Life is hard on the Flemings' ranch in the Alberta foothills where abused or neglected horses find refuge with a kind, hard-working family. Debts abound and the bank is about to foreclose. Can they keep the ranch running?

Genre: Drama

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    • Episode 18


      aired: Sun, Mar 27, 2011

      Amy and Ty work through their trust issues as they train a pair of Clydesdales, but it's an emergency at Heartland that reveals their true strength as a team when it matters most.

    • Episode 17

      Burning Down the House

      aired: Sun, Mar 13, 2011

      A horse crazy young boy comes to Heartland and quickly bonds with Amy, but his mother has a secret that could change everything for the Fleming family.

    • Episode 16

      Never Surrender

      aired: Sun, Mar 6, 2011

      When Bryce, a paralyzed military vet and ex-rodeo cowboy, hires Amy to help sell his roping horse she sees an opportunity to re-train both horse and rider.

    • Episode 15

      The River

      aired: Sun, Feb 27, 2011

      Lou helps Amy fight Stewart Forrest's bitter lawsuit to save her sister's reputation and the family business.

    • Episode 14

      Leap of Faith

      aired: Sun, Feb 13, 2011

      Amy must deal with Stewart Forrest's unrealistic expectations when she works with his daughter and an elite jumper that may be too much horse for the girl to handle.

    • Episode 13

      The Road Home

      aired: Sun, Jan 23, 2011

      Ty has some tough decisions to make when Jack leaves him literally at a crossroads.

    • Episode 12

      Lost Song

      aired: Sun, Jan 16, 2011

      Jack is forced to revisit a rough patch in his marriage when he finds an unfinished song by Lyndy in her old guitar case.

    • Episode 11

      Family Business

      aired: Sun, Jan 9, 2011

      Amy fights to keep Dexter in the family when she learns Tim is putting the horse up for sale in a claiming race.

    • Episode 10

      Mood Swings

      aired: Sun, Jan 2, 2011

      Ty and Amy's relationship is put in jeopardy when Ty's travel buddies Grant and Blair return to Heartland.

    • Episode 9

      Local Hero

      aired: Sun, Dec 5, 2010

      When Ty and Amy find her father's stolen cattle, Tim convinces the family they need to take the law into their own hands.

    • Episode 8

      One Day

      aired: Sun, Nov 21, 2010

      When Amy is hired to do a horse clinic with a group of inmates, Ty is surprised to discover one of them is a friend from his bad old days at the group home.

    • Episode 7


      aired: Sun, Nov 14, 2010

      Amy and Kit have to put their differences behind them when they take on Caleb in a teamroping jackpot.

    • Episode 6

      Win, Place or Show

      aired: Sun, Nov 7, 2010

      Tim enlists Amy to ride Lightning Dexter in a big time stakes race when he finds out his girlfriend, Janice has teamed up with the competition.

    • Episode 5

      Where the Truth Lies:

      aired: Sun, Oct 24, 2010

      When Amy and Ty convince Sarah, the town recluse, to let them treat her sick horse at Heartland, the family helps her face the ghosts of her past.

    • Episode 4


      aired: Sun, Oct 17, 2010

      A looming high school graduation and Spartan's near fatal bout with colic force Amy to face where her future really lies.

    • Episode 3

      Road Curves

      aired: Sun, Oct 10, 2010

      When an unspoken attraction re-surfaces, Amy discovers that honesty might be the best policy, but it certainly isn't the easiest one.

    • Episode 2

      What Dreams May Become

      aired: Sun, Oct 3, 2010

      Amy scratches the surface to discover that Nick Harwell's problems with his polo ponies, Lou's life in Dubai and Tim's relationship with his jockey are not what they appear to be.

    • Episode 1


      aired: Sun, Sep 26, 2010

      Amy tries to pretend that nothing has changed when Ty returns to Heartland with a surprise guest.

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    • Episode 18

      In the Cards

      aired: Sun, Mar 28, 2010

      A surprise announcement by Peter throws Lou's wedding plans into disarray while Amy and Ty are forced to make difficult decisions about their futures.

    • Episode 17

      Ring of Fire

      aired: Sun, Mar 21, 2010

      When Amy follows in her Mother's footsteps and enters a professional colt starting competition her gift with horses, and self-confidence, is put to the test.

    • Episode 16

      Spin Out

      aired: Sun, Mar 14, 2010

      Caleb struggles to get over the physical and emotional scars from his terrible accident as Amy tries to get him back on a horse and Tim doles out some tough love.

    • Episode 15

      Second Chances

      aired: Sun, Mar 7, 2010

      Amy faces a tough moral dilemma when she discovers Mr. Hanley has abandoned his horses and is on the brink of losing his farm.

    • Episode 14

      The Happy List

      aired: Sun, Jan 31, 2010

      Amy and Ty are at odds over his purchase of a vintage motorcycle while Caleb goes off to a rodeo in Montana despite Ashley's growing concerns about his life on the circuit.

    • Episode 13


      aired: Sun, Jan 24, 2010

      When a dangerous horse infection called Strangles puts Heartland under quarantine relationships are put to the test and Pegasus becomes very ill.

    • Episode 12

      The Reckoning

      aired: Sun, Jan 17, 2010

      Victor Whitetail makes a surprise visit to Heartland, which stirs up the past and leaves Tim wondering if Victor was more than just friends with his ex-wife.

    • Episode 11

      Catch and Release

      aired: Sun, Jan 10, 2010

      While the boys head off on a fishing trip, the girls are left back at Heartland to deal with the havoc caused by a dog, a porcupine and a herd of escaped cows.

    • Episode 10

      Eye of the Wolf

      aired: Sun, Jan 3, 2010

      Amy leads a rescue search to find Ty and Scott, whose plane has gone missing in a remote forested mountain area.

    • Episode 9

      Broken Arrow

      aired: Sun, Dec 6, 2009

      Amy is upset when Ty flies off with Scott to a remote vet call on his last day before heading to vet school.

    • Episode 8

      The Fix

      aired: Sun, Nov 22, 2009

      Ty protects his mother Lily from his abusive stepfather, who shows up at Heartland to win her back.

    • Episode 7

      The Starting Gate

      aired: Sun, Nov 15, 2009

      When Tim buys a racehorse from Lisa, he puts everything on the line, including Amy, to win big.

    • Episode 6

      Growing Pains

      aired: Sun, Nov 8, 2009

      When Amy and Ty become the proud, new parents of an orphaned foal, the strength of their relationship is put to the test.

    • Episode 5

      Glory Days

      aired: Sun, Nov 1, 2009

      Tim and Jack are reliving their glory days, and Amy begins to wonder if Ty is revisiting his past when he and Kit are thrown together dealing with her pregnant mare.

    • Episode 4

      The Haunting of Hanley Barn

      aired: Sun, Oct 25, 2009

      Amy and Ty spend the night in the "haunted" Hanley barn, trying to get to the bottom of a mystery.

    • Episode 3

      Man's Best Friend

      aired: Sun, Oct 18, 2009

      Jack's truck is on its way to rust bucket heaven, forcing him to find the courage to say goodbye to a part of his past.

    • Episode 2

      Little Secrets

      aired: Sun, Oct 11, 2009

      Amy finds herself caught in the middle of a family crisis when she tries to help a girl and her horse recover from what appears to be a freak accident.

    • Episode 1


      aired: Sun, Oct 4, 2009

      Amy is thrust into the limelight when she performs a "miracle" on a traumatized horse and a video of the event is posted online.

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    • Episode 18

      Step by Step

      aired: Sat, Mar 21, 2009

      Ty and Amy are finally forced to deal with their feelings for each other after a snowstorm strands them at Jack’s fishing cabin in the mountains.

    • Episode 17

      Full Circle

      aired: Sat, Mar 14, 2009

      Amy heads into the mountains to visit a First Nations horse healer named Victor Whitetail, and leaves with a new understanding about horses, her mom and herself.

    • Episode 16

      The Ties That Bind

      aired: Sat, Mar 7, 2009

      Amy and Ty will stop at nothing to get Spartan back after he’s stolen.

    • Episode 15

      Dark Horse

      aired: Thu, Apr 30, 2009

      Lou resurrects the Hudson Derby, stirring up an age-old grudge match between Jack and Tim.

    • Episode 14

      Do or Die

      aired: Sat, Feb 14, 2009

      Clint brings two tough kids on probation to Heartland forcing Ty to deal with a part of his past he’d rather forget.

    • Episode 13

      Seismic Shifts

      aired: Sat, Feb 7, 2009

      Lou goes head to head with Big Alberta Oil when seismic surveyors force their way onto Heartland.

    • Episode 12

      Divorce Horse

      aired: Sat, Jan 17, 2009

      Lisa meddles into Lou’s business and personal life with disastrous results.

    • Episode 11


      aired: Sat, Jan 10, 2009

      When Hollywood comes to Heartland, Amy is so starstruck, she loses track of what’s really important in her life.

    • Episode 10

      True Enough

      aired: Sat, Jan 3, 2009

      When Amy’s not so favorite teacher Ms. Adams, brings a horse named Boxer to Heartland, Amy learns a valuable lesson about fathers and daughters.

    • Episode 9


      aired: Sat, Dec 6, 2008

      Caleb and Ty must put their differences aside when cattle rustlers hit Big River Ranch.

    • Episode 8

      Summer’s End

      aired: Sat, Nov 29, 2008

      In the middle of a heat wave, a cattle truck loaded with sick and overheated horses pulls into Heartland. Ty can hardly believe his eyes when the driver turns out to be his dad.

    • Episode 7

      Sweetheart of the Rodeo

      aired: Sat, Nov 15, 2008

      With the annual Hudson Heritage Rodeo looming, everyone at Heartland gets roped into the action and intrigue of broncs, bulls, beer, beauty queens and belt buckles.

    • Episode 6

      Holding Fast

      aired: Sat, Nov 8, 2008

      Amy’s work with a damaged police horse helps Constable Mark Rodriguez to deal with his difficult past.

    • Episode 5

      Corporate Cowgirls

      aired: Sat, Nov 1, 2008

      Corporate Cowgirls English Lou doubts her choice to live and work at Heartland when a group of corporate career women arrives for a weekend retreat.

    • Episode 4

      Dancing in the Dark

      aired: Sat, Oct 25, 2008

      As friends and neighbors gather to pay their respects at a memorial for Ray Philips, Tim makes plans to buy Big River Ranch.

    • Episode 3

      Gift Horse

      aired: Sat, Oct 18, 2008

      Her father’s gift forces Amy to make a difficult choice between a career in show jumping or her work at Heartland.

    • Episode 2

      Letting Go

      aired: Sat, Oct 11, 2008

      Ty can gain the trust of a wild horse, but can he regain Amy’s trust?

    • Episode 1

      Ghost Horse

      aired: Sat, Oct 4, 2008

      Amy receives an unexpected surprise at her 16th birthday party.

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