Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie
Nurse Jackie is a half-hour comedy that is at turns wicked, heartbreaking and funny. Edie Falco stars as the title character Jackie O'Hurley, a strong-willed and brilliant -- but very flawed -- emergency room nurse in a complicated New York City hospital. A lapsed Catholic with an occasional weakness for Vicodin and Adderall to get her through the days, Jackie keeps the hospital balanced with her own kind of justice. Every day is a high wire act of juggling patients, doctors, fellow nurses and her own indiscretions.

Genre: Comedy

  • Watch Nurse Jackie Season 4

    • Episode 1

      Season 4, Episode 1

      aired: Sun, Mar 25, 2012

      In the Season 4 premiere, big changes are afoot when Jackie, separated from Kevin, hits rock bottom and realizes she needs professional help, while All Saints is taken over by a corporation whose new director makes a shocking personnel change.

  • Watch Nurse Jackie Season 3

    • Episode 12

      ...deaf blind tumor pee-test...

      aired: Mon, Jun 20, 2011

      Akalitus is all over the staff: HR has mandated a urine sample from all the nurses. Jackie keeps dodging her but she knows her number is up. Coop's wedding is today and Jackie has forgotten to get the cake. She enlists Zoey. Fiona gets caught trying to light matches at school and Kevin gets called in and can't reach Jackie who is dodging his calls. Now that Eddie thinks Kevin's on to he and Jackie, she's working hard to avoid a conversation Kevin keeps trying to have with her. Coop's bride stands him up at the altar and the staff rallies around him. Akalitus finally gets Jackie to take a pee test just as Kevin, with both girls in tow, arrives at the hospital. Everything is catching up with her. She hands Akalitus the urine, passes the girls off to O'Hara and goes to face her husband. Then, Kevin admits he had an affair -- a one-time thing. Jackie sees her way out, a light at the end of the tunnel and ruthlessly tells him to pack his bags.

    • Episode 11

      Batting Practice

      aired: Mon, Jun 13, 2011

      Kevin dodges Jackie early in the morning and takes off to batting practice where he meets Eddie. He's angry about something, vague and aggressive and Eddie is sure Kevin knows about him and Jackie. Jackie, still sober and in pain, is trying to hang on to her tenuous sobriety and get through her probation. Coop has a hard time getting Eddie to agree to be his best man and under duress asks Thor to sing at his wedding, but only after Thor presents him with their fantasy football winnings. Akalitus loses the First Lady visit but still has to spend the day entertaining a bunch of obese children. Zoey throws a party for Nurses Appreciation Week and is surprised by who actually appreciates her. Kelly and Jackie tag team a trauma where Jackie is forced to confess her probation. Kelly admits it's probably his fault; he went to HR but didn't name names. Kelly asks Jackieto go out with him after work where he promises to give her something on him so they're even. O'Hara, wanting to help Jackie, tells her she will help medicate her under doctor's supervision. There's a steady supply on the horizon again.

    • Episode 10

      Fuck The Lemurs

      aired: Wed, Apr 4, 2012

      The Peyton’s meet with Grace's psychiatrist Dr. Bowen. During the meeting, Grace asks to be put on medication. They agree to try it. Dr. Bowen asks Kevin and Jackie if there's anything going on at home she should know about. At work, Jackie asks Eddie if he can fill Grace's prescription, he's cagey. Akalitus pulls Jackie off a case and tells her that she's putting her on probation based on an inquiry that has come down from HR. Jackie asks her not to tell any of the other nurses she's onprobation and she immediately interrogates O'Hara. O'Hara and Jackie argue in front of the staff who immediately takes sides. O'Hara pulls Jackie aside and tells her she'll help her keep her cover (she'll handle meds so no one will notice Jackie's probation). Coop asks Akaltius if he can reserve the chapel for his wedding—he's on the fast track down the aisle. O'Hara tells Coop she's offended he never even considered her as an option. Jackie calls Kevin to see if they can all be home to support Grace as she takes her medication. Kevin promises to be home but doesn't make it back until after Jackie is asleep and slips into bed unseen.

    • Episode 9

      Have You Met Miss Jones?

      aired: Wed, Apr 4, 2012

      With Jackie's drug hookup crushed under a truck, she's run out of pills and jonesing. She resorts to trying to get through the day by cobbling together a drugstore buzz. Eddie confronts Kelly about the missing Fentanyl patches from the Oncology run he passed off to Jackie. Kelly follows protocol to the letter which means a trip to HR to take responsibility. Coop sets his sights on an old girlfriend he's found on Facebook. He's determined to get his life back in order post-his moms’ divorce and start a new family. Zoey assesses the seriousness of her relationship with Lenny after he's put on a heart monitor for the day. O'Hara finally settles down enough to purchase an apartment. Having made it through the day without the rush of a full-on high, Jackie finds what she needs on the walk home from work.

    • Episode 8

      The Astonishing

      aired: Wed, Apr 4, 2012

      Jackie visits Bill at his diner only to find that he has no pills for her. He invites her to stop by his apartment that evening, if she’s really desperate. At All Saints, while helping Akalitus understand her new high-tech office phone, Thor helps her face a deeper fear. Meanwhile, two drunk high school girls, skipping school, arrive in the ER after one of them face plants on the sidewalk, and they spend the day flirting with Kelly Slater. When Jackie notices this, she accuses Kelly of being inappropriate with the girls, which he denies. Coop, still dealing with his mothers’ divorce, is attempting to literally throw away his childish things that have cluttered his office. As night falls, and Jackie needs to get to Immaculate Virgin to see Grace perform in the Saint Pageant, she stops by Bill’s apartment only to find him permanently indisposed.

    • Episode 7

      Orchids & Salami

      aired: Wed, Apr 4, 2012

      Jackie soothes Grace’s anxiety about the upcoming saint pageant, then buys drugs from Bill on her way to work the next morning. Kelly Slater continues to win over the All Saints crew, including Akalitus. Zoey connects with a twelve-year-old boy whose mother was brought in as a drug overdose. A Native American patient momentarily lifts Coop’s depression about his mothers’ divorce. Jackie pockets a Fentynal delivery that was meant for Oncology. Jackie sees Eddie and O’Hara get in a car together after a shift. Kevin confronts Jackie with the dental floss/drug stash he found while vacuuming out the car.

    • Episode 6

      When the Saints Go

      aired: Wed, Apr 4, 2012

      As Jackie’s supply of pills starts to dwindle, her strategies become more intense and secretive, but she’s able to keep Kevin’s suspicions about her at bay. At All Saints, the saints from the chapel are being removed and carted off by the diocese. A new temp nurse has been hired by Akalitus -- the charismatic Kelly Slater—who’s worked all over the world as a nurse and regales the staff with his fabulous tales—but who immediately rubs Jackie the wrong way. Meanwhile, Eddie confesses that he plans to ask Tunie out on a date. Between this, the lack of pills, her spiraling lack of control, and the saints leaving the building, Jackie finds herself unable to even walk through her own front door at the end of the day.

    • Episode 5

      Rat Falls

      aired: Mon, Apr 25, 2011

      Jackie is on edge after realizing the stash of pills she stole from Bill the epileptic drug dealer is quickly dwindling. With a head of steam, Jackie confronts Eddie about his recent text exchanges with Kevin's younger sister, Tunie. Eddie maintains that it's completely innocent, while making the point that Jackie has no leg to stand on. Coop remains determined to battle O'Hara for the ER Chief title, but suffers a huge emotional blow when his mothers announce they're divorcing. Lou, the down-on-his-luck salesman, returns to the ER much worse for the wear. Akalitus enlists Jackie and Thor to help her ferry the Virgin Mary statue to Eddie's storage room, where it will be safe from repossession during the Catholic Church's impending de-consecration. Later, Jackie and O'Hara spar over whether to confront a belligerent mother who's making false claims about her daughter's need for treatment in order to stay on public assistance. At the end of a long, grueling day Jackie hits a new low when she makes her first illicit drug transaction with Bill.

    • Episode 4


      aired: Mon, Apr 18, 2011

      Jackie’s back in the swing of things, having re-hidden her stash of pills in the basement and mended fences with O’Hara. Zoey’s working her first double and Jackie worries about her burning out. Lou, an out-of-work salesman, comes into the hospital and wins everyone over. O’Hara accepts the title of ER chief, which sparks a competitive streak in Coop. Kevin invites Eddie to a backyard barbecue to celebrate his new job. When Jackie gets home, she sees empty closets and drawers and panics—did Kevin leave her? She finds out he went to an Al-Anon meeting and the drawers are emptied because of a clothing drive at the school. Jackie asks Kevin to walk to the parish with her; she thinks they mistakenly gave away some sentimental items. She digs through the box of Grace’s baby clothes to find what she was looking for—tiny mittens with bags of pills stashed inside.

    • Episode 3

      Play Me

      aired: Mon, Apr 11, 2011

      Much to Jackie's surprise, Kevin's younger sister, Tunie, shows up in the girls' bedroom, freshly hungover and tragically heartbroken after being dumped by her pilot boyfriend. On their way to work, Jackie tells Eddie she thinks Kevin installed Tunie to monitor her in the wake of his intervention. Lenny prepares Zoey a romantic picnic lunch only to crack her tooth when she bites into a sandwich where he's hidden his house key. Zoey talks things over with God, who's set up a makeshift piano bar in the ambulance bay. At the hospital, a Jewish Orthodox husband fights with his in-laws to have his critically injured wife moved to Beth Israel for a necessary operation. Later, bedlam ensues in the ER when two street meat vendors are brought in after a comically brutal turf war. Meanwhile, Akalitus goes nose-to-nose with a bureaucrat from the Catholic Church sent to de-consecrate All Saints' chapel and remove and relocate all its statues to a Staten Island storage facility. Jackie clocks out and heads to Kevin's bar, where he informs her Tunie will be staying with them for a few weeks. Jackie absorbs the news, and then pastes on her best smile and tells Kevin she saw his good buddy Eddie at work today.

    • Episode 2

      Enough Rope

      aired: Mon, Apr 4, 2011

      Eddie tells Jackie he can’t keep lying to Kevin, whom he now considers a real friend. Akalitus announces that All Saints is vying for a visit from Michelle Obama and confides to Jackie that O’Hara is looking for work at another hospital. Coop tries to bury the hatchet with Sam. The rift between Jackie and O’Hara softens when Jackie tells her that she’ll follow her to any hospital just to be near her. Kevin tells Jackie his buddy Eddie called and is out of a job and asks if she can put in a good word for him at All Saints.

    • Episode 1

      Game On

      aired: Mon, Mar 28, 2011

      Picking up right where she left off, Jackie takes the contents of the medicine cabinet, throws it in a laundry bag and dumps it at Kevin’s feet. She attacks him right back about spending, the girls’ school and her bad back—she’s no drug addict. Akalitus announces that nearby hospitals have closed down and that the staff should remain on their toes. A hungover Sam is now totally beholden to Jackie and Thor for their help. Post intervention, things are tense with O’Hara and Jackie, and O’Hara goes to Akalitus, hoping to avoid working with Jackie. Coop avoids Sam and treats a little boy who stuck a small mirror up his nose, trying to see his brain. Zoey confesses to everyone that she and Lenny had sex. Kevin enrolls Fiona in Immaculate Virgin and shows up unannounced at the ER, causing a stir and freaking out Eddie and Jackie. After her shift, Jackie shows up at the softball field to cheer Kevin and his bar team on. Things are strained, but she’s not showing it.

  • Watch Nurse Jackie Season 2

    • Episode 12

      Years of Service

      aired: Wed, Jul 7, 2010

      After a disastrous family vacation, Jackie returns to work for a day of reckoning. The mounting pressures and conflicts in her personal and professional life reach a boiling point. Unexpected alliances lead to revelations that even Jackie can’t avoid.

    • Episode 11

      What the Day Brings

      aired: Mon, May 31, 2010

      After avoiding Eddie, O'Hara and the drug dealer who has come looking for his stolen pills, Jackie takes off early for a family vacation upstate. Kevin and the girls are excited, but every activity they've planned is a disaster. Still, Kevin and Jackie make it work and things seem better between them. But when Jackie misplaces the stash of pills she brought to get her through the vacation, she starts to unravel bit by bit. Meanwhile, we see All Saints without Jackie for the first time – Dr.Cooper confesses to Eddie he's been sleeping with Sam's girlfriend and Eddie tells Sam. The drug dealer keeps waiting around to find Jackie. After a nice dinner and an honest conversation, Jackie lets slip that she took the money from Dr. O'Hara. Kevin's furious and takes off, leaving Jackie stranded on vacation with the girls.

    • Episode 10

      Sleeping Dogs

      aired: Mon, May 24, 2010

      Jackie shows Dr. O'Hara a fake MRI to get an oxy prescription. Dr. O'Hara confronts Orthopedics and finds out that Jackie faked her MRI. Mrs. Akalitus rehires Eddie as the hospital pharmacist. Mrs. Akalitus and Jackie advise the wife of a patient to divorce him so that they can avoid going bankrupt and he can qualify for Medicaid. Dr. Cooper is distraught over the end of the "Face of All Saints" campaign and offers to pay for a new round of ad space. Sam invites Dr. Cooper to hang with his friends and his girlfriend after work. On Jackie's way home, she helps a businessman having a seizure and discovers baggies of prescription pills in his jacket — he's a white collar drug dealer. Jackie steals his stash from him while they wait for EMS.

    • Episode 9

      P.O. Box

      aired: Mon, May 17, 2010

      Jackie tells Kevin she wants to send Fiona to Immaculate with Grace. Kevin makes Jackie promise not to accept money from Dr. O’Hara. Jackie rents a P.O. Box in order to safely receive her secret credit card bill that she’s now using to pay for prescriptions. Jackie lies to Dr. O’Hara and says Kevin agreed to accept her offer of money for the girls. Dr. O’Hara tells Jackie she needs to get an MRI of her back. During an unusually busy day at the hospital, Mrs. Akalitus jumps in to assist the nurses. After being back in the trenches, she decides to get rid of the Pill-O-Matix and bring Eddie back. Dr. Cooper's Tourettes kicks in, and this time he grabs Zoey's breasts in front of Lenny (LENNY JACOBSON) who punches him, breaking his nose. Jackie discovers that Grace's anxiety has led to an unusual disorder.

    • Episode 8

      Monkey Bits

      aired: Mon, May 10, 2010

      Jackie deals with Fiona's teacher's concerns and suspicions about her busted lip and cast. Dr. Cooper sets his friend Georgia up with Eddie. Dr. O'Hara, having once again ended things with Sarah, takes comfort with spending time with Jackie and her family in Queens. Jackie (and everyone at All Saints) is touched by the case of a determined man – John Poole (HARVEY FIERSTEIN) – who plants himself in the middle of the ER while he tries to let go of his dying husband. Kevin takes Grace to her first appointment with a psychiatrist. Eddie brings Georgia to Kevin's bar on their first date, where he runs into Kevin, Jackie and Dr. O'Hara.

    • Episode 7

      Silly String

      aired: Mon, May 3, 2010

      Post-birthday party, Fiona busts her lip open on her cast, and Dr. O’Hara and Jackie stitch her up in the Peyton kitchen. Jackie notices Sarah Khouri’s philandering behavior and brings up her concerns to Dr. O’Hara. Libby Sussman (BARBARA BARRIE), the über-patron of All Saints, is brought into the ER. Before she can make good on the threat to pull her funding, she dies. Unnerved by Dr. O’Hara’s relationship, Jackie tells Eddie she needs time to reconsider their relationship – Jackie’s quality time with Kevin turns into a huge fight.

    • Episode 6


      aired: Mon, Apr 26, 2010

      Jackie sleeps with Eddie at his apartment and tells him to stop seeing Kevin. Posters with Dr. Cooper's face are plastered all over the city, much to the disgust of Jackie and Dr. O'Hara. Jackie treats a female Iraq war vet with PTSD. Dr. O'Hara's ex, Sarah Khouri, comes to town and they're back on. With Eddie and the Pill-O-Matix becoming less reliable sources, Jackie finds ways to get pills. Eddie ignores Jackie's request and invites Kevin out. Jackie allows Fiona to have a fake cast on her arm for her birthday.

    • Episode 5


      aired: Mon, Apr 19, 2010

      Jackie overreacts to Kevin’s movie date with Ginny Flynn and the girls. Mrs. Akalitus stations a security guard at the Pill-O-Matix, making access harder for Jackie. Mrs. Akalitus asks Dr. Cooper to be the “Face of All Saints,” a citywide ad campaign using his image to bring in more insured patients. Dr. O’Hara confesses to Jackie that she has had an on-again, off-again relationship with foreign correspondent Sarah Khouri (JULIA ORMOND). Sam ends things with Dr. O’Hara before she can. Still anxious about her possible pregnancy, Zoey throws herself into work. After relentless texts from Eddie, Jackie calls him for the first time in months, and they meet up and go to a movie together.

    • Episode 4

      Apple Bong

      aired: Mon, Apr 12, 2010

      Jackie confronts Eddie about his stalking her and asks him to stay away from her family. Dr. Cooper and Jackie are at odds about how to treat a cancer patient’s nausea from chemo. Jackie provides the patient with medical marijuana, even though it’s illegal in New York. Eddie takes Kevin to a baseball game on what was supposed to be Kevin and Jackie’s date night and throws it in Jackie’s face. Zoey reveals to Jackie that she thinks she’s pregnant. Dr. O’Hara seduces Sam the nurse.

    • Episode 3


      aired: Mon, Apr 5, 2010

      During an after-school playdate, Ginny Flynn and Kaitlin annoy Jackie with their presence, and Kaitlyn catches Jackie snorting a line of Adderal. Kevin tells Jackie he doesn’t like Dr. O’Hara’s offer of money for the girls, for fear of being indebted to her. Dr. Cooper checks up on Eddie at his new job and brags about being listed as one of the Top 25 Doctors in New York Magazine. Jackie’s last minute overtime leaves Kevin in the lurch, with both of them working and no one to pick up the kids. She comes home to find the girls playing a board game with Kevin and Eddie.

    • Episode 2


      aired: Sat, Mar 20, 2010

      After a morning dealing with Grace’s escalating anxiety, Jackie helps a struggling family speed along a test to diagnose a little boy’s cystic fibrosis. But cutting through the red tape leads to sending the patient home with the wrong information. Dr. Cooper lays into her for giving a family false hope. Mourning her mother’s death, Dr. O’Hara shows up at work after a night of clubbing and taking Ecstacy. Jackie covers for her at work while she comes down. Meanwhile, Eddie shows up at the bar, unbeknownst to Jackie, and continues his friendship with Kevin.

    • Episode 1

      Comfort Food

      aired: Mon, Mar 22, 2010

      After the confrontation with Eddie at the end of season one, it’s now a few months later and Jackie is on the beach with her family. She’s cut ties with Eddie and is determined to dive back in and spend more time with her family. Back at All Saints, Jackie deflects blame about the narcotic shortage. She refuses Dr. O’Hara’s offers of financial help and endures Sam, the altered nurse and his newfound sobriety. A thwarted Dr. Cooper lodges an official complaint against Jackie with Mrs. Akalitus, as she fights a deaf woman’s insurance company to cover her hand injury. Eddie overdoses and is brought into All Saints just so he can get Jackie’s attention.

  • Watch Nurse Jackie Season 1

    • Episode 12

      Health Care and Cinema

      aired: Mon, Aug 24, 2009

      Kevin invites Jackie for a midnight rendezvous, where he plans to surprise her with a new diamond ring. She promises to be there. O’Hara asks Jackie to help her admit her mother, who is being flown in from London. Jackie promises to be there. The movie critic wakes up – his taste in movies has been altered (suddenly, he loves “Showgirls”). After spending the day drinking at Kevin’s bar, Eddie makes a scene at All Saints, threatening to tell everything. Desperate for a fix, and panicked because she can’t go home and she can’t stay at the hospital, Jackie takes three vials of morphine from Pill-O-Matix and collapses.

    • Episode 11


      aired: Mon, Aug 17, 2009

      Kevin decides to buy Jackie a new wedding ring. At work, the automated pill machine replaces Eddie. A movie critic is admitted with a broken elbow. Zoey gives him the wrong dose of painkiller, resulting in a coma. Coop dumps his new girlfriend. The parents of the baby Akalitus has been taking care of come forward to resume custody. We learn that O’Hara’s mother has slid into a coma – she believes that her stepfather is responsible. Eddie follows Jackie home, and sees her with Kevin and the girls.

    • Episode 10

      Ring Finger

      aired: Mon, Aug 10, 2009

      Jackie and Grace begin mother-daughter tap class. Coop threatens to expose Jackie for falsifying a donor’s record. Jackie has forgotten to remove her wedding ring, and needs to get it off before meeting Eddie for a quickie. She can’t get the ring off and asks O’Hara to saw it off. To distract Coop from hassling her about the donor, Jackie baits him into grabbing her breast -- and rather than admonish him, she kisses him.

    • Episode 9


      aired: Mon, Aug 3, 2009

      Jackie admits a patient she has treated before. As his condition worsens, Zoey questions whether Jackie did enough to help him on his previous visit. Jackie’s drug use starts to cause spontaneous nose bleeds. O’Hara tells Jackie that her sister, who lives in Paris, has benefited from Jackie’s ability to juggle a job, family and affair at the same time. Jackie feels betrayed that O’Hara broke her confidence. A car accident victim is pronounced brain-dead, and rather than wait for Coop to certify legal brain death for organ donation, Jackie lies and says Coop signed off.

    • Episode 8


      aired: Mon, Jul 27, 2009

      A temp nurse is sent to help in the ER as a woman is admitted with a head injury. One of the injured woman’s 20-something daughters catches the eye of Dr. Cooper. Meanwhile, we learn that Mrs. Akalitus has not yet turned the abandoned baby from the previous episode over to social services. Instead, she asks Mo-mo for advice on unconventional adoptions. Zoey figures out that the new temp nurse is on drugs. When Jackie confronts the temp, he tells her “takes one to know one.” Grace has a panic attack in her new school. Coop finds out that Jackie has a child and tells Eddie… Jackie’s secrets are starting to slip out…

    • Episode 7

      Steak Knife

      aired: Mon, Jul 20, 2009

      A man is admitted with a steak knife sticking out of his chest. He was on a first date with a woman whose ex-husband stabbed him. Eddie gives Jackie a Cartier bracelet for their one-year anniversary, but she rejects the gift. A baby is left in the nurses’ station and Akalitus takes the infant to her office. O’Hara, who is usually on her game, is beginning to crack – there’s a crisis in her private life. Jackie invites her to spend the night in Queens. Grace begins school at Immaculate Virgin, and her parents are hopeful that private school will ease her anxiety.

    • Episode 6

      Tiny Bubbles

      aired: Mon, Jul 13, 2009

      Jackie is caught off-guard when a nurse she used to work with, who is dying of lung cancer, asks Jackie to help end her life. O’Hara steps up to the plate and offers to help Jackie navigate a very sad day with grace and humor. Meanwhile, Coop’s mother is admitted with a gall bladder attack. We learn that he is the only son of lesbians…a fact that delights Jackie and O’Hara.

    • Episode 5


      aired: Mon, Jul 6, 2009

      It’s Zoey’s first night shift and a 10-year-old girl brings her mother, who suffers from Lupus, into the ER. Jackie realizes that the girl is her mother’s primary caregiver. She breaks hospital policy to keep the girl in the loop, and sends her home with meds that the mother’s HMO won’t pay for. O’Hara treats Zoey to a four-star restaurant. Mrs. Akalitus accidentally suffers a self-inflicted tasering.

    • Episode 4

      School Nurse

      aired: Mon, Jun 29, 2009

      Jackie and her husband Kevin are called to Grace’s school, where her teacher, the school nurse and a district psychologist tell them that Grace needs to go on an anti-anxiety medication. Jackie resists this, planting the seed with Kevin that Grace might do better in private school. At work, a young boy has fallen from a jungle gym. Stoic O’Hara saves the boy’s life and has to cope with the gooey gratitude of his twin brother. Zoey loses her first patient.

    • Episode 3

      Chicken Soup

      aired: Mon, Jun 22, 2009

      Jackie and her husband continue to suspect that their daughter is suffering from anxiety. She shares this concern with the worldly and sophisticated Dr. O’Hara. At work, an elderly man, who has chosen to treat his heart failure with chicken soup, comes into the hospital to enjoy a bowl of soup before he dies. Eddie, Jackie’s boyfriend and pharmacist, breaks the news that he will be replaced by an automated pill dispenser within a few months.

    • Episode 2

      Sweet 'n' All

      aired: Mon, Jun 15, 2009

      Jackie and her husband Kevin become concerned that Grace, the older of their two daughters is suffering from anxiety. At work, an irate patient hauls off and hits Jackie, who tries to ease the pain with Percocet–laced coffee, only to have her administrator, Mrs. Akalitus, drink the doctored coffee. Nursing student, Zoey, questions whether or not nursing is the right path for her - a question prompted after a severed ear bubbles up in the toilet.

    • Episode 1


      aired: Tue, Jun 2, 2009

      Veteran ER nurse Jackie Peyton tries to make something good come from a senseless death at her under-funded Manhattan Emergency Room. Her day is complicated by the addition of first year nurse Zoey, frat-boy Dr. Cooper and a secret need for Adderall from her boyfriend Eddie Walzer, the pharmacist.

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