Digimon Tamers

Digimon Tamers
The moment Takato's Card Reader reads the data off the Blue Card, the door to adventure opens in front of him. He encounters his digital partner Guilmon and the two begin their new digital journey.
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    • Episode 51

      Hope, Dreams and Future

      aired: Mon, Apr 1, 2002

      As Jeri turns her Digivice to D-Reaper’s wall, it irradiates dazzling light. Jeri calls out what’s on her mind. It’s that she chooses her own future. Original Release Year: 2002

    • Episode 50

      Save Those You Love

      aired: Mon, Mar 25, 2002

      Digital-Glid is stirring air and making a small zone. Our hero Digimons release themselves from their Mega forms. Henry takes out a red card Shibumi devised. If he slashes the card, they would become able to fight in D-Reaper’s bubble. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 49

      The World in Crisis

      aired: Mon, Mar 18, 2002

      In D-Reaper’s zone, Jeri wakes up and she’s been suffering cornered by a D-Reaper that imitates her looks. Calumon desperately tries to save her from the suffering. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 48

      Rescue Jeri

      aired: Mon, Mar 18, 2002

      In Carnel Sphere, the core of D-Reaper, Beelazemon has been unable to move with his four bound by countless cords. Jeri has still been sitting with her legs in her arms and with blank looks. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 47

      The Scramble of Grani

      aired: Mon, Mar 4, 2002

      Jeri has been obsessed by the nightmare of “destiny”. Her mother’s death and Leomon’s death overlap and suffer her. Is everything destined and there is no way to escape from it? Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 46

      Justimon Appears

      aired: Mon, Feb 25, 2002

      The one who suddenly appears on the roof of a building in South Shinjuku like a hero is a Mega Digimon called Justimon. Knowing Takato and friends were in a fix, he has rushed up to the scene. But why should he? Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 45

      Face D-Reaper

      aired: Mon, Feb 18, 2002

      Thanks to Dobermon, Takato, Henry and Rika are now able to make their partner Digimon evolve into Mega level again. They realize evolution in the real world with each wish in mind. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 44

      A Messenger from the Digiworld

      aired: Mon, Feb 4, 2002

      Was that actually Jeri Takato sees? Takato thinks it is strange and calls the house in Matsumoto she is staying. To his surprise Jeri has disappeared from the house. Besides he hears it happens just about the same time when Takato saw her. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 43

      Beelzemon is Back

      aired: Mon, Jan 28, 2002

      After all Takato, Henry, Rika and their partner Digimon have come back to West Shinjuku, where appear mysterious creatures they haven’t seen before. Could they be D-Reaper? Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 42


      aired: Sun, Jan 20, 2002

      Takato and friends, who come back from DigiWorld safe and sound, leave Tokyo with each family except Jeri whose family doesn't come to pick her up. Takato sends Jeri to Matsumoto. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 41

      Return to the Real World

      aired: Mon, Jan 14, 2002

      In front of Takato and friends in DigiWorld appear the ship called Ark sent by Henry’s father and staff in co-operation with people all over the world. They have no time to lose. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 40

      The Shining Evolution

      aired: Mon, Jan 7, 2002

      In co-operation with 4 Sovereign Digimon, Takato and friends succeed in saving Calumon finally. However D-Reaper’s bubbles boil and make them tense again. It seems their real enemy is ready to attack seriously. Original Release Year: 2002

    • Episode 39

      Sakuyamon Appears

      aired: Mon, Dec 31, 2001

      The real enemy is found out to be D-Reaper; the program for eliminating Digimon. It is to erase Digimon one after another not to mention dust packets. 4 Sovereign Digimon tighten their guard. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 38

      The Real Threat

      aired: Mon, Dec 24, 2001

      In spite of MegaGargomon’s attack, something sparkles under a pile of rubble and with streams of scarlet light in all directions appears Zhuqiaomon like a phoenix. Takato and friends become speechless to see invulnerable Zhuiaomon. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 37

      The Confrontation with Zhuqiaomon

      aired: Mon, Dec 17, 2001

      There is a straight line of countless arches from Nandaimon Gate to somewhere far beyond. Takato and friends set out for Suzakumon where Zhuqiaomon lives leaving Kazu, Kenta, Guardromon, Shu-Chong and Jeri behind. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 36

      Gallantmon Vs. Beelzemon

      aired: Mon, Dec 10, 2001

      Guilmon’s true Mega-self, Gallantmon was born. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 35

      Gallantmon Appears

      aired: Mon, Dec 3, 2001

      WarGrowlmon has digivolves into Mega level. However he looks completely different from what Takato fancied. Did it happen because Takato got so furious when Leomon is killed that he wished too much for his digivolution? Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 34

      The End of Leomon

      aired: Mon, Nov 26, 2001

      Lopmon tells Takato and Henry that there is a domain of 4 Sovereign Digimon where Calumon is supposed to be. Although Takato proposes they should go there, Henry is reluctant. He doesn’t want his little sister Shu-Chong involved. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 33

      Shu-Chong Goes to Digiworld

      aired: Mon, Nov 19, 2001

      Shu-Chong has been missing Terriermon. While she is playing in a park, a zone appears out of the blue and she falls into it. Then she finds a gigantic rabbit-like Digimon in the place she reaches. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 32

      A Mysterious Water Space

      aired: Sun, Nov 11, 2001

      Takato, Henry and Terriermon have trouble getting out of the strange setting. Takato receives e-mail from Yamaki. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 31

      The Birth of Digimon Tamer Kazu

      aired: Mon, Nov 5, 2001

      Suddenly the ground turns into liquid state under their feet - Kenta, Kazu, Jeri, Rika, Renamon, Leomon and Guilmon sink, to find themselves in a small world of ancient Japan. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 30

      Contact From the Digiworld

      aired: Mon, Oct 29, 2001

      Takato and friends who get separated from Rika go back to the spot where they flew the banner, just to find the banner has disappeared. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 29

      Missing Calumon

      aired: Mon, Oct 22, 2001

      Takato and friends strayed into a black and white world. There, Kazu and Kenta reunite. As a Card-Battle Game enthusiast, Takato is excited about meeting his hero, Ryo. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 28

      A Legendary Tamer

      aired: Mon, Oct 15, 2001

      Although Rika and Renamon go to look for their missing friends leaving Kazu and Kenta behind, the boys feel uneasy about being left behind and come after them. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 27

      Beelzemon The King of Darkness

      aired: Mon, Oct 8, 2001

      Although Takato and friends have been looking for Rika, Kazu and Kenta, they have no idea where the three went. Meanwhile Terriermon discovers a village. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 26

      Windy Valley

      aired: Mon, Oct 1, 2001

      Rika, Kazu and Kenta are transported away by the light. They lose their consciousness and wake up to find the globe has become tiny. That means they’ve been transported far away from where they were. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 25

      Into the Digiworld

      aired: Mon, Sep 24, 2001

      Takato and friends enter the zone that leads to the DigiWorld. Through binoculars the place looks like the landmass of Japan. The place they reach has nothing but wilderness. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 24


      aired: Mon, Sep 17, 2001

      Because of the appearance of Digimon, the real world is engulfed into chaos. Now the damage caused by Digimon is the nation’s big problem. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 23

      Keep Moving On

      aired: Mon, Sep 10, 2001

      Shaggai is executed. Even the Ultimate Digimons can't do anything to help. Rika is at a loss wondering which card she should use. While Henry says that the cards are able to trasmit their power only if they believe. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 22

      Protect Our Town

      aired: Mon, Sep 3, 2001

      A series of earthquakes occur in and around the West Shinjuku area. Takato and Henry have a bad feeling about this. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 21

      Jeri's Wish

      aired: Mon, Aug 27, 2001

      Jeri learns how to use Digi-Battle Card from Rika in order to make herself into a Digimon Tamer. A Digimon called Leomon appears infront of Jeri. Jeri believes firmly that Leomon is her own partner Digimon. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 20

      Blue Card of Friendship

      aired: Mon, Aug 20, 2001

      "You are also Digimon tamed by humans." What Indramon says hurts Impmon's pride. Impmon refuses Renamon and others' help, and then throws himself into a reckless fight alone. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 19

      Impmon's Pride

      aired: Mon, Aug 13, 2001

      Renamon disappears together with Vajiramon. As he hasn't returned for awhile, Rika's anxiety grows. However, Renamon intends to find out Deva's intentions. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 18

      Taomon in Moonlight

      aired: Mon, Aug 6, 2001

      Henry and friends are searching for the secret of Blue Card, when tough enemies Pajiramon and Vajiramon appear. As Gargomon falls into a pinch, Henry overcomes his hesitation and slashes his Blue Card. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 17

      Trace Blue Card

      aired: Mon, Jul 30, 2001

      Henry is eager to let Terriermon have a rest, but doing so he overlooks the appearance of their new enemy Sinduramon. Shinduramon devours electric power in town over night, and grows big. Henry blames himself for his misjudgment. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 16

      Digimon Go Camping

      aired: Mon, Jul 16, 2001

      To stand against Digimon who wreak havoc in the real world, Takato and friends organize "the tamers". However when it comes to practice, there is a lack of unity. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 15

      Subway Panic

      aired: Mon, Jul 9, 2001

      Shaggai, who is supposed to eliminate Digimon, ironically opens the way for Digimon to come into the real world. A powerful enemy who thus appears, beating Kyubimon and Gargomon one by one with overwhelming power. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 14

      Birth of Wargrowlmon

      aired: Mon, Jul 2, 2001

      A misunderstanding with his friends, the appearance of Yamaki, and a fear of digivolution - having a lot of problems on his hands, Takato loses his confidence and he is in danger of cracking under the pressure of being a tamer. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 13

      A Bad Hunch

      aired: Mon, Jun 25, 2001

      Separated from Rika, Renamon is in a solidtary battle with without support. Bothered about Renamon, Rika turns her back against him believing he doesn't need her any more. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 12

      The Bonds in Crisis

      aired: Mon, Jun 18, 2001

      Henry gradually understands the reason why he met Terriamon: To protect people from Digimon out of control and to carry out something which nobody but he and Terriermon could do. Henry makes up his mind to fight of his own accord. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 11

      Confrontation in One and Half Minutes

      aired: Mon, Jun 11, 2001

      A mist spreads out on a crossing road. Sensing the appearance of Digimon, Terriermon gets ready to fight, but Wong doesn't allow him. Terriermon insists, but Wong tries to force him home. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 10

      Rika in Doubt

      aired: Mon, Jun 4, 2001

      Takato struggles hard to turn Growlmon back to Guilmon. Although their plans and training does not work well, they finally succeed. Growlmon turns back to Guilmon at last. However the event brings about a new question. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 9

      Growlmon Panic

      aired: Mon, May 28, 2001

      When Growlmon touches the tears of Takato, Growlmon recovers the innocent mind of Guilmon. They are pleased to hug each other. But the problem is in the mind of Guilmon himself, his appearance is still Growlmon and he can'treturn his body to Guilmon. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 8

      Guilmon Digivolves

      aired: Mon, May 21, 2001

      In front of Takato, Guilmon turns into data and dissapears. Shocked, Takato ventures out to rescue him because he believes in the strong friendship with Guilmon. Moved by his action, Wong and Rika takes decide to cooperate with him. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 7

      Guilmon in Danger

      aired: Wed, May 16, 2001

      Selected out of many candidates to be Rika’s partner, Renamon pledges himself to become the most powerful Digimon. However he fails to digivolve no matter how many times he fights and that makes Rika irritated more. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 6

      Renamon Digivolves

      aired: Mon, May 7, 2001

      While Guilmon and Calumon are playing around at the school in the night, Vilemon appears. Although Vilemon is very small, his attack is so strong it stuns Guilmon and Calumon. However Rika releases them from the pinch with her partner Renamon. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 5

      Let's Enjoy with Calumon

      aired: Mon, Apr 30, 2001

      Forbidden to digivolve, Terriermon is being cornered by Gorillamon’s powerful attack. However Henry has the tact to produce Digi-Modify and it turns the tide. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 4

      Beat Gorillamon

      aired: Mon, Apr 23, 2001

      Rika selfishly declares battle on Takato. Although Wong goes out of his way to settle the fight between them, Terriermon is involved, shocked by an attack and digivolves into Gargomon. Losing control, Gargomon keeps firing Gatling Arm at random. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 3

      Renamon Vs. Guilmon

      aired: Mon, Apr 16, 2001

      Takato’s school is in a panic. Being told he is unworthy as a tamer, Takato is hurt and loses his confidence. Yet he is consoled by Guilmon’s innocence. Takato and Guilmon become friends with each other, getting over all these troubles. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 2

      Terriermon Appears

      aired: Mon, Apr 9, 2001

      The power of Blue Card transforms Takato’s Card Reader. The screen displays a hatched Digi-Egg and a pillar of light streaks down from the sky. With a certain hunch, Takato goes straight to the light. Original Release Year: 2001

    • Episode 1

      The Birth of Guilmon

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2001

      The moment Takato's Card Reader reads data of Blue Card, the door to adventure opens in front of him. And then he encounters his fatal partner Guilmon. Now the new digital journey begins with the Shinjuku as the backdrop. Original Release Year: 2001

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