born, and the sleeping Goa'uld within her awakens. When the arrival of a ship carrying Apophis' enemy Heru-ur prevents them from returning through the Stargate, Tea'lc devises a plan to use the rivalry between Apophis and Heru-ur to help them escape.

    • Episode 8


      aired: Fri, Aug 14, 1998

      Teal'c's mentor, Bra'tac arrives unexpectedly through the Stargate with shocking news: the Goa'uld Apophis survived the destruction of his ship and has now kidnapped Teal'c's son, Rya'c. O'Neill and the rest of the SG-1 team agree to join Teal'c as he returns to Chulak to rescue Rya'c, but when they arrive they find much has changed. Because Teal'c didn't return from Earth, his wife, Drey'auc assumed he was dead and married his old friend, Fro'tak. To make matters worse, Ray'c has been brainwashed by Apophis which causes him to denounce his father as a traitor and foil the team's attempts to rescue him. Fro'tak becomes jealous after seeing Teal'c and Drey'auc rekindle their marital flame. The team is almost caputred and Fro'tak attempts to betray them to Apophis, forcing O'Neill to take drastic action. But, Teal'c sees a glimmer of hope when Rya'c slips a hidden message into his denunciation of his father. Teal'c wants to rescue him and take him back to Earth and although O'Neill agrees, he suspects Rya'c - or his controller, Apophis - may be setting an elaborate and deadly trap.

    • Episode 7

      Message in a Bottle

      aired: Fri, Aug 7, 1998

      While exploring a now-dead planet, O'Neill and the SG-1 team find an orb that sends out electromagnetic signals. They think it is a time capsule of some sort and are intrigued by its power source, which seems to have lasted a millenia, they bring it back through the Stargate. When Samantha Carter and Daniel Jackson begin their tests, however, the object begins to heat up and the team decides to send it back through the Stargate. The object, however, seems to have other plans. While it is brought to the Stargate, it shoots bolts through the concrete walls, floor and ceiling of the facility, including one that pierces O'Neill's shoulder. Further investigation reveals that the object is sending out alien organism that is infecting people, computers and the building itself. Attempts to destroy the orb only make it grow faster. As the computer screens go dark and the facilities self-destruct mechanism begins its countdown, Carter suggests they let the organism take over O'Neill's body in the hope the orb will use him to communicate with them.

    • Episode 6

      Thor's Chariot

      aired: Fri, Jul 31, 1998

      O'Neill and the SG-1 team return to Cimmeria after learning that the Goa'uld have invaded the planet. The team feels responsible since, on their previous visit, they destroyed "Thor's Hammer", the planet's main instrument of defense agains the Goa'uld. The team makes some remarkable discoveries on the planet. Samantha Carter discovers that she has the power to use the Goa'uld ribbon device. It soon becomes clear that the SG-1 team need help to fight the massive enemy force lead by the vicious Goa'uld Heru-ur. Teal'c, O'Neill and Olaf head to scout the Goa'uld encampment and soon find themselves face to face with the enemy. Meanwhile, Daniel Jackson, Samantha Carter and Gairwyn search the Hall of Thor's Might, where they believe they might find weapons to defeat the Goa'uld. They find the hall, where they are presented with a series of tests by a hologram of Thor, the Asgard god who guards the planet. Can they pass the tests and find a way to defend the planet? And can they do it before Heru-ur's army wipes out the rest of the Cimmerians and the rest of the SG-1 team?

    • Episode 5


      aired: Fri, Jul 24, 1998

      While exploring planet P3R 636, O'Neill and the SG-1 team come across what appears to be a troop of Jaffa warriors and ceremonial priests delivering Naquadah, an element treasured by the Goa'uld, through the Stargate. What catches Daniel Jackson's eye, however, is the beautiful Princess Shyla, the melancholy daughter of the planet's ruler, Pyrus the Godslayer. When she attempts suicide, Daniel saves her life, but in doing so, he and the rest of the team are captured and forced to work in the Naqadah mines. When Daniel is injured in an escape attempt, the princess brings him to the palace and nurses him back to health, using a Goa'uld sarcophagus. As O'Neill and the rest of the team work as slaves in the mine, Daniel attempts to negotiate their release. Princess Shyla explains to Daniel the secrets of the planet. She reveals how her father drove out the Goa'uld ruler, and now rules the planet with an iron hand, sending Naquadah through the gate in hopes of appeasing the Goa'uld. She explains that while Pyrus has lived for 700 years, thanks to the rejuvenative powers of the sarcophagus, he is now dying and she will succeed him. She wants Daniel as her King, and she's willing to use the power of the sarcophagus to convince him to accept the throne.

    • Episode 4


      aired: Fri, Jul 17, 1998

      O'Neill and the SG-1 team travel to P7J989, where they discover a beautiful garden and a dome full of strange metallic chambers, each containing an unconscious person. As the team inspects the chambers, they are trapped and knocked unconscious. They awaken to find they are reliving pivotal moments in their lives in the hope of changing the outcome. Teal'c joins O'Neill on a battlefield where the Colonel lost a patrol; Daniel and Carter witness the death of his parents in a freak accident. A shadowy figure called The Keeper (Dwight Schultz) steps forward and explains that they are part of a game that feeds memories into a virtual reality he has created for the amusement and edification of 'his residents' in the metallic chambers. He explains that they are there because, he says, the planet has been rendered uninhabitable because of the pollution on the planet. But, The Keeper is lying when the SG-1 team threatens to reveal his deceit to the others, he admits defeat. Or does he?

    • Episode 3


      aired: Fri, Jul 10, 1998

      While exploring a seemingly insignificant planet, O'Neill and the SG-1 team are approaced by a ragged figure who pleads for their help from a pursuer named Taldor. They try to defend him, only to discover that the man is a fleeing murderer. Taldor means Justice and, by aiding the man, the SG-1 team becomes complicit in his crime. Over their protestations of innocence, the team is sent through a Stargate to Hadante, a penal world where brute strength and raw power rule. Strangely, the most powerful person on Hadante seems to be Linea (Bonnie Bartlett), a diminutive woman who strikes fear into brutes such as Vindoor with her mysterious powers. SG-1 strikes a deal with Linea: if she will help power the Stargate using her cold fusion power source, they will help her escape with them. It seems a fair trade, but there's more to Linea than meets the eye.

    • Episode 2

      In the Line of Duty

      aired: Fri, Jul 3, 1998

      O'Neill and the SG-1 team are on a mission to Nasya, hoping to rescue the survivors of a planet that has been attacked by the Goa'uld. During the rescue, however, Dr. Samantha Carter's (Amanda Tapping) body is taken over by a Goa'uld that was hiding in the body of a mortally injured Nasyan. Her fellow team members don't notice the change, but when the team returns to Earth, Carter's young friend Cassandra (Katie Stuart) recognizes the Goa'uld immediately. Cassandra tells O'Neill that Carter is confined to a cell and O'Neill bargains with the Goa'uld for Carter's life. The Goa'uld tells Teal'c that he is Jolinar of Malkshur, one of the Tok-ra Goa'ulds, a rebel group opposed to the bloodthirsty ways of the system lord. But he also reveals that he has been followed here by Ashrak, an assassin trained in the ways of the Goa'uld. Unless the SG-1 team can stop him, Ashrak will kill Jolinar, taking Carter's life as well.

    • Episode 1

      Serpent's Lair

      aired: Fri, Jun 26, 1998

      As a fleet of Goa'uld warships heads toward Earth, threatening to destroy it, the Stargate facility prepares for the worst, sending the best and brightest of American society through the Stargate to a safe Alpha site. Meanwhile, O'Neill and the SG-1 team use the Stargate to board a ship commanded by Apophis' (Peter Williams) son Klorel (Alexis Cruz). The SG-1 team is on a suicide mission, planting explosives in an attempt to stop the attack. They are "captured" by Teal'c's Jaffa mentor, Bra'Tac (Tony Amendola), who joins their fight hoping to overthrow Goa'uld domination of the Jaffa. Bra'Tac knows the weaknesses of the Goa'uld ship and reveals a plan to stop them. The plan means almost certain death for both the SG-1 team and Bra'Tac, but they all realize that is is the only way to save the Earth and set the Jaffa free.

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    • Episode 22

      Within the Serpent's Grasp (2)

      aired: Fri, Mar 6, 1998

      As the government prepares to mothball the Stargate project, 0'Neill and the SG-I team take an unauthorized trip though the gate in an attempt to stop the Goa'uld invasion.

    • Episode 21

      Within the Serpent's Grasp

      aired: Fri, Feb 27, 1998

      The Stargate is being shut down by the U.S. government, despite Daniel's warning of an imminent Goa'uld attack on Earth. The SG-1 team, armed to the teeth, defy orders to make an unauthorized trip through the Stargate to what they believe to be the origin of the attack. They find themselves on a Goa'uld ship, full of Jaffa warriors, traveling through space at many times the speed of light. They also find that they're trapped there; the Stargate will no longer connect back to Earth. As Carter and Daniel wire the ship with explosives, O'Neill and Teal'c discover that Skaara is aboard. Skaara was once the young Abydonian friend to O'Neill, but now is the host body to Klorel, son of Apophis. Is Skaara's human spirit still alive under that fierce exterior or has it been consumed by Klorel? The future of the SG-1 team and of Earth depend on the answer.

    • Episode 20


      aired: Fri, Feb 20, 1998

      Having escaped marauding Goa'ulds in another Earth reality, Daniel Jackson warns that it is only a matter of time before they launch an attack in this one. But, the Stargate program faces a more immediate threat - - this from Senator Kinsey, powerful Chairman of the Appropriations Committee and the man who oversees Stargate's multi-billion dollar budget. Kinsey sees the program as a wasteful fat cat with dubious goals and he vows to shut it down. As he reviews the past missions with Hammond, O'Neill and the SG-1 team, he dismisses the danger presented by the Goa'uld, despite warnings from Teal'c of their power. Even Daniel's desperate warning of an imminent attack won't sway the Senator, who is determined to bury the gate and put the program out of business.

    • Episode 19

      There But For the Grace of God

      aired: Fri, Feb 6, 1998

      While exploring an alien Stargate complex on P3R233, a world that appears to have been destroyed by the Goa'uld, Daniel Jackson discovers a slab that, when activated, turns into a shimmering mirror. He touches the mirror and gets a mild jolt but thinks nothing of it until he returns through the Stargate. Then, he finds himself in an alternate reality, a place that looks like Earth but where nothing is quite as it was. The most distressing difference is that this world is under attack by the Goa'ulds, who have wiped out half-a-billion people and are about to capture the Stargate Command. O'Neill faces-off against Teal'c, who in this reality is still loyal to the Goa'uld, and Daniel tries to escape through the Stargate with information that may save his world from the fate of this alternate reality.

    • Episode 18

      Tin Man

      aired: Fri, Feb 13, 1998

      O'Neill and the SG-1 team arrive on PX3989, only to be zapped by an electrical trap that renders them unconscious. When they awake, they find themselves in an underground lab with Harlan, a strange but apparently peaceful native of PX3989 who claims to be 11,000 years old and who says he has not only fixed their injuries, but improved them. When they return to Earth, over Harlan's objections, the team members discover what he means. While they all feel like themselves, they are all now machines that have been implanted with the consciousness of the SG-1 team members. Worse, they will run out of power and die unless they return to PX3989. Upon their return, they confront Harlan, who, as a robot himself is mystified by their demand that he put them back in their human bodies and sacrifice their immortality. Under pressure, he takes them to meet themselves in hopes of achieving a compromise between man and machine.

    • Episode 17


      aired: Fri, Jan 30, 1998

      The Stargate malfunctions while Colonel Jack O'Neill and the SG-1 team are evacuating from a firefight on a hostile planet. As a result, Teal'C and Daniel Jackson make it back to Stargate Command, but O'Neill and Dr. Samantha Carter find themselves trapped near a Stargate in an icy crevasse on an unknown planet. O'Neill is badly hurt - broken leg, internal injuries - so it falls to Dr. Carter to try to dig the nearby gate out of the ice and find a way to make it work. Meanwhile, as technicians try to repair the home gate, Teal'c and Daniel are trying to figure out what went wrong and where their comrades might be. They could be on any one of a million planets and if someone doesn't figure out which one soon, Carter and O'Neill will face a frigid death.

    • Episode 16


      aired: Fri, Oct 31, 1997

      O'Neill and the SG-1 team arrive on the planet Tollan to find a scene of chaos and death. A volcano is erupting, spewing choking ash and burning lava, and bodies litter the ground around the Stargate. The team gathers up a few survivors and returns through the gate to Earth. The Tollans, however, are not grateful for being rescued. Their leader, Omoc, dismisses human society as primitive, refuses to answer any questions about his planet's highly advanced technology, and demands to be relocated to a similarly advanced world. Narim, another Tollan, reveals the reason for Omoc's suspicion. Years earlier, Omoc's father shared the Tollan technology with a civilization like Earth's, setting off a war that destroyed the more primitive planet and destabilized Tollan. With military intelligence sniffing around and threatening to put the Tollans to work on weapons systems, Earth seems to be heading down the same path. Having saved the Tollans from death, the SG-1 team must risk court-martial to save them from slavery and to save Earth from self-destruction.

    • Episode 15


      aired: Fri, Jan 23, 1998

      When O'Neill and the SG-1 team travel through the Stargate to P3X1279, Teal'c recognizes it immediately as Chartago, home to the Bysra and one of the Goa'ulds favorite places to harvest humans for assimilation. Teal'c had come here when he was head Jaffa to Apophis; his visit is remembered by one of the Bysra, Hanno, who accuses Teal'c of killing his father. Teal'c is put on trial - the Bysra call it Cor-ai - but the trial proceeds far differently than a trial back home would. Hanno acts as both judge and jury and when Teal'c admits he killed his father, he's found guilty and a death sentence is passed. While O'Neill and the rest of the team try to persuade Hanno that Teal'c has changed, and is now the enemy of the Goa'uld, the Jaffa seem resigned to his sentence of death.

    • Episode 14


      aired: Fri, Oct 24, 1997

      The SG-1 team travels through the Stargate to planet P8X987, where another SG team has been making preparations to observe a black hole. But, when they get there, they discover that a strange disease has wiped out everyone on the planet. Everyone that is, except a little girl named Cassandra. As O'Neill and Teal'c remain on the planet to observe the black hole, Carter and Daniel return to Earth with the girl. Carter grows especially close to Cassandra and is shocked when she discovers that the chest pains Cassandra is experiencing are caused by a metallic device growing around the child's heart. Daniel and Carter ascertain that the Goa'uld planted the device as part of a scheme to destroy the Earth's Stargate. As the time bomb ticks down, Carter is torn between her love for the little girl and her knowledge that the child is being used as a Trojan horse by the Gou'ald.

    • Episode 13


      aired: Fri, Sep 12, 1997

      When Archeologists exploring a Mayan pyramid in Mexico find a sarcophagus covered in Egyptian hieroglyphics, they accidentally release Hathor. Hathor is a Goa'uld who has taken on the persona of a powerful Egyptian goddess, awoken from a sleep that has lasted a millennium. After dispensing with the scientists, Hathor makes her way to the Stargate mountain facility dressed as a homeless woman. Once inside, she uses her physical charms and a drug-like pink smoke to seduce the men and enlist them in her plan to take over the world - - using O'Neill as her first Jaffa. As the goddess cooks up thousands of Goa'uld larvae and prepares O'Neill to bear one, it falls to Carter and the handful of women at the base to fight back against the powerful seductress. Aided by Teal'c, who as a Jaffa is immune to her powers, they prepare to face Hathor in a battle for the future of the planet.

    • Episode 12

      Fire and Water

      aired: Fri, Oct 17, 1997

      The SG-1 team returns from the planet Oannes in a panic - and without Daniel Jackson, who was last seen being consumed by a column of flames. But, as his comrades mourn him on Earth, Daniel is a captive of an amphibious-humanoid creature known as Nem who is seeking information about his partner, Omoroca, who lived on Earth 4,000 years earlier. Daniel struggles to recall his Babylonian history and agrees to have his brain read by Nem's advanced and possibly deadly technology. Daniel discovers common ground with Nem - both have lost their true loves to the murderous Goa'uld - and the key to his freedom. Back on Earth, the SG-1 team struggle with the strange feeling that Daniel isn't really dead. The team members use hypnosis to revisit the events leading up to Daniel's disappearance.

    • Episode 11


      aired: Fri, Oct 10, 1997

      When Teal'c joined the SG-1 team, he kept secret the family he left behind on Chulak for fear that it would make his new comrades doubt his loyalty. Now, however, his son Rya'c has reached the age at which he will receive his Gou'ald larva, and Teal'c is determined to stop the process that would make his boy a servant to the Gou'alds. After much debate and a promise to return with a Gou'ald larva for study, the team, disguised as monks, heads through the Stargate to Chulak, only to discover that Teal'c's family has been declared outcasts. With help from Teal'c's mentor, Bra-Tac, they battle Jaffa warriors and priests before finding Rya'c and his mother, Drey-Auc. The family reunion, however, is not as simple as Teal'c hoped; the boy needs the Gou'ald larva to survive. And the only one available is the one that is keeping Teal'c alive.

    • Episode 10

      The Torment of Tantalus

      aired: Fri, Oct 3, 1997

      Daniel Jackson makes a remarkable discovery while going through film footage of Stargate experiments conducted in 1945. It seems that the post-war team, led by Professor Langford, succeeded in getting the Stargate to work and a young professor, Ernest Littlefield, actually traveled through the wormhole, never to return. Daniel shares this information with the professor's daughter, Catherine Langford, who oversaw the Stargate project for years and who was supposed to marry Littlefield before he disappeared. Using computer-enhanced pictures as a guide, the SG-1 team, joined by Langford, go in search of Littlefield. They find the professor, now grown old, as well as a remarkable room that seems to have been the meeting place of four alien civilizations. There's only one problem: the dial-home device on this Stargate is severely damaged and Langford and the SG-1 team may be trapped forever.

    • Episode 9

      Thor's Hammer

      aired: Fri, Sep 26, 1997

      In search of allies in their battle against the Goa'ulds, O'Neill and the SG-1 team travel to the planet Cimmeria - - home to the legendary Norse gods. But, Cimmeria has long ago been declared off-limits to Goa'ulds and when the team emerges from the Stargate, Teal'c, who as a Jaffa carries an infant Goa'uld within him, is trapped in a mysterious beam of light. When O'Neill tries to save him, both men vanish, transported to a mysterious underground labyrinth. The labyrinth is home to Unas, a vicious creature that is the original Goa'uld host, but it is also Thor's Hammer, which is designed to kill Goa'ulds. As O'Neill and Teal'c fight for survival, Daniel Jackson and Dr. Samantha Carter try to rescue them, aided by Kendra, a former Goa'uld host who survived her own journey through the labyrinth years earlier.

    • Episode 8

      Brief Candle

      aired: Fri, Aug 29, 1997

      O'Neill and the SG-1 team travel through the Stargate to Argos, where they come across a young woman giving birth. After Daniel delivers the child, the team is invited to a festival, where they find a civilization of beautiful, happy people who celebrate while the sun shines and mysteriously drop to sleep the minute that it sets. More mysteriously, they seem to age very rapidly - a lifetime is 100 days - an effect that O'Neill unwittingly inherits when he is seduced by Kynthia, a stunning Argosian woman. As O'Neill's hair turns grey and life races past, the rest of the team return to base to try to discover a cure for whatever is making O'Neill and the Argosians grow old so fast. Dr. Samantha Carter discovers the culprit: nanocytes or microscopic robots that circulate in the blood stream, apparently placed there as part of a cruel experiment by Pelops, a Goa'uld whom the Argosians worship as a god. But, the team can't figure out how to turn them off, and unless they can, O'Neill will soon be dead.

    • Episode 7

      The Nox

      aired: Fri, Sep 12, 1997

      Under government pressure to discover superior technologies, O'Neill and the team head to a planet Teal'c remembers, which has creatures called Fenri that possess the power of invisibility. They arrive to discover a Goa'uld hunting party, led by Apophis, is already there tracking the Fenri. O'Neill's attempt at an ambush goes horribly wrong and the members of the SG-1 team are killed. They are revived, along with Shak'l, a Jaffa who was also killed in the battle by the Nox. The Nox are a small, peaceful, fairy-like people who occupy the planet previously thought to be uninhabited. The Nox can make things invisible - it is they who shield the A'kasha (a flying insect-like creature) from the sight of the hunters - and bring back the dead. But, can they stand up to the deadly technology of the Goa'uld once Shak'l reveals their secret and location to Apophis? O'Neill and the team offer to defend the Nox against Apophis, but the peaceful little people have their own solution, far beyond the understanding of either Goa'ulds or the people of Earth.

    • Episode 6

      Cold Lazarus

      aired: Fri, Aug 22, 1997

      On Planet P3X562, the SG-1 team discovers a valley full of broken crystals. Alone, O'Neill finds a whole crystal with blue light emanating from it. Upon touching it, he is struck down and a duplicate O'Neill appears. The double returns home through the Stargate, with the unsuspecting team. Once back, the double seeks out O'Neill's estranged wife, Sara, and tries to find the couple's son, Charlie, who was killed years earlier. Meanwhile, a revived O'Neill returns through the gate, only to realize he's been replicated. Carter and Jackson have discovered that the crystals contain energy beings that can read minds, mimic people and communicate. The beings tell of their tragic encounter with the Goa'ulds and explain that they cannot survive in the Earth's intense electromagnetic field, which means that the O'Neill double is now highly unstable, putting Sara and others in great danger. The real O'Neill and the SG-1 team find Sara and the double in a hospital emergency room. The double explains that he never meant to hurt O'Neill. He was trying to heal him when he realized that the greatest pain O'Neill had was not physical, but emotional; grief from the loss of his son. In a final gesture, the double does just that, taking the form of Charlie and giving Sara and Jack something they never had: a chance to say good-bye to their son.

    • Episode 5

      The First Commandment

      aired: Fri, Aug 1, 1997

      Colonel Jack O'Neill and the SG-1 team are sent through the Stargate after SG-9 is declared missing in action. When SG-1 arrives on the planet, they learn that the primitive cave-dwelling inhabitants greeted SG-9 as gods because they carried guns and used powerful sunscreen which allowed them to survive the deadly UV rays. The problem is that SG-9 leader Capt. Jonas Hanson has taken advantage of this opportunity for power. Hanson now rules the planet without mercy, forcing the inhabitants to rebuild the giant Gou'ald temples and condemning disbelievers to death by radiation exposure. It's clear that Hanson must be stopped, but how do you stop a god? Dr. Samantha Carter, who was once romantically involved with Hanson, thinks she can reach him. O'Neill is prepared to fight his way into Hanson's compound to save Conner, one of the surviving SG-9 team members. But, Daniel Jackson and Teal'c may have the best solution; with the help of Jamala, one of the planet's inhabitants, they set out to show the people of the planet that Hanson's power comes from technology - - not divinity.

    • Episode 4

      The Broca Divide

      aired: Sat, Aug 9, 1997

      O'Neill and the SG-1 team head through the Stargate to a planet known as P3X797 and discover a world divided between a dark and light side, with a population similarly split between the Touched and the Untouched. The Untouched, who live on the bright side, are humans, a Bronze Age people who seem almost like the Minoan civilization of Earth. The Touched, who live on the dark side, are heavy-browed primitives with limited skills and the brutal instincts of animals. The findings would only be of academic interest, but when the SG-1 team returns, all but Teal'c and Jackson begin a startling transformation: they develop the heavy brows and act with the animal brutality of the Touched. Worse, so do many others at Stargate's mountain headquarters, including General Hammond. As order breaks down and the project is jeopardized, Jackson and Teal'c head back through the Stargate in an attempt to discover the reason for this mysterious transformation. Is this a disease that can be cured or are O'Neill, the General and the others all doomed to live out the rest of their lives in the Stone Age?

    • Episode 3


      aired: Fri, Aug 8, 1997

      On the planet Simarka, the SG-1 team meets the Shavadai; a race of people similar to the ancient Mongols of Earth. These skilled horsemen and fierce warriors operate by a strict code, which includes second-class status for women. Dr. Samantha Carter, who takes a back seat to no man, is threatened by death on her first encounter with the Shavadai chief, Mughal, and is only spared because she saved the life of his son, Abu. Carter faces peril again when she is kidnapped by Abu, who hopes to trade her for the hand of Nya, the daughter of Mughal's powerful enemy, Turghan. The deal goes bad and Carter ends up the unwilling property of the warrior chief. She is determined to escape but torn by pity for the lovelorn Nya and Abu. Carter arranges Nya's escape from Turghan's tyranny and is rescued from his clutches by O'Neill and the SG-1 team. But, Carter's ordeal is not over yet; Turghan caught his daughter trying to elope and will stone her to death for her disloyalty unless Carter can defeat him in combat. In the circle of battle, Carter must prove she is the equal of any man -- or die trying.

    • Episode 2

      The Enemy Within

      aired: Sun, Jul 27, 1997

      As the Goa'ulds splatter against the protective iris installed inside the Stargate, the SG-1 team faces several problems close to home. Colonel Jack O'Neill wants to add a new member to the team: Teal'c, an alien who risked his own skin to save O'Neill and his team on the other side of the Stargate. But, General Hammond won't approve the appointment and O'Neill must watch as military intelligence treats Teal'c like a guinea pig. To make matters worse, Kawalsky, O'Neill's right-hand man, has been having terrible headaches caused by an alien larvae that has attached itself to his brain. What they haven't discovered is that this larvae is trying to take over Kawalsky's body in an attempt to go back through the Stargate. With guidance from Teal'c, the doctors operate to remove the alien, but did they get it in time? Or is Kawalsky still under alien control, ready to kill when the order comes?

    • Episode 1

      Children of the Gods, Part 2

      aired: Sun, Jul 27, 1997

      Colonel Jack O'Neill retired from the military a year ago. Prior to retirement, he led an expedition through the Stargate, an ancient portal which allows instantaneous travel to other galaxies. He is called back to duty by General Hammond when a group of aliens emerge from the Stargate, kill the soldiers guarding it and kidnap a female guard. After seeing the aftermath of the alien attack and the strange bodies they left behind, O'Neill confesses that he defied the order to destroy Abydos, the world he visited via the Stargate. He reveals that Daniel Jackson, the scientist who was thought to have died on that mission, is alive and living on Abydos. It is also clear that these aliens are not from Abydos. O'Neill is reunited with his old comrades Kawalsky and Ferretti and joined by Capt. Samantha Carter, an astrophysicist. SG-1 returns through the Stargate to Abydos. They discover that Jackson has taken an Abydan wife, the beautiful Sha're, and that Skaara, the young Abydan boy O'Neill cherishes as a son, has grown into a fine young man. They also see Jackson's latest discovery: a giant cartouche covered in hieroglyphics that seems to be a map of many Stargates throughout the galaxy. As they marvel, however, the aliens led by the handsome but evil Apophis, are making use of a similar map. They emerge from the Stargate on Abydos, and after a brief battle, kidnap Sha're and Skaara. Ferretti, who was wounded in the fire fight with the aliens, has seen the hieroglyphic code that indicates the alien's destination. O'Neill and Jackson are determined to follow the aliens and to save their loved ones. With a troop of soldiers from earth in tow, they track the aliens to the planet Chulak. There they discover that Sha're is now Apophis' queen; her body has been taken over by the hideous snake creatures, known as Goa'ulds, who rule this planet and collect life forms from around the galaxy to use as hosts. They know they can't save her, but can they save themselves and Skaara before they're killed by the Goa'uld guards and before General Hammond sends a nuclear weapon through the Stargate to destroy the planet?

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