Factory is the story of four guys who grew up together in the same small town, who drank a lot of beer, and dreamt of one day making a name for themselves. The four guys are still friends and still drink a lot of beer, only now they all work in the town's local factory. When not figuring out new ways to avoid doing their jobs, the guys are usually trying to appease their wives and girlfriends, without great success. When a work-related accident creates a job opening, the guys have to decide who should get the promotion, which unfortunately might require actual work.

Genre: Comedy

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    • Episode 5

      Model Employee

      aired: Sun, Jul 27, 2008

      Once a secret is revealed that one of the guys will be chosen for the "Blue Collar Boys" calendar, each try to look their sexiest in hopes of being picked. Meanwhile, Gus and Rene lend a baby to Chase in hopes of aiding him in landing a date.

    • Episode 4

      Builtgood Screwcutter 5000

      aired: Sun, Jul 20, 2008

      Chase's friends cause grief for the hospital staff after he is taken to the emergency room following an accident.

    • Episode 3

      The Drug Test

      aired: Sun, Jul 13, 2008

      After a bag of marijuana is found in the locker room, drug counselors are sent to the factory. Elsewhere, the guy's wives are finding it thrilling to break the law.

    • Episode 2

      The Lemon

      aired: Sun, Jul 6, 2008

      The gang helps Gary receive retribution after he buys a used car which turns out to be a lemon. Later, the guys help Smitty retrieve a house guest who is attending a frat party.

    • Episode 1

      The Pilot

      aired: Sun, Jun 29, 2008

      Four coworkers vie for the same job when an untimely death occurs at a factory.

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