Smart Guy

Smart Guy
T.J. Henderson (Tahj Mowry) is a high school sophmore. He isn't just a regular one though. He is a ten-year old tenth grader! After being promoted to high school, T.J. deals with the usual problems of fitting in as a genius, while being a little kid in a big school. He can figure anything out, and homeworks a sinch. Well, one thing he can't figure out is what's wrong with his brother? Marcus (Jason Weaver) is in the same grade as T.J., which only embarrasses him. Especially since T.J. always rubs in his genius factor. Marcus also deals with problems, such as finding a steady date, and doing homework ... make that getting T.J. to do his homework. There's also Marcus' goofy friend Mo. Mo (Omar Gooding, "Hangin' With Mr. Cooper", "Zoe") always seems to be annoying T.J.'s dad Floyd (John Marshall Jones, "John Doe"), with his goofy, and pointless ideas. Floyd himself deals with troubles. He owns his own business, always putting in hard work in at work, as well as at home! After his wife died, Floyd was left to raise all three of his kids on his own. So with work, and homelife, where's the time for dating? Luckily for him, there is his daughter Yvette (Essence Atkins, "Half and Half"). She always keeps the rest of the family grounded, while also being a fighter for equal rights. Runner of the school paper, and top notch student, she does it all. In the life of a smart guy like T.J., there are many ups and downs, but as a close-nit family, they are always there for each other.

Genre: Comedy, Family

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