When U.S. Marshal Jack Carter wrecks his car and ends up stranded in the sleepy Pacific Northwestern town of Eureka , he stumbles upon a big secret: the government has been relocating the world’s geniuses and their families to this rustic town for years. But when a faulty experiment cripples the sheriff of Eureka , Carter is quickly chosen to fill the vacancy – and finds himself saving Eureka from one would-be disaster after another. Starring Colin Ferguson as Sheriff Jack Carter, Salli Richardson-Whitfield as Dr. Allison Blake, Jordan Hinson as Zoe Carter, Joe Morton as Dr. Henry Deacon, Ed Quinn as Dr. Nathan Stark, Erica Cerra as Deputy Jo Lupo, Neil Grayston as Dr. Douglas Fargo, and others.

Genre: Drama, Science-Fiction

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    • Episode 13

      Just Another Day

      aired: Tue, Jul 10, 2012

      Carter and Allison bring their blended family together for the holidays, determined to give Zoe,

    • Episode 12

      Double Take

      aired: Sun, Jul 8, 2012

      The Smart Dust control unit is still on the fritz and wreaking havoc on the town's communications systems. The bio-printer has gone missing and Holly (Felicia Day) is definitely not herself.

    • Episode 11

      Mirror Mirror

      aired: Mon, Jul 2, 2012

      When Grace’s spying is revealed, mistrust is in the air. Major Shaw shows up to take control of the

    • Episode 10

      The Honeymooners

      aired: Sun, Jun 24, 2012

      Carter’s best-laid plans to give Allison a romantic honeymoon are thrown for a loop when their

    • Episode 9

      Smarter Carter

      aired: Sun, Jun 17, 2012

      When Allison’s genius older brother comes to meet her new husband, Carter feels the pressure of not

    • Episode 8

      In Too Deep

      aired: Mon, Jun 11, 2012

      Allison and Carter’s engagement hits rough waters when Carter’s attempt at romance traps them at the

    • Episode 7

      Ex Machina

      aired: Sun, Jun 3, 2012

      As the town of Eureka holds a memorial service for Holly Marten, Fargo and Zane secretly work to

    • Episode 6

      Worst Case Scenario

      aired: Sun, May 20, 2012

      To better protect against potential security breaches, Henry implements a disaster preparedness drill for Global Dynamics. But the real-life simulation proves a little too disastrous: it may be just an exercise but those missiles pointed at Eureka are absolutely real! Meanwhile, Fargo enlists Zane to undertake a secret simulation of his own-- and faces a hard reality.

    • Episode 5

      Jack of All Trades

      aired: Mon, May 14, 2012

      The Astraeus crew must move forward after their matrix ordeal, but it isn’t easy. And a return visit from DOD psychological assessor Warren Hughes just adds to the pressure. The emotional fallout and strange accidents along with some bizarre behavior from Carter and others have to be kept under wraps. But when Carter’s life hangs in the balance the unusual activities are revealed, risking the very existence of the team.

    • Episode 4

      Friendly Fire

      aired: Mon, May 7, 2012

      With life back to normal, the Astraeus crew struggles to overcome their Matrix Eureka experience: what was real, what wasn’t and what could become self-fulfilling prophecy. Fargo struggles to come to terms with Holly’s death. Allison and Zane begin to look at their romantic relationships through the lens of a potential future that saw Carter and Jo together. And old animosities erupt as Parrish’s latest pet project literally lights a fire under everyone and threatens to ignite the town.

    • Episode 3

      Force Quit

      aired: Mon, Apr 30, 2012

      The ship is finally found but the crew has been taken. When Carter is tasked with attempting to rescue the kidnapped crew by following them into the virtual Eureka, will he be able to get them out before their matrix world collapses for good?

    • Episode 2

      The Real Thing

      aired: Mon, Apr 23, 2012

      Carter, Henry, Kevin and the rest of the town continue to search for the missing Astraeus crew. Kevin’s strangelet detector discovers the ship’s trail! But where they are and who has been hiding them will be a shock to everyone.

    • Episode 1


      aired: Sun, Apr 15, 2012

      After the Astraeus mission’s premature launch to Titan, Allison and the frantic crew manage to land the ship safely... only to find out they are actually back on Earth! But what seemed like only a few hours was in fact a few years, and now the crewmembers have to re-adjust to life as usual back in Eureka, but there’s nothing usual about it.

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    • Episode 21

      Do You See What I See?

      aired: Wed, Dec 7, 2011

      In Eureka's "Do You See What I See," the quaint town of geniuses is transformed into animated versions of themselves. Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Allison Blake (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) are secretly planning the perfect holiday surprise for their kids. But a mysterious kaleidoscopic wave of color crashes over Eureka, leaving the entire town and its inhabitants animated. Leading production and entertainment company Curious Pictures will produce the animation featured in the episode, which will be broken up into different styles including Anime, claymation, animation inspired by the Looney Tunes cartoons and modern cg. The episode features a stellar line up of guest stars lending their voices to a variety of characters, including Emmy Award-winner Jim Parsons, Edward James Olmos, Chris Parnell and Matt Frewer.

    • Episode 20

      One Giant Leap

      aired: Mon, Sep 19, 2011

      With the Astraeus countdown underway, Carter (Colin Ferguson) hopes Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) and Kevin (Trevor Jackson) will decide to move in with him. Personal issues get shelved when Carter and Jo (Erica Cerra) investigate a mysterious attack on the presidential convoy. Initial clues point to super-environmentalist Dr. Plotkin (Dave Foley), but when cosmic anomalies start popping up all over town, Plotkin's radical research looks like it might save the day. But not for long... At Global Dynamics, as Henry (Joe Morton) and Senator Wen (Ming-Na) oversee final launch preparations, Fargo (Neil Grayston) and Holly (Felicia Day) make some preparations of their own. Henry and Grace (Tembi Locke) exchange wistful goodbyes while Jo's farewell to Zane (Niall Matter) carries a deeper meaning he does not yet suspect. Carter and Plotkin quickly discover that their solution is only temporary and that Eureka faces certain annihilation. Their one hope is an insanely dangerous plan that puts Carter in the direct path of earth-shattering forces -- but neither he nor anyone else realizes that another threat, much worse, looms over the Astraeus mission and its crew.

    • Episode 19

      One Small Step

      aired: Mon, Sep 12, 2011

      While the Astraeus crew completes the final preparations for their mission, Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Taggart (Matt Frewer) try to find out who -- or what -- melted a cow belonging to a member of the crew. The issue grows in urgency when it becomes clear that the bovine is only the first victim. Has Dr. Parrish (Wil Wheaton), envious of the adventure that Fargo (Neil Grayston) and Holly (Felicia Day) are about to embark on, gone too far? After turning down her chance to be on the Astraeus, Jo (Erica Cerra) begins to question what she really wants from her life. Titan-bound Zane (Niall Matter) is less than sympathetic but Taggart understands her need to find her own place in the world. Meanwhile, seeing their friends preparing for months of separation from each other, Carter and Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) contemplate the next level in their relationship. During a routine shipment of supplies to the Astraeus landing site, a malfunction of the FTL technology strands Deputy Andy (Kavan Smith) on Titan. The emergency strains the shared mission command of Henry (Joe Morton) and Grace (Tembi Locke). While everyone scrambles to bring Andy home before he succumbs to the poisonous environment, Henry begins to doubt the wisdom of the mission itself.

    • Episode 18

      This One Time at Space Camp

      aired: Mon, Aug 29, 2011

      The Astraeus clock is ticking as the nervous candidates appear before Senator Wen (Ming-Na) for their final evaluations. One by one, each aspiring crew member is fitted with a memory reader to reveal their deeper motives. Warren Hughes (Wallace Shawn) uses the same device on Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) as part of their appeal to his ruling against their relationship -- although he warns them not to expect a reversal of his decision. Many facts come to light in the Astraeus interviews. Senator Wen learns that Holly (Felicia Day) has been an over-achiever since birth, Zane (Niall Matter) learned to improvise -- not always legally -- as a lonely teen, Fargo (Neil Grayston) has always had more smarts than he's been given credit for, and Jo (Erica Cerra) is obsessive about rising to a challenge. A series of bizarre attacks around town threaten to derail the Astraeus mission, the acts all the more mysterious for appearing oddly familiar. When Carter realizes what is happening, he takes Henry (Joe Morton) on a hair-rising ride to save the life of the man who set out to destroy Carter and Allison's happiness.

    • Episode 17

      Clash of the Titans

      aired: Mon, Aug 22, 2011

      Henry (Joe Morton) and Grace (Tembi Locke) want a small, quiet wedding but Jo (Erica Cerra), perhaps missing the wedding she and Zane (Niall Matter) never had, has more elaborate plans in mind. For Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), their romantic attachment is developing only-in-Eureka complications: the Department of Defense has sent "relationship auditor" Warren Hughes (Wallace Shawn) to assess them. Things get off to a rocky start and any hope of making a good impression slips away when Tiny, returning from Titan, explodes on arrival and poisonous gases begin threatening the town. While Carter and Henry try to find the source of the contamination, Fargo (Neil Grayston) and Holly (Felicia Day) struggle to remain focused on their Astraeus training despite their growing attraction. The pair have decidedly different ideas about how to handle the situation and Zane's glib advice just adds to their frustration. With Warren watching their every move, Carter and Allison work together to halt the deadly deterioration of Eureka's atmosphere, but it falls to another couple to help save the day. Fargo and Holly must get past their issues to execute a daring, dangerous mission -- in the midst of a toxic snowstorm.

    • Episode 16

      Of Mites and Men

      aired: Mon, Aug 15, 2011

      Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) is almost positive that she has fully recovered from Beverly's attack, but Carter's (Colin Ferguson) overprotective attitude, though sweet, isn't helping. Even worse, Senator Wen (Ming-Na) refuses to reinstate Allison as interim director of Global Dynamics, further undermining her confidence. When Carter discovers that the Astraeus mission's construction mites are devouring the very structure of GD, can Allison rise to the challenge? Clueless about the crisis unfolding, Jo (Erica Cerra), Fargo (Neil Grayston), Holly (Felicia Day) and Parrish (Wil Wheaton) find themselves locked up together in isolation, a surprise psychological stress test for the mission. As the four embark on task after bizarre task, tempers - and temperatures - heat up after Zane (Niall Matter) gatecrashes the test and Larry (Christopher Jacot) tweaks the chamber's settings to gauge their reactions. A sudden accident makes the candidates realize that this is no longer a test: they are in very real, very immediate danger. Despite their frustrations and hostility with each other, they must form a cohesive team fast - or die.

    • Episode 15

      Omega Girls

      aired: Mon, Aug 8, 2011

      Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) is back in command at GD but Carter (Colin Ferguson) is certain that something is seriously wrong with her. He persuades Henry (Joe Morton) and Zane (Niall Matter) to snoop into her medical files.

    • Episode 14

      Up in the Air

      aired: Mon, Aug 1, 2011

      The town gets a workout as the Astraeus candidates strive to meet the mission's physical fitness requirements. Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra) is running boot camp, Zane (Niall Matter) and Grace (Tembi Locke) are pushing themselves to the limit.

    • Episode 13


      aired: Mon, Jul 25, 2011

      The Astraeus mission crew will be small, so Eureka's scientists are in a fevered competition to get on board. Fargo (Neil Grayston) and Dr. Holly Marten (Felicia Day) share the daunting task of evaluating the eager candidates -- and a growing attraction to each other. While Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) insists that she does not want a place on the trip to Titan, a discovery from her other-timeline self brings this into question. Among the competing scientists, including the curiously familiar Dr. Lee (Stan Lee), Dr. Parrish (Wil Wheaton) is especially determined to be selected. When Fargo cuts him in the first round, Parrish is livid. Will he seek revenge? To ensure safety on the Astraeus mission as well as in Eureka, Zane (Niall Matter) has engineered a cutting-edge security system, called P.A.L.s -- Predictive Algorithm Lenses. These contacts give anyone wearing them an immediate readout of the level of risk for whatever, or whomever, they are looking at. While Fargo and Jo (Erica Cerra) love the devices, Carter (Colin Ferguson) is less trusting but agrees to test a pair. The P.A.L.s offer a helpful peek into the future, but what Carter and Jo don't see might lead to a deadly meltdown.

    • Episode 12


      aired: Mon, Jul 18, 2011

      Following his unauthorized trip, Fargo (Neil Grayston) dreads the arrival of a visitor from the D.O.D., but Dr. Holly Marten (Felicia Day) seems more flustered than fearsome. Holly's interest in Global Dynamics' FTL (Faster Than Light) device leads to more revelations.

    • Episode 11


      aired: Mon, Jul 11, 2011

      Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) find that balancing their personal and professional lives can be tricky, while the cyber-romance between S.A.R.A.H. and Deputy Andy undergoes the acid test. A different kind of relationship

    • Episode 10

      O Little Town

      aired: Tue, Dec 7, 2010

      As the Global Dynamics employees celebrate the season at the company holiday party, staff member Dr. Noah Drummer (guest star Chris Parnell) nearly absconds with a volatile experiment. The halls get seriously decked when Dr. Drummer’s unstable hydrogen crystal starts to grow at a frightening rate. Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Henry (Joe Morton) attempt to deal with the potentially explosive crystal, but before long the true scope of the problem is revealed, and it will take more than tinsel and carolers to save Christmas and Eureka. Former series regular Matt Frewer also returns as Taggert.

    • Episode 9

      I'll Be Seeing You

      aired: Fri, Sep 10, 2010

      Closer than they'’ve ever been before, Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) and Carter (Colin Ferguson) join forces personally as well as professionally when Jo (Erica Cerra) and Fargo (Neil Grayston) enlist them to help find a stolen Global Dynamics project. The theft has unexpected roots in a plan hatched by Dr. Grant (James Callis) and his colleague Adam Barlowe (Elias Toufexis), one honorable in intent but taken to drastic extremes. Zane (Niall Matter) insists that Grant is the logical prime suspect, an allegation bolstered by the fact that Grant has gone missing. While Allison and Henry (Joe Morton) pursue a lead on locating the device, Carter and Jo (Erica Cerra) dig into Grant'’s records. There, they find an astonishing connection between their supposed friend Grant and the manipulative Beverly Barlowe (Debrah Farentino).

    • Episode 8

      The Ex Files

      aired: Fri, Aug 27, 2010

      As Grace (Tembi Locke) finds a way to share her memories with Henry (Joe Morton), the rest of Eureka’s citizens face the return of people from the recent - or not so recent - past. Tess Fontana (Jaime Ray Newman) challenges Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) over relationship issues, and Fargo (Neil Grayston) finds his desperate attempts to please General Mansfield (Barclay Hope) complicated by a long-forgotten nemesis. Zane (Niall Matter) admits he is flirting with Zoe (Jordan Hinson) to get Carter'’s (Colin Ferguson’s) goat, then begins to show Jo (Erica Cerra) an unusual - and unexpected - amount of affection. And Carter’'s visitor is the most startling of all...

    • Episode 7


      aired: Fri, Aug 20, 2010

      Romantic relationships are in flux. Zoe (Jordan Hinson) is home for a visit and hints at a new heartthrob. Henry (Joe Morton) is courting his wife while Dr. Grant (James Callis) and Carter (Colin Ferguson) spar over Allison. Jo (Erica Cerra), on the other hand, is done with love for now and just wants to get her house rebuilt. But that project is on hold because hunky paleo-anthropologist Dr. Derek Thurgood (John Reardon) says he found ancient human remains at the site and refuses to allow the build to continue. His former student Zoe offers to help at the dig, causing Carter to wonder if her interest is anthropology or the anthropologist. Jo and her contractor, Tanya Zimmer (Stephanie Belding) just want the site cleared, now. How far would Zimmer go? Carter and Zoe are forced to consider the worst when they find Thurgood apparently encased in stone.

    • Episode 6


      aired: Fri, Aug 13, 2010

      Allison accepts Carter’s offer to include Kevin in a camping trip for some guy time, and Henry decides to level with Grace while a very peculiar -- and dangerous -- relationship threatens Eureka and the not-so-happy campers.

    • Episode 5

      Crossing Over

      aired: Fri, Aug 6, 2010

      Mysterious objects start popping up all over town, threatening to erase Eureka, and Carter (Colin Ferguson) needs the help of Claudia (guest star Allison Scagliotti) from Warehouse 13 to fix it before the present becomes history.

    • Episode 4

      The Story of O2

      aired: Fri, Jul 30, 2010

      Directed by Colin Ferguson! Allison struggles to relate to her son and deals with inadvertent mayhem during Eureka’s Space Week festival, while Carter wonders if the Zoe he is about to visit at Harvard will be the daughter he remembers. Jamie Kennedy guest stars!

    • Episode 3

      All the Rage

      aired: Fri, Jul 23, 2010

      Wil Wheaton guest stars as Dr. Isaac Parrish, an underappreciated scientist whose hostility appears to have gone viral. Blind rage is infecting everyone at Global Dynamics with potentially catastrophic results -- especially for Fargo.

    • Episode 2

      A New World

      aired: Fri, Jul 16, 2010

      Carter and his fellow travelers begin to realize the startling implications of their return to Eureka -- and of Dr. Grant’s unnerving appearance in their midst.

    • Episode 1

      Founder's Day

      aired: Fri, Jul 9, 2010

      Carter, Allison, Jo, Fargo and Henry find themselves transported back to Eureka 1947. Against all odds and with the help of a budding local scientist, they find a way to set back to the present but find that "home" is now a very different place.

  • Watch Eureka Season 3

    • Episode 18

      What Goes Around, Comes Around

      aired: Thu, Sep 17, 2009

      Change is hard; and Carter (Colin Ferguson) is about to get more than he bargained for. Just as his life seems to be going smoothly, Zoe (Jordan Hinson) announces her acceptance into an early enrollment program for pre-med at Harvard. Neither Carter nor Lucas (Vanya Asher) saw that coming. Carter tries his best to appear thrilled for Zoe while Lucas buries himself in his work with Henry (Joe Morgan). While Carter is reeling from the news, new girlfriend Tess (Jaime Ray Newman) reveals that she’s contemplating a job offer that will start right after Allison returns - and it’s in Australia. Worse, she neglected to mention it before they slept together. Ouch. To top it all off, Henry and Lucas’ analysis of the data downloaded from Kim reveals the approach of "Nemesis" - a neutron star that could reverse the earth’s poles and bring about the end of the world. Carter is somewhat relieved to learn that this event is about 2,000 years off.

    • Episode 17

      Have an Ice Day

      aired: Thu, Sep 10, 2009

      Change is in the air as Tess Fontana (Jaime Ray Newman) picks up the reins at Global, leaving little time to spend with Carter (Colin Ferguson). Zoe (Jordan Hinson), inspired by helping deliver Allison'’s baby, takes a Eureka-fied aptitude test to help guide her choice to pursue medicine - and is told that she should pursue robotics. Zoe'’s disappointed, but Lucas (Vanya Asher) is thrilled. Would that have anything to do with him wanting her to join him at M.I.T.? Meanwhile, Carter and Lupo (Erica Cerra) oversee traffic control for a special delivery by truck - a very long truck. Inside is an ice core drilled from the Arctic, brought in by Zane (Niall Matter) and the project leader - Taggart (Matt Frewer), back from a year-long walkabout.

    • Episode 16

      You Don't Know Jack

      aired: Thu, Aug 27, 2009

      Memories define us and Eureka has some doozies. Tess (Jaime Ray Newman) designs "Storycatchers" to capture Eurekans' most important memories for a time capsule, the "Story Nest." While she persuades people at Café Diem to participate, Carter (Colin Ferguson) meets a very pregnant Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) at Global for birthing class. But the facility is about to undergo Sonic Cleaning and they must be sure everyone leaves the building. Carter and Allison find a confused Dr. Bubay (Andrew Cownden) sitting in his lab. He has no recollection of his project, or of his lab partner, Dr. Ashe (Jillian Fargey). When they find Dr. Ashe, she cannot remember Bubay, either. Carter notices a blinking Storycatcher in Ashe’s pocket. Is there a connection?

    • Episode 15

      Shower the People

      aired: Thu, Aug 20, 2009

      Eureka-fied baby gifts for Allison'’s shower push the envelope of eco-friendly design - and prove deadly when rival scientists are found drowned where drowning is clearly impossible.

    • Episode 14

      Ship Happens

      aired: Thu, Aug 13, 2009

      The return of Henry'’s ship brings with it a shocking surprise - his former love and partner Kim is on board, a creation of the ship'’s organic computer. But when electrical anomalies around town become deadly, Carter fears that Kim 2.0 may not have friendly intentions.

    • Episode 13

      If You Build It...

      aired: Thu, Aug 6, 2009

      When a mysterious Stonehenge-like structure of stolen scrap and electronics appears in a field, Carter discovers that the town’s teens are the unknowing architects. Someone, or something, is controlling them during their sleep. And it appears to be coming from "out there."

    • Episode 12

      It's Not Easy Being Green

      aired: Thu, Jul 30, 2009

      Tempers and tensions run high as Eureka hosts long-term rival Area 51 in their bi-annual Eureka-fied bowling tournament. When a series of escalating pranks turns deadly, Carter finds himself chasing down a creation of blob-lical proportions.

    • Episode 11

      Insane in the P-Brane

      aired: Thu, Jul 23, 2009

      Newcomer Dr. Tess Fontana literally shakes things up in Carter’s world when she’'s brought in by Allison to re-open Section Five. But something more dangerous has also been opened. When objects begin moving around on their own, Dr. Drechmeyer is sure poltergeists are responsible. Carter and Tess find the answer - "on the other side" - but they may never get back to share it.

    • Episode 10

      Your Face or Mine?

      aired: Thu, Jul 16, 2009

      While Carter is isolated in a D.O.D. re-certification test, Deputy Lupo gets to be Acting Sheriff. But she is not acting at all like herself. Someone is slowly stealing her identity -- Eureka-style.

    • Episode 9

      Welcome Back, Carter

      aired: Thu, Jul 9, 2009

      Things come crashing down - literally - as Carter and Jo have to step in to avert a gravitational disaster.

    • Episode 8

      From Fear to Eternity

      aired: Mon, Sep 22, 2008

      Trust is becoming a rare commodity in Eureka. Jo (Erica Cerra) is unsure of her relationship with Zane (Niall Matter) while Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) wonder why Eva Thorne (Frances Fisher) is so secretive about the underground bunker. The bodies that were found there are to be shipped out, by Thorne's orders, before Henry (Joe Morton) can examine them and Thorne has ordered Dr. Hendricks (David Richmond-Peck) to use his mysterious security system to defend the entire area. Carter hopes a photo from the Café Diem collection will supply a clue. Adding to the uncertainty, S.A.R.A.H. suddenly says Zoe (Jordon Hinson) is an intruder and cages her, claiming her DNA has been changed. Lexi (Ever Carradine) thinks this proves having an intelligent house is not very intelligent, but Fargo (Neil Grayston) insists S.A.R.A.H. cannot make a mistake.

    • Episode 7

      Here Come the Suns

      aired: Mon, Sep 15, 2008

      The race is on to find a new mayor. Thorne (Frances Fisher) endorses Dr. Herrera (Dean Marshall); Fargo (Neil Grayston) is backing Vincent (Chris Gauthier); and Zoe (Jordan Hinson) is campaigning for Lucas (Vanya Asher). Unfortunately, Zoe's political activism leads her to abandon her science project partner, Kylie (Margot Berner), with unexpected results. While the candidates play politics, Thorne shows Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) a new chemical Zane (Niall Matter) developed. It will keep you cool under even the hottest of temperatures. Thorne professes friendship but will not tell Allison what she hopes to find in the old bunker. While Allison seeks the records that might reveal the truth, Zane and Carter (Colin Ferguson) develop old security camera footage and discover part of the secret. During an all-candidates meeting at Cafe Diem, standard civic issues take a back seat to a uniquely Eurekan problem when a second sun erupts and settles above the town. Zane and Allison quickly realize that someone created the orb but who -- and why?

    • Episode 6

      Phased and Confused

      aired: Mon, Sep 8, 2008

      Carter (Colin Ferguson) accuses Lexi (Ever Carradine) of being irresponsible when she encourages Zoe (Jordan Hinson) to skip school and attend a yoga retreat. Zoe, in turn, is miffed that her father is running her life. Carter's annoyance extends to Lexi's friendship with Chuck (Mark Hildreth), Eurekas radical recycling manager, and their we are saving the world superiority. Eva Thorne (Frances Fisher) continues searching for . . . something. She persuades Zane (Niall Matter) to work on a very old lock. He does and opens a door into the past and its flawed technology. Unbeknownst to them, he also opens a second entrance to this old military installation and that door is in the basement of the Tesla School. Still angry with her father, Zoe insists that she, Lucas (Vanya Asher), and their friend Pilar (Adrienne Carter) should explore the mysterious corridors. They are deep into the complex and hopelessly lost when they encounter Zane and Lucas makes a mistake that traps them all behind solid steel doors with no source of fresh air.

    • Episode 5

      Show Me the Mummy

      aired: Mon, Aug 25, 2008

      The loss of Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn) affects people in Eureka in different ways. Fargo (Neil Grayston) is building a memorial to Stark but grief makes him vulnerable to tales of a curse when Eva Thorne (Frances Fisher) brings fame-seeking archeologist Sebastian Marx (Zac Santiago) and an Egyptian mummy to Global. GD's Egyptologist, Dr. Wilding (Adrian Hough), tries to prevent Marx from opening the tomb but Thorne, anticipating huge profits, is determined. Wilding warns them that the curse could signal a real danger but, with a metasomatic ray to protect the tomb's environment, Marx and Thorne press on. In the executive offices, Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) returns to work. Carter (Colin Ferguson) gives her the logic diamond pendant Stark commissioned for her. With a camera rolling, Marx opens the tomb and sarcophagus, revealing Queen Nyota\s mummy. ]Will she rise again?^ he speculates. Thorne, meanwhile, has a question for Henry (Joe Morton) about an old cryptex. Becoming suspicious of her ability to find mysterious things, Henry declines and she turns to Zane Donovan (Niall Matter) for help. Things take a frightening turn when Marx fails to show up at his own book signing. What Carter finds when he goes looking for him makes everyone believe Wilding's dire warnings. Is the Mummy's curse real? And has it been unleashed on Eureka?

    • Episode 4

      I Do Over

      aired: Mon, Aug 18, 2008

      Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) is getting married today and the morning does not go well for Carter (Colin Ferguson). His shower is cold; he cuts himself shaving and spills ketchup on his uniform. Next, he faces the unexpected arrival of Lexi (Ever Carradine), his free-spirited younger sister and her two cats. Add allergies to his woes. Carter heads to Global Dynamics where Allison needs help informing more than a dozen employees that they are being laid off. As Carter deals with one of them, Stark (Ed Quinn) and Fargo (Neil Grayston) arrive to supervise the delivery of a powerful new atomic clock. It makes the next employee on Thorne's lay-off list, Leroy Weinbrenner (Nicholas Carella) redundant. He was in charge of maintaining GD's old clock. Weinbrenner's maintenance room is dark and silent so Carter postpones the firing. That afternoon, he goes to Allison's dressing tent and prepares to walk the beautiful bride down the aisle. He is not happy about this marriage but he will play his part for Allison's sake. As the ceremony nears its conclusion, Carter sees a flash and a ripple overhead. Then a rush of cold water douses him. In a moment, he is back in the shower!

    • Episode 3

      Best in Faux

      aired: Mon, Aug 11, 2008

      Carter (Colin Ferguson) is proud that Zoe (Jordan Hinson) has been invited into the accelerated physics program. Zoe fears she will have no life but physics. Zoe is not the only one feeling pressured. The annual dog show is coming up and, as Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra) tells Carter, competition is ruthless. The dogs are biomimetic and the prize goes to the inventor who can build the most life-like entry. Carol Taylor's (Gabrielle Rose) Fifi was Best in Show for the last two years. She wants a third win but faces serious competition from Dr. Anne Young (Lexa Doig) and Thunder. When the dogs meet, Fifi falls apart – literally. Surprisingly, Eva Thorne wants Carter to investigate this mishap. While Jo and Carter investigate a possible lab break-in, the building shakes violently. Oddly, only Carter experiences this earthquake. Later, Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) tells him an earthquake in Eureka is virtually impossible. Fargo (Neil Grayston) suggests Carter check with Dr. Hood (Alan Ruck), Eureka's retired geologist, about the apparent quake. Initially, Hood is dubious, but later he erupts out of Main Street in his tunneler and says pressure is building somewhere beneath Eureka. He begins to investigate as Carter goes back to the destroyed dog case and immediately finds a second biomimetic victim. Another earthquake brings Allison, in the midst of her wedding preparations, and Carter to a field where Dr. Hood correctly predicts a mud geyser. Now even Stark concedes the existence of a magma pocket under the town. In their own version of "Journey to the Center of the Earth," Carter and Stark tunnel under Eureka in a desperate bid to release the deadly pressure.

    • Episode 2

      What About Bob?

      aired: Mon, Aug 4, 2008

      Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn) and Allison Blake (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), annoyed by Eva Thorne's (Frances Fisher) budget cuts, are baffled when they see the costly new lab she has created for Zane Donovan (Niall Matter) until she explains that corporate sponsorships will cover the set-up and marketable discoveries will make it profitable. Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) is visiting Henry (Joe Morton) when he gets an urgent call from Allison. A scientist has gone missing - from a sealed, experimental biosphere which has been isolated in an artificially created and maintained underground ecosystem for 11 years.

    • Episode 1

      Bad to the Drone

      aired: Mon, Jul 28, 2008

      Eureka is threatened by an intelligent drone with "issues" after an anti-missile test. Meanwhile, Eva Thorne, nicknamed "The Fixer," after dismantling and rebuilding several corporations, arrives in Eureka to evaluate Global Dynamics' expenditures.

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    • Episode 13

      A Night at Global Dynamics

      aired: Mon, Oct 1, 2007

      A deadly, flesh-eating bacteria has put Global Dynamics on biohazard alert. As a protection mechanism, Allison's (Salli Richardson) office has plunged a mile underground. Not an ideal situation given that Allison and Kevin (Meshach Peters) are being held captive by Henry (Joe Morton) and Beverly Barlowe (Debrah Farentino) in Allison's subterranean command. Since General Mansfield (Barclay Hope) hasn't been able to make contact with Allison, he appoints Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn) acting director of Global Dynamic (GD) and gives him two hours before all organic matter, including people, in the complex will be 'thermally cleaned'... destroyed, to prevent further contamination. Carter (Colin Ferguson), Stark and Taggert (Matt Frewer) suit up and head back into GD. Meanwhile, Beverly and Henry inform Allison of their plan to take Kevin, who they now know embodies the Artifact and is the conduit for the Akashic Field, which embodies all of the mysteries of the universe. Fargo (Neil Grayston) arrives at the Smart House, where Zoe's party is in full swing, in order to use S.A.R.A.H's computer to access the GD computer. He and Zane (Niall Matter) make contact with Carter, Stark and Taggert, just as the sensors that monitor their biohazard suits show that Stark's has been compromised ... and then a photon array set to protect the facility's lock-down starts firing at them.

    • Episode 12

      All That Glitters?

      aired: Mon, Sep 24, 2007

      A statue of Pythagoras on Main Street turns from bronze to gold. When Carter (Colin Ferguson) asks Henry (Joe Morton) to analyze a sample, Henry informs him that he's been locked out of his lab at Global Dynamics. When Carter asks for access to Kim's (Tamlyn Tomita) lab as well as an unclassified version of Beverly Barlowe's file, Allison (Salli Richardson) tells him that he'll have to make an official request. Then Stark (Ed Quinn) signs transfer papers for a shipment from the Department of Defense that turns out to be Beverly Barlowe -- looking like she's been to hell and back. Beverly has been in solitary at Guantanamo, and Stark has traded evidence against her for the chance to speak to her. At Nathan's request, Alison questions Beverly. She won't reveal what she knows and challenges Alison to protect her by lying to the DOD in exchange for information about the Artifact ... information that could save Kevin's life. Carter and Jo get a lecture on the history and practice of alchemy. Henry determines that a bacterium is what's causing the molecular structure of metal to change and that it's spreading by contact. He then discovers that the bacteria is parasitic and will ultimately destroy its host, thus compromising the integrity of virtually every structure in Eureka. Carter traces the spread of the bacteria back to the bracelet that Lucas made in metallurgy class at Dactylos' studio. By using hydrochloric acid to color scrap metal he found in the studio, Lucas has tampered with Dactylos' incomplete transmutation formula and inadvertently unleashed the 'Alchemist's Curse' triggering chaotic mutation.

    • Episode 11


      aired: Mon, Sep 17, 2007

      Eureka's air conditioning system is on the blink and Dr. Stone (Richard Cox), the biology systems engineer who designed it is nowhere to be found. Allison (Salli Richardson) is concerned that with the cooling unit down, a methane buildup in the sewers might trigger explosions. Carter (Colin Ferguson) checks in with Taggart (Matt Frewer), finding him in the process of injecting a male Siberian tundra wolf with pheromones to encourage mating. Next Carter visits Dr. Stone's wife Judy (Eileen Barrett), who seems unconcerned, noting that it's not unusual for her husband to spend days in the tunnels. Back at the office, Callie (Sonja Bennett) drops by with Carter's dry cleaning just in time to witness the toilet explode, due to a methane leak ignited by Jo's (Erica Cerra) laser tweezers. A little later, Henry (Joe Morton), who's down in the tunnels trying to resolve the malfunction, calls Carter and tells him to get everyone out of Café Diem, which is about to blow. In the aftermath of the explosion, Jo inexplicably plants Carter with a deep, passionate kiss, which totally confuses them both! Meanwhile, Taggart returns to his lab to find that Wilma, the female wolf, has eaten her mate. Not good for Carter, who notes traces of the yellow dust he found near the bones in the tunnel, in the wolves' cages. On analysis, the powder proves to be a peptide spore capable of affecting the function of the eccrine gland, explaining why both Carter and Stone who were exposed in the tunnels, and the wolves who had a dedicated cooling vent in their cage have been affected. But before Allison, Stark and Carter can move to contain the pathogen, Stone gets the air conditioning system working, sending spores everywhere.

    • Episode 10

      God is in the Details

      aired: Mon, Sep 10, 2007

      Zoe (Jordan Hinson) and her friends are hanging out at the Smart House when suddenly they are struck speechless. At the GD infirmary, Stark (Ed Quinn) determines that they're suffering from vocal chord paralysis. Carter (Colin Ferguson) investigates and finds a large hole in the skylight at the house, where the glass appears to have melted. While taking a shower, Allison's (Salli Richardson) skin takes on a bioluminescent glow. When Carter asks if there are any active projects at GD dealing with bioluminescence, Allison directs him to Seth Osbourne (Alan Legros), who's been experimenting with botanical and marine cross-hybridization to create bioluminescent specimens. Next thing you know, the water in Osbourne's aquarium turns blood red, and when Carter arrives on the scene, he discovers that the tank has a hole in the glass, similar to the one in the skylight. Whatever triggered Allison's bioluminescence, it is acting like a neurotoxin and starting to shut down her body systems. Stark works furiously to perfect a nerve agent antidote he's been developing but has less than 12 hours to save Allison. At Allison's house, Carter discovers yet another hole melted into one of the windows. Meanwhile, panic sets in as Eureka's citizens lose their voices en masse and the faucets begin to run with blood.

    • Episode 9

      Sight Unseen

      aired: Mon, Sep 3, 2007

      An abandoned research project on invisibility returns to haunt Eureka. A break-in at the pharmacy in which the only thing missing is polyethylene glycol, starts a chain reaction of strange occurrences. First Zoe's car seemingly collides with an invisible object, and then disappears from its parking spot, only to be crashed into by another car trying to park. Carter consults Allison and Nathan about the polyethylene glycol, only to find that it is a harmless compound used as a base for everything from shampoo to pancake syrup. They, however, inform Carter of a not so harmless compound. Two tons of moon rocks, housed at Global Dynamics and dormant for 40 years, have suddenly begun to change their molecular structure and form radioactive crystals. It appears that the moon rocks are missing Aluminum 26, a highly unstable radioactive element. Carter and Jo go to check on a dog that appears to be barking at nothing, and find a bottle of polyethylene glycol, a plastic bag lined with crystalline residue and a syringe. Henry puts the two things together and realizes that Aluminum 26 and polyethylene glycol are key ingredients in an abandoned formula to create invisibility.

    • Episode 8


      aired: Sun, Aug 26, 2007

      Alison (Salli Richardson) decides to hire Zane Donovan (Niall Matter), a brilliant particle physicist who also happens to be a super-bad-boy who's been expelled from MIT, Yale and Cornell and is wanted by the FBI. Sam Lovejoy (Bill Mondy), Global Dynamics' headhunter, delivers the charming young man to Eureka and Carter (Colin Ferguson) immediately locks him up. Zane responds by using Carter's credit card to furnish his cell and buy lingerie for Jo (Erica Cerra). Stark (Ed Quinn), Henry (Joe Morton) and Alison brief Zane on the reason for his recruitment. They want him as part of the team overseeing an experiment, which if it works, will recreate the first moments of the origins of the universe and potentially rewrite every existing cosmological theory. This 'big bang' could wipe out Global Dynamics if it goes wrong, but as long as the containment field it's encased in retains its integrity there's no real danger.

    • Episode 7

      Family Reunion

      aired: Mon, Aug 20, 2007

      While updating the cryogenics lab, Fargo's grandfather Pierre (Tygh Runyan) is discovered in what was presumed to be an empty chamber. Awakening after 50 years of cryostasis, twenty-five year old Pierre is completely disoriented. He has no memory of entering the cryogenic chamber and Fargo (Neil Grayston) suspects that there may have been foul play.

    • Episode 6

      Noche de Suenos

      aired: Mon, Aug 13, 2007

      A toxic waste spill appears to trigger an epidemic of shared dreaming in Eureka. Initially amusing if somewhat embarrassing, this communal dreaming takes a dark turn, when it's discovered that the build-up of a certain neurotransmitter in the dreamers' bodies will ultimately prove lethal.

    • Episode 5

      Duck Duck Goose

      aired: Mon, Aug 6, 2007

      Space junk is massing over Eureka, forming a giant debris cloud that threatens to destroy the town and its inhabitants. Carter must find what is drawing it -- and why -- before disaster strikes.

    • Episode 4

      Games People Play

      aired: Mon, Jul 30, 2007

      Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra) are called to investigate a noise complaint. On arriving at Dr. Babajanian's (Syn Narula) laboratory on the edge of town, they discover that the noise is coming from a contraption with whirling blades, one of which hits Carter in the head. Carter arrives home with a splitting headache and he and Abby (Olivia D'Abo) lock horns. Carter realizes that he must honor their joint-custody agreement and allow Zoe to go and live with her mother. At the station, Carter follows-up with Jo on the Babajanian case. Fargo reluctantly provides Carter with a list of Class Eight projects and Carter is relieved to find that Babajanian is on the list. Although Allison (Salli Richardson) has no idea who Fargo is, she reluctantly accompanies Carter to Babajanian's lab to view the contraption. But when they get there, there's no sign of the device!

    • Episode 3


      aired: Mon, Jul 23, 2007

      Carter's ex-wife Abby (Olivia D'Abo) shows up in Eureka on the eve of Zoe's (Jordan Hinson) sixteenth birthday. Still reeling from her unexpected arrival, Carter (Colin Ferguson) is informed of an incident at the Global Dynamics Spa. He sends Jo (Erica Cerra) to investigate while he and Abby catch up. Eureka's a small town and pretty soon everyone knows that Carter's ex is in the area. Strange changes in the weather, like rain falling in just one spot and a freak snowfall, are precursors to a dust devil that blows through town. As the weather pattern worsens and hurricane conditions form in Eureka, everyone must give their all in what becomes a perilous exercise in applied physics.

    • Episode 2

      Try, Try Again

      aired: Mon, Jul 16, 2007

      The prototype of a personal force field generator goes missing from the weapons vault. Fargo (Neil Grayston) finds the generator in his lab-coat pocket and unwittingly switches it on. Next thing you know, he's floating three inches off the ground, surrounded by an invisible, impenetrable bubble. Fargo soon discovers that there's no way to turn the device off as the force field begins to grow at an alarming rate. Since the force field is feeding off Fargo's energy, Carter suggests that by killing Fargo - stopping his heart for a moment - they may be able to destroy it.

    • Episode 1

      Phoenix Rising

      aired: Mon, Jul 9, 2007

      While watching a solar eclipse, Kevin's (Meshach Peters) tutor Wayne (Raugi Yu) bursts into flames, appearing to spontaneously combust. Taggart (Matt Frewer) maintains that solar flares caused by the eclipse, a phenomenon he calls the 'Phoenix Effect' are to blame. Before long, Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Jo (Erica Cerra) discover the charred remains of Dr. Matthew (Stephen Powell) floating in his swimming pool. Henry (Joe Morton) examines the body and determines that the combustion process started in Matthews' frontal lobe, much like a power surge in the body's electrical system. In a race against time, Carter, Allison and Henry must find them and stop the combustion process before it's too late.

  • Watch Eureka Season 1

    • Episode 12

      Once in a Lifetime

      aired: Mon, Oct 2, 2006

      When Stark (Ed Quinn) attempts to take a sample of Eureka's top-secret Artifact, the town plunges through time, landing in 2010. Domestic bliss abounds in this Eureka-of-the-future until momentary time shifts indicate a dangerous anomaly that may rob Carter (Colin Ferguson), Allison (Salli Richardson-Whitfield), Henry (Joe Morton) and Zoe (Jordan Hinson) of their glowing futures.

    • Episode 11

      H.O.U.S.E. Rules

      aired: Mon, Sep 25, 2006

      Upset by the negative attitudes threatening Eureka, S.A.R.A.H. - the SMART house - decides to take corrective action and lures the town's main players into her lair and puts herself on lock-down.

    • Episode 10

      Purple Haze

      aired: Mon, Sep 18, 2006

      Carter (Colin Ferguson) can't understand why nearly everyone in Eureka is behaving more strangely than usual. He has to find out what has affected ? or infected ? the townsfolk before a misguided Stark (Ed Quinn) unleashes the wrath of the Artifact on the world.

    • Episode 9


      aired: Mon, Sep 11, 2006

      Taggart (Matt Frewer) has "nanoids" that can heal wounds almost instantly, while Fargo (Neil Grayston) invented the "Mental Mouse," a device that links the human brain to a mainframe computer. When these two brilliant inventions interact, Eureka braces for the cataclysmic outcome.

    • Episode 8

      Right as Raynes

      aired: Mon, Sep 4, 2006

      When Callister Raynes (David Paetkau), a young Eureka ex-patriot, returns to town Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn) has a difficult time turning his back on him. When Raynes creates a path of destruction that threatens Eureka and Global Dynamics Stark is forced to make some heart wrenching choices.

    • Episode 7


      aired: Mon, Aug 28, 2006

      When Stark (Ed Quinn) pits two research teams against each other, he gets a made-in-Eureka result that is as disturbing as it is mind-blowing. Will a top-secret drug give Eureka's townsfolk a competitive edge or a dangerous addiction? As the situation escalates, Carter's (Colin Ferguson) daughter Zoe (Jordan Hinson) and Allison's (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) son get caught in the crossfire.

    • Episode 6

      Dr. Nobel

      aired: Mon, Aug 21, 2006

      Carter (Colin Ferguson) and Zoe (Jordan Hinson) must help an aging scientist recover his memory before a dormant weapons system unleashes a grave disaster.

    • Episode 5


      aired: Mon, Aug 14, 2006

      Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn) keeps a dangerous artifact under wraps until Carl Carlson, a brilliant but unpredictable researcher (Saul Rubinek), accidentally taps into its awesome power.

    • Episode 4


      aired: Mon, Aug 7, 2006! Still, Henry (Joe Morton) is concerned about his assistant Spencer (Shayn Solberg) who insists he's been abducted. Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson) recognizes the young man's trauma but isn't buying alien influences even when his own deputy Jo (Erica Cerra) knocks him out cold and joins three other townsfolk in a plot to kidnap a visiting Congressman.

    • Episode 3

      Before I Forget

      aired: Mon, Jul 31, 2006

      Sheriff Carter (Colin Ferguson) accidentally shoots Eureka's mechanical wiz Henry Deacon (Joe Morton), but can't remember how or why. A visiting scientist, who happened to be an old friend of Henry's, may hold a vital clue.

    • Episode 2

      Many Happy Returns

      aired: Mon, Jul 24, 2006

      In Eureka, even death is not certain. After attending Susan Perkins' (Jennifer Clement) funeral, Carter (Colin Ferguson) heads back to the office to find a very angry, very alive, Susan Perkins! While Carter and Henry (Joe Morton) try to find out which Susan is real, an ominous dark figure starts appearing in town. Will Nathan Stark (Ed Quinn), the new head of research at Eureka's top secret Global Dynamics, join in Carter's efforts to investigate the dueling Susans or will he fall victim to a duplicitous plot?

    • Episode 1


      aired: Mon, Jul 17, 2006

      For years, the government has been relocating the world's geniuses (and their families) to the picturesque Pacific Northwest town of Eureka, where daily life straddles the line between unprecedented innovation and total chaos. U.S. Marshal Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) finds this out first hand when he wrecks his car and becomes stranded there. After the town's eccentric inhabitants unleash a scientific creation still unknown to the outside world, Carter steps in to restore order and consequently is let in on one of our country's best-kept secrets.

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