NewsRadio is a sitcom that explores office politics, relationships, and crises through a group of co-workers at WNYX NewsRadio , New York's #2 newsradio station. Dave Foley stars as the haggled news director, Dave Nelson. Phil Hartman and Khandi Alexander portray sniping anchor people, with ER’s Maura Tierney as the ambitious supervising producer, Stephen Root is the station's eccentric owner, Vicki Lewis does wacky secretary, and Joe Rogan is a tech-happy electrician. The fast-paced scripts and ensemble cast combined physical humor and sight gags with smart dialogue and absurdist storylines. Plots often involved satirical takes on historical events, news stories and pop culture references appealed to a sophisticated, college-educated target audience.

Genre: Comedy

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    • Episode 22

      NewsRadio: Led Zeppelin II

      aired: Thu, Apr 1, 2010

    • Episode 21

      Led Zepplin II

      aired: Sun, Apr 28, 1996

    • Episode 20


      aired: Sun, Apr 21, 1996

      Though Dave is pleased with the results, Bill is unhappy with a new promotional spot they've recorded for the station. But upon seeking Jimmy's advice, they find themselves in the midst of a non-stop editing session to produce one upon which everyone can agree. Meanwhile, Matthew proposes that everyone go together on a summer house in the Hamptons, and Joe turns to Lisa for help studying for an important certification exam. As Jimmy, Dave and Bill struggle to agree on a new spot, Beth inquires about subletting her share of the summer home. While Matthew is quick to encourage her idea, Catherine makes it clear that she doesn't want to spend her summer weekends with a bunch of strangers, not to mention one with Bill running around in a skimpy bathing suit. Meanwhile, Beth pitches in to help Joe prepare for his exam. As a condition of Lisa's participation, Matthew guarantees that she and Dave will be scheduled to use the summer house on alternate weekends. Yet, Dave's hoping to use the house as a chance to revive their relationship and wants to be scheduled on the same weekends. Once it becomes clear that Matthew has been less than honest with them, the staff sells their shares in the house to anyone they can find. Finally, after a long day of editing produces a very, very brief promo, Joe gets a passing grade, but only after saving his professor from a stalled elevator.

    • Episode 19


      aired: Sun, Apr 14, 1996

    • Episode 18

      Led Zepplin

      aired: Sun, Mar 31, 1996

    • Episode 17

      Physical Graffitti

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      After overhearing his colleagues talking about bets they've won or lost, Matthew is eager to become a gambler, too. But when he asks for help, Matthew's irritating persistence prompts Joe to teach him a lesson he'll never forget. Meanwhile, when Jimmy can't make it to a big broadcasters dinner, he gives his seat to Dave. And Dave accepts before learning that he'll be expected to introduce the evening's keynote speaker, Bill. Recalling his own dismal record at speechmaking, Dave nervously sits down to compose his remarks. And while Bill offers him some pointers, the helpful hints only serve to make him angry as well as nervous. In order to help Dave out, Beth makes preparations for him to try out his speech. Only his confidence isn't boosted by the distractions offered by her and Catherine. Meanwhile, after losing bet after bet, Matthew suddenly finds himself owing Joe thousands of dollars. After learning of Matthew's mounting debt, Lisa tries getting to Joe to call the whole thing off. But the losing streak continues despite a chance to win everything back. Fearing that Dave's introduction will fall flat, Bill tries one more time to coach him. But an angry outburst ruins Bill's voice, leaving him unable to speak at the dinner. Finally, after realizing that Matthew has been duped, Jimmy wins back the hapless reporter's money.

    • Episode 16

      Houses of the Holy

      aired: Sun, Mar 10, 1996

    • Episode 15


      aired: Sun, Feb 25, 1996

    • Episode 14

      The Song Remains the Same

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      After getting a big order for a hat she's designed, Beth needs help getting them made and delivered on time. So Jimmy offers to teach her his secrets to the art of negotiation. And Lisa decides to listen in, hoping she can use the techniques to get a raise out of Dave. However, Lisa's subsequent attempts to persuade Dave to increase her salary only creates confusion and fails to produce a raise. Meanwhile, after Bill tells his new girlfriend that he's British, Matthew and Joe go way overboard in their efforts to play along. After trading outfits with Lisa, Beth sets out with Jimmy to negotiate a deal for her new hats. Only after they arrive for their meeting that Jimmy realizes they are dealing with a notorious Mafia boss. However, once Jimmy's efforts to intercede are silenced, Beth's emotional outburst results in a deal with Don Green. Meanwhile, as Lisa tries to get an advance on her salary, Dave urges Bill to tell his girlfriend Linda the truth. As Jimmy asks Beth to teach him her crying secrets, Lisa tells Dave that the advance is to finance a recording by her ex-boyfriend's band. Though she insists it has nothing to do with their past relationship, when pressed Lisa admits it's for a song encouraging her to stop seeing Dave. Finally, Bill's efforts to tell Linda the truth are set back when she admits she's falling in love with him.

    • Episode 13

      In Through the Out Door

      aired: Sun, Feb 4, 1996

    • Episode 12

      The Bitch Session

      aired: Sun, Jan 14, 1996

    • Episode 11

      Station Sale

      aired: Sun, Jan 7, 1996

    • Episode 10

      X-Mas Story

      aired: Tue, Dec 19, 1995

    • Episode 9

      The Cane

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      When Dave hires someone to help with a backlog of filing, Beth couldn't be happier -- until she learns the temp is her childhood friend, Sandi Angelini. In a private moment, Beth complains that Sandi used to copy everything she did, from her hairstyles and mannerisms, to stealing a boyfriend. Lisa and Dave think she's just being paranoid, so Beth suggests an experiment which could prove her claim. Meanwhile, after leaving his identification card at his desk, Bill is denied entry by a pair of the building's security guards. To prove her point, Beth suggests to Sandi that she is romantically interested in Matthew. As predicted, Sandi then makes an obvious pass at him as well. And while Matthew isn't sure what to make of all the attention, Dave and Lisa see that Beth was right. Meanwhile, as the security guards continue to foil Bill's attempts to sneak inside, Catherine decides to have some fun by getting into the act, too. Disgusted by Sandi's flirtatious behavior, Beth ups the ante in her little game by giving Matthew a big kiss. So Matthew seeks Lisa's advice on how to handle the two women who seem to be in love with him. But when Beth decides to put an end to the charade and confronts her about the mimicry, Sandi finally admits she only did it out of envy and admiration. Upon making up, they each let Matthew down gently with some help from Dave, while Bill recovers his ID for the benefit of the guards, only to discover it's expired.

    • Episode 8

      The Negotiation

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Faced with an abysmal mood at the office, Dave does his best to cheer everyone up. But Catherine and Beth are in mood to listen to anyone, while Matthew is arguing with Joe. Yet nothing can top Bill's decision to build a cubicle around his desk for privacy. Jimmy thinks the time is right to call in a popular therapist who has counseled them in the past. But Dave is sure he can handle it with a staff meeting. When the meeting is a dismal failure, Dave discovers his staff would welcome a visit by the ever-popular Dr. Frank Westford. And when he arrives to the staff's warm welcome, even Bill is more than willing to respond to the affable therapist. Though Lisa suggests some therapy may help him, too, Dave is concerned to learn Dr. Frank was her college psychology professor. But it's not until their session is getting underway that he's told of their student-teacher affair. Even after seeing how much he's helped the staff, Dave continues to balk at a session of his own. Yet once Dr. Frank lures him into conversation, Dave suddenly realizes the value of therapy, too. However, it's Dr. Frank who finds himself on the couch when, as he's questioned by Dave about the relationship with Lisa, he admits to having an incurable addiction to sex. Finally, despite their suggestion that he tear down the walls of his cubicle, a look inside convinces Dave and Dr. Frank that Bill needs a little more time.

    • Episode 7

      Bill's Autobiography

      aired: Tue, Nov 21, 1995

      When Bill's slightly shady agent drops by the station, Dave learns that the star newscaster is writing an autobiography. And though Bill asks that the book be kept under wraps for now, Dave mentions it to Lisa and the news soon spreads throughout the office. As a result, Bill is forced to admit in confidence that he has written virtually nothing after three months of work. News of Bill's writer's block leads the staff to offer all kinds of suggestions. And though Bill doesn't find them at all helpful, Dave does find the staff's preoccupation with Bill's problem to be a distraction. Yet, even though Bill does his best to keep up appearances, he finally concludes that he's a bore with nothing of interest to say about himself to anyone. After flirting with the idea of suicide, Bill concludes that seeing him fail is just what everyone has been waiting for. So Dave enlists the rest of the staff to boost Bill's confidence. Only then, Bill realizes that Dave isn't the only one who knows about his problem. Finally, after Bill agrees to give up on the project, Dave helps him save face by insisting his own refusal to sign a release has kept the book from being written.

    • Episode 6


      aired: Tue, Nov 14, 1995

    • Episode 5

      The Shrink

      aired: Tue, Nov 7, 1995

    • Episode 4

      The Breakup

      aired: Tue, Oct 31, 1995

    • Episode 3

      The Rat Funeral

      aired: Tue, Oct 10, 1995

    • Episode 2

      Goofy Ball

      aired: Tue, Sep 26, 1995

    • Episode 1

      No, This Is Not Based Entirely On Julie's Life

      aired: Tue, Sep 19, 1995

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    • Episode 7

      Sweeps Week

      aired: Tue, May 9, 1995

      As their clandestine affair progresses, Dave begins to learn some of the details about Lisa's former boyfriend, Stewart. Aware of just how much Stewart was liked by the station's staff, Dave then finds himself facing a problem of his own -- the unexpected arrival of his former girlfriend, Nancy. Meanwhile, over Lisa's objections, Dave chooses Bill to interview a business visionary who has made a real impression on Jimmy. However, when Bill makes himself the center of attention, Tom Baxter walks out of the interview without saying a word. It's only when Nancy arrives that Lisa learns that Dave never really broke up with her before leaving Wisconsin to take his new job in New York. In his own defense, Dave explains that he didn't call off the relationship for fear of hurting Nancy's feelings. Though Dave insists that she's fragile and needs to be handled with care, Lisa learns otherwise when Nancy warns her to stay away from her boyfriend -- or else! Meanwhile, after Baxter gets another chance at an interview, Bill refuses to say anything at all. Though Beth is sure that Lisa must be joking, she realizes just how serious it is when she, too, gets one of Nancy's stern warnings to keep away from Dave. After Dave finally sets her straight about his relationship with Lisa, he thinks he's gotten rid of Nancy once and for all. However, when Nancy arrives at the station to bid everyone farewell and tries to tell everyone of the affair between Lisa and Dave, the incredulous staff refuses to believe her. Finally, only after Catherine is finally given a chance to interview Tom does everyone realize just how shallow he really is.

    • Episode 6

      Luncheon at the Waldorf

      aired: Tue, May 2, 1995

      The Big Day when Jimmy hands out the annual bonuses has arrived. And after he's cautioned against having an affair with anyone at work, and particularly Lisa, Dave is saddled with the responsibility of deciding this year's bonuses. Explaining how he motivates with paranoia and fear, Jimmy says that everyone should get $400 except for two. One gets "the big bonus" of $3,000, while the other gets "the shaft, " or nothing. Not wanting to be "shafted" for the fourth year in a row, Matthew pleads his case with Dave, while Lisa is convinced she's getting the big bonus to make up for not being made news director. Dave suggests that no one get "the shaft" this year. But Jimmy won't accept any changes in the policy and offers to take full responsibility for whatever Dave decides. However, when Lisa accidentally finds his list of who's getting what, she discovers that she isn't the only candidate for the big bonus. Upset over Dave keeping his role a secret, Lisa then offers to keep quiet about what she's found -- -- in exchange for the $3,000! Realizing that things have gotten out of hand, Dave calls a staff meeting and suggests pooling all the bonus money to give everyone an equal share. What he finds is that everyone is willing to take their chances with his decision, as each of them certain they're the one getting the $3,000. Seeing how to manipulate the situation to her advantage, Catherine claims she doesn't care one way or the other and ends up with the big bonus, while Dave gives himself "the shaft" to make everyone else feel guilty. However, Dave soon realizes that not recognizing Joe can mean real problems for the station.

    • Episode 5

      Big Day

      aired: Tue, Apr 18, 1995

      As Dave and Lisa struggle to keep their own romance a secret, another potential inter-office relationship arises when Bill invites Beth to the Annual Broadcaster's Luncheon. While Beth believes him when he says the invitation comes with no strings attached, no one else in the office does. And when Bill asks her to wear the revealing dress she wore at their last Christmas party, even Beth begins to suspect things are getting out of hand. With Dave facing a $6,000 budget shortfall, Lisa quietly suggests taking a look at Matthew's phone bill. Caught making personal long distance calls on the office phone, Matthew then points to Catherine's corporate account at an expensive hair salon. Meanwhile, Bill insists that their luncheon date is harmless and that he thinks of Beth as a daughter. But, after a few glasses of champagne, it isn't Bill but Beth who makes an unsolicited advance. However it's not the kiss that gets Dave's attention. Rather, it's Beth's 93 magazine subscriptions on the company account and the chauffeured limousine Bill hired for the luncheon. As a result of the unsolicited kiss, Bill is in a state of shock, especially once everyone in the office knows what happened. After listening to Beth explain how she was simply swept away by the moment, Bill hesitatingly accepts her apology, but insists that the two of them never be left alone in the same room anymore. Finally, when Dave's investigation of the budget leads him to question Jimmy's use of a helicopter to fly home and play with his dogs at lunch, the owner's solution is simple -- increase the budget for fuel.

    • Episode 4

      The Crisis

      aired: Tue, Apr 11, 1995

      In compliance with a new state law, Dave announces that the station is now officially a no-smoking office. News of the ban doesn't sit well with Bill, who claims that cigarettes are the key to his radio voice. And when he discovers a provision in the law allowing a special smoking area, Bill insists that Dave comply. When this idea proves impractical, Dave decides to inspire Bill to quit and ends up offering to give up coffee if Bill gives up smoking. Meanwhile, Lisa worries about her affair with Dave being exposed after Joe sees them at the movies together. Upon arriving at the station to find Dave in a trance and Bill coughing his way through the news broadcast, Jimmy takes action himself, popping a cigarette in Bill's mouth and immediately improving his performance. However, when Dave plucks the cigarette from his mouth, Bill suddenly reverts back to coughing. Dave then gives him some nicotine patches prescribed by his doctor, and Bill gets relief from his craving -- unaware that using them without medical supervision has serious side effects. With Bill in the hospital, Jimmy demands that Dave start drinking coffee after telling him it's decaffeinated -- even though it isn't! Confronting Joe about their encounter at the theater, Lisa learns he is more concerned about his being seen there with a gay man than seeing her with someone in a stupid-looking hat. Finally, Dave solves his problem by sealing off the broadcast booth so that Bill and Catherine can do their show enveloped in a cloud of cigarette smoke.

    • Episode 3


      aired: Tue, Apr 4, 1995

      In the wake of Matthew's inappropriate, and obscene, pronunciation of a name in the news, Dave must try to limit the damage. Yet, much to his chagrin, Lisa takes charge and suggests an on-air apology before Dave has had a chance to react. And despite the possibility of a lawsuit, Jimmy is delighted with the mistake and hopes he can sell tapes of the error to collectors. However, after he asserts his seniority, Lisa convinces Dave to join her for dinner to discuss the matter. When Beth notices them acting strangely the following morning at work, Dave admits to having spent part of the evening making out with Lisa. Though Beth pledges to keep their little affair a secret, she warns Dave that he and Lisa are bound to have a confrontation which will alert everyone. Agreeing that an affair is unprofessional, Dave and Lisa just can't keep it from escalating even further. Meanwhile, Bill persists in trying to convince Catherine to join him for a date, while Matthew is convinced he's being fired as a result of his on-air mistake. Realizing that Lisa and Dave have gone on to have sex, Beth reaffirms her earlier warning. As Bill tries to enlist them into coaxing Catherine to join him for lunch, Lisa and Dave pledge to nip their affair in the bud once and for all, only to end up making love on his office couch. Finally, after deciding their only choice is to keep the romance a secret, Dave learns the reason behind Catherine and Bill's tense relationship -- their own inter-office affair four years ago.

    • Episode 2


      aired: Tue, Mar 28, 1995

      Only two weeks into his new job, Dave is facing his first big news crisis. A fire has stranded a subway train between stations, leaving its 35 passengers in the dark and smoky tunnel. Though Bill suggests sticking with the station's usual approach of periodic updates with little information, Dave has other ideas. He wants to be the first station to have a reporter inside the tunnel for an eyewitness account of the rescue. There's just one problem -- the transit commission has never allowed anyone in a tunnel during an emergency. Then another problem throws a wrench into the works -- the delivery of Matthew's new desk, a purchase that was approved by Dave. While trying his best to get the transit commissioner to approve his request, Dave must fend off an endless stream of complaints by the rest of the staff about their not getting new desks, too. After Jimmy arrives with a friend to watch the staff operate during a crisis, Dave makes matters worse when he lets slip that he approved the new desk over a dinner Taking Matthew with him, Dave heads for the transit commissioner's office to see about getting access to the stalled train. Even though the commissioner refuses to even meet with him, Dave manages to steal a tunnel pass for Matthew. However, upon returning to work, Dave is shocked to find that Jimmy has authorized new desks for everyone. Taking the station owner aside, Dave then complains about undercutting his authority in the newsroom and insists on sending the new desks back at once. Meanwhile, at the disaster scene, Matthew finds it too dark and smoky to see much of anything. Finally, Dave's insistence on returning the new desks causes one last problem when the movers take the old ones, too, leaving the station without any office furniture at all.

    • Episode 1


      aired: Tue, Mar 21, 1995

      As the new News Director at New York's WNYX radio, Dave Nelson is ready for his first day on the job. But there's just one problem -- station owner Jimmy James has yet to fire Ed Harlow, the man Dave has been hired to replace. According to Jimmy, that's Dave's first job. To make matters worse, Jimmy has not told anyone on the staff that Dave is their new boss as he proceeds to introduce him as the station's new sports reporter. As he looks for a way to break the news to Ed, Dave meets the rest of the WNYX news team, and quickly realizes what's in store for him. First of all, the station's news anchors, Bill and Catherine, are locked in a power struggle that threatens to paralyze the newsroom. Then there's Lisa Miller, a reporter and the hardest working member of the staff, who thinks she is about to be named news director. Meanwhile, as Jimmy heads off to look into his latest business venture, Dave discovers that Ed is highly sensitive to any bad news. However, when Ed suddenly quits, Dave thinks he is off the hook. However, Dave's relief is just temporary. It seems that Ed quits several times each week, only to be back at work soon thereafter. After witnessing an argument between Ed and the station's new ace reporter, Matthew, Dave decides he has to tell someone the truth. But, even after swearing Matthew to secrecy, Dave soon finds that the entire WNYX staff is waiting for him to make his move. Before dealing with Ed, Dave saves Lisa some embarrassment by announcing to everyone that he was hired only after she turned own the job first. Unable to continue the ruse any longer, Dave finally breaks the news to Ed before making it very clear to everyone else that he is now in charge.

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