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  • Watch Giuliana & Bill Season 5

    • Episode 21

      21. Daddy Duty

      aired: Tue, Dec 4, 2012

      Giuliana struggles with being away from Bill and baby Edward Duke as she returns to hosting duties at the Emmy Awards red carpet.

    • Episode 20

      20. Duke of Hazzard

      aired: Tue, Dec 4, 2012

      Giuliana and Bill prepare for baby Duke's first photo shoot and adjust to life as new parents.

    • Episode 19

      19. Meet the Duke

      aired: Tue, Nov 20, 2012

      Giuliana and Bill welcome their son to the world.

    • Episode 17

      17. Who's Your Nanny?

      aired: Tue, Oct 30, 2012

      Giuliana interviews British nannies while in London covering the Olympics.

    • Episode 16

      16. How to Be a Sexy Mom

      aired: Tue, Oct 23, 2012

      While the couple preps their new house for the baby, Giuliana worries that she will lose her "Momjo."

    • Episode 15

      15. Babies Hate Me!

      aired: Tue, Oct 16, 2012

      Giuliana babysits her niece Sydney to get used to being around children more often.

    • Episode 14

      14. We're Having A...

      aired: Tue, Oct 9, 2012

      Giuliana and Bill reveal the gender of their baby at their baby shower.

    • Episode 13

      13. The Countdown Begins

      aired: Tue, Oct 2, 2012

      Giuliana and Bill are on the hunt for a new house to raise their soon-to-be-born baby.

    • Episode 12

      Marriage Rules

      aired: Wed, Jun 13, 2012

      In this clip special encompassing five seasons of marital bliss, Giuliana and Bill Rancic share

    • Episode 11

      Boy or Girl?

      aired: Thu, Jun 7, 2012

      As Giuliana and Bill wait for the green light to share their baby news, G checks in with her cancer

    • Episode 10

      What Happens in Cabo

      aired: Wed, May 30, 2012

      Giuliana and Bill are on pins and needles as they await news of the "safe zone," also known as the twelve-week, second trimester mark when they can finally announce their baby news to the world. To take G's mind off everything, Bill starts secretly planning a weekend getaway in Cabo--complete with all of their friends in tow. But first, there's business to tend to such as Giuliana's fashion line, her speaking engagement and finalizing their restaurant menu. Once they've escaped the city and landed on the sunny beach, it's only a matter of waiting for the phone call--and trying not to spill the beans to their friends early!

    • Episode 9

      Mama DePandi's Big Night

      aired: Wed, May 23, 2012

      The day has finally come for Giuliana and Bill's big restaurant opening in Chicago! Amidst the hustle and bustle of getting everything in order, Giuliana's main concern centers around her official "Fashion Police" duties as she takes on the responsibility of picking the outfits for RPM Italian's hosts and servers. Bill, however, isn't completely confident in her and her stylist's choices--so he enlists a professional restaurant stylist to face off against his wife. But when all is said and done, is the staff's wardrobe really important when they have a major party to plan?

    • Episode 8

      48 Hour Hustle

      aired: Thu, May 17, 2012

      Bill returns to Haiti to build a house for a family affected by the 2010 hurricane, but he finds himself on an almost impossible deadline--he and his team have only forty-eight hours to build a house from the ground up! With such a tight schedule, limited materials and not-so-professional but well-intentioned handymen, Bill is worried that he made a huge promise that he won't be able to keep. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Giuliana is preparing for the Grammy Awards when news breaks of Whitney Houston's death--adding a somber tone and whirlwind of activity to an already hectic evening.

    • Episode 7

      New House Hunters

      aired: Thu, May 10, 2012

      After experiencing a successful ultrasound appointment with their doctor and gestational carrier, Giuliana and Bill are ready to put down roots to raise a family--which begins with buying a home. But, rather than fool themselves into thinking it's feasible to choose between L.A. and Chicago, they toy with the idea of keeping their L.A. pad and purchasing a small place in Chicago. However, when a business opportunity in Los Angeles springs up unexpectedly, the Rancics have to put their house hunt on hold again! Meanwhile, the couple thinks of ways to honor their mothers for supporting them through rough times in the past year, and Giuliana gets schooled on the restaurant business.

    • Episode 6

      Back With a Bounce

      aired: Wed, May 2, 2012

      After little to no rest following her double mastectomy, Giuliana returns to work during the heart of awards season. Still uncomfortable with her new body, she spends extra time with a stylist to pick out the perfect dress to don at the Golden Globes--but her main concern centers on how she'll be perceived on the red carpet. Meanwhile, she and Bill are quick to get back on their feet as they anxiously await the results of their baby's first ultrasound. Plus, Bill takes on another challenge of booking a speaking engagement that opens up for former President Bill Clinton.

    • Episode 5

      Baby Dreams

      aired: Wed, Apr 25, 2012

      Gestational surrogacy has made Giuliana and Bill Rancic's baby dreams come true, but this process isn't just a Hollywood fantasy. On this special episode of "Giuliana and Bill," follow the emotional journeys of real-life couples who followed this uncommon path to parenthood. From a same-sex couple to a couple battling both cancer and infertility, get an inside look at how these families came to their decision. Plus, meet the extraordinary women who volunteer their bodies as gestational carriers--including the remarkable story of a sister who followed through on a childhood promise.

    • Episode 4

      Surgery Day

      aired: Wed, Apr 25, 2012

      The day of Giuliana's double mastectomy has arrived and the reality is finally setting in for The Rancics. Go behind-the-scenes with Bill, Giuliana and her parents as they offer an intimate look at the emotional start of G's road to recovery, which includes home video of Giuliana prepping for surgery and her desire to fight against cancer. Plus, Giuliana's embryo transfer is just days away and she is stuck on her couch!

    • Episode 3

      Baby Mama?

      aired: Tue, Apr 17, 2012

      After much research and discussion with her oncology doctor, Giuliana comes to a major decision concerning her breast cancer treatment--and decides to go public with the huge news. To calm her down through the process, Bill takes her to a spa retreat in Arizona where the couple learns how to meditate. Meanwhile, Giuliana's doctor suggests they look into alternative ways to conceive a child together--including using a gestational carrier, which is similar to a surrogate, except they both would be the baby's biological parents.

    • Episode 2

      The Booby Trap

      aired: Wed, Apr 11, 2012

      Unfortunately for Giuliana and Bill, surgery wasn't the finish line for Giuliana's cancer scare--and the Rancics are forced to wait around until the pathology results are in. Until that time, Giuliana struggles to feel comfortable at work because so many of her coworkers are treating her differently out of concern for her health. However, at home, it's Bill who feels displaced as Giuliana's parents, brother, and his whole family move in with them temporarily to keep Giuliana company. When the day of their doctor's appointment finally arrives, Giuliana and Bill are in for some shocking news that could affect her ability to conceive.

    • Episode 1

      The Battle Begins

      aired: Thu, Apr 5, 2012

      There's not much time left before Giuliana and Bill are welcoming a third Rancic into the family!

  • Watch Giuliana & Bill Season 4

    • Episode 10

      Season 4, Episode 10

      aired: Mon, Sep 26, 2011

      Bill starts feeling disconnected from his friends and family in Chicago so he secretly starts looking into buying property there. Giuliana struggles with asking for more time off work so she can go to Denver to move forward with their third round of IVF. Plus, the couple makes over their master bedroom, Giuliana sees the first designs from her clothing line, and Bill has his first walk-through of Mamma DePandi's restaurant.

    • Episode 9

      It's Complicated

      aired: Mon, Sep 19, 2011

      Giuliana goes shopping for her sister who just gave birth to a new baby boy, which inspires her and Bill to take the first step into getting back into IVF. They decide to meet with a highly-rated fertility facility in Colorado to discuss their options. Meanwhile, Bill tapes his first episode of "America Now," Giuliana cohosts the Miss USA pageant, and the two finally make a decision about whether or not to move forward with Mama DePandi's restaurant.

    • Episode 8

      All In The Familia

      aired: Mon, Sep 12, 2011

      Giuliana and Bill host their first dinner party at their Los Angeles home, and Bill starts to admit he's putting down roots in the city. Meanwhile, he continues to strategize with potential investors about Mama DePandi's Italian restaurant. But when some of the discussions leave him considering scrapping their plan to keep it a mom and pop shop, he decides to keep it a secret from Giuliana so as not to upset her. Plus, the Rancics take a trip to Italy to visit with Giuliana's family and do research on Italian foods for their new eatery, and Bill delves into his own family history to see if he has Italian blood in him after all.

    • Episode 7

      It's Bill's Party and He'll Cry If He Wants To

      aired: Mon, Aug 29, 2011

      Giuliana plans a surprise 40th birthday bash in Chicago for Bill, but when her hectic schedule gets in the way of planning, she calls on Bill's sister for help with the final preparations. In return, she agrees to watch Bill's nephews at the lake house for a weekend--but will they be able to handle the three young boys? Meanwhile, Bill visits Chicago to scout locations for Mama DePandi's restaurant, Bill tries to teach Giuliana how to water ski, and Giuliana struggles to keep Bill's surprise party under wraps.

    • Episode 6

      The Big 4-0

      aired: Mon, Aug 22, 2011

      As Bill's 40th birthday approaches, Giuliana is determined to pull off an amazing surprise party for him in Chicago so he can celebrate this milestone with his family and friends. But when Bill starts to catch on to her scheme, she decides to move the bash to Las Vegas to throw him off. Meanwhile, Bill has a tough time coming to terms with turning 40, and tempers flare again over the restaurant location. Will Mama DePandi's end up in Chicago or Los Angeles? Find out!

    • Episode 5

      Where to Next, Bill?

      aired: Mon, Aug 15, 2011

      Giuliana grows frustrated with Bill's extensive travel schedule and starts doubting whether he is really invested in living in Los Angeles, since they're now spending more time apart than ever. But her anger starts to temper when he travels to tragedy-stricken Haiti to help kids in need get fitted for hearing aids. After his short, yet life-changing stay, Bill starts to gain a new perspective on life and is reminded of the importance of family. Meanwhile, although Bill still wants to open Mama DePandi's restaurant in Chicago, he agrees to scope out some potential locations in Los Angeles, and Giuliana hosts the Young Hollywood Awards.

    • Episode 4

      Food Fight

      aired: Mon, Aug 8, 2011

      Just as Giuliana and Bill begin to settle into their new Los Angeles pad, Bill finds a perfect excuse to move back to Chicago. He wants to start up Mama DePandi's restaurant in the Windy City--which kicks off Giuliana and Bill's first official fight over the eatery. Meanwhile, Giuliana flies solo on designing her own clothing line and does a complete overhaul of her wardrobe closet at work to sell off some of her expensive clothes for charity. Plus, she takes Bill to a date night cooking class to meet more couple friends in L.A.

    • Episode 3

      The DePandi Moving Company

      aired: Mon, Aug 1, 2011

      Now that their place in Chicago is sold, Bill suggests shopping for a home in Los Angeles before Giuliana's parents come into town to stay with them. But first, they need to get on the same page when it comes to looking for the perfect house and find time to move out of their current apartment. And, although they had decided to steer clear of baby talk for a year, Giuliana suggests they see a fertility specialist in New York.

    • Episode 2

      Season 4, Episode 2

      aired: Mon, Jul 25, 2011

      Bill officially makes the move to Los Angeles to be with Giuliana, but just as he tries to get settled, she has to leave the country for a week to cover the Royal Wedding. Not happy to be left in L.A. by himself, he decides to surprise Giuliana by meeting up with her in London--but will her busy schedule leave them any free time together? Also, Giuliana helps her sister prepare for the birth of her fourth child, while Bill has a hard time adjusting to life away from his family and friends in Chicago.

    • Episode 1

      Season 4, Episode 1

      aired: Mon, Jul 18, 2011

      After an emotionally and physically draining year of trying to conceive, Giuliana and Bill agree that it's best to take some time off from medical procedures--and instead, celebrate a year of fun! First, they have to break the news to Bill's family that the in vitro treatment didn't work the second time around. And, although he considers Chicago his home, Bill decides to spend more time in Los Angeles with Giuliana. When he gets an offer on their newly-finished Chicago house, Bill thinks it may be a good idea to sell it and start over. But will Giuliana feel the same way about letting go of their dream home?

  • Watch Giuliana & Bill Season 3

    • Episode 10

      Last Chance

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      While Giuliana recovers from complications following her egg retrieval, Bill rushes to finish construction on their new home. After a few weeks, Giuliana consults with Dr. Kaplan and her therapist before making a decision to continue with the embryo transfer. Bill puts the finishing touches on their new home just in time for Giuliana's bed rest. Will the stress of work and the new house get to Giuliana and prevent her from getting pregnant again?

    • Episode 9

      Party Under Pressure

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Giuliana and Bill begin their second in vitro fertilization cycle, while Giuliana decides to help plan her best friend's baby shower (despite the fact her doctor gave strict orders not to stress out). Sure enough, the party planner doesn't live up to her expectations and Giuliana is left to do some heavy lifting. Bill also has his hands full with construction on the house, trying to finish before their condo sells. Will the stressful distractions pay off or will they pay a price?

    • Episode 8

      Mamma Mia!

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      As Giuliana continues to battle with the idea of whether or not to try in vitro fertilization again, her doctor gives suggestions for taking the next step. Meanwhile, her parents go on a cruise for their anniversary, and Giuliana feels it's the perfect time to redecorate their kitchen as a surprise gift. Bill takes on the renovation hoping Mama DePandi will like what he's done to her sanctuary. He also ventures to the jewelry store to buy a present for Giuliana to celebrate their third wedding anniversary. Will mom and daughter both enjoy their gifts--or will Bill's generosity go unnoticed? Plus, Giuliana relives the pain of her miscarriage when she decides to share her experience with the public.

    • Episode 7

      Model Aunt

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Giuliana and Bill take a step away from remodeling their Hinsdale home when Giuliana's niece Olivia comes to visit her in New York. Giuliana turns into a "stage aunt," and goes into overdrive trying to help Olivia pursue her dream of becoming a model. Bill thinks Giuliana is pushing her former modeling dreams onto her niece and living vicariously through her by taking Olivia to photo shoots and meetings with a top modeling agency. Also, will Olivia's parents be on-board with their little girl taking on such a grown-up career? Find out!

    • Episode 6

      Viva La Mancation

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Tensions are running high as Bill becomes stressed over the remodeling of their Hinsdale home. With a ballooning budget and the end nowhere in sight, Bill cracks down on spending and insists they cut back on any unneeded expenses, which clashes with Giuliana's expensive taste. To help de-stress, Bill and his buddies go to Las Vegas to unwind, while Giuliana stays in Chicago to take part in a half-marathon and spend time with her girlfriends. Ultimately, the two realize they've been overworking themselves to cope with the pain of their miscarriage and make an effort to re-connect.

    • Episode 5


      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Bill decides to mix things up by taking Giuliana and their friends on a road trip up the California coast. After a debate over whether they should rent a tour bus or RV, Bill picks Giuliana up from work and they hit the road. As night falls, Giuliana suggests they stay at the Madonna Inn--but her friends aren't too happy with her choice. As they continue along the coast, they make a stop in Morro Bay to see a psychic whose predictions are eerily spot on. That night, as the group is huddled around the campfire, Bill reveals his hesitation to move to the suburbs, much to Giuliana's dismay.

    • Episode 4

      Picking Up The Pieces

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Giuliana and Bill begin to reflect on their miscarriage and wonder if they will ever be able to become parents. Dr. Kaplan makes a house call to calm their nerves and insists they should give in-vitro fertilization another chance. As Giuliana considers the possibility of getting pregnant again, she realizes she needs time to cope with their loss and agrees to see a therapist. She decides work would be a good distraction and heads back to Los Angeles, only to find her condo in shambles. Meanwhile, Bill remains in Chicago to focus on the construction of their new home, but rushes to Giuliana's side when she calls for his support.

    • Episode 3

      A Heartbreaking Loss

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      Now that they have a new unfinished house in the suburbs, Giuliana and Bill know they need to buckle down and turn it into a home before the baby comes. Still concerned about money, Bill decides to place their Chicago condo on the market and Giuliana moves to a less expensive apartment in Los Angeles. But Giuliana's stress mounts when she realizes she scheduled the move on the same day as a seminar she's hosting in Chicago. Also, Giuliana starts to feel left out when Bill takes control of construction on the new house. Then, the couple's world is turned upside down when they are given tragic news about the baby.

    • Episode 2

      Honey, Where's Home?

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      With a baby on the way, Giuliana and Bill have big decisions to make--including where to raise their newborn! Finally, the Rancics weigh their options and come to the conclusion they want their main home to be in the suburbs of Chicago. With the help of a realtor, they come across two prospective homes: one that is move-in ready while the other is a fixer-upper with serious potential. Giuliana doesn't want to take on another demanding home renovation, but leaves it up to Bill to decide. Will he go the easy route--or will he be unable to resist the temptation of building their ultimate dream home?

    • Episode 1

      Baby Steps

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      After unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant naturally, Giuliana and Bill decide to pursue the next step in an effort to expand their family: in vitro fertilization (IVF). The process turns out to be more complicated than they had envisioned, and the two butt heads over making time for it in their non-stop schedules. Giuliana wants to make sure Bill is committed to the process, but Bill wants to make sure they're financially secure enough to bring a baby into their world. They decide to move forward with IVF, and eventually find out if their transfers are successful. Meanwhile, Giuliana finally starts looking for a new assistant.

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