Power Rangers Jungle Fury

Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Power Rangers: Jungle Fury is the title of the sixteenth season in the American children's television series Power Rangers. Many centuries ago, an evil spirit, Dai Shi, roamed freely across the Earth, waging a "Beast War" against the humans. Through valiant fighting, the Order of the Claw, a group of kung fu martial artists are able to conquer the evil spirit and keep him locked away. The secret of their prisoner and their duty to keep him under control is passed along from generation to generation. Now, in the present day, Dai Shi has escaped and three new warriors have been selected to find and destroy him. The three teen warriors must go to Ocean Bluff, Dai Shi's ancient palace. In their new home, the teen warriors must assume normal lives working at a pizza parlor under the guidance of their master, R.J., who gives them the power to morph into the Power Rangers.

Genre: Action and Adventure, Children, Science-Fiction

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