Misfits is a British show about a group of teens who are struck by lightning and find they can do incredible things, including turn invisible, hear people's thoughts, control time, and send people into a sexual frenzy.

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Science-Fiction

  • Watch Misfits Season 5

    • Episode 8


      aired: Tue, Dec 10, 2013

      Jess is thrown forward in time after she has a one night stand. It's not long before our gang's antics fall short of vigilantes' high moral standards, and battle lines are drawn. Can our gang beat the powerful new group?

    • Episode 7


      aired: Tue, Dec 3, 2013

      It's the first anniversary of the Storm. Rudy is totally freaked out by the future sweater Maggie gives to Jess so she ends their relationship. Sally's birthday party gets a little out of hand when Rudy passes out party favors.

    • Episode 6


      aired: Tue, Nov 26, 2013

      Finn becomes the victim of a life force vampire, one of the sick teens the group have to visit, and the gang must rescue him. Dark Rudy realizes that he's found the final member of the sweater gang and tells Electrogirl Helen about his sinister plans.

    • Episode 5

      season 5, episode 5

      aired: Wed, Oct 30, 2013

      Leah has the power to inhabit other people's bodies. She falls in love with Finn and takes him prisoner. The gang have to rescue Finn but Leah 'downloads' into various people to try and stop them. Rudy and Jess struggle with their feelings for each other.

    • Episode 4


      aired: Tue, Nov 12, 2013

      Dark Rudy has gone missing, and Rudy is amazed to discover his doppelganger has another life he knew nothing about. Meanwhile, Abby meets a turtle at the support group and discovers that he's a man, trapped in a turtle's body by the storm.

    • Episode 3


      aired: Tue, Nov 5, 2013

      Abby and Laura discover the real reason for their connection. Sam, the flying boy from the future jumper, saves Dark Rudy from a mugger. While spurning Greg's advances, Finn thinks he has accidentally killed their probation worker…

    • Episode 2


      aired: Tue, Oct 29, 2013

      Rudy sees his father with another woman and suspects he is not only having an affair, he may have killed her. As Jess helps Rudy investigate his Dad, she discovers that there's more to Rudy than she thought - the glimmerings of an unlikely attraction.

    • Episode 1


      aired: Tue, Oct 22, 2013

      There’s a mysterious superpower support group on the estate where people with powers go to talk about their problems. Meanwhile, Alex is in the hospital recovering from being stabbed and a group of Devil-worshipping scouts turn up at the community center.

  • Watch Misfits Season 4

    • Episode 8

      Episode 8

      aired: Sat, Dec 15, 2012

      Rudy's new passion for Nadine is put to the test. As he tries to persuade her that they have a future together he begins to suspect that she is keeping something from him. When he discovers her secret, the truth takes on biblical proportions as the gang learn she has a super-power which could quite literally bring about the end of the world...

    • Episode 7

      Episode 7

      aired: Sat, Dec 8, 2012

      Jess is worried about the lengths Alex will go to in order to get back what's been taken from him. Meanwhile new girl Abby joins the gang by pretending to be on community service. It's not long before she discovers that the community center is the magnet for all things power-related, and she ends up on the receiving end of a power that looks like it will change her life forever.

    • Episode 6

      Episode 6

      aired: Sat, Dec 1, 2012

      The gang spend a long night at a wild house party where they are stalked by a mysterious killer rabbit. While tracking it down, Rudy meets the mysterious Nadine and finds himself head over heels for the first time in his life. By the time the night draws to a close, Alex has finally let Jess in on the secret he has been trying to hide - but will their relationship survive his shock revelation?

    • Episode 5

      Episode 5

      aired: Sun, Nov 25, 2012

      Finn finally tracks down his real father, only to discover that he’s close to death. As he tries to make up for lost time, Finn discovers that his new half-sister might know more about their father’s illness than she’s letting on...

    • Episode 4

      season 4, episode 4

      aired: Sun, Oct 28, 2012

      When Curtis’s new girlfriend Lola disappears, Curtis discovers that she was never the person she pretended to be. As he investigates further, Curtis is forced to use his power to bring someone back from the dead, with predictably disastrous results.

    • Episode 3

      Episode 3

      aired: Sun, Nov 11, 2012

      Rudy and his down-beat doppelganger are forced to unite as they confront a long forgotten face from their shared past. Can they put aside their differences and save themselves from the killer who has the power to end their lives? Meanwhile Jess hits on handsome Alex from the bar, Curtis hits on Lola the mysterious trainee probation worker, and Finn is hit on by...his stepmom?!

    • Episode 2

      Episode 2

      aired: Sat, Nov 3, 2012

      We discover that new boy Finn isn't as innocent as he looks when we find out about the dark secret he has locked up at home. Can Seth be persuaded to come out of retirement and take one final power before Finn gets whipped into submission? Meanwhile Rudy and Curtis do battle over a beautiful blind-girl, and Jess meets new super-sexy barman Alex.

    • Episode 1

      Episode 1

      aired: Sat, Oct 27, 2012

      New gang members Finn and Jess zip up those iconic orange jumpsuits for their first day of community service and meet their probation worker...or is it in fact Rudy pretending to be their probation worker? Things get stranger still when a man stumbles in to the community center with a briefcase full of money, and a power that infects them all.

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  • Watch Misfits Season 2

    • Episode 7


      aired: Sat, Dec 18, 2010

      Community service is finally over. It's the week before Christmas and the gang are now all out in the miserable world of work. Alisha meets Seth who offers to buy her powers for a good price and the rest of the gang soon follow her lead. Elsewhere, a disillusioned priest visits Seth and purchases the power to pass himself off as Jesus. Could this be the second coming?

    • Episode 6


      aired: Wed, Dec 15, 2010

      The secret is out. The whole world now knows about the gang's superpowers. There's serious money to be made from their new celebrity status, although some are handling it better than others. Now living in a luxury hotel, our heroes are soon targeted by a dangerous killer who possesses a particularly unusual power.

    • Episode 5


      aired: Thu, Dec 9, 2010

      Not for the first time, Nathan is violently murdered. Jessica, a charity worker who's all sweetness and light, is his prime suspect. The others are convinced that Simon is next on her list. While Kelly seems to have found her perfect man in Bruno, he's on the run from the police and he thinks she's gorgeous.

    • Episode 4

      season 2, episode 4

      aired: Thu, Dec 2, 2010

      New boy Ollie turns up to start his community payback and it turns out he has a power too, could the gang be getting a new member? When they are all out picking up rubbish on the street, they bump into Tim, who has a few anger issues, and he's soon ready to take it out on them. Meanwhile, Nikki has a heart-transplant which causes some interesting side-effects.

    • Episode 3

      season 2, episode 3

      aired: Thu, Nov 25, 2010

      The man in the mask appears again just in time to save Alisha from a mugger. Alisha sets out to discover exactly who this mystery man is, but she soon gets out of her depth. When Kelly goes to get her tattoo touched up, Nathan and Simon go along for support, but Nathan manages to offend the tattooist. Big mistake.

    • Episode 2

      season 2, episode 2

      aired: Wed, Nov 17, 2010

      Nathan's brother, Jamie, shows up at the community center but Nathan didn't even know he had a brother. They discover they have at least one thing in common though; neither of them gets along with their dad, Mike. Everyone goes for a big club night, where things start to get a little crazy. The mystery guy in the mask is never far away.

    • Episode 1

      season 2, episode 1

      aired: Thu, Nov 11, 2010

      Nathan is alive, but he's buried six feet under. Curtis, Kelly, Alisha and Simon still think he's dead when a mysterious man in a mask leads them to his grave. Back at the community center, Lucy turns up on day release from a psychiatric ward. Simon knows her as he used to be a patient at the same place, but when he meets her again and snubs her, some strange things start to happen.

  • Watch Misfits Season 1

    • Episode 6

      season 1, episode 6

      aired: Wed, Dec 16, 2009

      The gang realize that there's something strange going on in the town and it looks like the mysterious straight-laced Virtue' organization is behind it, but all it not as it seems and Nathan is left to investigate.

    • Episode 5

      season 1, episode 5

      aired: Wed, Dec 9, 2009

      Determined to prove that the gang were involved in Tony's disappearance, Sally focuses her investigation on Simon. Meanwhile, Nathan becomes strangely infatuated with a baby he finds at the community center.

    • Episode 3

      season 1, episode 3

      aired: Wed, Nov 25, 2009

      Alisha is having fun with her powers but she can't seem to snag the one man she's really after. Simon develops an online relationship with Shygirl18 and the rest of the gang try to prevent their probation officer from uncovering a revealing secret.

    • Episode 2

      season 1, episode 2

      aired: Wed, Nov 18, 2009

      The gang makes a discovery while collecting litter and Homeless Nathan gets the opportunity he's been waiting for to move back home. Elsewhere, the gang is threatened when someone reveals they know what happened to their probation officer.

    • Episode 1

      season 1, episode 1

      aired: Wed, Nov 11, 2009

      Nathan, Kelly, Curtis, Alisha and Simon are a group of misfits with nothing in common except they all have to do community service. The group get caught in a freak storm on day one, their lives are quickly changed and they discover they have superpowers.

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