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Welcome to the On the Buses guide at TV Tome. Stan Butler works as a bus driver for the Luxton & District Bus Company. He lives at home with his overbearing mother, his frumpy sister Olive and his lazy brother in law Arthur. Stan's route is the number 11 to the Cemetary Gates which he works with his conductor Jack. Stan and Jack have an eye for the ladies and are often found chatting up either the 'clippies' (female bus conductors) or the canteen staff. The bane of Stan's life is Inspector 'Blakey' Blake who is often checking up of them and threatening them with the sack for lateness and untidyness. His catchphrase is "I 'ate you Butler!". The last series saw Stan leave Luxton for a job at a car factory 'up north'. Blakey then moved in to the Butler's house as a lodger and he focused his venom on Jack instead. Arthur had already left, the first programme of the last series saw Olive and Arthur's divorce. "On the Buses" was made by London Weeke

Genre: Comedy

  • Watch On The Buses episodes from 1973

    • Episode 1251

      13. Gardening Time

      aired: Sun, May 6, 1973

      The last episode in this classic sitcom programme.

    • Episode 1181

      12. Friends In High Places

      aired: Sun, Apr 29, 1973

      There is a vacancy at the depot canteen and Jack suggests that Mum might want to work there.

    • Episode 1111

      11. The Allowance

      aired: Sun, Apr 22, 1973

      A new recruit is to be trained by Jack with the inspector's knowledge that she'll drive Jack mad with her moaning and whinging.

    • Episode 1041

      10. What The Stars Foretel

      aired: Sun, Apr 15, 1973

      Mum and Olive read the Inspector's tea leaves and predict that he will marry one of them

    • Episode 971

      9. The Visit

      aired: Sun, Apr 8, 1973

      The inspector's mother stays at Mum's but the two women's personalities clash heavily making the house an unbearable place to be.

    • Episode 811

      7. Goodbye Stan

      aired: Fri, Mar 23, 1973

      Stan has landed a new job in the north and realises that he will gain an extra week's wages if he gets the sack.

    • Episode 741

      6. On The Omnibuses

      aired: Fri, Mar 16, 1973

      The company celebrates its centenary and Stan takes a trip down memory lane.

    • Episode 671

      5. The Poster

      aired: Fri, Mar 9, 1973

      The company undergoes new measures to attract more passengers and launches an advertising campaign.

    • Episode 601

      4. The Football Match

      aired: Fri, Mar 2, 1973

      The depot's football team find that they have an attractive incentive if they win the match against the Basildon Bashers - they will receive a £5 bonus.

    • Episode 531

      3. The Ticket Machine

      aired: Fri, Feb 23, 1973

      The family run into money problems when Olive and Mum spend £50 in the same week that Stan blows a week's wages in one night on his girlfriend.

    • Episode 461

      2. The Perfect Clippie

      aired: Fri, Feb 16, 1973

      Stan finds that his income does not stretch far enough to support his family.

    • Episode 391

      1. Olive's Divorce

      aired: Fri, Feb 9, 1973

      Arthur still hasn't returned after six months and so Stan decides that it is time for Olive to go to the divorce courts.

  • Watch On The Buses episodes from 1972

    • Episode 901

      7. The Prize

      aired: Fri, Mar 31, 1972

      Stan's mum enters a competition and wins a holiday for two people to the Costa Brava.

    • Episode 831

      6. Bye Bye Blakey

      aired: Fri, Mar 24, 1972

      Stan and Jack listen in on Blakey's medical and fear the worse.

    • Episode 761

      5. Union Trouble

      aired: Fri, Mar 17, 1972

      The inspector cuts down on the canteen's opening hours and fires the canteen girl which leads to disastrous consequences.

    • Episode 691

      4. Stan's Worst Day

      aired: Fri, Mar 10, 1972

      Stan looks back on his first day as a driver which was also the day that he met his conductor Jack.

    • Episode 621

      3. Private Hire

      aired: Fri, Mar 3, 1972

      Stan is unable to give his mum the housekeeping money after he gambles his wages on the dogs.

    • Episode 551

      2. Love Is What You Make It

      aired: Fri, Feb 25, 1972

      Arthur and Olive have domestic problems as they are unable to stop fighting.

    • Episode 481

      1. No Smoke Without Fire

      aired: Fri, Feb 18, 1972

      The inspector refuses to allow the garage staff to smoke whilst on duty which leads to some unforeseen incidents.

  • Watch On The Buses episodes from 1971

    • Episode 3591

      Boxing Day Social

      aired: Sun, Dec 26, 1971

      Arthur becomes annoyed when Jack shows an interest in his sister.

    • Episode 3521

      14. A Thin Time

      aired: Sun, Dec 19, 1971

      Stan becomes worried about his thinning hair line and decides to purchase a wig.

    • Episode 3451

      13. Vacancy For Inspector

      aired: Sun, Dec 12, 1971

      Things take an interesting turn when Stan takes a clippie back to his place for tea and Jack decides that he doesn't want to become an Inspector after all.

    • Episode 3381

      12. The New Telly

      aired: Sun, Dec 5, 1971

      Stan and his family decide to invest in a new colour television but they have problems when they try to get rid of the old black and white.

    • Episode 3311

      11. The Strain

      aired: Sun, Nov 28, 1971

      Somebody is suffering under the stress of life but who could it be? More mayhem in this classic sitcom.

    • Episode 3171

      9. Lost Property

      aired: Sun, Nov 14, 1971

      Hysterical carry ons continue in this classic sitcom when lost property becomes the focus of attention.

    • Episode 3101

      The New Nurse

      aired: Sun, Nov 7, 1971

      A new nurse is recruited into the station's surgery which sends temperatures soaring.

    • Episode 3031

      7. Canteen Trouble

      aired: Sun, Oct 31, 1971

      Trouble is happening at the bus depot and it is all revolving around the canteen, but what could possibly be the problem?

    • Episode 2961

      6. The Busmen's Ball

      aired: Sun, Oct 24, 1971

      There is Ball to get excited about but as usual nothing goes to plan and the consequences are painfully funny.

    • Episode 2891

      5. The Epidemic

      aired: Sun, Oct 17, 1971

      More outrageous behaviour from those ladies and gentleman that work 'On The Buses'.

    • Episode 2741

      3. The Best Man

      aired: Sat, Oct 2, 1971

      Stan has been chosen as best man at the Inspector's niece's wedding much to the worry of Blakey.

    • Episode 2671

      2. Stan's Room

      aired: Sat, Sep 25, 1971

      Stan moves out of his family home into a rented room in an attempt to spark some action into his love life.

    • Episode 2601

      1. Nursey

      aired: Sat, Sep 18, 1971

      A vacancy for a supervisor of the depot's nursery could be ideal for Olive.

    • Episode 511

      13. Not Tonight

      aired: Sun, Feb 21, 1971

      A new waitress starts at the depot and brightens Stan's stagnant love life.

    • Episode 441

      12. The Injury

      aired: Sun, Feb 14, 1971

      Aunt Maude gives Olive and Arthur a poodle puppy for their tenth wedding anniversary which causes disaster, both at work and home.

    • Episode 371

      11. The Lodger

      aired: Sun, Feb 7, 1971

      Mum decides to get a new lodger but will Stan be happy with who it is?

    • Episode 301

      10. Safety First

      aired: Sun, Jan 31, 1971

      Another episode of this hugely successful comedy packed full of laughs and high entertainment.

    • Episode 231

      9. Cover Up

      aired: Sun, Jan 24, 1971

      Something is afoot with those guys from the buses but what is going on?

    • Episode 161

      8. The Anniversary

      aired: Sun, Jan 17, 1971

      An anniversry is the focus of this classic episode.

  • Watch On The Buses episodes from 1970

    • Episode 3581

      Christmas Duty

      aired: Fri, Dec 25, 1970

      Stan and Jack are made to work on Christmas Day by Blakey.

    • Episode 3511

      4. The Other Woman

      aired: Fri, Dec 18, 1970

      Stan and Olive are infuriated when Arthur starts to pay too much attention to another female bus driver.

    • Episode 3371

      2. The Canteen Girl

      aired: Fri, Dec 4, 1970

      Blakey has fallen in love with the canteen aBlakey has fallen in love with the canteen assistant and wants to marry her but Stan and Jack discover that she has other things to think about.ssistant and wants to marry her but Stan and Jack discover that she has other things to think about.

    • Episode 3291

      1. Nowhere To Go

      aired: Thu, Nov 26, 1970

      Stan's family are away and he has the house to himself.

    • Episode 771

      12. The Squeeze

      aired: Thu, Mar 19, 1970

      Stan tries to sell Arthur's run-down motorbike to Blakey.

    • Episode 701

      11. Going Steady

      aired: Thu, Mar 12, 1970

      The hysterical misadventures continue at the bus depot as a relationship takes a new twist.

    • Episode 561

      9. Foggy Night

      aired: Thu, Feb 26, 1970

      The Number 14 bus has a disastrous journey.

    • Episode 491

      8. Radio Control

      aired: Thu, Feb 19, 1970

      Catastrophe strikes when the depot gets a new radio control system and Stan and Jack attempt to get to grips with it.

    • Episode 351

      6. The Snake

      aired: Thu, Feb 5, 1970

      An exotic snake dancer charms Jack.

    • Episode 281

      5. Busen's Perks

      aired: Thu, Jan 29, 1970

      More crazy antics from the guys and girls whose lives revolve around a bus depot.

    • Episode 141

      3. The Inspector's Neice

      aired: Thu, Jan 15, 1970

      A pretty new girl starts at the depot and catches the attention of all the men. Unknown to them is that she is Blakey's niece.

    • Episode 91

      7. The Kids Outing

      aired: Sat, Jan 10, 1970

      Stan and Jack find themselves enlisted to take a group of children out on their annual outing.

    • Episode 1

      6. The 'L' Bus

      aired: Thu, Nov 15, 2012

      Stan uses the new staff he is to train to his own advantage and gets them to help with a new bed for Olive and Arthur.

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