Mutant X

Mutant X
Mutant X chronicles the adventures of a team of human mutants possessing extraordinary powers as a result of genetic engineering. Like hundreds of other unsuspecting subjects, these new mutants were altered in secret experiments conducted in a covert government project. Realizing that events have spun out of control, the organization that created them is now hunting them down in an urgent "product recall." Mutant X 's mission is to seek out new mutants to help them come to terms with their astonishing abilities and protect them from their creators. The team consists of members such as: Shalimar Fox (Victoria Pratt), a 'Feral' with cat-like enhanced strength and reflexes; Brennan Mulwray (Victor Webster), a 'Elemental' with the ability to absorb and project electricity, and propel himself with lightning; and Emma deLauro (Lauren Lee Smith), a 'Psychic' with the ability to read the emotions and feelings of others, alter them and broadcast her own emotion.

Genre: Action and Adventure, Science-Fiction

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