Star Fox: Assault

Star Fox: Assault
Star Fox: Assault
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    • Episode 5

      Mission 5 - Asteroid Belt - The Aparoid Menace

      aired: Fri, May 18, 2012

      Mission 5: Hunt down Pigma Pigma's taken refuge in the Asteroid Belt. If you lose him here, you may never find him again. There are many Aparoids around the Asteroid Belt, but you must fight your way through it, capture or destroy Pigma, and recover the core memory. _______________________________________________ Recording comments: I hate the sound of missing a shot against the boss. Most annoying thing ever....That is all.

    • Episode 4

      Mission 4 - Fichina ~ Into The Storm

      aired: Sun, Apr 8, 2012

      Mission 4: Recapture the climate control center Pigma has fled to Fichina where he has taken control of and shut down the planet's climate control center. Find a way into the center and get the climate control device running again. Be warned: Aparoids have been detected in the area around the control center. Proceed with caution. __________________________________________________ Onto another ground mission with some arwing gameplay later on. Its funny because you can notice i was particularly ignoring the counter near the end of the video. I figured out what control scheme I want to use after this video as the one i tried here was horrible. Also, I loved the wing riding sections even though it isn't much. Hope they can somehow work on this if they make another game.

    • Episode 3

      Mission 3 - Sargasso Spaze Zone - Hostiles Revisited

      aired: Sat, Apr 7, 2012

      Mission 3: Take control of the Hideout The core memory that Pigma stole may contain vital information on the war with the aparoids. (It is currently the only complete core memory taken from the aparoids.) It is believed that Pigma has fled to an illegal hideout; pursue him and take control of the hideout.

    • Episode 2

      Mission 2 ~ Katina - Frontier Base Battle

      aired: Fri, Apr 6, 2012

      Mission 2 - Investigate Base on Katina A base in the hinterlands of Katina has been attacked by an unknown assailant. At the same time, invading forces, thought to be Aparoids have struck in several places throughout the Lylat System and have interrupted all communications. Discover who sent the S.O.S and why. _____________________________________________________ Recording comments: So this level isn't bad. One of the major problems I faced were the controls. I've been switching between several control schemes but my hands seem to favor one control scheme for ground missions, arwing missions, or missions in the landmaster but oh well, can't win them all.

    • Episode 1

      Mission 1 ~ Fortuna - A New Enemy

      aired: Sat, Mar 24, 2012

      Mission 1: take out Oikonny In orbit around the planet Fortuna, the Cornerian battle fleet fights Oikonny and the remnants of Andross' army. Search out and destroy Oikonny's flagship by using an arwing to navigate the battlefield. If Oikonny flees, follow him and shoot him down.

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