Moonlight Resonance

Moonlight Resonance
Moonlight Resonance is a Chinese soap opera starring the cast of the well-received series Heart of Greed. Chung Siu Hor (Lee See Kei) and her husband Gam Tai Jo (Ha Yu) have been working hard for many years to establish a famous reputation for their Moonlight Cake Shop. However, Hor discovers that Jo committed adultery with her best friend Yan Hung (Michelle Yim Mai Suet) and she breaks up with him, resulting in misery and depression. Hor forces herself to move on, bringing along her children Gam Wing Ho (Raymond Lam Fung), Gam Wing Hing (Fala Chen Faat Lai), and her adopted daughter Suen Ho Yuet (Tavia Yeung Yi) to set up another cake shop and start from scratch.

Genre: Drama, Soap

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