I Love Money

I Love Money
I Love Money is a reality television game show that features popular players from Rock of Love, Flavor of Love and I Love New York as they compete in challenges, with the grand-prize winner taking home $250,000. Created by The Surreal Life executive producers, I Love Money features Hoopz from Flavor of Love, Whiteboy from I Love New York, Megan from Rock of Love 2, Midget Mac from I Love New York 2 and many others.

Genre: Game Show, Reality

  • Watch I Love Money episodes from 2009

    • Episode 1291

      15. The Reunion

      aired: Sun, May 10, 2009

      Four months ago 18 reality show veterans waded ashore in Sunny Mexico for a chance to win $250,000. Now they return to our stage to discuss the alliances and conflicts; romances and breakups; and twists and turns that made I Love Money 2 unforgettable! Before it's over, heated words will be exchanged, a stunning new alliance will be revealed, and one of the girls will be given a second chance at love. It's a night filled with laughs and surprises that you won't want to miss.

    • Episode 1231

      14. The Final Showdown

      aired: Mon, May 4, 2009

      The remaining five contestants head into the final competitions for all the marbles. The players must lose all their inhibitions, especially their fear of heights, if they don't want to fall short in the first challenge. But it is the final event that will test all their strength, stamina, and brains. Alliances will do no good here. It's every man or woman for them self, and only one person will walk away with the $250,000.

    • Episode 1161

      13. Big Boobs, Big Bucks

      aired: Mon, Apr 27, 2009

      Only six players remain in the house. The cast must battle it out in their strangest reality challenge yet: an obstacle course in which they must don gigantic fake boobs. After the challenge, tensions in the house rise and major plotting ensues. But with things coming down to the wire, will the females in the house decide to exercise their power and try to get the guys out, or will original alliances and loyalties win out?

    • Episode 1091

      12. Can You Hang?

      aired: Mon, Apr 20, 2009

      With only seven players left in the house, the ruling alliance is confidant that they're in control of game and will now pick off the opposition at will. However, when none of them can cling to their life preserver long enough during the "Hang On Flav" Challenge, their plan is shut down. The entire coalition is thrown into turmoil, as they must decide whom, from their trusted group, to put up for elimination. Allegiances change at lightning speed as former team members turn on each other to keep themselves in the running.

    • Episode 1021

      11. You Can Scream All You Want

      aired: Mon, Apr 13, 2009

      A last-minute deal before the previous elimination threatens to completely crumble a struggling alliance, while behind closed doors, a new secret alliance begins to form. The more outspoken players finally have an advantage over their quieter counterparts in one of the game's loudest challenges; an old-fashioned screaming match. While some players assume their safety from the deals they've made, others scramble frantically to avoid elimination. Relationships break apart and blatant backstabbing ensues.

    • Episode 951

      10. You Made Your Bed, Now Lie In It

      aired: Mon, Apr 6, 2009

      With just nine people remaining in the house, the stakes are higher than ever. At the challenge, the money lovers must put their bed hopping skills to the test to avoid going into the box. The winner, although immune from going home, is put in a hard position; he must consider sending home one of his most trusted allies, in order to make a power play with the other side.

    • Episode 881

      9. Thrown Under The Bus

      aired: Mon, Mar 30, 2009

      After the last elimination, the money lovers are told there are no more teams and they're now competing as individuals. Yet even though the teams are dead there are two alliances that are still living strong. At their first individual challenge, the race to throw each other "under the bus" begins. In the end, one alliance wins Pay Master while a member of the opposing alliance becomes the dead last loser. In one of the most enticing power outings yet, a deal is placed on the table that will test the true colors of a money lover.

    • Episode 811

      8. How Do You Say 'Implosion' In Spanish?

      aired: Mon, Mar 23, 2009

      Eleven people remain in the house, and the lines between Green and Gold Teams have blurred even more. Alliances are color-blind, as certain players on either team attempt to sabotage the team that they are technically on. Each team is suspended from a giant crane above water and must untangle their twisted ropes in the fastest time to avoid the threat of elimination. The true competition takes place after the challenge, though, as players work overtime to forge allegiances and backstab others.

    • Episode 741

      7. Are You There, God? It's Me?

      aired: Mon, Mar 16, 2009

      The Green and Gold teams, and their respective alliances, struggle for dominance of the house, knowing that now is an opportunity to swing the numbers their way. In the Fire and Ice Challenge both teams scramble to free coins from an giant ice block. Turns out having alliance members on the opposing team pays off as sabotage costs one team the game. The two sabotaging players are obvious choices for possible elimination, which leaves the third a Herculean task; sway the paymaster to their alliance in order to stay alive.

    • Episode 671

      6. The Chickens Come Home To Roost

      aired: Mon, Mar 9, 2009

      Having uncovered an original team alliance as still being alive and well, a new secret alliance unites to protect its members and to swing the balance of power in their favor. Using brains over brawn, the new alliance executes a plan to break apart the other regardless of the outcome in a repeat of last season's challenge - the chicken-a-pult!

    • Episode 601

      5. Alliances Are Dead... Or Are They?

      aired: Mon, Mar 2, 2009

      After a surprising double elimination and an added twist of switching up the teams, the Money Lovers are all shook up. It's questionable whether the original Gold Team alliance is still in tact, and everyone knows they'll have to dig deep inside and do whatever it takes to win the first challenge with the new teams. The possibility of a secret alliance between two friends begins to raise suspicions with the bullies of the house as they scramble to retain control of the game. As a result, other members of the house realize it's time to join forces or be forced out of the house.

    • Episode 531

      4. Kiss My...

      aired: Mon, Feb 23, 2009

      With 16 money lovers left, fighting for cash, there's a whole lot of backstabbing and butt kissing going on. In this next challenge, The Gold team and The Green teams go "cheek to cheek", but when two team members throw the challenge and, ultimately cause a loss, a new alliance is exposed. The reason for this sabotage is a dislike for a controlling team member who is considered a "poison". Will the losing team realize this, and cut the bad seed loose, or will they be too intimidated? In the most dramatic elimination ceremony yet, an unexpected twist results in not just one, but two people going home. Finally, karma wins out.

    • Episode 461

      3. It's In The Cards

      aired: Mon, Feb 16, 2009

      The teams face off against each other in a 3-on-2 soccer showdown. Strategy comes into play, though, as each team gets to select their opposing teams' two defenders. Crossteam allegiances are exposed, and the pressures of potential elimination become too much for some to bear. The Paymaster's decision on who to send home - a friend or adversary - becomes clouded after a fortune teller cautions the Paymaster about her adversary being more loyal. Who will the Paymaster choose? It's anybody's guess up until the last moment!

    • Episode 391

      2. Stripper Moves

      aired: Mon, Feb 9, 2009

      The Green and The Gold teams face off in The Boston Knockout Challenge; a boxing ring suspended over the ocean, where the players attempt to knock their opponent out of the ring and into the water. After a player on the Green team unsuccessfully throws the challenge, he finds himself in hot water with both sides. Meanwhile, in an attempt to stay in the game, the weakest player puts the moves on the paymaster, who must ultimately make a decision between heart and mind.

    • Episode 321

      1. It's a Dirty Game, But Someone Has to Play It

      aired: Mon, Feb 2, 2009

      We're back! The shores of Huatulco, Mexico are about to be crashed again, as 19 not-so-lucky-in-love cast members from Flavor of Love, Rock Of Love, I Love New York, and now Real Chance of Love, battle it out for a chance to win $250,000. Two captains will emerge after a quick dip in the mud, and the strategizing will begin all over again. New alliances will form, while old rivalries will be rekindled. But a melt down of monumental proportions occurs when one person is not chosen to be on either team.

  • Watch I Love Money episodes from 2008

    • Episode 2851

      15. Reunion Show

      aired: Sun, Oct 12, 2008

      It's been four months since Hoopz and Whiteboy battled it out in Mexico for a quarter of a million dollars, and while the race for the cash may be done, the drama is far from finished.

    • Episode 2781

      14. The Final Four

      aired: Sun, Oct 5, 2008

      The four remaining players compete for the final paymaster position in the scariest, high-flying challenge yet.

    • Episode 2711

      13. Clip Show

      aired: Sun, Sep 28, 2008

      Check out the highlights from this season of I Love Money.

    • Episode 2641

      12. A Real Dilemma

      aired: Sun, Sep 21, 2008

      When one player shockingly quits the show, the remaining money lovers must go back in the vault to vote someone else in the box.

    • Episode 2571

      11. Pole Riders in the Sky

      aired: Sun, Sep 14, 2008

      It gets more intense as the 8 remaining money lovers find out that the loser of the next challenge will be eliminated on the spot.

    • Episode 2431

      10. Drunk With Power

      aired: Sun, Aug 31, 2008

      In the most disgusting challenge yet, "The Spit Olympics", the competition heats up and the worst person for the job of paymaster lands in the coveted seat.

    • Episode 2361

      9. Watch Your Back

      aired: Sun, Aug 24, 2008

      At the last elimination the remaining ten were told there are no more teams: From this point on it will be individual challenges!

    • Episode 2291

      8. The Good, The Bad, and The Confused?

      aired: Sun, Aug 17, 2008

      It's tense in the house as the 11 remaining players shift alliances and plot new strategies.

    • Episode 2221

      7. The Blonde Leading The Blonde

      aired: Sun, Aug 10, 2008

      It's swimsuits for everyone as the cast hits the beach for a challenge even a dummy could participate in.

    • Episode 2151

      6. Cry Me a River

      aired: Sun, Aug 3, 2008

      Coming off the heels of the previous elimination, a massive shift of power within the alliances takes place.

    • Episode 2081

      5. Bamboozlin' Gone Bad

      aired: Sun, Jul 27, 2008

      Now down to 14 people, new alliances are being formed across the Gold Team/Green Team Barrier.

    • Episode 2011

      4. Heat's a Crowd

      aired: Sun, Jul 20, 2008

      Both teams have to pair themselves off into couples for a challenge that is not what it appears to be. Tempers erupt when a will-he or won't-he do it moment could destroy one team's chance for victory.

    • Episode 1941

      3. Only the Weak Survive

      aired: Sun, Jul 13, 2008

      The Green and The Gold teams compete against each other in the ultimate Bed Battle Challenge. On a giant bed suspended over the ocean, players have to duke it out with enormous pugil sticks.

    • Episode 1871

      2. A Very 'Short' Trip

      aired: Sun, Jul 6, 2008

      17 cast-offs from Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, and I Love New York set sail for the remote tropical beach paradise of Huatulco, Mexico.

    • Episode 1821

      1. Meet the All Stars

      aired: Tue, Jul 1, 2008

      They couldn't find love, so they're going for the money. Get ready for I Love Money ? Meet the All Stars!

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