Initial D

Initial D
Takumi's joined the Project D racing crew, and his reputation precedes him across the region. New challengers and courses mean new dangers, but no matter the obstacle in Takumi's headlights, he'll do whatever it takes to put it in the rearview mirror.

Genre: Action and Adventure, Animation

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    • Episode 1

      Season 3 Episode 1

      aired: Wed, Dec 10, 2008

      When Takumi's invited to drive for an all-star team that could change the face of local racing, he's got to beat his stiffest competition before he’ll join their ranks – himself.

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    • Episode 13

      Changing Seasons

      aired: Thu, Jan 20, 2000

      The battle between the two Eight-Sixes becomes an extreme test of endurance and will for the two drivers. Will Takumi take his newly-tuned machine all the way to victory, or does Wataru have what it takes to force his rival to a halting defeat? Original Release Year: 2000

    • Episode 12

      Eight-Six Vs. Eight-Six: A Spirited Race

      aired: Thu, Jan 13, 2000

      Takumi’s taking on Wataru on a treacherous mountain pass riddled with dangerous traps and obstacle. The true nature of Takumi’s new hidden weapon emerges in all its monstrous glory, however, and his opponent is in store for an intense challenge. Original Release Year: 2000

    • Episode 11

      The Seal Is Broken

      aired: Thu, Jan 6, 2000

      Takumi accepts Wataru’s challenge, deciding on Wataru’s own home course for the one-on-one. Before he takes on the new rival, Takumi’s got more to learn about the potential his new Eight-Six harnesses, as well as a few more essentials of racing. Original Release Year: 2000

    • Episode 10

      The Eight-Six Turbo!

      aired: Thu, Dec 16, 1999

      Wataru, another Eight-Six driver, arrives on the scene. The new racer’s attitude shakes up the reserve of more than one racer, but especially Takumi. Original Release Year: 1999

    • Episode 9

      The New Eight-Six

      aired: Thu, Dec 9, 1999

      Thanks to Bunta, the Eight-Six receives a game-changing upgrade. Takumi and Natsuki’s relationship continues to suffer. Meanwhile, Itsuki’s heart is shaken at the sight of Kazumi. Original Release Year: 1999

    • Episode 8

      Dangerous Car

      aired: Thu, Dec 2, 1999

      Mt. Akagi’s battle continues, as Ryosuke plans to demonstrate his street-racing prowess against Kyoichi. Back in Akina, Takumi laments the loss of his Eight-Six and the trouble with Natsuki. Original Release Year: 1999

    • Episode 7

      Battle at Akagi! the Black and White Flash!

      aired: Thu, Nov 25, 1999

      Eight-Six is out of the picture, and the RedSuns take advantage of the opportunity. Ryosuke returns with his White Comet to take on Kyoichi, Team Emperor’s experienced leader. Original Release Year: 1999

    • Episode 6

      Goodbye Eight-Six

      aired: Thu, Nov 18, 1999

      Though Kyoichi recognizes Takumi’s skill, he has full confidence in his rally-tuned Evo III. Takumi soon realizes the difference between his Eight-Six and the loud banging horsepower of the Evo III in an agonizing defeat. Original Release Year: 1999

    • Episode 5

      Countdown to Destruction

      aired: Thu, Nov 11, 1999

      Takumi soon discovers Natsuki’s secret, leading him to vent his anger in an egotistic battle against Kyoichi at Akagi. Takumi disregards his disadvantages in the race and suffers the consequences of his carelessness. Original Release Year: 1999

    • Episode 4

      Hollow Victory

      aired: Thu, Nov 4, 1999

      In his heart, Takumi couldn’t accept his victory over the Evo IV and decides to make a vow. To add to his already uneasy thoughts ... anonymous messages are being sent to Takumi concerning his relationship with Natsuki. Original Release Year: 1999

    • Episode 3

      Premonition of Defeat

      aired: Thu, Oct 28, 1999

      Going against Kyoichi’s instructions, Emperor’s Seiji launches his Evo IV into full power while racing against the Eight-Six. Though his car is out-classed by the highly-advanced Evo IV, Takumi takes every necessary risk to prove his worth. Original Release Year: 1999

    • Episode 2

      Team Emperor On Akina

      aired: Wed, Oct 20, 1999

      Upgrades for the Takumi’s Eight-Six are considered to increase its power. Elsewhere, Team Emperor continues to sweep across Gunma, defeating everyone else with ease. Takumi and his Eight-Six is next on their list. Original Release Year: 1999

    • Episode 1

      A New Threat

      aired: Thu, Oct 14, 1999

      Emperor, a team of racers from the Tochigi region, has arrived with the goal to crush every team in Gunma. It doesn’t take them long to discover a particular challenge in taking on the downhill legend known as Akina’s Eight-Six. Original Release Year: 1999

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