Rescue 911

Rescue 911
Rescue 911 was a reality show hosted by William Shatner. The show consisted of re-enactments of emergency situations and documentaries of hospitals, police, and firefighters. Crimes, automobile accidents, medical emergencies, fires, choking/asphyxiations, miscellaneous injuries, and amazing stories of survival were the most common situations presented on the show. Other situations commonly presented on Rescue 911 included near-drownings, people getting themselves or their body parts stuck in tight places, baby deliveries, animal rescues, search and rescue situations, swiftwater rescues, rescues of people stranded in high places such as cliffs or trees, and aircraft-related emergencies. The show occasionally presented stories involving gas leaks, electrocutions, suicide attempts, scuba diving accidents, drug overdoses, train-related accidents, and natural disasters.

Genre: Reality

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