Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Keeping Up with the Kardashians
Keeping Up with the Kardashians is an American reality television series that documents the lives of the Kardashian/Jenner family. The Kardashians consist of the ex-wife and children of late attorney Robert Kardashian, namely matriarch Kris Jenner, and daughters Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian, while the Jenners are comprised of Olympic decathlon champion/father Bruce and daughters Kendall and Kylie. Ryan Seacrest executive produces the show.

Genre: Reality

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    • Episode 718

      Baby, Baby, Baby

      aired: Tue, Sep 18, 2012

      In the season finale, Khloe receives shocking news as to why she can't conceive and begins medical

    • Episode 717

      Cuts Both Ways

      aired: Mon, Sep 10, 2012

      While casually discussing improvements around the house, Kourtney drops a bombshell on Scott when

    • Episode 716

      Kardashian Therapy, Part Two

      aired: Mon, Sep 3, 2012

      After Rob's meltdown at family therapy, Kim tries to work out her issues with Rob and her sisters,

    • Episode 715

      Kardashian Therapy, Pt. 1

      aired: Mon, Aug 27, 2012

      The Kardashian household gets shaken up when Oprah Winfrey comes to visit and interviews the entire

    • Episode 714

      Tales from the Kardashians Krypt

      aired: Mon, Aug 20, 2012

      After visiting her ailing mother down in San Diego, Kris begins obsessing over how the Kardashian

    • Episode 713

      Mothers and Daughters

      aired: Tue, Aug 7, 2012

      When the girls find out how serious their grandmother MJ's illness has gotten, they urge Kris to pay

    • Episode 712

      Parent Trapped

      aired: Wed, Aug 1, 2012

      Kris does the unthinkable when she goes behind Bruce's back and meets up with her ex Todd Waterman.

    • Episode 711

      Affairs of the Everhart

      aired: Mon, Jul 23, 2012

      When Bruce finds a golf buddy in supermodel Angie Everhart, Kris wonders if she should call up an

    • Episode 710

      The Royal Treatment

      aired: Mon, Jul 16, 2012

      Scott wants to become royalty on a trip to London and believes he has become a Lord--but fails to

    • Episode 705

      The Man in the Memoir

      aired: Tue, Jun 19, 2012

      Kris runs into her ex-boyfriend Todd Waterman, the man she left Robert Kardashian for, and considers

    • Episode 704

      The Family That Plays Together

      aired: Mon, Jun 11, 2012

      Kris tries to relive old memories and get the whole family to play tennis again, but tempers flare

    • Episode 703

      Everybody's Wigging Out

      aired: Wed, May 30, 2012

      Kim tries to escape her divorce drama by role-playing with different colored wigs--which makes the family wonder if she's losing her marbles. Meanwhile, a frazzled Kris becomes so preoccupied with her meetings and business dealings that she begins to act out and ignore the family. Also, Rob's house hunting takes a wrong turn when he refuses Bruce's help and dismisses his role as a father figure.

    • Episode 702

      Momager Dearest

      aired: Mon, May 28, 2012

      Kourtney's resentment towards her mom rises to the surface again after Kris releases a memoir detailing the affair that destroyed her first marriage. Unable to keep her attitude (and pregnancy hormones) in check, Kourt's nasty digs and comments toward Kris reach a whole new level, forcing her sisters, and even Scott, to confront her behavior. Will she get to the root of her anger and forgive her mom? Meanwhile, Kendall and Kylie start their gig at "Seventeen" magazine, but the job causes a rift between the usually close sisters.

    • Episode 102

      Kendall's Sweet 16

      aired: Tue, May 15, 2012

      Little Kendall Jenner is turning sixteen, and all she wants for her birthday is a car and a tiny tattoo--but first, she needs to pass her driver's license test and somehow convince the always conservative Bruce to green light her ink plans. Then, there's the matter of a party, and while modest Kendall desires nothing but a small, low-key shindig with her closest pals, Kris wants to throw her daughter a huge, extravagant bash in the Bahamas with 70 friends! As her big day approaches, will Kendall back down and do as her parents say--or will she walk the path of her older siblings and assert her independence?

    • Episode 17

      17. Cuts Both Ways

      aired: Sun, Sep 9, 2012

      Scott looks into getting a vasectomy after Kourtney reveals she's thinking of having even more kids.

    • Episode 16

      16. Kardashian Therapy, Part Two

      aired: Sun, Sep 2, 2012

      After Rob's meltdown at family therapy, Kim tries to work out her issues with her siblings, but her efforts end up making things even worse.

    • Episode 15

      15. Kardashian Therapy, Part One

      aired: Sun, Aug 26, 2012

      The Kardashian household gets shaken up when Oprah Winfrey comes to visit and interviews the entire family!

    • Episode 14

      14. Tales from the Kardashian Krypt

      aired: Sun, Aug 19, 2012

      Kris begins obsessing over how her family should handle her remains once she passes on.

    • Episode 13

      13. Mothers and Daughters

      aired: Sun, Aug 5, 2012

      The girls urge Kris to take a trip to San Diego to see her sick mother, while Kourtney witnesses a live water birth.

    • Episode 12

      12. Parent Trapped

      aired: Sun, Jul 29, 2012

      Kris does the unthinkable when she goes behind Bruce's back and meets up with her ex Todd Waterman.

    • Episode 11

      11. Affairs of the Everhart

      aired: Sun, Jul 22, 2012

      When Bruce finds a golf buddy in supermodel Angie Everhart, Kris wonders if she should call up an old buddy of her own.

    • Episode 10

      10. The Royal Treatment

      aired: Sun, Jul 15, 2012

      During a trip to London, Scott believes he is a Lord. Bruce's mean personality starts to show.

    • Episode 9

      Sometimes You Need to Adjust, Part Two

      aired: Mon, Jul 9, 2012

      The Kardashian clan travels to New York to show support for Scott's restaurant opening, but when

    • Episode 8

      Sometimes You Need to Adjust, Part One

      aired: Sun, Jul 8, 2012

      As if the stress of Lamar's release from the Dallas Mavericks isn't enough, Khloe's family bombards

    • Episode 7

      Dash NYC

      aired: Sun, Jul 1, 2012

      Scott's insecurities drive a wedge between him and Kourtney's family, driving him to ditch their

    • Episode 6

      The Dominican Republic, Pt. 1

      aired: Sun, Jun 24, 2012

      It's family vacation time--and this year it's to the gorgeous Dominican Republic! But the Kardashian

    • Episode 5

      Season 7, Episode 5

      aired: Sun, Jun 17, 2012

      Kris has an encounter with the man she left her ex-husband for.

    • Episode 4

      Season 7, Episode 4

      aired: Sun, Jun 10, 2012

      Bruce pesters Kris to manage his son Brandon, while Kris tries to get the family back on the tennis court.

    • Episode 3

      Khloé and Lamar episode 3

      aired: Mon, May 28, 2012

      Kim tries to escape her divorce drama by role-playing with wigs, while a frazzled and overbooked Kris begins to act out and ignore the family.

    • Episode 2

      khloe and lamar episode 2

      aired: Sun, May 27, 2012

      Kourtney takes her grudge against Kris to a new level, while Kendall and Kylie's gigs at "Seventeen" magazine cause a rift between the sisters.

    • Episode 1

      Modern warfare 2

      aired: Sun, May 20, 2012

      In the season premiere, the drama centers on Khloe's rumored paternity--is she a Kardashian or not? After she puts the kobosh on her mom's insistence on a DNA test, Kris rallies up the family to convince Khloe that she is indeed the daughter of Robert Kardashian, Sr. and not the product of an alleged affair. But will her well-intentioned efforts go too far? Meanwhile, Kourtney is preparing for the birth of her second child, all while scouting a new location for DASH, which doesn't sit too well with Kim when she discovers she's been kept out of the loop. Also feeling frozen out is Bruce, who resorts to extreme measures to get his wife and daughters' attention.

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    • Episode 13

      Season 6, Episode 13

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      After bonding with Kim's family in Bora Bora, Kris Humphries decides he's ready to make Kim his wife--but first, he needs to ask for Bruce's permission! After getting his blessing, Kris breaks the news to Kim's mom who can't wait to help plan the proposal, including a top-secret mission to get the multi-million dollar engagement ring back to Los Angeles. But when Kim and Kris get into an argument about their future on the day of his planned proposal, Kris wonders if he's jumping into things way too fast.

    • Episode 12

      Season 6, Episode 12

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      As the family tries to enjoy their final days in Bora Bora, Rob's insecurities about not having a career prompts him to lash out at Kim when she calls him a loser, and it puts him and Kim's boyfriend Kris Humphries at odds. Rob also feels attacked when his little sisters Kendall and Kylie throw him under the bus for something he didn't do, and he's forced to defend himself to his mom and Bruce. Meanwhile, Kourtney gives Scott an ultimatum about his increased drinking, and the family comes together for Kris and Bruce's emotional vow renewal ceremony.

    • Episode 11

      Season 6 Episode 11

      aired: Thu, Sep 1, 2011

      While in Bora Bora, the family continues to get to know Kim's new boyfriend Kris Humphries, but Kris' antics end up rubbing some of the famous clan the wrong way. Will he be able to win them over? Plus, Kris is shocked when he finds out Kim was previously married, Scott confides in Kourtney that he drank during his trip to Las Vegas, and Bruce enlists Kim's help in planning a vow renewal ceremony for him and Kris, but Kris' body image issues threaten to ruin the celebration.

    • Episode 10

      Holly World

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      For their 20th wedding anniversary, Bruce surprises Kris with a trip for the entire family to Bora Bora--but instead of celebrating, Kris runs to her plastic surgeon! She's upset over having to wear a bathing suit and hopes she can recover from any touch-ups before their vacation. Plus, Kim plans on bringing her boyfriend Kris Humphries along as well, but her sisters are weary about spending time with him. Plus, Kris is concerned how this secluded trip may affect his relationship with Kim. Will being on an island together foster their love for one another or force them apart?

    • Episode 9

      KKTNY Episode 9 - EmmaPx

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Kendall and Kylie begin to realize that Kris' main focus in the family is Kim, so Scott helps them hatch a plan to redirect their mom's attention on them. As part of their prank, the girls fire their mom and hire Scott as their manager--but when Kris gets the news, the joke backfires. She lashes out at Scott and starts berating him about his casual lifestyle. Will this one hoax tear the family apart? Plus, Kim becomes self-conscious about her dancing abilities when she's shoved in the spotlight onstage at a Prince concert. Her friends and family encourage her to face her fears--but will she just end up even more humiliated?

    • Episode 8

      Third Wheel

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      When Scott is offered a gig to appear at a club in Las Vegas, Kourtney fears that he won't be able to control his drinking and will revert back to his old ways. Will Scott be able to keep it together even though he's surrounded by temptation? Meanwhile, when Kris realizes that she isn't spending enough time with Kendall and Kylie, she ends up annoying them when she tries too hard to become more involved in their personal lives.

    • Episode 7


      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      When Kendall and Kylie start behaving like typical teenagers and act out, Bruce takes notice. After the girls steal his credit card to go on a major shopping spree, Bruce decides he wants his girls to learn the true value of a dollar. He takes his daughters on a trip downtown to show them what life is like for the poor and homeless in order to get them to appreciate the privileged life they lead. Plus, it's becoming more apparent that Kris has a bladder control problem, so Khloe and Kourtney suggest she make an appointment with her doctor.

    • Episode 6

      dream a little dream

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      When Bruce finds out that Kendall is taking birth control, he's forced to face the fact that his little girls are growing up. Before he has the "birds and bees" talk with them, he asks Khloe to do some spying to see how much Kendall and Kylie already know about sex. Meanwhile, when Kim develops a serious rash on her legs, she discovers she's suffering from psoriasis, an incurable skin condition, and fears her career may be over.

    • Episode 5


      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      When Kourtney gets on Rob about not spending quality time with her and Mason, Rob reveals that he doesn't hang out with her anymore because he hates Scott. Plus, the family is shocked when Rob must undergo emergency surgery, and Kris is convinced Bruce is losing his hearing and insists he see a doctor. But when the diagnosis isn't what she had anticipated, Kris and Bruce are forced to confront some of their marital issues.

    • Episode 4

      The Trouble With Angel

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      When Kourtney considers having another baby, Kris can't believe she would have a second child out of wedlock and pressures her daughter to marry Scott. Despite her family's wishes, Kourtney refuses and ends up revealing to Kim the real reason she isn't ready to walk down the aisle. Meanwhile, Kris gets ordained to officiate a friend's wedding, but when she finds herself out of her element at the ceremony, will she be able to successfully perform her duties?

    • Episode 3

      sexy in the city

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      In a bold business move, Kris considers changing her last name back to Kardashian, much to Bruce and her daughters' displeasure, causing a rift between her and the family. Meanwhile, Kim is sick of people asking if her butt is real and decides to get an X-ray to prove that she doesn't have implants.

    • Episode 2

      Kourtney and Kim take NYC

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Kim offers to take Kendall to New York for a big modeling gig, but ends up pushing her to a breaking point when she tries to get her to do a runway show before she's ready. Plus, Kim's romance with NBA star Kris Humphries heats up, but her family remains skeptical about the seriousness of their relationship, and Scott wants Kourtney to take back Kris' key to their new house.

    • Episode 1

      Lie in peace

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      In the season premiere, the Kardashian and Jenner families are busy across the board! Scott and Kourtney have moved into a huge new house, Khloe is spending more quality time with Lamar during his off-season, Kim has fallen for New Jersey Nets basketball player Kris Humphries and mama Kris is constantly setting up more business meetings. Kourtney misses the good old days when the family got together once a week and organizes a game night--but Kris is a no show! So the girls plan to teach Kris a lesson in family values. Meanwhile, Kim's new relationship is heating up and she's starting to talk babies--but she's disappointed when her family, especially Khloe, isn't supportive of her new man.

  • Watch Keeping Up with the Kardash... Season 5

    • Episode 11

      The Krdashians Take NYC

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Khloe celebrates her birthday on a yacht in New York City with family and friends, while Kourtney continues to weigh the pros and cons of opening up a new store in the Big Apple. Kris decides she's fed up with Bruce's homebody attitude and leaves him behind in Los Angeles, but Rob takes on the challenge of getting him to let loose during a night out with his boys in Hollywood. Meanwhile, Kim parties it up with football player Miles Austin (with the paparazzi not far behind) and her ex Reggie Bush becomes jealous when he finds out that she has moved on.

    • Episode 10

      The Kardashians Take NYC

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Kourtney breaks the news to the family that there's an opportunity to open a Dash store in New York City, but her excitement fades when she finds out Khloe won't be able to come and Kim can't commit to being there full-time. Worried she'll be left to manage everything on her own, Kourtney threatens to bow out of their Dash stores completely, even threatening to close their original Calabasas location. Meanwhile, Scott attempts to bond with Bruce, and Kim agrees to go on a date with Dallas Cowboys football player Miles Austin.

    • Episode 9

      Dash No More

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Unhappy about getting older, Kris starts to feel down on herself about her looks and hires Storm, a hot personal trainer, to help her get back into shape. Bruce becomes concerned when Storm arrives at the house and starts hitting on Kris, but Kris dismisses his feelings until others point out that she may be taking her flirtatious relationship with Storm too far. Then, Kim's competitive streak gets her into trouble when she loses to Kourtney during poker night and is forced to cater to her needs for a day. But when Kourtney abuses her power over Kim, will it cause a permanent rift in their relationship?

    • Episode 8

      No Boys Allowed

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      As Mason goes in for his six-month check-up, Kourtney realizes that she wants to have another baby so her kids will be close in age, like her and Kim. But when Kourtney becomes obsessed with getting pregnant, Scott feels that she's taking all the fun out of the process, leading to struggles getting intimate in the bedroom. Meanwhile, tensions arise between Bruce and 12-year-old Kylie when she breaks the rules by inviting a boy up to her room. Bruce has a hard time accepting that Kylie has male friends, while Kylie thinks her dad is being too overprotective. But when Kylie runs away without telling her parents, will Bruce realize he may have come down too hard on her?

    • Episode 7

      Match Made in Hell

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Khloe's incessant teasing of her brother Rob and best friend Malika pushes them to plot a prank against her. The two devise a plan to pretend they really are dating to push Khloe's buttons--but will their plan go too far when they tell Khloe they're moving in together? Meanwhile, Kris gets the opportunity to realize her dream of working in the music business when she's asked by a friend to help manage the pop group BG5. But when she declines the offer to focus on managing her family, she becomes emotionally torn and worries that she made the wrong decision. Will she end up taking on more than she can handle?

    • Episode 6

      Kourt Goes A.W.O.L.

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      When no one in Kourtney's family makes an effort to attend Scott's birthday party in Las Vegas, it pushes her to consider moving to New York with Scott. Kourtney and Scott decide to go house hunting in Manhattan, but when her family finds out her plan, they must rally together to convince Kourtney to stay in Los Angeles. Kris plots a surprise birthday party for Scott thrown by the whole family--but is it too little too late? Meanwhile, Bruce struggles with getting Kim's dog Rocky neutered.

    • Episode 5

      Botox and Cigarettes

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      With her 30th birthday coming up, Kim starts to become fearful of aging. After her mom teases her about having wrinkles, Kim decides to try Botox to get rid of the lines around her eyes, but she ends up having a bad physical reaction to it that ends up making her more self-conscious than before. Meanwhile, the family discovers that Kris is a closet smoker and Kourtney is determined to get her to quit. She cooks up a plan to have Kris catch her 14-year-old daughter Kendall with a cigarette. Will this end up being Kris' wake-up call--or will Kourtney's plan drive Kris to smoke more?

    • Episode 4

      My Bodyguard

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Concerned with Kim's growing popularity and her safety, Kris convinces Kim to take on professional security to accompany her to events. But when Kim finally meets her hot Australian bodyguard Shengo, she starts to develop a serious crush on him. Will she be able to keep it professional--or will she end up mixing business with pleasure? Meanwhile, Kris alienates Kourtney when she berates Scott in front of the family, and Khloe tries to teach her husband Lamar how to swim.

    • Episode 3

      The Missing Ring

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Khloe is torn when she realizes she has lost her seven-carat engagement ring and opts not to tell Lamar. However, the tables turn when Rob and Lamar find her ring and decide to teach her a lesson about lying. Meanwhile, Kris and Bruce get into a bitter battle over the newly designed garage. Bruce feels Kris is taking over his only space in the house, while Kris thinks Bruce doesn't appreciate all the work she has put into their home. When both refuse to back down and Kris kicks Bruce out of their bedroom, Kendall and Kylie worry their parents may be headed for divorce.

    • Episode 2

      Blind Date

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Eager to get Kim back in the dating scene, Kris makes it her mission to find her newly single daughter a new man. After hunting around for potential prospects, Kris ends up setting Kim up on a blind date with an Armenian professional athlete. Will Kim agree to go--or will her unrealistic standards for a man hold her back from finding love? Meanwhile, Khloe grows extremely frustrated with her family when they keep trying to bribe her for Lakers playoff tickets.

    • Episode 1

      Kim's House Party

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      When Kim moves into her gorgeous new mansion, she becomes obsessed with keeping it in pristine condition. So when Kris decides to throw her a big housewarming party, Kim gets worried when the party grows out of control. Will she learn to loosen up and have fun, or will the mess be too overwhelming for her to handle? Then, Kourtney needs to decide whether or not she can continue living with Khloe when she refuses to let Scott on her property, and Bruce throws a spontaneous vow renewal ceremony for him and Kris.

  • Watch Keeping Up with the Kardash... Season 4

    • Episode 11

      Delivering Baby Mason

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      In this explosive season finale, Scott tries to make things right with Kourtney and her family after his unacceptable behavior in Las Vegas. Kourtney is fed up and throws Scott out of the house--but will she end up taking him back? Not if her mom Kris has any say in it! Kris believes Scott has crossed the line and doesn't believe he deserves to be a part of their family. Kris ends up confronting Scott about her concerns and admits that she would never be able to trust him with her daughter and grandchild. Meanwhile, the family throws Kourtney a beautiful baby shower and Kris tries to show Kourtney she doesn't need Scott in her life. Finally, Kourtney goes into labor--but will Scott be by her side for the birth of their child?

    • Episode 10

      Delivering Baby Mason

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      As her celebrity status continues to climb, Kim takes on more work and responsibility than she should. So the family heads to Las Vegas to celebrate Kim's 29th birthday--and squeeze in more work, or course. But drama is in the cards after Rob and Scott go on an all-day drinking binge. Tempers flare when Scott gets belligerent during Kim's b-day dinner and forces the entire family to question Kourtney's relationship with him.

    • Episode 9

      I Want Your Sex

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Since they met, Khloe and Lamar have been inseparable. But now that he's starting his new season with the Los Angeles Lakers, Khloe has to deal with the fact that they'll be spending a lot of time apart while he's on the road. Trying to keep the romance alive, she decides to make a sexy "love tape" for Lamar to take with him while he's away. But Khloe ends up beyond embarrassed when the tape ends up in the wrong hands. Meanwhile, Scott wants to get intimate with Kourtney, but she's afraid that having sex while pregnant with hurt their baby. In an attempt to reconnect, she takes Scott with her to a sex class for pregnant women.

    • Episode 8

      Weekend From Hell

      aired: Sun, Jan 31, 2010

      In a last ditch effort to spend time with her sisters before her baby arrives, Kourtney arranges a special weekend trip to Santa Barbara. But when Khloe and Kim end up leaving Kourtney out of some of the activities, Kourtney demands to go home early and starts to question if they will ever be as close as they used to be. Meanwhile, Kylie turns jealous when Kris helps her sister Kendall launch a modeling career.

    • Episode 7

      Body Blows

      aired: Sun, Jan 31, 2010

      Get ready to rumble as the Kardashian clan heads into the boxing ring! Bruce and Kris are deeply disappointed when all of the girls back out of attending an important charity event. In an attempt to teach the family how to give back to the community, Bruce enlists the family to take part in a charity boxing event where each member has to face off against their highest bidder. But the fun stops when Rob's opponent plays dirty, prompting the rest of the family to question their involvement. Will Kim call it quits before she even goes into the ring? Meanwhile, the family celebrates Bruce's 60th birthday, and Kourtney gets a reality check when she and Scott baby-sit for three kids and she starts to question her ability to be a good mother.

    • Episode 6

      Must Love Dogs

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      While she is out shopping, Kim comes across a stray Chihuahua roaming the streets. After unsuccessfully trying to find its owner, she can't bear to leave it behind and decides to take it home with her. Just when she decides to keep the dog, Kim is shocked to learn that the dog is very ill and needs around-the-clock care which she can't give. Heartbroken, Kim is devastated when she must say goodbye. Meanwhile, Bruce thinks Rob has become too comfortable after moving back home so he comes up with a plan to pressure Rob to move out of the house.

    • Episode 5

      Shape Up or Ship Out

      aired: Sun, Jan 10, 2010

      With only two months left of her pregnancy, Kourtney starts feeling overwhelmed by how much she has left to do before the baby arrives, including taking classes and furnishing the nursery. But when she looks to Scott for help, she feels he isn't taking her pregnancy seriously and issues him an ultimatum: if he doesn't start putting in more of an effort, their relationship is over. Will Scott shape up or will Kourtney be forced to move on without him? Plus, Bruce stands up to Kris and demands fiscal independence when she confiscates his ATM card, and Rob becomes obsessed with winning back his ex-girlfriend Adrienne Bailon.

    • Episode 4

      Baby Blues

      aired: Sun, Jan 3, 2010

      Could another Kardashian baby be on the way? Khloe suspects she might be pregnant when she comes down with a bad case of morning sickness during a Famous Cupcakes photo shoot with her sisters. But how long can Kim and Kourtney keep Khloe's secret from the rest of the family? Plus, love is in the air when Kim decides to give her relationship with Reggie Bush a second chance. Also, Kim gets into big trouble when her family has had enough of her "little white lies" and she's caught lying to her little sisters Kendall and Kylie.

    • Episode 3

      Hot Cup of Love

      aired: Tue, Dec 29, 2009

      When the family becomes divided after Khloe's physical altercation with Scott, Kris tries to repair the damage, but Kourtney continues to distance herself from Khloe, and Scott refuses to accept an apology until Khloe attends an anger management class. Meanwhile, when a friend gives Kris a pack of natural male enhancement pills, Kris secretly slips it into Bruce's coffee in order to ramp up their sex life. But Rob accidentally lands in the hospital when he takes the drug unbeknownst to him and Kris is forced to come clean about what she's done.

    • Episode 2

      Scott on the Rocks

      aired: Sun, Dec 20, 2009

      Another outrageous season of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" kicks off as Kourtney and Scott find themselves pitted against her family who loves to hate Scott. Scott makes an effort to reach out to Kris and Co. and invites them to attend a doctor's visit to find out the sex of their unborn baby, but when one of them is MIA, Kourtney becomes fed up to the point where she wants to alienate her family. Also, Khloe crosses the line when an argument between her and Scott turns violent. Meanwhile, Khloe recruits her mom Kris to help her hunt for her dream house, but when Kris starts doing more harm than good, Khloe starts to regret her decision. Finally, Kim sinks deeper into depression over her breakup with football player Reggie Bush.

    • Episode 1

      The Wedding

      aired: Sun, Dec 13, 2009

      In this special episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," get a front row seat to the most talked-about wedding of the season as Khloe Kardashian weds L.A. Lakers star Lamar Odom in a lavish ceremony fit only for a Kardashian. Cameras capture every moment of the couple's whirlwind romance, from Lamar's romantic proposal to the family's shock when Khloe delivers the news to all the behind-the-scenes action on the big day. Don't miss a moment of the drama as Khloe and her family scramble to plan the wedding of her dreams in only nine days! See tensions flare as Bruce finds out about Khloe's engagement from the media, and Khloe lashes out at her family for being unsupportive of her decision to get hitched to Lamar after only a few weeks of dating. Plus, join Kim, Kourtney and the whole Kardashian clan along with some of Hollywood's elite as they party the night away to celebrate the union of Khloe and Lamar in a star-studded reception where the newlyweds are presented for the first time as man and wife.

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    • Episode 12

      What's Yours Is Mine

      aired: Mon, May 25, 2009

      Kourtney and Scott's relationship gets rocked when Kourt hears a female's voice in the background during one of their long-distance phone calls. When Scott insists it was just a friend, Kourt believes he might be seeing other girls while he is back in New York. Fed up with Scott's behavior, Kim and Khloe urge Kourtney to see a therapist to talk about her relationship problems--but will she finally see the light and end things with him once and for all? Meanwhile, when Khloe doesn't hear back from her boyfriend Rashad, she finds out that he has been seeing other girls on the side. Heartbroken and angry, Khloe and Kourtney have to deal with the heartbreaking reality that both of their relationships have come to end, all while preparing to open a new Dash clothing store in Miami.

    • Episode 11

      Double Trouble

      aired: Tue, May 12, 2009

      Things are looking up for the Kardashian sisters as they set to expand their clothing stores in other metropolitan cities like New York and Miami. But things on the home front aren't looking as optimistic! Rob temporarily moves in with Kim after he and his girlfriend Adrienne decide to take some time apart, and Kim and Kourtney's relationship grows strained when Kourtney continues to take Kim's stuff without asking. Can the siblings make nice or is this the last straw? Meanwhile, when Bruce sees his 11-year-old daughter Kylie is starting to wear makeup and talk to boys on the phone, he has a hard time accepting that his little girl is growing up. Will his old-fashioned ways cause Kylie to rebel?

    • Episode 10

      Meet the Kardashians

      aired: Sun, May 17, 2009

      It's the survival of the fittest when Rob and Adrienne's families meet for the first time during a chaotic camping trip. Will the crazy Kardashians behave around the super conservative Bailon clan? Yeah, right! Between Khloe's potty mouth and Kourtney and Scott's PDA, Adrienne's dad has a hard time adjusting to the Kardashian ways and Rob is forced to take charge of his family. Will Rob and Adrienne's relationship be able to survive this madness? Meanwhile, Kris encourages Bruce to get plastic surgery to fix a botched procedure from the '80s but Bruce is wary of the media scrutiny that may follow. Will he cave in and get a facelift? Watch and see!

    • Episode 9

      Leaving the Nest

      aired: Sun, May 10, 2009

      Is Khloe really ready to move to the Big Apple? Despite her mom's disapproval, Khloe goes apartment hunting in New York. But will her dreams be dashed when she realizes that living in Manhattan is a lot more expensive and challenging than she had anticipated? Meanwhile, Kris has a tough time dealing with all of her kids growing up and moving on, and her girls decide to get her a monkey to pacify her baby syndrome. But will she have a change of heart once she remembers how hard it is to cater to a baby?

    • Episode 8

      Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

      aired: Tue, May 5, 2009

      Khloe has grown tired of working every day at the store and yearns for something bigger and better to do. So when her publicist calls her with an opportunity to host a fashion show in New York City, she jumps at the chance. Once she lands in the Big Apple, Khloe instantly finds herself falling in love with the city and makes the sudden decision to move there in hopes of getting her own clothing line off the ground. But how will her family, especially Kris, handle the news of her big move? Meanwhile, Kim is torn between work obligations and attending Reggie's season opening game in New Orleans. Will Kim end up choosing her career over her boyfriend or will love win out?

    • Episode 7

      The Two Year Itch

      aired: Tue, Apr 28, 2009

      As Kourtney and her boyfriend Scott get ready to celebrate their two-year anniversary, she starts to re-evaluate their relationship. They've dealt with trust issues in the past, and Kourtney starts to worry that Scott's recent behavior could mean he's cheating on her. Determined to find out the truth, Kourtney follows him and is shocked to see him hug another girl. Will she end up calling it quits with Scott for good? Meanwhile, Khloe has a biopsy for skin cancer when her dermatologist becomes concerned about a mole on her foot. When Khloe goes MIA for a few days, her family starts to fear the worst.

    • Episode 6

      Cinderella Story

      aired: Tue, Apr 14, 2009

      It should be a time for celebration when Rob graduates from college, but instead, he starts acting out and flaking on his responsibilities, including blowing off an interview for a paid internship that his sister Kourtney hooked up for him. His family starts to become concerned when they find out that he stole Kim's prized Bentley and gets two new huge tattoos, including one of his late father. Will they be able to talk some sense into Rob before he ruins all of his opportunities? Also, Khloe feels like she is being treated differently from her sisters and takes a DNA test to see if Kris is her real mother.

    • Episode 5

      All for One and One for Kim

      aired: Tue, Apr 7, 2009

      After two years in the making, Kim and her mom Kris are ecstatic to finally close the deal on her new perfume called Dashing. But Kim's sisters feel they should have been a part of it--and it causes a huge blowup within the family. Khloe and Kourtney even threaten to sue Kim for trademark infringement for using their store name, and they go so far as to get Kourtney's boyfriend Scott to prank call Kim with a lawsuit threat. Is there anything Kris can do to bring her girls back together? Or will this business deal backfire and fracture the family for good? Meanwhile, Kris feels disconnected from Bruce and struggles to find a common interest that they can enjoy together.

    • Episode 4

      Pussycat Vision

      aired: Sun, Mar 29, 2009

      When Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin offers Kim the opportunity to perform with the group in Las Vegas, Kim jumps at the chance but she's quickly set back when she must undergo Lasik eye surgery a day before the big show. Will she be able to recover in time to pull off a sexy Pussycat performance? Or will her surgery sideline her from taking part in this amazing opportunity? Meanwhile, after years of trying to avoid it, Bruce finally goes in for his first colonoscopy. Will he pass with a clean bill of health? Watch and see!

    • Episode 3

      I'd Rather Go Naked... Or Shopping

      aired: Sun, Mar 22, 2009

      Khloe is forced to confront her body image issues when she's asked to participate in PETA's "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" campaign, joining fellow celebrities including Pamela Anderson, Eva Mendes and Christy Turlington--but will she let her insecurities get the best of her once she has to bare all in a room full of strangers? See if Khloe can learn to embrace her curves in order to support a cause dear to her heart. Meanwhile, Kim's family is concerned that her shopping habit has spiraled out of control after she drops nearly twenty grand on a shopping spree. See what happens when the Kardashian clan stages an intervention to put a stop to Kim's spending habit.

    • Episode 2

      Kourt's First Cover

      aired: Sun, Mar 15, 2009

      As Kourtney's career starts to take off, she is torn about whether or not to bring on her mom Kris as her manager. Even though Khloe advises her against it, Kourtney agrees to let Kris take over--but will Kris be able to juggle both Kourtney and Kim's hectic schedules? Kourtney finds out the hard way when Kris accidentally forgets to show up at her very first cover shoot for "944" magazine in order to be with Kim for Comic-Con in San Diego. Angry and hurt by her mom's screw up, Kourtney gives Kris the cold shoulder and refuses to forgive and forget her faux-pas. Will Kris be able to make it up to her? Meanwhile, Rob has problems adjusting to living with girlfriend Adrienne Bailon for the first time and starts to wonder if maybe they moved in together too soon.

    • Episode 1

      Free Khloe

      aired: Sun, Mar 8, 2009

      In the emotional season premiere of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," the past comes back to haunt the family when Khloe is forced to serve jail time and Kris is forced to deal with unresolved issues she has with her late ex-husband Robert Kardashian. After missing two consecutive weeks of her mandatory DUI class, Khloe is ordered to serve 30 days in jail. While Bruce and her sisters are more casual about her slammer sentence, Kris is an emotional wreck and can't stand the thought of her daughter behind bars. The crazy ordeal reminds Kris of all the drama she had to deal with during the O.J. Simpson trial, which further divided Kris from her first husband Robert. Robert Kardashian died of cancer shortly after the trials conclusion. Tortured by regret, Kris visits Robert's grave to try and get some peace and closure over not being there for him when he needed her most.

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    • Episode 10

      A New Perspective in New Orleans

      aired: Sun, May 18, 2008

      In the season finale of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," the Kardashian kids head to New Orleans to take part in Reggie Bush's All-Star Pool Tournament but get much more than they bargained for when they meet a family who lost everything to Hurricane Katrina. Tag along as Kim and her crew soak in the sights of the Big Easy and take a tour of the city's most devastated areas. It's an eye-opening experience, and it inspires the Kardashians to help a single mom and her kids to get back on their feet. Meanwhile, with the kids away, Bruce plans a romantic weekend alone with Kris, but his special surprise is thwarted when an unexpected visitor drops by the house. Will he be able to spend some alone time with his sweetie? Or will his romantic rendezvous be totally ruined?

    • Episode 9

      Kim's Calendar for Reggie

      aired: Sun, May 11, 2008

      Kim decides to shoot a sexy calendar for her boyfriend, football player Reggie Bush, to celebrate their one-year anniversary. After a lot of primping (and a cellulite removal session!), Kim is ready to take it all off for the cameras--but she's in for a surprise when Reggie suddenly drops by the shoot! Plus, Kim freaks out when her private present is accidentally leaked to the public--by her own mother! Will she be able to track all of the calendars down around town before her big anniversary gift is ruined? Meanwhile, Bruce seeks to inspire his stepdaughters Khloe and Kourtney by taking them to one of his motivational speeches. But when the girls can't control themselves at a cocktail party, will it push Bruce over the edge?

    • Episode 8

      Kardashian Family Vacation

      aired: Sun, May 4, 2008

      Can this fractured family learn how to repair their relationships? After her daughters' big blowout, Kris forces the whole family to go on vacation in Breckenridge, Colorado, to hopefully mend their recent arguments, but the fighting only seems to get worse! For one thing, Kim can't stand being in such close quarters with her estranged sisters, and her bad attitude threatens to alienate her from the rest of her clan. Will the bad blood in the house force her to leave? Meanwhile, Kris is concerned that Bruce is going through a mid-life crisis after his bizarre change in behavior continues to escalate. He even invites the male ski instructors back to their cabin for pizza and beer! But how far will Bruce go to prove he's still hip? Watch and see!

    • Episode 7

      Kardashian Civil War

      aired: Sun, Apr 27, 2008

      In this special two-part episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," the family dynamic is turned upside down when Kim, Khloe and Kourtney get into a huge fight that threatens to tear their relationships apart. Will the sisters be able to repair their relationships before it's too late? Or will this blowout be the breaking point for this once-close clan? Meanwhile, Kris tries to escape the drama in the house by going out with a girlfriend, but after one too many drinks, she ends up coming home with more than she bargained for--a tattoo! How will her kids feel about her new ink? Finally, Bruce is starting to feel out of touch with today's generation and starts to show signs of a mid-life crisis.

    • Episode 6

      Learning Self Defense

      aired: Sun, Apr 13, 2008

      When a disturbance at Dash leaves the Kardashian sisters fearing for their safety, the girls enroll in a self-defense class. But when their new moves backfire on Bruce, Kris grows more concerned about their protection and takes them to a shooting range to get them acquainted with guns. Meanwhile, Rob is tempted to drop out of college when he receives an alluring modeling job offer in Tokyo. But how will his family and his girlfriend handle the shocking news? Will they offer him their support--or encourage him to stay in school?

    • Episode 5

      Khloe's Blind Dates

      aired: Sun, Apr 6, 2008

      Kim and Kourtney make Khloe's love life their business and secretly set their single sister up on a dating website. But after sitting through a series of speed dates, will Khloe finally make a love connection? Meanwhile, Bruce plans to teach Kendall the value of working hard to earn money, but his savvy daughter has her own ideas and hires a handyman to help her with chores--while she still gets paid! But will Bruce bust Kendall's money-making plan? Watch and see!

    • Episode 4

      Kris the Cheerleader

      aired: Sun, Mar 30, 2008

      Who says her kids get to have all the fun? Kris takes her shot at the spotlight when she is approached to join the L.A. Sparks 'Ole Skool' Dance Crew, but she quickly becomes overwhelmed when the rehearsals are way more than she bargained for. Plus, when her hubby Bruce tags along for moral support, will he end up stealing the spotlight? Also, a knee injury threatens to sideline Kris from the team permanently. Will she be able to recover in time? Meanwhile, the Kardashian sisters give Kendall a crash course on puberty and boys when they believe that she is on the brink of womanhood.

    • Episode 3

      Rob's New Girlfriend

      aired: Sun, Mar 23, 2008

      Move over, Kim--Khloe Kardashian is ready for her close-up! In an attempt to steal some of her sister Kim's thunder, Khloe pursues an acting career, much to Kim's dismay. But when projects start piling up at the sisters' store and Khloe's work ethic starts slipping, will Kim start having second thoughts about her sister's plan for stardom? Meanwhile, Bruce's fashion sense, as well as his comfort level, is put to the test when Kris hires a fabulous gay stylist to give him a major style makeover! But how will he feel about ditching his old '80s duds for a more modern look? Will it be too much? Watch and see!

    • Episode 2

      Chloe Wants To Act

      aired: Sun, Mar 16, 2008

      Love is in full bloom among the Kardashian clan and little brother Rob is the latest one to fall head over heals! After dealing with the death of his father a few years ago, it's been hard for Rob to find happiness but it was love at first sight when he met Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon. From their first date on, this tight twosome has been inseparable ever since, but when work calls Adrienne away to India for three months, will Rob be able to handle dating his lady long distance? Also, will his family, especially his sisters, approve of his new squeeze? Or will they end up ruining his relationship? Meanwhile, Kris is sick of her family's bad eating habits and hops on board the latest health craze: organics! In an attempt to get her family's health back on track, she purchases five live chickens for the house to produce fresh eggs, but will her plan end up backfiring in her face? Drop in and see!

    • Episode 1

      Kim Becomes A Diva

      aired: Sun, Mar 9, 2008

      In this season premiere of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," Kim lets the pressures of fame go to her head and adopts a diva attitude that does not sit well with her family. How long will the rest of the Kardashian clan be able to put up with her outrageous demands? Meanwhile, Kourtney is in for the shock of her life when she finds evidence that suggests her boyfriend Scott is cheating on her. To get her mind off the matter, Kim and Khloe take their sister out for a girls' weekend in Cabo San Lucas, but will drinking and dancing be enough to take Scott off Kourtney's mind? Finally, will Kourtney call it quits with Scott--or give him a second chance? And has Kim finally found true love with football stud Reggie Bush? Dive into the drama and see!

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    • Episode 8

      Price of Fame

      aired: Sun, Dec 2, 2007

      On the season finale of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," another sex scandal rocks the family as explicit photos of Kourtney and an old boyfriend resurface, and Kim believes she might be to blame. Can the family put a stop to it before the photos go public? Or will this end up fracturing their clan for good? Plus, see what happens when the FBI gets called in! And how will Kris break the news to her conservative hubby Bruce? Plus, Kim tries to clear up romance rumors as she discusses dating on Ryan Seacrest's radio show. Did she really hook up with Terrence Howard? Joe Francis? Nick Lachey? Find out as she comes clean about it all!

    • Episode 7

      Helping Hand

      aired: Sun, Nov 25, 2007

      Is life ever normal in the Kardashians' household? If this episode is any indication, the answer is a resounding "no." First, Rob gets set up on a blind date with a sexy Playboy Playmate. But before he goes out he must undergo a painful, chest-waxing makeover by his sisters--in the middle of their kitchen! Then, his sisters can't help but spy on him during his big night out. Meanwhile, Khloe and Kourtney do some good when they take in a homeless man and give him a life-changing opportunity. Oh, and did we mention the bird that's stuck in the kitchen? Check out the madness--and see if you can keep up.

    • Episode 6

      You Are So Pregnant Dude

      aired: Sun, Nov 18, 2007

      Get ready for some serious shakeups in the Kardashian household! After a few days of feeling nauseous (and a couple of missed periods), Khloe convinces Kourtney to take a pregnancy test. But when the test comes back "sort of" positive, Kourtney knows she needs to break the news to her boyfriend, Scott. But are they ready to own up to the responsibility of being a parent? Or will this end up being just one big pregnancy scare? Also, Kourtney joins the rest of the Kardashian girls for a weekend in Sin City, but when Scott ends up popping the question after a night of drinking, will they end up at the altar in a shotgun wedding? You'll have to see it to believe it!

    • Episode 5

      Remembering Dad

      aired: Sun, Nov 11, 2007

      In this heartbreaking episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," witness a more serious side of the Kardashian clan as they celebrate their deceased dad Robert Kardashian, who passed away four years ago from esophageal cancer. Time may have passed, but the loss is still a struggle for the Kardashian kids, especially Khloe, who starts to spiral out of control as the anniversary of her dad's death nears. She begins to fight with her family (yes, even more than normal!) and drinks to drown away her sorrows. Kris reaches out to try and help her daughter get to the root of her problem, but is it too little too late? Plus, see what happens when Khloe attempts to drive after a night of heavy drinking and gets pulled over for a DUI. Will this finally be her wake-up call? Watch and see.

    • Episode 4

      Birthday Suit

      aired: Sun, Nov 4, 2007

      There's no doubt that Kim Kardashian's star is on the rise. And now, Hugh Hefner is calling to get her bootylicious bod in the pages of "Playboy"! But, still concerned about the fallout from her sex tape scandal, Kim's not sure if she should take the offer, so she turns to her family for advice. After a little sweet talking from her mom Kris, Kim decides to pose for 'Playboy,' as long as she doesn't have to get completely naked. But now the pressure's on and Kim looks to Bruce to help her slim down before her big shoot. Will she work her butt off, literally? During the shoot, Hef wants Kim to show more skin and he won't take no for an answer! Will Kim be willing to take it all off? Meanwhile, Kris decides to shoot some sexy photos as a surprise for Bruce, but can she compete with Kim when it comes to flirting with the camera? See for yourself as this hot mama goes for the gold during her own sexy photo shoot.

    • Episode 3

      Brody in the House

      aired: Sun, Oct 28, 2007

      Kim Kardashian and her sassy sisters are known for their killer curves, so who better to model super-sexy swimsuits than these luscious ladies? So when Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis calls Kris from jail, he presents her diva daughters with an offer they can't refuse: He's going to fly Kim, Khloe and Kourtney down to his mansion in Mexico to model his hot new line of Girls Gone Wild bikinis! Kris loves the idea, but loathes the idea of telling her ultra-conservative hubby Bruce. So she doesn't, and the gals get away under the guise of a "girls weekend." But all hell breaks loose when Bruce's son Brody spills the beans and Bruce jets to Mexico to bust his gals in the act! Plus, see what happens when Brody has to baby-sit his high-maintenance half-sisters who want to create their own Girls Gone Wild video.

    • Episode 2

      Managing Mom

      aired: Sun, Oct 21, 2007

      It's no secret that Kim and her "momager" Kris don't have the best manager-client relationship. And when Kim ends up being double-booked for a photo shoot and a movie audition on the same day, it becomes the last straw in a long line of scheduling snafus. Kim considers kicking her mom to the curb and holds interviews for a new manager, but once Kris catches wind of her daughters' doings, she opts to teach Kim a lesson and let her handle her own business affairs! Can Kim handle dealing with herself? Or will she end up crawling back to Kris? Meanwhile, Bruce has been busy playing Mr. Mom, without much free time for himself, so Kris hires a nanny to help around the house. But when this new nanny ends up doing more harm than good, will she be able to undo the mess? Watch and see!

    • Episode 1

      I'm Watching You

      aired: Sun, Oct 14, 2007

      Kim Kardashian is no stranger to attention. This sexy socialite has survived a sex tape scandal, and now she and her siblings are ready to be thrust into the Hollywood spotlight. In the series premiere of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," meet Kim and her crazy clan as they try to plan their parents' sixteenth anniversary party. Conservative dad Bruce wants a low-key night in, but his way-out wife Kris has a different idea. But what will happen when Kris and her daughter Kourtney go M.I.A. right before the big bash? (Two words: wine tasting.) Meanwhile, Kim gets tapped to do the "Tyra" show, but fears that she'll have to talk about her infamous sex tape! Also, Kris fears Kourtney's boyfriend may be unfaithful to her. Will she be able to break the bad news? Or will she end up minding her own business? Yeah, right.

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