Paradise (later known as Guns of Paradise ) is an American western family television series about the adventures of fictitious gunfighter Ethan Allen Cord, whose dying sister leaves her four children. Cord realizes that his profession is unsuitable to child-rearing and decides to change, renting a farm from Amelia Lawson (Sigrid Thornton), who also owns the local bank in Paradise , California. Though Ethan tries to live a peaceful life, he is constantly haunted by his violent past and frequently called upon by the townspeople to defend them from lawlessness. Starring: Lee Horsley as Ethan Allen Cord; Jenny Beck as Claire Carroll; Matthew Newmark as Joseph Carroll; Brian Lando as Benjamin Carroll; Michael Patrick Carter as George Carroll; Sigrid Thornton as Amelia Lawson; and Dehl Berti as John Taylor.

Genre: Western

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      Paradise: Paradise

      aired: Wed, Nov 25, 2009

      Recently released from prison, Mi Kyung escapes to an island called Paradise and finds peace there - until she is confronted with her dark past.

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