Highway to Heaven

Highway to Heaven
Highway to Heaven was Micheal Landon's second pairing with Victor French (the two both starred on Little House on the Prairie). This show was about Jonathon Smith, an angel sent down by God, aka "The Boss," to partner up with ex-Oakland cop Mark Gordon. They would be assigned duties by the Boss in which they would help people see a better life, and sometimes help each other. The show ran for 5 years on NBC. Each episode began with clips of that episode. Then the sky would fill with a heavenly shot of clouds. The clouds would fade away, and the soothing theme music would begin to play, and the highway to heaven was open to all. The show ran for a seemingly short five seasons and is shown today in reruns on the Goodlife TV Network (Monday through Friday 1 p.m. EST and 7 p.m. EST) (Also, it will show on TVLand, every day at 8pm EST. First Telecast: September 19, 1984 Last Telecast: August 4, 1989 Number of Episodes: 111

Genre: Drama

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