Hardcore Pawn

Hardcore Pawn
The Gold family operates American Jewelry and Loan in Detroit.

Genre: Documentary, Reality

  • Watch Hardcore Pawn Season 7

    • Episode 3

      3. Monster Deals

      aired: Mon, Apr 8, 2013

      Seth and Ashley battle it out to see who can bring in more new customers to the store.? Ashley's idea really blows up, but Seth has a secret plan in the works - and one that might just push his sister over the edge, and out of American Jewelry.?

    • Episode 2

      2. Short Staffed

      aired: Sun, Mar 31, 2013

      Seth's security crackdown rubs the redeem girls the wrong way, and American Jewelry comes up short staffed - forcing the Golds to man the windows.? Out of his element, Seth struggles to stay on the ball, and with each new high drama customer, gets closer and closer to his breaking point.?

    • Episode 1

      1. Frisky Business

      aired: Mon, Mar 25, 2013

      After a devastating betrayal by their head of security, the Golds must crack down to protect themselves and their business - but when Seth's security measures go too far, he finds himself in the line of fire from Les, Ashley, and the entire staff.?

  • Watch Hardcore Pawn Season 6

    • Episode 25

      25. To Catch a Thief, Part 1

      aired: Mon, Jan 28, 2013

      When jewelry is found scattered on the floor, Les think it's just a mistake.

    • Episode 24

      24. Les' Mojo

      aired: Mon, Jan 21, 2013

      A lot has been going wrong for Les lately, and after whiffing at some sweet deals, this could be the worst day on record for him.?

    • Episode 23

      23. Watch Out

      aired: Mon, Jan 14, 2013

      After purchasing a top notch watch for an amazing price, Les shows it off to Seth and Ashley.

    • Episode 22

      22. Junkyard Intervention

      aired: Mon, Jan 7, 2013

      With the warehouse overflowing with broken electronics, Seth decides to orders a dumpster to get rid of the junk - behind his father's back.

    • Episode 21

      21. Unforgiven

      aired: Mon, Dec 31, 2012

      When Rich commits a fireable offence at the jewelry counter, Seth pushes for forgiveness but his dad refuses.

    • Episode 20

      20. Motor City Dream Cruise

      aired: Mon, Dec 24, 2012

      Detroit hosts its annual Dream Cruise, and the Golds know they have just one day to cash in on automotive merchandise.

    • Episode 19

      19. Ashley's Bad Day

      aired: Mon, Dec 17, 2012

      Ashley's attitude is nothing new, but when her sass starts costing the store business, its up to Les and Seth to get to the root of her problems.

    • Episode 18

      18. Vintage Victory

      aired: Mon, Dec 10, 2012

      When a junky old bike rolls in, Les and Ashley are at odds as to what it's worth.

    • Episode 17

      17. Gold Metldown

      aired: Mon, Dec 3, 2012

      A Hollywood player brings in a high end custom job that has Seth scrambling, but one sloppy mistake could lead to disaster.

    • Episode 16

      16. Shell Game

      aired: Mon, Nov 26, 2012

      Les can't?believe that a hustler would edge in on his turf, but when customers start getting scammed in his parking lot, the Golds have no choice but to take action - and fast.

    • Episode 15

      15. Pay to Play

      aired: Mon, Nov 19, 2012

      When a rare guitar finds its way into the shop, the Golds can't decide if it's the real deal, or a fake.

    • Episode 14

      14. Family Matters

      aired: Mon, Nov 12, 2012

      After Seth attempted to sell his father's business out from under him, Les cannot forgive or forget his son's betrayal.

    • Episode 13

      13. Oh Yes He Did

      aired: Mon, Oct 1, 2012

      Seth's secret plan to sell Pontiac is in full motion, but when it hits a snag, Ashley is pulled into the fray.

    • Episode 12

      12. Oh No He Didn't

      aired: Mon, Sep 24, 2012

      The kids discover their other store is quietly going bust. When they confront him with the proposition to sell it, Les flies off the handle making it crystal clear that the store is not for sale.

    • Episode 11

      11. Seth's Big Bet

      aired: Mon, Sep 17, 2012

      Ashley challenges Seth to a unique competition that puts the Golden boy in over his head. If he can't deliver the goods, the world will hear the one thing he's been fighting to keep a secret.

    • Episode 10

      Season 6, Episode 10

      aired: Mon, Sep 10, 2012

      A conflict over a fake receipt turns into a full-blown war at the window. But when Les tries to call the customer's bluff, she comes back with a Motor City lawyer who could land Les in hot water. But Mr. Gold has a big surprise up his sleeve.

    • Episode 9

      Season 6, Episode 9

      aired: Mon, Sep 3, 2012

      Les is presented with a jar of gold powder that could be worth thousands, but Ashley is convinced it's nothing more than eye shadow. An explosive acid test reveals its true nature.

    • Episode 8

      Season 6, Episode 8

      aired: Mon, Aug 27, 2012

      Les is handing out the hundreds for a parade of items that Seth and Ashley claim are worthless. When the kids reveal his backroom piled sky-high with everything from Pontiacs to prosthetics Les is flat out busted.

    • Episode 7

      Season 6, Episode 7

      aired: Mon, Aug 20, 2012

      A customer is found hiding in a refrigerator. Ashley swears he was waiting for closing time to sneak out and rob them. She demands they hire overnight security, but Les squashes the plan. It's a move he may regret come nightfall.

    • Episode 6

      Season 6, Episode 6

      aired: Mon, Aug 13, 2012

      Les is tempted to break store policy when a fast-talking customer pins him to the wall. But when Seth steps in, will the cash be taken off the table?

    • Episode 5

      Season 6, Episode 5

      aired: Mon, Aug 6, 2012

      Les buys rare rock memorabilia that may be worth a pile of cash. Then, when a man gets caught trying to secretly sell his girlfriend's ring, she dishes out a punishment that's never been seen in the store before.

    • Episode 4

      Season 6, Episode 4

      aired: Mon, Jul 30, 2012

      Seth is blindsided when Les brings back ex-employee Amy who he claims screwed them over. While she's known for flaking out, she racks up sales better than anyone in the store.

    • Episode 3

      Season 6, Episode 3

      aired: Mon, Jul 23, 2012

      Les loves a good story, but is he being duped by a group of savvy salesmen? Seth and Ashley try to pin him to the wall on his intent to buy, but Les stands firm.

    • Episode 2

      Season 6, Episode 2

      aired: Mon, Jul 16, 2012

      Seth's new money scheme draws harsh criticism from Ashley. But if it works, it could means millions for the store.

    • Episode 1

      Season 6, Episode 1

      aired: Mon, Jul 9, 2012

      Rich returns to confront Les about being fired. In a last-ditch effort, Rich spots what he thinks are stolen goods.

  • Watch Hardcore Pawn Season 4

    • Episode 9

      Ashley vs. Rich

      aired: Tue, Aug 30, 2011

      Seth takes his biggest stand to date when a ‘roid-raging meathead threatens his father’s safety. Ashley surprises everyone with a new hire -- who turns out to be a crook. A confrontation erupts and Seth steps in to protect his sister and the family business.

    • Episode 8

      All in the Family

      aired: Tue, Aug 16, 2011

      Rich invades Ashley’s territory in the jewelry and loan department. Seth negotiates for high-value jewels and freaks when he sees a customer’s domestic abuse. Les eyes a rare piece of memorabilia from the Aliens movie. Rich crosses the line and sends Ashley through the roof.

    • Episode 7

      Season 4, Episode 7

      aired: Tue, Aug 2, 2011

      Tensions between Ashley and Seth run high, but when a customer demands drug money they are forced to cooperate. An Elvis record may command major cash, but will Les and Rich spend too much? The gloves come off when a customer threatens to attack Les.

    • Episode 6

      Blood Lines

      aired: Tue, Jul 26, 2011

      Ashley blows everyone away with her negotiating skills reigniting her feud with Seth. When a shark suit sale goes wrong, Les is threatened. When sibling rivalry reaches a high, Les is forced to make a decision that will change the way AJL does business forever.

    • Episode 5

      Les Loses It

      aired: Tue, Jul 19, 2011

      Seth plays hardball when a trove of vintage sports cards comes in. The Golds freak when a customer reveals where jewelry she’s selling was pierced. Later, a drunk customer gets belligerent and Les explodes. Can security calm things down or will Les go too far?

    • Episode 4

      Les Walks Out

      aired: Tue, Jul 5, 2011

      With Les gone, Ashley plots Seth’s demise. A disagreement over the worth of some jewelry leads to a standoff. The Golds consider a piece of Michael Jackson memorabilia. Seth dangles an enticing deal in front of the seller, but is one of them getting screwed?

    • Episode 3

      Fire Bomb

      aired: Tue, Jun 28, 2011

      A customer trying to rip off the store learns never to mess with Les. The Golds have a chance to buy a genuine Olympic torch. A parking lot car fire threatens to catch the power lines and even worse, someone may be inside the car.

    • Episode 2

      Life After Death

      aired: Tue, Jun 21, 2011

      Les snaps when a customer threatens to throw down over a broken necklace. The Golds are offered Saddam Hussein’s personal possessions, but are they real or fake? Les calls a family talk. Will Ashley return to the business or will Seth stand in the way?

    • Episode 1

      Return of the Queen?

      aired: Tue, Jun 21, 2011

      With Ashley gone, business is booming – or so Seth thinks. A battle erupts over a customer’s loan. Then, a rare Mustang interests Les. Will he pony up or watch this dream car drive away? Later, Les wants Ashley back, but Seth won’t hear of it.

  • Watch Hardcore Pawn Season 1

    • Episode 8

      Les' Big Gamble

      aired: Mon, Sep 20, 2010

      Les takes Ashley and Seth to the closed pawnshop his grandfather started downtown. Then, a dominatrix tries to pawn her gear! Are the Golds buyers, or will they show this madam out? And later, Seth surprises his dad with an emotional birthday gift.

    • Episode 7

      Season 1, Episode 7

      aired: Mon, Sep 13, 2010

      Les flips out when his security guard shouts down a customer, prompting the family to find a new head of security. Then, the staff squirms when Seth and Ashley clash over whether or not to buy a collection of venomous reptiles and hissing roaches.

    • Episode 6

      Moving Targets

      aired: Mon, Aug 30, 2010

      Les and Seth clash over business when an idea to give away massive cash creates a dangerous situation. In the midst of the turmoil, Ashley recruits Seth to make stripper poles in-house. Will the new venture turn a profit or leave the Golds belly-up?

    • Episode 5

      Trouble Inside

      aired: Mon, Aug 23, 2010

      An employee becomes violent, nearly tearing the family apart. Then, Ashley goes through the roof when an aggressive customer tries to sell 50 pairs of not-so-clean panties. And a wacky puppet maker creates replicas of the staff.

    • Episode 4

      Bulletproof Gator

      aired: Mon, Aug 23, 2010

      Tensions boil over when a guy flips out over a mix-up with his gold chain. Then, Ashley loses it when a customer tries to pawn a cursed relic! Will its deadly history catch her in its grip? Or will she throw it (and the customer) out the door?

    • Episode 3

      Booze and Guns

      aired: Mon, Aug 16, 2010

      A man tries to sell his alligator, and Ashley and Seth want no part of it. But will Les’s nostalgia force him to make a bad move? Then, someone wants to pawn a bulletproof vest, and Les wants it tested! Tempers flare when Ashley mishandles a deal.

    • Episode 2

      Season 1, Episode 2

      aired: Mon, Aug 16, 2010

      The Golds clash over the need to arm the staff after a customer threatens Les. Later, the competition heats up between Ashley and Seth over pawning a Jägermeister machine. Then, Ashley’s negotiation skills are questioned when she can’t close a deal.

    • Episode 1


      aired: Mon, Dec 21, 2009

      An angry customer threatens Les, putting the entire store on alert. When the customer returns, security lets them get away and Les unleashes his rage. Amidst the chaos, Ashley and Seth have a friendly wager on whether a stripper pole will sell.

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