Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk
Sakuragi Hanamichi is a junior high punk used to getting into fights and being rejected by girls but upon entering high school he meets the girl of his dreams, Haruko Akagi. He will do anything in order to win her heart including joining the school basketball team that is aiming to conquer the nation lead by Haruko's brother. The problem is that Sakuragi has never played basketball before and a freshman sensation is stealing the spotlight and Haruko's affection from him.

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Sport

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    • Episode 101

      Episode 101

      aired: Fri, Mar 22, 1996

      The opportunity has finally presented itself for Hanamichi to show off his new move, the "Training Camp Shot." The players from the mixed team and even his own team look on in disbelief.

    • Episode 100

      Episode 100

      aired: Mon, Dec 15, 2008

      Shohoku’s scrimmage with the mixed team of Fujima and Hanagata of Shoyo, with Uozumi, Sendo, and Fukuda of Ryonan changes momentum when Sendo enters the game. However, Hanamichi, who was concerned with his jump shot, focuses on his rebounding.

    • Episode 99

      Episode 99

      aired: Fri, Mar 1, 1996

      Sendo joins the mixed team. They make crisp passes and continuous advanced combinations On the other hand, Hanamichi is unable to show off the results of his training, and his teammates look at him with disdain.

    • Episode 98

      Episode 98

      aired: Fri, Feb 23, 1996

      The Shoyo and Ryonan mixed team consists of Fujima, Hanagata, and Hasegawa from Shoyo along with Uozumi and Ikegami from Ryonan. Shohoku does not fear the strong team. They are very aggressive, and quickly take the lead.

    • Episode 97

      Episode 97

      aired: Mon, Feb 26, 1996

      Hanamichi annoyingly suggests a practice game to show off the results of his special training to Akagi and the rest of the team. Then, Shoyo’s Fujima, Hanagata, and Hasegawa who coincidently met up with Hikoichi come by to cheer them on.

    • Episode 96

      Episode 96

      aired: Fri, Feb 9, 1996

      On the final day of training camp, Hanamichi makes his last jump shot to end his 20,000 jump shot training. Akagi and the team come back from Shizuoka. Haruko takes Hanamichi to the sports shop the next day.

    • Episode 95

      Episode 95

      aired: Fri, Feb 2, 1996

      Haruko invites Hanamichi to the festival for a change of pace. Hanamichi makes sure Yohei and friends don’t come and disturb him. However, while they are having fun, Haruko is approached by some thugs and their good time is ruined.

    • Episode 94

      Episode 94

      aired: Mon, Dec 15, 2008

      While Hanamichi is practicing his 20,000 jump shots, Akagi and the team have a practice game in Shizuoka with their fellow training camp partners, Jousei High School. Jousei is a strong team that can’t be taken for granted.

    • Episode 93

      Episode 93

      aired: Thu, Jan 19, 1995

      When Akagi and his team go to Shizuoka for a combined training camp with Jousei High School, Hanamichi is told to stay behind for a special training with Anzai. Anzai wants Hanamichi to master the jump shot in a mere ten days.

    • Episode 92

      Episode 92

      aired: Fri, Jan 12, 1996

      To be able to cheer Hanamichi on at the game, Yohei and his friends get part-time jobs to pay for travel expenses to the national tournament in Hiroshima. They start working in seaside shacks, but on payday they are faced with an unexpected expense.

    • Episode 91

      Episode 91

      aired: Fri, Dec 22, 1995

      The Shohoku team encounters an unexpected crisis. The high school regulations state, “If you have four or more failed tests, you are not eligible to participate in the interscholastics." This applies to Hanamichi, Rukawa, Mitsui, and Ryota.

    • Episode 90

      Episode 90

      aired: Fri, Dec 15, 1995

      The intensity in Rukawa and Mitsui’s one-on-one increase. However, the game ends in disagreement and Hanamichi steps in to challenge Rukawa. Meanwhile, Fukazawa Athletic University’s Coach Karasawa tries to recruit Akagi.

    • Episode 89

      Episode 89

      aired: Fri, Dec 8, 1995

      With only a month left before the Nationals, Shohoku’s practice gets heated. Rukawa plays his hardest even in scrimmage games. He wants to become the number one high school player in Japan. So Rukawa challenges Mitsui to a one-on-one after practice.

    • Episode 88

      Episode 88

      aired: Fri, Dec 1, 1995

      Kogure felt malaise from Rukawa, which is due to Rukawa’s wanting to go to America. However, Anzai is against Rukawa’s decision and confesses about a student, Yazawa, who felt the same way back in his Devil Coach days.

    • Episode 87

      Episode 87

      aired: Mon, Dec 15, 2008

      Hanamichi bumps into Maki and Nobunaga of Kainan. He decides to follow them to Nagoya to check out the "Star of Aichi", Aiwa Academy’s Moroboshi. However, in the finals arena, Moroboshi is out of the game due to a hard check by a first year.

    • Episode 86

      Episode 86

      aired: Fri, Nov 17, 1995

      Hikoichi’s big sister and reporter, Yayoi Aida has her report on Sendo nixed by the chief editor. He wants the spotlight on national level players. However, Yayoi does not want to give up on Sendo, and goes to Ryonan for an interview.

    • Episode 85

      Episode 85

      aired: Fri, Nov 10, 1995

      The Shohoku team enters the Nationals. Second year, Kawai Mari, a reporter for the broadcasting club, has her eye on Rukawa. However, his attitude is unfriendly. When Mari tries to get interviews from the other players, Akagi shuts her out.

    • Episode 84

      Episode 84

      aired: Mon, Dec 15, 2008

      With less than a minute, Kogure’s three-pointer gives Shohoku a four-point lead with the score 68 to 64. But Ryonan does not give up. Both teams play very hard in the final minute, until the whistle is blown.

    • Episode 83

      Episode 83

      aired: Fri, Oct 27, 1995

      With Hanamichi’s performance, the momentum changes again. Shohoku holds a one point lead in the last minute and 30 seconds. While Ryonan is panicked, Shohoku wants to score another basket to secure the victory.

    • Episode 82

      Episode 82

      aired: Fri, Oct 20, 1995

      In the last 2 minutes and 18 seconds, Shohoku has a two point lead. Uozumi and Sendo’s exhibit their miraculous abilities, and Shohoku feels cornered. Without Mitsui in the game, their impatience grows even larger.

    • Episode 81

      Episode 81

      aired: Fri, Sep 22, 1995

      Sendo reverts back to his old self as the “Scoring Machine”, and Ryonan catches up to Shohoku. Ryonan is also fired up by the momentum. The entire arena anticipates Ryonan’s come-from-behind victory. Shohoku has the lead, but they are in panic.

    • Episode 80

      Episode 80

      aired: Fri, Sep 1, 1995

      Shohoku is wielded by Ryonan’s pressure. Taoka tells Uozumi of Shohoku’s uncertain attributes. Uozumi attacks those uncertainties one by one. "Four players with three fouls", "Their player’s stratum is thin." Shohoku gradually strikes a sour note.

    • Episode 79

      Episode 79

      aired: Fri, Aug 25, 1995

      With Uozumi’s intense focus, Shohoku’s one-sided game gradually changes. With five minutes left and down by thirteen, Ryonan is in a critical situation, but Uozumi leads his team and tries to overpower Shohoku.

    • Episode 78

      Episode 78

      aired: Fri, Aug 18, 1995

      Ryonan is on the brink of losing. Sendo’s exhaustion has peaked and they are in a desperate situation. Though Taoka planned to bring back Uozumi into the game 5 minutes before the end, Taoka cannot bear being overpowered anymore.

    • Episode 77

      Episode 77

      aired: Mon, Dec 15, 2008

      Less than nine minutes left, Shohoku leads 53 to 46. Hanamichi is fired up at getting Fukuda and there is no end to Shohoku’s energy. Uozumi who is on the bench with four fouls approaches Coach Taoka to let him back in the game.

    • Episode 76

      Episode 76

      aired: Fri, Aug 4, 1995

      Last ten minutes of the second half. Hanamichi who took out Uozumi shows off his ability. Ryonan who lost Uozumi gives Shohoku a three point lead. Uozumi bites his lip at his own immaturity and remembers when he first joined the team.

    • Episode 75

      Episode 75

      aired: Fri, Jul 21, 1995

      In the second half, Rukawa continues to play perfectly against Sendo. Meanwhile, Mitsui picks up his third foul. If he gets a fourth, he will be forced to sit on the bench. Uozumi with three fouls is in the same situation.

    • Episode 74

      Episode 74

      aired: Fri, Jul 14, 1995

      Rukawa who was saving his energy in the first half explodes in the second half. Due to his performance, the lead is cut to one, 31 to 32. Rukawa’s superb plays, unstoppable even by Sendo, has Ryonan’s bench worried.

    • Episode 73

      Episode 73

      aired: Fri, Jul 7, 1995

      Second half. Sendo has realized that Rukawa is not playing as aggressive as usual. Sendo figures that Rukawa has purposefully surpressed himself in the first half. Since Rukawa is the most active, he exhausts his stamina the fastest.

    • Episode 72

      Episode 72

      aired: Fri, Jun 30, 1995

      Eyeing Hanamichi’s weak defense, Ryonan throws the ball to Fukuda who is guarded by Hanamichi. The plan is a big success and Fukuda scores basket after basket. Hanamichi who is losing to Fukuda dives into the chairs and bleeds badly.

    • Episode 71

      Episode 71

      aired: Fri, Jun 16, 1995

      Being thrown down by Uozumi, Hanamichi doesn’t move. Yohei and his friends assume Hanamichi will explode and quickly react to avoid the worst situation. Akagi who puts down a gorilla dunk shows off his complete revival.

    • Episode 70

      Episode 70

      aired: Fri, Jun 9, 1995

      After the collision, Akagi’s performance is compromised due to his concern for his foot. Kogure takes a timeout. Mitsui loses his calm and confronts Akagi. After receiving Hanamichi’s specialty head-butt, Akagi regains his confidence and intensity.

    • Episode 69

      Episode 69

      aired: Fri, Jun 2, 1995

      The Ryonan game continues with the score tied two to two. Shohoku plays well until Uozumi and Akagi collides. Akagi starts to worry about his foot when Uozumi throws him to the floor.

    • Episode 68

      Episode 68

      aired: Fri, May 26, 1995

      Ryonan scores first, but Shohoku’s Hanamichi scores right back. He makes a shot under-the-rim that he never made before. Ryonan, included the whole arena, is shocked at Hanamichi’s improvement. After the practice game, Sendo sees his improvement.

    • Episode 67

      Episode 67

      aired: Fri, May 19, 1995

      The day of the Ryonan game finally comes. Ryonan, who is in their best condition, will play against Shohoku, who’s coach is hospitalized.

    • Episode 66

      Episode 66

      aired: Fri, May 12, 1995

      Akagi and the team learn that Hanamichi’s quick action saved Coach Anzai’s life. The hospitalized coach does not make it to the Ryonan game. Hanamichi recalls the time his fighting prevented him from taking his fallen father to the hospital.

    • Episode 65

      Episode 65

      aired: Fri, Apr 28, 1995

      Uozumi objects to the referee’s call. He picks up a fifth foul and is disqualified from the game. Meanwhile, Kainan gains the lead. Sendo tries to pick up his team and struggles against Maki. Meanwhile, Haruko receives a message from the hospital.

    • Episode 64

      Episode 64

      aired: Fri, Apr 14, 1995

      With Sendo’s performance, Ryonan leads 29 to 39 into the second half. Fukuda, the other performer, puts up 20 points in his first official game, and he gradually becomes the center of excitement.

    • Episode 63

      Episode 63

      aired: Fri, Apr 7, 1995

      The Ryonan and Kainan game starts. In this game, Ryonan inserts Kicchou Fukuda, who was not at the practice game against Shohoku. Hanamichi recognizes him from when he was depressed after the loss to Kainan, and is shocked at the unusual reunion.

    • Episode 62

      Episode 62

      aired: Fri, Apr 7, 1995

      After losing the Kainan game, only two games remain: Takezato and Ryonan. Shohoku, who can’t lose anymore, prepares Hanamichi for the game against Takezato in three days. For that reason, Hanamichi continues to practice shots under-the-rim.

    • Episode 61

      Episode 61

      aired: Mon, Dec 15, 2008

      To make a clean start, Hanamichi shaves his head but is unhappy with the spectators he attracts. Coach Anzai instructs the team to scrimmage first years against second and third years to clean out all the weaknesses from the Kainan game.

    • Episode 60

      Episode 60

      aired: Fri, Mar 17, 1995

      The night after the shocking loss, Akagi and the team recover. The team decides that they can’t lose anymore. Hanamichi is the only one who has not recovered from the shock of the loss.

    • Episode 59

      Episode 59

      aired: Fri, Mar 10, 1995

      In the final 46 seconds, Kainan leads 90 to 86. Rukawa leaves the game due to over-exertion, and Mitsui is also in the brink of exhaustion. Both teams fight with their last ounce of energy.

    • Episode 58

      Episode 58

      aired: Fri, Mar 3, 1995

      Shohoku resorts to an all-out effort. Akagi forgets the pain in his foot, and doesn’t step back from the fierce fight. The battle of will becomes a back-and-forth game with only two minutes remaining. The crowd watches in silence.

    • Episode 57

      Episode 57

      aired: Fri, Feb 24, 1995

      Coach Anzai calls a timeout in the second half. Shohoku changes its structure. While the entire team show signs of fatigue, Hanamichi demonstrates outstanding stamina. Hanamichi is laughed at for shooting underhanded.

    • Episode 56

      Episode 56

      aired: Fri, Feb 17, 1995

      With Rukawa’s performance, Shohoku ties the game. Akagi returns from his injury and Shohoku gets set for the second half against Kainan. Akagi endures the pain in his foot and clings onto Kainan.

    • Episode 55

      Episode 55

      aired: Fri, Feb 10, 1995

      Near the end of the first half, Kainan is in the lead. Shohoku’s Rukawa receives cheers from the younger players from his middle school. Even Mitsui and Ryota are impressed by some of Rukawa’s plays as he shows off his three-point shooting ability.

    • Episode 54

      Episode 54

      aired: Fri, Feb 3, 1995

      Akagi leaves the game with a foot injury. To answer Akagi’s dream of going to the Nationals, Hanamichi unleashes his "Flyswatter" against Kainan’s shots. Hanamichi also controls the rebounds and Shohoku rides the wave of momentum.

    • Episode 53

      Episode 53

      aired: Fri, Jan 27, 1995

      Shohoku is down in the first half. Hanamichi goes back to the bench. Rukawa takes it upon himself to get fired up and regain the lead. However, Akagi goes down in a collision with Takasago and he injures his foot.

    • Episode 52

      Episode 52

      aired: Fri, Jan 20, 1995

      In the last 10 minutes of the first half, Kainan inserts a third year, Miyamasu, who bewilders Shohoku. This was the ingenious strategy of Kainan’s Coach Takato. Miyamasu guards Hanamichi.

    • Episode 51

      Episode 51

      aired: Fri, Jan 13, 1995

      Preparing for the Nationals, Kainan and Shohoku start their first game of the district finals. Though Shohoku is in their best condition, Kainan’s first year Nobunaga dunks it for a six to nothing lead. Hanamichi feels disrespected by Nobunaga.

    • Episode 50

      Episode 50

      aired: Fri, Jan 6, 1995

      The final four teams are Shohoku, Kainan, Ryonan, and Takezato. Only two of these teams will make it to the Nationals. Shohoku’s first opponent is Kainan, and Hanamichi is fired up.

    • Episode 49

      Episode 49

      aired: Fri, Dec 23, 1994

      The Kainan game against Takezono High begins with Oda in the starting lineup. Kainan’s main force Maki and Takasago sit on the bench while the second string players take the floor. Oda, with his foot injury, could not play to his ability.

    • Episode 48

      Episode 48

      aired: Fri, Dec 16, 1994

      Hanamichi’s 50th rejection was by Yoko. Yoko’s man of interest is Hanamichi’s rival, Oda in Takezono High. Oda intends to hide his foot injury to play in a game against Kainan. Hanamichi skips practice and takes Yohei and his gang to Takezono High.

    • Episode 47

      Episode 47

      aired: Fri, Dec 9, 1994

      The day after the game against Shoyo, Hanamichi reminisces about his first ever slam dunk. He gets excited to when Haruko tells him that a picture of his slam dunk in the Shoyo game was in the newspaper.

    • Episode 46

      Episode 46

      aired: Fri, Dec 2, 1994

      Near the second half, the score is tied 60 to 60. With their will to win, Shohoku takes the lead first. Hanamichi gets the ball and takes a shot.

    • Episode 45

      Episode 45

      aired: Fri, Nov 25, 1994

      Mitsui closes the gap for Shohoku. His energy seems unstoppable. Shoyo switches their target to Hanamichi, who fears his fifth foul.

    • Episode 44

      Episode 44

      aired: Wed, Nov 2, 1994

      Hasegawa had watched Mitsui play in junior high and practiced hard to exceed Mitsui. Though Mitsui feels his exhaustion peak, he does not yield. His junior high memories allow him to push through.

    • Episode 43

      Episode 43

      aired: Fri, Oct 21, 1994

      Mitsui, who has been covered by Hasegawa’s tough defense, reaches his limits and he seems to be standing only on pure willpower. Coach Anzai believes that Mitsui and Hanamichi are the key players that will win this tough battle.

    • Episode 42

      Episode 42

      aired: Sat, Oct 15, 1994

      Fujima’s play on the court amazes everyone. Hanamichi, who did not give up a single rebound to Shoyo before, begins to lose his ground as Shoyo changes into a completely different team. Coach Anzai calls a time out to help his team.

    • Episode 41

      Episode 41

      aired: Fri, Oct 7, 1994

      Mitsui enters the second half, but his exhaustion reaches his limit. However, Hanamichi dominates in rebounds, and turns the game around. Shohoku regains the pace.

    • Episode 40

      Episode 40

      aired: Fri, Sep 30, 1994

      The Shohoku team gains on Shoyo with the help of Ryota and Mitsui. Shoyo’s team captain and coach, Fujima, feels it’s time for him to enter the game. However, Shoyo’s center, Hanagata, tells him it’s not his time yet.

    • Episode 39

      Episode 39

      aired: Sat, Sep 24, 1994

      Rukawa’s tells his team members that their movements are stiff. The team regains their pace and plays harder. Ryota explodes in the fast break, steals the ball, and cuts through the defense.

    • Episode 38

      Episode 38

      aired: Fri, Sep 16, 1994

      Shohoku realizes Shoyo’s strength. The senior Hanagata, whose glasses are his trademark, shoots a fade away jump shot and shows off his skills. The Shohoku team is feeling pressure that they have never felt before.

    • Episode 37

      Episode 37

      aired: Fri, Sep 9, 1994

      Shohoku’s next opponent is Shoyo High School. The team’s captain, Fujima, also serves as coach. The Shoyo players and fans cheer from the stands in a well organized matter. The Shohoku team feels nervous under this pressure.

    • Episode 36

      Episode 36

      aired: Fri, Sep 2, 1994

      Hanamichi fouls out of a game for the third time. The team celebrates in their victory, but Hanamichi cannot fully join in on the celebration. Shohoku moves on as the best 8 team, yet Hanamichi remains depressed.

    • Episode 35

      Episode 35

      aired: Fri, Aug 26, 1994

      On the day of the third game, Hanamichi and Mitsui have not yet arrived. Hanamichi overslept, so he rushes through a back street to make it to the game. While getting lost, Hanamichi finds Mitsui and Tetsuo surrounded by a group of thugs.

    • Episode 34

      Episode 34

      aired: Fri, Aug 19, 1994

      Hanamichi is in distress from fouling out of two games. Akagi’s advice to him was no help at all. Haruko notices Hanamichi’s hesitation, and she suggests an early morning training session. Hanamichi begins his training the very next day.

    • Episode 33

      Episode 33

      aired: Fri, Aug 5, 1994

      Shohoku wins their first match, even though Hanamichi fouled out of the game. Hanamichi fouls out once again in the second game, earning him the nickname "Foul King." Hanamichi seeks guidance from Akagi.

    • Episode 32

      Episode 32

      aired: Fri, Jul 15, 1994

      Naito succeeds in taunting Hanamichi to get into foul trouble. Naito then turns his attention to Rukawa. However, Rukawa is not scared. Rukawa finds Naito’s weakness and attacks it.

    • Episode 31

      Episode 31

      aired: Fri, Jul 1, 1994

      Rukawa’s play helps Shohoku tie the game. Shohoku takes their momentum into the second half. Miuradai brings out Naito, a skinhead who doesn’t look like he’s in high school. Miuradai plans to use their fouls to move on to the next round.

    • Episode 30

      Episode 30

      aired: Fri, Jun 24, 1994

      As Miuradai leads 22 to 8, Shohoku finally sends its best players out to court. Ryonan looks on and see that the real game has begun. Outside the building, Sendo hears the crowd's cheers, and senses that Shohoku is fighting back.

    • Episode 29

      Episode 29

      aired: Fri, Jun 17, 1994

      At the game against Miuradai, the key players—Hanamichi, Rukawa, Ryota, and Mitsu—are left on the bench. Miuradai realizes that Akagi is a one-man team and focuses on crushing him.

    • Episode 28

      Episode 28

      aired: Fri, May 27, 1994

      Mitsui, who changes his ways, rejoins the basketball team. Shohoku’s road to the tournament begins. The Ryonan team also prepares for the tournament. Finally, the day comes, and Shohoku takes on their first challenger, Miuradai.

    • Episode 27

      Episode 27

      aired: Fri, May 20, 1994

      Mitsui’s did not want to get left behind by Akagi. He was too impatient to let his leg recover. As a result, he re-aggravated his injury and disappeared from the team. However, Mitsui’s love for the game never left him.

    • Episode 26

      Episode 26

      aired: Fri, May 13, 1994

      After Kogure’s confession, Hanamichi and the others learn of Mitsui’s glorious past as a star high school basketball player. However, soon after Mitsui joined the team, a devastating accident occurred during a scrimmage game.

    • Episode 25

      Episode 25

      aired: Fri, May 6, 1994

      Youhei and Sakuragi’s Gang come to the rescue to defeat Mitsui and his gang. As Hanamichi, Youhei, and their friends fight , Mitsui’s gang is forced to forfeit. Akagi tells the teachers that the basketball team is undergoing a "Secret Practice."

    • Episode 24

      Episode 24

      aired: Sat, Apr 30, 1994

      Rukawa engages in a bloody fight with Mitsui and his gang. A crowd rushes to the gym. The Shohoku basketball team is in trouble. Hanamichi startes to make a move, and the worst is yet to come.

    • Episode 23

      Episode 23

      aired: Fri, Apr 22, 1994

      Hanamichi and Ryota become friends and prepare for the interscholastic athletic tournament. Mitsui brings the thug, Tetsuo, to the gym during practice. Mitsui wants to take down the basketball team and Ryota.

    • Episode 22

      Episode 22

      aired: Fri, Apr 15, 1994

      Hanamichi and Ryota continue their battle, which Hanamichi starts by playing dirty. Later, Hanamichi learns that Ryota is in love with Ayako, but Ayako does not feel the same way.

    • Episode 21

      Episode 21

      aired: Fri, Mar 25, 1994

      Ohkusu and Youhei glare at a second year guard of the basketball team, Ryota Miyagi. Ryota had been hospitalized after fighting with a senior, Mitsui Hisashi and his gang. Ryota gets in a tussle with Mitsui once again.

    • Episode 20

      Episode 20

      aired: Fri, Mar 18, 1994

      Hanamichi is still shocked after the loss to Ryonan, but he gains encouragement through Haruko’s words. Haruko takes Hanamichi shopping for his first pair of basketball shoes.

    • Episode 19

      Episode 19

      aired: Fri, Mar 11, 1994

      Final minute, down by 4. In a desperate attempt to hold off the raging Ryonan, Hanamichi and Rukawa double team Sendo. Hanamichi gets the chance of his lifetime for a “Slam Dunk,” but the voice of Haruko brings him back to his senses.

    • Episode 18

      Episode 18

      aired: Fri, Mar 4, 1994

      With two minutes remain in the game, Akagi and Hanamichi are on the court, while Rukawa is resting on the bench. Shohoku regains momentum and takes the lead, until Sendo explodes with all his talent.

    • Episode 17

      Episode 17

      aired: Fri, Feb 25, 1994

      Rukawa brings Shohoku up to 70 to 67. Coach Taoka fears the freshmen duo of Rukawa and Hanamichi. Taoka orders Uozumi to shut down Hanamichi. Hanamichi struggles with the rebounds, but soon steps his game up.

    • Episode 16

      Episode 16

      aired: Fri, Feb 18, 1994

      Hanamichi enters the game with 9 minutes left in the 2nd half. With the loss of Akagi, Coach Taoka believes the game is over. However, he is shocked by Hanamichi’s unbelievable play, and Hanamichi shows off his "Funfun defense."

    • Episode 15

      Episode 15

      aired: Sat, Feb 12, 1994

      Ryonan continues to overwhelm Shohoku, but they worry that they have underestimated Shohoku's talent. Hanamichi finally gets his chance to play, but he suddenly gets cold feet and causes a number of blunders.

    • Episode 14

      Episode 14

      aired: Fri, Feb 4, 1994

      The Shohoku High basketball team faces a considerable opponent. Akagi and Rukawa struggle to hold their own against Ryonan. But Akagi fights to keep Shohoku in the game with his spectacular dunk.

    • Episode 13

      Episode 13

      aired: Sat, Jan 29, 1994

      Akagi and Uozumi have a showdown on the basketball court. The starting lineup is announce, and the only freshman starter is Rukawa. Anzai tells Hanamichi that he is the team's secret weapon.

    • Episode 12

      Episode 12

      aired: Sat, Jan 22, 1994

      A person appears in the gym where Hanamichi is practicing. A freshman from Ryonan High School named has come to spy on Shohoku, but he ends up blabbing about Ryonan's captain, Jun Uozumi, and their ace player, Akira Sendo instead.

    • Episode 11

      Episode 11

      aired: Fri, Jan 14, 1994

      After studying Rukawa’s form and taking note of Akagi’s advice about “placing it on the rim,” Hanamichi succeeds at the lay-up. However, being told of the importance of practice, Hanamichi stays behind to master the most pedestrians of techniques.

    • Episode 10

      Episode 10

      aired: Fri, Jan 7, 1994

      Hanamichi feels himself increasingly attracted to basketball, and begins to take the sport more seriously. He begins to secretly train early in the morning with Haruko to master the fundamentals.

    • Episode 9

      Episode 9

      aired: Fri, Dec 24, 1993

      At the dojo, Hanamichi meets with Aota and is enticed into joining the club after being offered a photo of Haruko.

    • Episode 8

      Episode 8

      aired: Sat, Dec 18, 1993

      Akagi learns that the Judo club is plotting to recruit Hanamichi. Since Hanamichi originally joined the basketball team just for the sake of Haruko, Akagi becomes slightly worried that Hanamichi may be swayed by the Judo club's offer.

    • Episode 7

      Episode 7

      aired: Sat, Dec 11, 1993

      The pick-up game match between the freshmen and upperclassmen heats up and Hanamichi is frustrated at being left out of the game. Hanamichi’s appeals to coach and it allowed to play, but his jealously gets in the way.

    • Episode 6

      Episode 6

      aired: Sat, Dec 4, 1993

      Hanamichi absorbs the lessons and continues to become a respectable member of the basketball team. Kogure expects a lot from the new player. Coach Anzai announces that they will practice game against the number four team, Ryonan High School.

    • Episode 5

      Episode 5

      aired: Fri, Nov 19, 1993

      Hanamichi is accepted onto the team. He wants to bypass the practices and go straight to the slam dunks, yet despite his inclinations he can't seem to escape from practicing the basics.

    • Episode 4

      Episode 4

      aired: Fri, Nov 12, 1993

      Riding high on his victory over Akagi, Hanamichi breaks into the team locker room and wears Akagi's uniform. However, Akagi refuses to acknowledge Hanamichi's spot on the team and does not take him seriously.

    • Episode 3

      Episode 3

      aired: Sat, Nov 6, 1993

      Gori and Hanamichi's confrontation continues, and the condition for the 1 on 1 game is set. He needs to score only one point before Gori scores ten. It isn’t a big deal, but for a beginner like Hanamichi it is too high of a hurdle.

    • Episode 2

      Episode 2

      aired: Fri, Oct 29, 1993

      Hanamichi picks a fight with the top prospect upsetting Haruko. His stress level mounting, he gets into a argument with the gorilla-faced captain of the basketball team, "Gori," This leads to a decisive 1 on 1 game with between Hanamichi and Gori.

    • Episode 1

      Episode 1

      aired: Fri, Oct 15, 1993

      High School freshman, Hanamichi Sakuragi's height and red hair causes most students to write him off but a girl approaches him asking, "do you like basketball?" He tells her he loves basketball, and they head to the gym to learn about the slam dunk.

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