Mama's Family

Mama's Family
Spun-off from The Carol Burnett skit "The Family", Mama's Family takes place in the small town of Raytown and revolves around the squabbling Harper family, headed by Thelma — a buxom, blue-haired, purse-lipped, widow, who is loudmouthed and outspoken. Originally, Thelma lives with her uptight spinster sister Fran, a local journalist. Thelma's divorced son, Vinton (or "Vint") and his two children, Sonja and Buzz, moved in with her later. Later, Vint forges a relationship with the flirtatious neighbor Naomi Oates (whom Thelma can't stand) and soon marries her. Also seen on a recurring basis were Thelma’s two daughters: the snobbish Ellen (Betty White), and the ornery Eunice (Carol Burnett). Starring: Vicki Lawrence as Thelma "Mama" Harper; Ken Berry as Vinton "Vint" Harper; Dorothy Lyman as Naomi Oates Harper; Karin Argoud as Sonja Harper; Harvey Korman as Alistair Quince; Rue McClanahan as Aunt Fran Crowley; Beverly Archer as Iola Boylen; Allan Kayser as Bubba Higgins; and Eric Brown as Vinton "Buzz" Harper Jr.

Genre: Comedy, Family

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