Hart to Hart

Hart to Hart
Hart to Hart centered around the adventures of Jonathan Hart, a self-made millionaire and CEO of global conglomerate Hart Industries, and his wife Jennifer, a freelance journalist. Moonlighting as sleuths, the Harts find themselves in the midst of murder, smuggling, theft and international espionage in every episode. Also part of the fun were Max, their loyal, gravelly-voiced butler, cook & chauffeur, and Freeway, their pet canine. Starred Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers as the Harts, and Lionel Stander as Max.

Genre: Action and Adventure

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    • Episode 20

      Blue Chip Murder

      aired: Tue, May 26, 1981

      Million of dollars in bonds hidden by their home's previous owner makes the Harts the target of a greedy stockbroker.

    • Episode 19

      Murder Takes a Bow

      aired: Tue, May 19, 1981

      Jennifer is the only obstacle to community theater director's plans to make the work of a murdered playwright his own.

    • Episode 18

      Operation Murder

      aired: Tue, May 12, 1981

      Jennifer cannot convince anyone hat she witnessed a murder during a brief hospital stay.

    • Episode 17

      17. The Latest in High Fashion Murder

      aired: Tue, May 5, 1981

      After agreeing to model for a high fashion magazine, Jennifer becomes a deranged killer's next target.

    • Episode 16

      The Murder of Jonathan Hart

      aired: Tue, Apr 28, 1981

      Jonathan fakes his own murder in order to find out who has been trying to kill him.

    • Episode 15

      Getting Aweigh with Murder

      aired: Tue, Apr 14, 1981

      The Harts and Max go undercover on a gambling cruise to expose a counterfeiting ring.

    • Episode 14

      14. Solid Gold Murder

      aired: Tue, Mar 24, 1981

      The theft of a seemingly innocuous barbell leads Jonathan to a legendary gold thief.

    • Episode 13

      13. Homemade Murder

      aired: Tue, Mar 3, 1981

      Posing as Jonathan, a murderer takes refuge in the Hart mansion as he searches for the incriminating evidence that could send him to prison for life.

    • Episode 12

      12. Murder in the Saddle

      aired: Tue, Feb 24, 1981

      At their ranch, the Harts stumble onto a plan to make local ranchers believe their land is being contaminated by a chemical company's toxic waste.

    • Episode 11

      Slow Boat to Murder

      aired: Tue, Feb 17, 1981

      In order to protect a illegal card game, a Hart Industries employee is framed for murder.

    • Episode 10

      Hart-Shaped Murder

      aired: Tue, Feb 10, 1981

      The Hart's discover that a Valentine's Day gift to some friends is being used to transport secrets by an international spy ring.

    • Episode 9

      Murder is a Drag

      aired: Tue, Feb 3, 1981

      Jonathan is mistaken for a hit man and hired to carry out a contract killing of the District Attorney.

    • Episode 8

      8. Ex-Wives Are Murder

      aired: Tue, Jan 20, 1981

      Max's ex-wife makes an unexpected appearance that draws him and the Harts into a battle for a stolen necklace.

    • Episode 7

      Murder in Paradise

      aired: Tue, Jan 13, 1981

      At a Hawaiian croquet tournament, Jonathan and Jennifer stumble into a nest of spies competing for a list of Russian agents.

    • Episode 6

      Murder Wrap

      aired: Tue, Jan 6, 1981

      Jennifer's resemblance to an ancient Egyptian princess threatens to have her entombed forever.

    • Episode 5

      Tis the Season to Be Murdered

      aired: Tue, Dec 16, 1980

      The Harts go undercover at their toy company to expose a costly security leak.

    • Episode 4

      Murder Is Man's Best Friend

      aired: Tue, Dec 9, 1980

      Freeway's role in a commercial uncovers a plan to sell pets and their owners on a highly addictive dog food.

    • Episode 3

      This Lady Is Murder

      aired: Tue, Nov 25, 1980

      A case of mistaken identity results in Jennifer being kidnapped and held for ransom.

    • Episode 2

      What Murder?

      aired: Tue, Nov 18, 1980

      After losing his memory in an accident, Jonathan recalls witnessing a murder.

    • Episode 1

      Murder, Murder On The Wall

      aired: Tue, Nov 11, 1980

      A bank robber's death unleashes a search for the five million dollars he stole from his accomplices.

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