Mystery Science Theater 3000

Mystery Science Theater 3000
Mystery Science Theater 3000 is an American cult television comedy series created by Joel Hodgson and produced by Best Brains, Inc. The series features a man and his robot sidekicks who are trapped on a satellite in space by an evil scientist and forced to watch a selection of terrible movies, especially (but not initially limited to) science fiction B-movies. To keep sane, the man and his robots make a running commentary on the film, making fun of its flaws and wisecracking (or "riffing") their way through the film in the style of a movie theater peanut gallery. Series creator Hodgson originally played the stranded man, Joel Robinson, for five-and-a-half seasons. When he left in 1993, series head writer Michael J. Nelson replaced him as new B-movie victim Mike Nelson, and continued in the role for the rest of the show's run. Starring: Joel Hodgson as Joel Robinson; Mike Nelson as Himself; Kevin Murphy as Tom Servo; Trace Beaulieu as Crow/Dr. Clayton Forrester; Bill Corbett as Crow/Brain Guy; Jim Mallon as Gypsy; Patrick Brantseg as Gypsy; J. Elvis Weinstein as Dr. Larry Ernhardt; Mary Jo Pehl as Pearl Forrester/Magic Voice; Jan L. Johnson as Magic Voice; and Alexandra Carr as Magic Voice.

Genre: Comedy, Science-Fiction, Special Interest

  • Watch Mystery Science Theater 300... Season 10

    • Episode 9


      aired: Sat, Jun 26, 1999

      A dour production of Shakespeare’s play produced for German TV. A prince returns home for his father’s funeral and doesn’t like what he finds.

    • Episode 2

      Girl in Gold Boots

      aired: Sat, Apr 17, 1999

      A girl from rural California goes to Los Angeles to work as a go-go dancer, but soon gets involved with drug dealers.

  • Watch Mystery Science Theater 300... Season 9

    • Episode 8

      The Touch of Satan

      aired: Fri, Jul 10, 1998

      An aimless young man encounters a rural family that seems to have some secrets.

    • Episode 2

      The Phantom Planet

      aired: Fri, Mar 20, 1998

      When US astronaut Captain Frank Chapman’s military spaceship is damaged by asteroids, he lands safely on the giant asteroid Rheton. But soon the Solarite armada threatens the inhabitants’ existence, and he must help save the beautiful Zetha!

  • Watch Mystery Science Theater 300... Season 8

    • Episode 12

      Incredibly Strange Creatures...

      aired: Fri, Jun 13, 1997

      A couple of slackers stumble across a cult of monsters at a carnival and becomes a killing zombie.

  • Watch Mystery Science Theater 300... Season 6

    • Episode 19

      Red Zone Cuba

      aired: Fri, Dec 16, 1994

      An escaped convict and his two pals take part in the Bay of Pigs invasion, then return home with a plan to get rich.

    • Episode 12

      The Starfighters

      aired: Fri, Oct 28, 1994

      An Air Force pilot attempts to gain the respect of his father.

  • Watch Mystery Science Theater 300... Season 5

    • Episode 17

      Beginning of the End

      aired: Wed, Nov 24, 1993

      A swarm of giant grasshoppers, inadvertently created by a radioactive experiment, heads for Chicago.

    • Episode 9

      Indestructible Man

      aired: Fri, Aug 14, 1992

      In Indestructible Man, a violent criminal named Butcher Benson is executed and becomes indestructible when he’s brought back to life . Butcher seeks revenge against those who caused his execution.

    • Episode 8

      Hercules Unchained

      aired: Fri, Jul 31, 1992

      While trying to resolve a quarrel between warring brothers Eteocles and Polynices, Hercules is taken captive by Queen Omphale of Lydia. Can he escape from the royal court and rescue the woman he loves, before it’s too late?

    • Episode 7

      The Killer Shrews

      aired: Fri, Jul 24, 1992

      Ruined by his boozy, carousing parents, a neglected essay-contest-winning young man gets involved with gangsters.

    • Episode 6

      Ring of Terror

      aired: Sat, Nov 3, 1990

      Hillbilllies, holo-clowns and a giant leech named Patches abound when Joel and the Bots take on this bloodsucking tale from acclaimed producer/director Roger Corman.

    • Episode 4

      Secret Agent Super Dragon

      aired: Sat, Aug 7, 1993

      A secret agent tries to stop a drug lord from taking over the world with hallucinogenic chewing gum.

  • Watch Mystery Science Theater 300... Season 4

  • Watch Mystery Science Theater 300... Season 3

    • Episode 20

      The Unearthly

      aired: Fri, Dec 13, 1991

      A mad scientist creates havock when an experiment to stop the aging process goes awry.

    • Episode 1

      Cave Dwellers

      aired: Fri, May 31, 1991

      Wise ruler Akronas (aka “The Great One”) is the keeper of an incredibly powerful but potentially deadly device. When Zor and his soldiers come to the castle in search of the Geometric Nucleus, none but the mighty Ator can hold evil at bay!

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