From the makers of Spooks and acclaimed writer Tony Jordan comes a slick and stylish new drama. An action-packed blend of humour and intrigue, following the fortunes of a gang of expert cons on the loose in London. They are specialists in the way of the grifter and all are keen to liberate cash from the amoral and undeserving. From faking film sets and expensive paintings to double-crossing the duplicitous head of a bank's security system... THE CON IS ON.

Genre: Drama

  • Watch Hustle Season 8

    • Episode 6

      The Con is Off

      aired: Thu, Feb 16, 2012

      Mickey thinks he's found the ultimate mark in Gulf businessman Madani Wasem. But Wasem isn't just rich, he's also highly dangerous. It's the end of the road for Mickey and the gang but will they go out in a shower of money or a hail of bullets?

    • Episode 5

      Ding Dong That's my Song

      aired: Thu, Feb 9, 2012

      The gang targets Dale Ridley, a disgraced game show presenter turned property developer with a fondness for bribery, but the arrival Ash's cheeky, eleven-year-old godson threatens to derail the whole con.

    • Episode 4

      Eat Yourself Slender

      aired: Thu, Feb 2, 2012

      Mickey implements an unorthodox con to target sham health-product salesmen, Dean and Dana Deville. They're going to sell the Devilles a fake diet treatment but two heists, a long con and a lot of weight loss make for a risky endeavor.

    • Episode 3

      Curiosity Caught the Kat

      aired: Thu, Jan 26, 2012

      The gang plan an inheritance scam to bring down their latest mark but are unaware that they're simultaneously being targeted by corrupt cop DI Fisk. Could one of Mickey's own team be willing to betray him?

    • Episode 2

      Picasso Finger Painting

      aired: Thu, Jan 19, 2012

      Mickey has been taken prisoner by international art collector Petre Sava who believes the gang were behind the theft of his stolen Picasso. Now Ash and the others have to locate the missing painting and return it before Mickey becomes Sava's next victim.

    • Episode 1

      Gold Finger

      aired: Thu, Jan 12, 2012

      The grifters take on Dexter Gold, the greedy, smooth talking owner of a corrupt gold exchange. The con is to pose as a renegade army unit in possession of a hundred bars of stolen Libyan gold but can they pull it off without reprisals?

  • Watch Hustle Season 7

    • Episode 6

      The Delivery

      aired: Thu, Feb 17, 2011

      Mickey and the team are thrust into a daring, daylight heist to retrieve some stolen diamonds which are buried beneath a busy police station. It turns out the jewels belong to a mafia boss who wants them back.

    • Episode 5

      The Fall of Railton FC

      aired: Thu, Feb 10, 2011

      Ash learns that his football club has been brought down by the greed of football agent, Don Coleman. The team launches into a high stakes con but when a last minute injury hits one of the team it looks like this might be one mark who's about to get away.

    • Episode 4

      Benny's Funeral

      aired: Thu, Jan 27, 2011

      The team decides to launch a cigarette smuggling con but Benny thinks Danush is too dangerous. Will Mickey and Ash heed his warnings or will they find themselves victim to arguably their most violent, ruthless mark to date?

    • Episode 3

      Clearance From A Deal

      aired: Thu, Jan 20, 2011

      The team set upon a plan to sell infamous grifter buster Marcus Wendell a rigged roulette wheel but this is no ordinary challenge; Marcus knows who they are and even what they plan to con him on.

    • Episode 2

      Old Sparks Come New

      aired: Thu, Jan 20, 2011

      When Emma finds out that ex-boyfriend Joe Ryan is facing eviction the team find themselves travelling to Birmingham to take on Camilla Althorp. Mickey and co set about the ambitious task of selling Camilla a castle and a title but will she bite?

    • Episode 1

      As Good as it Gets

      aired: Thu, Jan 6, 2011

      Eddie's niece gets scammed by ruthless modeling agent Wendy Stanton. Modeling shoots, lifestyle coaches and even a meeting at the American embassy, could this be their toughest con yet?

  • Watch Hustle Season 6

    • Episode 6

      The Hush Heist

      aired: Sun, Feb 7, 2010

      Just as the gang are about to close another successful deal, a cruel twist of fate reveals one of the marks to be an undercover police officer. Things get especially complicated when MI6 arrive with a proposition for Mickey.

    • Episode 5

      Conned Out of Luck

      aired: Sun, Jan 31, 2010

      Mickey is conned! Some lowlife rips him off by selling him a useless mobile phone online. According to the age-old laws of grifting, when a grifter is conned he's guaranteed a run of bad luck. What will the gang do if Mickey loses his mojo?

    • Episode 4

      The Father of Jewels

      aired: Sun, Jan 24, 2010

      The gang is about to close a deal worth 50,000, until Sean is distracted by someone. He lets the mark walk off with the money while he pursues this man. Emma discovers that the man is Sean and Emma's dad, who walked out on them 25 years ago.

    • Episode 3

      Tiger Troubles

      aired: Sun, Jan 17, 2010

      Albert is about to close a deal with Phil and Charlie when Phil collapses and dies. Albert tries to leave the con but Charlie isn't pulling out. He wants his brother's cash or else! Can the team con half a million to save Albert's bacon?

    • Episode 2

      The Thieving Mistake

      aired: Sun, Jan 10, 2010

      'Liability' Finch, an old friend of Ash's, shows up needing some help with a Van Gogh he's acquired, Mickey refuses as it's too risky. But the Head of Customs appears with a proposal that puts the team in a very tight spot.

    • Episode 1

      And This Little Piggy Had Money

      aired: Sun, Jan 3, 2010

      Just as the team is finishing with one genius con, Albert is out finding and priming the next unsuspecting mark - ex-banker Piggy Richardson.

  • Watch Hustle Season 5

    • Episode 6

      The Road Less Travelled

      aired: Wed, Feb 11, 2009

      The grifters raise a 1 million pound convincer, but are they being conned?

    • Episode 5


      aired: Wed, Feb 4, 2009

      The team faces a conflict of interests when they promise to save a community centre under threat.

    • Episode 4

      Diamond Seeker

      aired: Wed, Jan 28, 2009

      The grifters are put in danger when they acquire a hot diamond necklace by mistake.

    • Episode 3

      Lest Ye Be Judged

      aired: Wed, Jan 21, 2009

      Albert's parole is put in jeopardy when the Prison Governor catches him running a betting ring.

    • Episode 2

      New Recruits

      aired: Wed, Jan 14, 2009

      The team cons a pair of ruthless venture capitalists by posing as a PR company.

    • Episode 1

      Episode 1

      aired: Wed, Jan 7, 2009

      Legendary con artist Mickey Bricks is back and the con is on - in more ways than one...

  • Watch Hustle Season 4

    • Episode 6

      Big Daddy Calling

      aired: Wed, Jun 6, 2007

      The team flies out to grifters' heaven, Las Vegas, when they find out that Albert has been beaten up by mafia boss, Johnny Maranzano. Can the team find a way of robbing a casino that never closes and is under 24/7 security without getting caught or worse?

    • Episode 5

      Conning the Artists

      aired: Wed, May 30, 2007

      The team is celebrating another lucrative con, when they are taken hostage by a man who accuses them of dishonoring his family. This time it's personal. Have they gone too far, or can they find a way of negotiating themselves out of it alive?

    • Episode 4

      A Designer's Paradise

      aired: Wed, May 23, 2007

      Clarissa Bartwell is an immoral woman with a passion for fashion. Using the Emperor's New Clothes as inspiration for the con, Billy steps up to play the inside with Danny. But there's still and outside threat.

    • Episode 3

      Getting Even

      aired: Wed, May 16, 2007

      The grifters' favorite barman, Eddie, is being held ransom by the owner of his father's nursing home, Veronica Powell. She is wilier than most and time is running out for Eddie's father. Can Danny think of a decent con in time?

    • Episode 2

      Signing Up to Wealth

      aired: Wed, May 9, 2007

      Danny begins interviews for a new grifter, but the candidates aren't quite what the team is expecting. Meanwhile, Dickie Brennan, a ruthless porn baron, is keen to own a prize-winning horse. Of course, our con artists are willing to oblige.

    • Episode 1

      As One Flew Out, One Flew In

      aired: Wed, May 2, 2007

      The hustlers are back and off to sunny Los Angeles for their first con with new boss, Danny. In the land of movies and stardom, can our gang really get away with selling the Hollywood sign from the famous Hollywood hills?

  • Watch Hustle Season 3

    • Episode 6

      Law and Corruption

      aired: Thu, Apr 13, 2006

      Our heroes are hauled off to the police station on false drug charges by ambitious, fearless cop, DCI York . York's latest plan is to catch notorious thief, The Ghost, by blackmailing the gang into doing his dirty work for him.

    • Episode 5

      The Hustler's News of Today

      aired: Thu, Apr 6, 2006

      A newspaper's article about Stacie's closest friend, Emily, leads the team to their next marks - Editor Frances Owen and reporter Tim Millen. By the time they're finished with them, there will be nothing left of their reputations nor their careers.

    • Episode 4

      A Bollywood Dream

      aired: Thu, Mar 30, 2006

      Harold, a friend of Albert's, summons the team to take revenge on Kulvinda Samar, a sweat-shop owner who has caused pain to Harold's sisters. Samar is a perfect target for a classic movie-investor con. The con must be perfect, but could it be too perfect?

    • Episode 3

      Ties That Bind Us

      aired: Thu, Mar 23, 2006

      There's a new grifter in town and he is in search of a great crew. The stranger, James Whittaker Wright III aka JW3, has come to avenge the death of his grandfather, legendary 19th century American con artist James Whittaker Wright (JW1).

    • Episode 2

      The Henderson Challenge

      aired: Thu, Mar 16, 2006

      The power struggle between Mickey and Danny shows no signs of abating, with both of them claim to be the best man to lead the team. Albert offers a solution, the greatest test of grifter skill, The Henderson Challenge.

    • Episode 1

      Price for Fame

      aired: Thu, Mar 9, 2006

      Fresh from Las Vegas, the team is desperate to get back into the game. Their mark is Benny Frazier, a pub owner who smuggles in illegal immigrants. However, Benny catches on to the con, and Ash has to hatch a plan B - with help from the police...

  • Watch Hustle Season 2

    • Episode 6

      Eye of the Beholder

      aired: Mon, May 2, 2005

      Mickey has a plan to steal the Crown Jewels. The others assume it is a joke. However, Mickey asks them to trust him and so they reluctantly agree to the elaborate con.

    • Episode 5

      Old Acquaintance

      aired: Mon, Apr 25, 2005

      Stacie is in shock. She has seen Jake, her husband and a fellow grifter, who left her five years ago with everything she owned. The gang swears to exact revenge for Stacie.

    • Episode 4


      aired: Mon, Apr 18, 2005

      Dodgy detective Sam is determined to blackmail bar owner Eddie into ratting out the Hustle team, or face losing his license or jail. Eddie must choose between his friends and his livelihood, and is racked with guilt when he gives into the corrupt cop.

    • Episode 3

      The Lesson

      aired: Mon, Apr 11, 2005

      Danny finds a potential new member of the gang. Trevor is a short-con artist, who is good at what he does, but he targets the elderly or the poor. However, Trevor is looking for his big break and Danny thinks he can mentor Trevor, as Mickey mentored him.

    • Episode 2


      aired: Mon, Apr 4, 2005

      The gang is about to complete a job when Albert goes missing. When he reappears, the mark has pulled out. But Albert has a new plan. After spotting a restaurateur with a gangland background, he goes undercover as a priest to hear Johnny Keyes' confession.

    • Episode 1

      Gold Mine

      aired: Mon, Mar 28, 2005

      Mickey, Danny, Ash, Stacie and Albert return from a well-earned break and are already setting up scams that target the greedy, unethical and malevolent members of society who have no qualms in using and abusing anyone who crosses their path.

  • Watch Hustle Season 1

    • Episode 6

      The Last Gamble

      aired: Mon, Mar 29, 2004

      Mickey, Danny, Ash, Stacie and Albert return from a well-earned break and are already setting up scams that target the greedy, unethical and malevolent members of society who have no qualms in using and abusing anyone who crosses their path.

    • Episode 5

      A Touch of Class

      aired: Mon, Mar 22, 2004

      Katherine Winterborn, a high powered businesswoman, doesn't even flinch when stories appear in the press about her supposed revenge on her ex-husband. Only sex appeal can break down her barriers, and Mickey is the man for the job.

    • Episode 4

      Cops and Robbers

      aired: Mon, Mar 15, 2004

      Victor Maher, a hard-nosed ex-fraud squad officer, is on Mickey's case. Maher has damming evidence on Danny Blue and is prepared to use it if he doesn't get what he wants. He demands that Mickey help him catch a thief who is breaking into banks.

    • Episode 3

      Picture Perfect

      aired: Mon, Mar 8, 2004

      Danny plays art dealer as the gang pick sharp-tongued gallery owner, Meredith Gates, as their next mark. However, Gates is very astute when it comes to art and it seems that the team may have bitten off more than they can chew.

    • Episode 2

      Faking It

      aired: Mon, Mar 1, 2004

      Albert is caught cheating in a high-stakes poker game and is hospitalized after a bad beating by casino owner Frank Gorley, prompting the team to seek revenge. The discovery that Gorley is a movie aficionado gives them their opportunity.

    • Episode 1

      The Con is On

      aired: Mon, Feb 23, 2004

      Mickey Stone is back to his old ways after a two-year stint in prison and is intent on pulling his old gang back together for one final score. However, the police are watching, determined to nail every fraud office's most wanted: Mickey "Bricks" Stone.

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