NYPD Blue is the gritty, acclaimed crime drama from Steven Bochco which elevated the genre and altered the boundaries of what network censors would allow. The series initially caused controversy with its frank language, realistic violence and nudity, but it became a success. There were many cast changes through the years, but Andy Sipowicz (Dennis Franz) remained its haunted soul for the show's unforgettable 12-year run. Starring: Dennis Franz as Det. Andy Sipowicz; Gordon Clapp as Det. Greg Medavoy; Esai Morales as Lt. Tony Rodriguez; Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon as ADA Valerie Haywood; Rick Schroder as Det. Danny Sorenson; Nicholas Turturro as Det. James Martinez; Amy Brenneman as Off. Janice Licalsi; Sherry Stringfield as Laura Hughes Kelly; Sharon Lawrence as ADA Sylvia Costas Sipowicz; Gail O'Grady as Donna Abandando; Jimmy Smits as Det. Bobby Simone; Kim Delaney as Det. Diane Russell; Andrea Thompson as Det. Jill Kirkendall; James McDaniel as Lt. Arthur Fancy; David Caruso as Det. John Kelly; Charlotte Ross as Det. Connie McDowell; Bill Brochtrop as John Irvin; Henry Simmons as Det. Baldwin Jones; Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Det. John Clark; Jacqueline Obradors as Det. Rita Ortiz; Bonnie Somerville as Det. Laura Murphy; and Currie Graham as Lt. Thomas Bale.

Genre: Drama

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    • Episode 22

      Honeymoon at Viagra Falls

      aired: Mon, May 18, 1998

      Simone and Russell make final preparations to be married. The detectives investigate the murder of a witness and her young child. A man’s daughter disappears in a park. A bust uncovers a sports memorabilia scam.

    • Episode 21

      Seminal Thinking

      aired: Mon, May 11, 1998

      The detectives search for the killer of a particularly disreputable used car salesman. Medavoy is sickened by the murder/rape of a homeless woman.

    • Episode 20

      Hammer Time

      aired: Mon, May 4, 1998

      Henry Coffield becomes a suspect in the murder of one of Simone’s elderly tenants. Sipowicz is released from the hospital.

    • Episode 19

      Prostrate Before the Law

      aired: Mon, Apr 27, 1998

      The detectives encounter a group of right-wing militants suspected of killing one of their own. Sipowicz undergoes surgery for prostate cancer.

    • Episode 18

      I Don't Wanna Dye

      aired: Mon, Mar 30, 1998

      The detectives get a break in a case involving a police officer suspected of committing murder.

    • Episode 17

      Speak for Yourself, Bruce Clayton

      aired: Mon, Mar 23, 1998

      The detectives question suspects after two women are raped and shot on a rooftop. Medavoy, Russell and Kirkendall investigate when a security guard is found murdered at a health clinic.

    • Episode 16

      The One That Got Away

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      The detectives search for evidence when a police officer becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation. Russell and Kirkendall search for a suspect who shot and wounded a student filmmaker.

    • Episode 15

      Don't Kill the Messenger

      aired: Mon, Feb 23, 1998

      A schizophrenic man and a police officer become the prime suspects in the murder of a young nurse. Medavoy and Kirkendall investigate when a Good Samaritan is killed while trying to retrieve a robbery victim's backpack.

    • Episode 14

      Weaver of Hate

      aired: Mon, Feb 16, 1998

      Tempers flare when the father of a white teenager murdered by African-American drug dealers uses racial epithets in the station house. A woman's body is found stuffed inside a refrigerator.

    • Episode 13

      Twin Petes

      aired: Mon, Feb 9, 1998

      The detectives search for a murder suspect who preys on ATM users. Medavoy puzzles over a case involving a man who may or may not have an identical twin brother.

    • Episode 12

      A Box of Wendy

      aired: Mon, Jan 12, 1998

      Simone and Sipowicz question an odd, farmer-like man whose sister was found murdered. Medavoy and Kirkendall investigate a shooting at a dispatcher's office. Russell searches for the truth when a young boy falls to his death.

    • Episode 11

      You're Under a Rasta

      aired: Mon, Jan 5, 1998

      The detetives search for clues when a drug dealer's wife is found murdered; a young prostitute's body is discovered lying by trash outside an apartment building; Diane tells Simone that she is pregnant.

    • Episode 10

      Remembrance of Humps Past

      aired: Mon, Dec 15, 1997

      Sipowicz assists an old friend who fears his daughter has fallen in with the wrong crowd. Medavoy and Martinez uncover a body-snatcher ring. Naomi reveals a secret.

    • Episode 9

      Lost Israel, Part 2

      aired: Mon, Dec 8, 1997

      A suicide threatens to derail the Egan case. Detectives question a doctor about a body-sans hand-found in the city dump.

    • Episode 8

      Lost Isreal, Part 1

      aired: Mon, Nov 24, 1997

      Sipowicz and Simone attempt to snare a man suspected of murdering his young son. The detectives investigate the death of an Hasidic woman.

    • Episode 7

      Sheedy Dealings

      aired: Mon, Nov 17, 1997

      Simone and Sipowicz search for clues when two young strippers are found strangled. A pair of men with the same lover suspect they put out contracts on each other’s lives. A housekeeper is accused of stealing her employer’s jewelry.

    • Episode 6

      Dead Man Talking

      aired: Mon, Nov 10, 1997

      Simone and Sipowicz investigate an apparent home invasion robbery that left a woman and her infant son dead. Fancy’s dying friend asks that a fifteen-year-old murder case be reopened.

    • Episode 5

      It Takes a Village

      aired: Mon, Nov 3, 1997

      A junkie implicates her two teenage sons in the shooting death of a Korean grocer. Sipowicz and Russell search for a man who raped a nine-year-old girl.

    • Episode 4

      The Truth Is Out There

      aired: Mon, Oct 27, 1997

      An elderly, paranoid witness is the detectives’ best hope of catching a killer. Tension escalates between two East Indian brothers when Martinez and Medavoy investigate the alleged robbery of a taxi cab driver.

    • Episode 3

      Three Girls and a Baby

      aired: Mon, Oct 13, 1997

      The detectives investigate the shooting death of Abby’s lover. A man attempts to cover-up his girlfriend’s death by setting her corpse on fire.

    • Episode 2

      All's Wells That Ends Wells

      aired: Mon, Oct 6, 1997

      A corrections officer may have inadvertently shot and killed an innocent bystander during a robbery. The detectives set up surveillance inside a hotel where a rapist committed several crimes.

    • Episode 1

      This Bud's for You

      aired: Mon, Sep 29, 1997

      Sipowicz and Simone deal with the aftermath of the Joey Salvo homicide. A drugged-out pimp goes on a killing spree.

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    • Episode 22

      He's Not Guilty, He's My Brother

      aired: Mon, May 20, 1996

      While Simone, Russell and Sipowicz investigate a fatal shooting at an auto paint and body shop Medavoy, Martinez and Lesniak search for the murderer of two drug users.

    • Episode 21

      Closing Time

      aired: Mon, May 13, 1996

      As Simone searches for Andy Jr.’s killers, Sipowicz’s out-of-control drinking gets him kicked out of both his home and the precinct.

    • Episode 20

      A Death in the Family

      aired: Mon, May 6, 1996

      The whole squad is shocked and saddened when the passerby killed in a bar shoot-out turns out to be Andy Jr.—a catastrophe that sends Sipowicz back to the bottle.

    • Episode 19

      Auntie Maimed

      aired: Mon, Apr 29, 1996

      A young man offers to confess to the murder of his aunt, Donna considers a job offer at Apple Computer, and Sipowicz’s wife goes into labor.

    • Episode 18

      We Was Robbed

      aired: Sat, Apr 1, 1995

      Simone and Sipowicz pose as armed robbers to protect their cover, and Medavoy’s sexual remarks concerning Martinez and a beautiful woman anger Lesniak.

    • Episode 17

      Hollie and the Blowfish

      aired: Sat, Mar 25, 1995

      Medavoy and Martinez investigate the murder of a Spanish priest who practiced white magic, and Sipowicz voices concern when Simone uses a law-breaking informant.

    • Episode 16

      Girl Talk

      aired: Sat, Mar 18, 1995

      The detectives investigate after children are assaulted then thrown off building rooftops, and Sipowicz explains to Andy Jr. what it means to be a good cop.

    • Episode 15

      Head Case

      aired: Sun, Feb 26, 1995

      While Simone and Sipowicz search for a killer who decapitated a college professor, a smitten Martinez helps an ex-porn star who’s receiving threatening phone calls.

    • Episode 14

      The Nutty Confessor

      aired: Sun, Feb 19, 1995

      A suspect in a brutal murder of a young woman tries to convince Simone and Sipowicz he’s insane, and Martinez and Lesniak decide to consummate their relationship.

    • Episode 13

      A Tushful of Dollars

      aired: Sun, Feb 12, 1995

      Simone and Sipowicz investigate the murder of a crime boss’s son while Russell tries to convince a man to present evidence that could prove his father murdered his mother.

    • Episode 12

      These Old Bones

      aired: Mon, Feb 5, 1996

      While Russell deals with the shooting death of her father, Sipowicz and Medavoy try to dig up evidence on an eight-year-old murder case.

    • Episode 11

      Burnin' Love

      aired: Mon, Jan 29, 1996

      Simone and Sipowicz investigate when the charred remains of a woman are found inside an abandoned house, and Medavoy volunteers for a dangerous overtime assignment.

    • Episode 10

      The Backboard Jungle

      aired: Mon, Jan 15, 1996

      The detectives investigate multiple homicides at a basketball game that was organized as a memorial to a young black teenager who died in police custody.

    • Episode 9

      Sorry, Wong Suspect

      aired: Mon, Jan 8, 1996

      Sipowicz and Simone investigate the apparent murder of a Chinatown teenager, and Martinez confronts Lesniak about her sexuality.

    • Episode 8

      Cold Heaters

      aired: Mon, Dec 18, 1995

      Simone gets a break in an armored car heist case, then later tries to help a man who went to help his son and ended up firing his gun in self-defense.

    • Episode 7

      Aging Bull

      aired: Mon, Dec 11, 1995

      Simone tries to help an old friend suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and also has to deal with the F.B.I. when they take over a kidnapping investigation.

    • Episode 6

      Curt Russell

      aired: Mon, Nov 27, 1995

      The detectives investigate after an East Indian woman is found murdered inside her locked car, and Russell is angered when Simone is overprotective of her on the job.

    • Episode 5

      Dirty Laundry

      aired: Mon, Nov 20, 1995

      The detectives deal with a homicide in a laundromat and the filing of a false police report while Lesniak must finally face up to rumors that she’s gay.

    • Episode 4

      Heavin' Can Wait

      aired: Mon, Nov 13, 1995

      The combination of the murder of two children, Costas’ pregnancy and Russell’s drinking problem begin to take their toll on Sipowicz.

    • Episode 3

      One Big Happy Family

      aired: Mon, Nov 6, 1995

      With Russell acting as a decoy, the detectives lay a trap for a serial rapist who appears to be murdering his victims so they can’t testify against him.

    • Episode 2

      Torah! Torah! Torah!

      aired: Mon, Oct 30, 1995

      Simone and Sipowicz search for the killer of a young girl, and later Sipowicz and Medavoy go undercover as Rabbis to find a valuable stolen torah.

    • Episode 1


      aired: Mon, Oct 23, 1995

      Simone and Sipowicz are shocked to discover that a suspect in a robbery, in which Martinez was shot, is actually a Corrections Officer at Rikers prison.

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    • Episode 22

      A.D.A. Sipowicz

      aired: Mon, May 22, 1995

      Russell is horrified when her drinking problem resurfaces as she and Simone work together on a robbery homicide. The big day finally arrives and, with Simone as his Best Man and Andy Jr. in attendance, Sipowicz and Sylvia walk down the isle.

    • Episode 21

      The Bank Dick

      aired: Mon, May 15, 1995

      Russell and Sipowicz track down a man who attacks women after they use ATM machines. The squad’s gay male receptionist asks Simone for help after he and his lover are attacked. Sipowicz tells Simone that Russell has a drinking problem.

    • Episode 20

      The Bookie and Kooky Cookie

      aired: Mon, May 8, 1995

      Sipowicz tricks a suspected murder’s mother into giving up her son. Simone is faced with a difficult dilemma when his only witness in a murder case agrees to testify only if she and Simone become lovers after the trial is over.

    • Episode 19

      Boxer Rebellion

      aired: Mon, May 1, 1995

      Simone and Sipowicz team up with undercover cop Diane Russell to trap a man who is suspected of starting a fire that claimed a firefighter’s life. Disaster ensues after Sipowicz convinces a couple to testify against two men who robbed their store.

    • Episode 18


      aired: Mon, Apr 3, 1995

      The detectives search for an unbalanced grad student who went on a shooting spree after being forcibly evicted from his apartment. Back at the precinct, Fancy steps in when his brother, a police officer, gets into a dispute with his commanding officer.

    • Episode 17

      Dirty Socks

      aired: Mon, Mar 20, 1995

      Simone fears a witness’s attraction to him will jeopardize the murder case he is working on. Meanwhile, Sipowicz receives permission to aid in a murder investigation at a candy store in Brooklyn where he worked as a child.

    • Episode 16

      Unamerican Grafitti

      aired: Mon, Mar 13, 1995

      Simone and Sipowicz try to track down two Italian men who chased and killed a young Hispanic graffiti tagger in their neighborhood in Little Italy. Despite their breakup, Medavoy helps one of Donna’s old boyfriends when his car is vandalized.

    • Episode 15

      Bombs Away

      aired: Mon, Feb 27, 1995

      When Sipowicz and Simone collide with another car, the detectives are shocked to hear cries for help coming from the car’s trunk. A man whose daughter was murdered decides to take justice into his own hands.

    • Episode 14

      A Murder With Teeth in It

      aired: Mon, Feb 20, 1995

      Donna decides to end her relationship with Medavoy after it becomes apparent he is spying on her. Simone also decides to end his relationship with Benita after he suspects she leaked information to another reporter concerning a case they had discussed in private.

    • Episode 13

      Travels With Andy

      aired: Mon, Feb 13, 1995

      As Sipowicz begins to worry about the huge Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony Sylvia is planning, one in which he must wear a crown of white flowers, he and Simone head upstate to question a man about a triple homicide and robbery that occurred in New York City.

    • Episode 12

      Large Mouth Bass

      aired: Sun, Jul 2, 1995

      Sipowicz and Simone are called to the scene of a murder where a female victim was stabbed fifty-five times. Meanwhile Lesniak and Medavoy help a group of single and lonely females being targeted by a slick con artist.

    • Episode 11

      Vishy-Vashy Vinny

      aired: Mon, Jan 16, 1995

      As Simone continues to investigate the Webster murder case, Fancy sets a trap for the man who tried to entrap him – Haverill from Internal Investigations. Lesniak sets her own trap to catch the person threatening a woman and demanding cash.

    • Episode 10

      In the Butt, Bob

      aired: Tue, Jan 10, 1995

      Simone locks horns with the Task Force while investigating a murder which they suspect was committed by a serial killer. Meanwhile, Fancy smells a trap when a stoolie who tipped him off to a major crime years ago shows up again with a new tip.

    • Episode 9

      Don We Now Our Gay Apparel

      aired: Mon, Jan 2, 1995

      Medavoy goes undercover to nab a gypsy who tricked one of his old neighbors out of her money, while Simone and Sipowicz investigate a murder at a gay bar. Ignoring Sipowicz’s warning, Dan Breen visits his son after suspecting he has stopped taking his medication.

    • Episode 8

      You Bet Your Life

      aired: Tue, Dec 6, 1994

      While Simone and Sipowicz question two young men about the charred remains of a pregnant woman, Martinez investigates a pawn shop robbery. Later Sipowicz is shocked when Dan Breen, his Alcoholic’s Anonymous sponsor, is beaten by his mentally unbalanced son.

    • Episode 7

      Double Abandando

      aired: Tue, Nov 29, 1994

      Sipowicz and Simone investigate a chiropractor after his wife’s body is found inside a building being renovated. Later Simone is approached by a distraught woman who found a gun inside her eleven-year-old son’s dresser drawer.

    • Episode 6

      The Final Adjustment

      aired: Mon, Nov 21, 1994

      Detective Bobby Simone’s first day starts with a bang when Detective Lesniak’s boyfriend shows up drunk and carrying a gun. Later he and Sipowicz search for clues after a mobster’s son is killed and Lesniak talks to a woman who fears her husband is sexually abusing their daughter.

    • Episode 5

      Simone Says

      aired: Mon, Nov 14, 1994

      When a man is shot while jogging in the park the number of suspects increases when it becomes known he’s infected a number of women with H.I.V. Mayhem ensues when Donna Abandando’s sister moves into her apartment and then hits on Medavoy.

    • Episode 4

      Dead and Gone

      aired: Mon, Oct 31, 1994

      When a fellow detective dies in the bed of a prostitute, Sipowicz moves the body to save the detective’s family from embarrassment. Meanwhile, Kelly makes a shocking decision after realizing Internal Affairs is not going to drop their investigation.

    • Episode 3

      Cop Suey

      aired: Mon, Oct 24, 1994

      Sipowicz is outraged when the abused wife he spoke to earlier is found dead. While he interviews the dead woman’s husband, Kelly teams up with a Chinese detective in the homicide investigation of an off-duty cop in Chinatown.

    • Episode 2

      For Whom the Skell Rolls

      aired: Mon, Oct 17, 1994

      Even after the jury reaches a verdict in the Licalsi case, Internal Affairs continue to search for the pages Kelly ripped out of Angelo Marino’s ledger. Later that evening Sipowicz surprises Sylvia by proposing to her during dinner.

    • Episode 1

      Trials and Tribulations

      aired: Mon, Oct 10, 1994

      While Kelly testifies on behalf of Janice Licalsi concerning her involvement with mobster Angelo Marino, Sipowicz tries to convince a battered wife not to drop the assault charges she filed against her abusive husband.

  • Watch NYPD Blue Season 1

    • Episode 22

      Rockin' Robin

      aired: Mon, May 16, 1994

      Sipowicz and Kelly investigate the stabbing death of a priest whose body was found in a park frequented by male prostitutes. While purchasing a used car for Andy Jr., Sipowicz uncovers information concerning a young girl who's been missing for over two years.

    • Episode 21

      Guns 'N Rosaries

      aired: Mon, May 9, 1994

      Even as Licalsi confesses to shooting Angelo Marino and his driver, Martinez is forced to shoot an irate man who points a gun at Medavoy while they're stuck in traffic. Realizing he needs professional help, Sipowicz finally attends an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

    • Episode 20

      Good Time Charlie

      aired: Mon, May 2, 1994

      A man finds himself in way over his head when his wife finds out about his numerous girlfriends. Licalsi is promoted to the Intelligence Division and Sipowicz has a rough night after accompanying Sylvia to her father's birthday party.

    • Episode 19

      Serge the Concierge

      aired: Mon, Mar 28, 1994

      Detectives searching a landfill for the body of a dead girl find the body of a millionaire instead. While Kelly interviews the wife of the deceased, Sipowicz does some investigating of his own after Andy Jr. is arrested for selling cocaine.

    • Episode 18

      Zeppo Marks Brothers

      aired: Mon, Mar 21, 1994

      When a material witness to a drug hit turns up dead, Sipowicz and Kelly's investigation leads them to two brothers who have also planned a hit on Kelly's ex-wife, Laura. Sipowicz must perform uniform-detail in a dress uniform way too small.

    • Episode 17

      Black Men Can Jump

      aired: Mon, Feb 28, 1994

      Sipowicz is furious when he suspects a private investigator is giving false hope to a man whose daughter has been missing for 2 years. The father of a 13-year old boy who was shot down in the street starts his own search after the police suspect escapes.

    • Episode 16

      A Sudden Fish

      aired: Mon, Feb 14, 1994

      Sipowicz has to diffuse an explosive situation when a disabled Vietnam vet who was mugged decides to take matters into his own hands. Kelly steps in to help the girlfriend of a terminally ill millionaire pay off an ex-lover who is blackmailing her.

    • Episode 15

      Steroid Roy

      aired: Mon, Feb 7, 1994

      When Kelly and Sipowicz respond to a suicide call they find the body of a police informant who had come to the precinct earlier that day shouting that she was sleeping with her police contact. Licalsi suspects that her partner is taking drugs.

    • Episode 14

      Jumpin' Jack Fleishman

      aired: Mon, Jan 17, 1994

      When a woman who was raped refuses to press charges for fear her husband will say she brought it upon herself, Licalsi acts as a decoy in an attempt to trap the prime suspect. Meanwhile, Kelly, Sipowicz and Medavoy track down a cross-dressing male killer.

    • Episode 13

      Abandando Abandoned

      aired: Mon, Jan 10, 1994

      Donna's joy over Medavoy leaving his wife is short-lived when he has a change of heart. Kelly and Sipowicz track down a man who killed the husband of a good friend of Kelly's, while an angry wife strikes back after suffering spousal abuse from her husband.

    • Episode 12

      Up On the Roof

      aired: Mon, Jan 3, 1994

      While Martinez investigates a series of robberies involving a fake ATM machine, Kelly's current case yields evidence that links Licalsi to the mob. Meanwhile, Lt. Fancy tries to extend his custody of a young boy whose mother is in a drug rehabilitation program.

    • Episode 11

      From Hare to Eternity

      aired: Mon, Dec 13, 1993

      As the holiday's approach, Kelly and Sipowicz get a early gift in the form of a hot tip while investigating the kidnapping of a young girl. Sipowicz secretly comes to Fancy's aid when the lieutenant is accused of mismanaging the department.

    • Episode 10

      Oscar, Meyer, Wiener

      aired: Mon, Dec 6, 1993

      Ignoring Kelly's advice, Licalsi reveals that she's being blackmailed by the mob. Kelly and Sipowicz investigate the brutal robbery-murder of a wealthy family and work with a pawn dealer in hopes of retrieving a stolen Oscar statuette.

    • Episode 9

      Ice Follies

      aired: Mon, Nov 22, 1993

      When Martinez's brother dies from a drug overdose, their father sets out to kill the drug dealer responsible. Back at the precinct, Donna Abandando invites Detective Medavoy out for an evening of ice skating.

    • Episode 8

      Tempest in a C-Cup

      aired: Mon, Nov 15, 1993

      Lieutenant Fancy hires Donna Abandando, a well-endowed civilian employee, to work in the precinct’s "safe street" program. Kelly, Sipowicz and Martinez pick up a man wanted for questioning in the shooting death of a cab driver.

    • Episode 7

      NYPD Lou

      aired: Mon, Nov 1, 1993

      When Sipowicz's estranged son, Andy Jr., shows up and announces his engagement, Andy Sr. decides to look into the bride-to-be's background. "Lou the Werewolf" shows up at the stationhouse begging to be locked up before the next full moon.

    • Episode 6

      Personal Foul

      aired: Mon, Oct 25, 1993

      Kelly is forced to arrest a close friend after a fight on the basketball court leaves another friend dead. Meanwhile, Sipowicz's suspicions are aroused while investigating a drive-by shooting in which the wife is killed but the husband survives.

    • Episode 5

      Emission Accomplished

      aired: Mon, Oct 18, 1993

      Martinez discovers the superintendent of his brother's apartment building is a cop who beats and robs tenants who fall behind on their rent. While Kelly helps Martinez gather evidence, a fellow detective begins plaguing the 15th with elaborate pranks.

    • Episode 4

      True Confessions

      aired: Mon, Oct 11, 1993

      Kelly quits moonlighting as a bodyguard after discovering his millionaire employer is a wife beater. Later Kelly speaks at a tenant meeting explaining the dangers of carrying a gun for protection. Unfortunately, his talk has little impact on the tenant in 4B.

    • Episode 3

      Brown Appetit

      aired: Mon, Oct 4, 1993

      After discovering the hotel where Giardella is being held, Sipowicz gets his revenge with the help of a pet bulldog and the hotel's thankful chef. Meanwhile, Officer Janice Licalsi receives a visit from her guilt-ridden father.

    • Episode 2

      4B or Not 4B

      aired: Mon, Sep 27, 1993

      Lieutenant Fancy and Detective Kelly are warned to stop pressuring the mob even as Andy Sipowicz lies in the hospital with numerous gunshot wounds. Back at Kelly's ex-wife's apartment building, an angry young man starts carrying a gun for protection.

    • Episode 1


      aired: Mon, Sep 20, 1993

      Detective John Kelly has his hands full. On the work front, his partner’s drinking problem and continual harassment of gangster Alfonse Giardella is about to get them both in over their heads with the mob. On the personal front, his wife wants a divorce.

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