One Step Beyond

One Step Beyond
Created by Merwin Gerard and produced by the prolific producer Collier Young, One Step Beyond was hosted by John Newland, "your guide to the supernatural." Newland presented tales which explored paranormal events and various situations that defied logical explanation. Episodes were presented in the form of docudramas, all said to be based on true events.

Genre: Special Interest

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    • Episode 39

      The Storm

      aired: Mon, Jun 20, 1960

      Three years after the death of artist Pedro Castera, his painting The Storm is unveiled as being recently completely. It turns out that the ghost of Pedro enabled one of the villagers to complete the work for him.

    • Episode 38

      Goodbye Grandpa

      aired: Mon, Jun 13, 1960

      A brother and sister are devastated by the death of their grandfather, to whom they were inordinately close. However, they soon begin to suspect that he may be trying to contact them from beyond the grave.

    • Episode 37

      House of the Dead

      aired: Mon, Jun 6, 1960

      British Lieutenant Fraser, stationed in Hong Kong, is returning home to England and wants to take with him his Chinese fiancée, but she disappears hours before their departure. Lt. Fraser sets out to find her and encounters even more mysterious people.

    • Episode 34


      aired: Mon, May 16, 1960

      A convict who has just escaped from prison meets up with a mysterious gypsy, who convinces him that it is best for him to return to the prison. The convict soon begins to realize that the there was quite a bit more to the gypsy than at first appeared.

    • Episode 32


      aired: Mon, May 2, 1960

      A man disillusioned with life meets the woman of his dreams on a tropical island. When she suddenly disappears his life begins to spiral out of control, and in his desperation he begins to believe he is having encounters with the supernatural.

    • Episode 29


      aired: Mon, Apr 11, 1960

      A small construction crew is set on edge when a pilot and his plane suddenly disappear, his last radio message frantically reporting a mountain descending from the clouds and coming right at him.

    • Episode 28

      I Saw You Tomorrow

      aired: Mon, Apr 4, 1960

      As he arrives at a large mansion, a man suddenly has a vision of a woman being murdered. Later, he is stunned to see the woman he saw in the vision show up as a guest at the estate.

    • Episode 27

      The Clown

      aired: Mon, Mar 21, 1960

      A guilt-ridden murderer looks in a mirror and sees the image of a mute clown drawing near to throttle him.

    • Episode 26

      The Explorer

      aired: Mon, Mar 14, 1960

      In Germany in 1911, Mr. Borgner is visited by Dr. Hansen, 1 of 3 explorers who got lost in the desert the previous year and were saved and guided back to safety by Borgner's son Eric. Of course Borgner is not amused as Eric was not alive at that time.

    • Episode 25

      The Haunting

      aired: Mon, Mar 7, 1960

      Suspecting his friend Peter of having an affair with his bride-to-be, Colin Chandler allows him to die following a climbing accident. However, ghostly happenings interrupt the wedding ceremony resulting in punishment for Colin and his eventual breakdown.

    • Episode 24

      The Mask

      aired: Mon, Feb 29, 1960

      During World War II, Lt. Wilenski bails out of a crippled plane over the Sahara Desert, but the harsh and unrelenting conditions in the desert almost result in his death.

    • Episode 23

      Vanishing Point

      aired: Mon, Feb 22, 1960

      Fred and Mary Graham rent an old house but, following an argument, Mary disappears. Fred is tried for her murder, but released for lack of evidence. He discovers that several previous occupants of the house have also mysteriously vanished without a trace!

    • Episode 22

      The Lovers

      aired: Mon, Feb 15, 1960

      Evil spirits are determined to break up the romance between Otto, a patron at a Viennese tavern, and Elsa, a beautiful waitress there. But the connection between the two lovers seems to be stronger than the spirits counted on.

    • Episode 20

      Who Are You?

      aired: Mon, Feb 1, 1960

      In the 1900s, Laurie Warren, recovering from scarlet fever that was feared would kill her, travels to the home of a Mr. and Mrs. Mason, whose daughter has recently died and imagines that she is that daughter rejecting her parents when they come after her.

    • Episode 19

      Call from Tomorrow

      aired: Mon, Jan 25, 1960

      A famous actress has a complete breakdown after the death of her young daughter. After she recovers she returns home, only to be convinced that she can hear her daughter calling to her from beyond the grave.

    • Episode 18

      The Forests of the Night

      aired: Mon, Jan 18, 1960

      Three friends on a hunting trip idling away a rainy day, stumble upon a mysterious Chinese game that promises to make a man what he is not, such as a mouse or a tiger. After playing the game, a mild-mannered member of the trio begins acting strangely.

    • Episode 17


      aired: Mon, Jan 11, 1960

      In 1906 San Francisco, many famous people gather at a hotel to hear renowned opera singer Enrico Caruso perform. However, a bellboy at the hotel suddenly has visions of impending mass destruction and death, but he can't get anyone to listen to him.

    • Episode 16

      The Justice Tree

      aired: Mon, Jan 4, 1960

      A convicted killer is being escorted to his place of execution but escapes after a road accident, finding himself in a ghost town, seemingly inhabited by only a widow and her young son.

    • Episode 15

      The Hand

      aired: Mon, Dec 28, 1959

      In a jealous rage, a piano player at a run down dive murders a beautiful young woman. Although he at first seems to have covered his tracks well enough, he soon discovers that, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot get the woman's blood off his hands.

    • Episode 14

      Make Me Not a Witch

      aired: Mon, Dec 21, 1959

      A farm girl's parents are terrified when their daughter reveals that she can read minds. But a priest knows that her gifts can save two young lives.

    • Episode 12

      The Stone Cutter

      aired: Mon, Dec 7, 1959

      Elderly Simon Lockhart is convinced that he will die in just a few days, because a mysterious stone cutter has already chiseled that date onto his tombstone.

    • Episode 11

      Dead Ringer

      aired: Mon, Nov 30, 1959

      A woman has unsettling visions of buildings set alight by an arsonist and claims that her sister, whom she has not seen for many years, is responsible. She states that she is able to will her sister to come to town, but she died many years ago in a fire.

    • Episode 9

      Forked Lightning

      aired: Mon, Nov 16, 1959

      Two men who don't know each other find that their lives are intertwined by a strange psychic connection that may end up in the deaths of both.

    • Episode 7

      The Open Window

      aired: Mon, Nov 2, 1959

      On a hot summer night, artist Anthony March sees a distraught woman in the apartment opposite gas herself after taking a distressing phone call, but when he goes over to the room there is nobody there.

    • Episode 6

      The Inheritance

      aired: Mon, Oct 26, 1959

      A washed up drunk tells how an elderly countess (to whom he was a gigolo) died wearing a beautiful necklace, as did her dowdy companion who inherited the jewelry. He was not superstitious until he gave the necklace to another woman, who went the same way.

    • Episode 4


      aired: Mon, Oct 12, 1959

      A poor village woman living in ancient England is sentenced to be burned at the stake, for the natural death of her lover, the son of an Earl. She shouts out a curse that the oldest son of every generation to come of the Earl will die before the father.

    • Episode 3


      aired: Mon, Oct 5, 1959

      Aboard a United States ship in Japanese waters during World War II, Captain Fielding is critically injured. A hospital corpsman must perform surgery with only the radio voice of a doctor on another ship to guide him.

    • Episode 2

      Ordeal On Locust Street

      aired: Mon, Sep 21, 1959

      A seemingly normal family is hiding a terrible secret: their son has the features of a deformed, fish-like monster. A somewhat mysterious hypnotist with strange powers claims that he can help them, and in their desperation they enlist his aid.

    • Episode 1


      aired: Mon, Sep 14, 1959

      A man with a rare blood type is unwilling to donate his blood in order to save a girl's life, knowing that if he does he will be tormented by supernatural visions of her future.

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