CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Las Vegas criminologists use scientific methods to solve grisly murders in this unusually graphic (and hugely popular) drama, which inspired a host of other cop-show procedurals. Methodical Gil Grissom heads the team, assisted by Catherine Willows. An immediate ratings smash for CBS, the series adroitly mixes painstaking deduction, gritty subject matter and intriguing characters. The network quickly capitalized on its megahit with spin-offs CSI: Miami and CSI: NY. Starring: William Petersen as Gil Grissom; Marg Helgenberger as Catherine Willows; Gary Dourdan as Warrick Brown; George Eads as Nick Stokes; Paul Guilfoyle as Capt. Jim Brass; Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle; Eric Szmanda as Greg Sanders; Robert David Hall as Dr. Albert Robbins; Wallace Langham as David Hodges; Liz Vassey as Wendy Simms; David Berman as David Phillips; Lauren Lee Smith as Riley Adams; and Laurence Fishburne as Raymond Langston.

Genre: Drama

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    • Episode 23

      Meat Jekyll

      aired: Thu, May 20, 2010

      The CSI's lives are on the line as they close in on the elusive Dr. Jekyll, and more than one member of the team may not live to see his capture.

    • Episode 22

      Doctor Who

      aired: Thu, May 13, 2010

      The CSI team must investigate one of their own when Langston is accused by a former colleague of being part of the Dr. Jekyll murders.

    • Episode 21

      Lost and Found

      aired: Thu, May 6, 2010

      A mother thought to be grieving for the loss of her family three years ago becomes a suspect in a CSI investigation.

    • Episode 20

      Take My Life, Please!

      aired: Thu, Apr 29, 2010

      A legendary comic from the good old days of Las Vegas is set to reunite with his partner on stage for one night only, until one half of the famous duo is found dead.

    • Episode 19

      World's End

      aired: Thu, Apr 22, 2010

      When a student is discovered murdered at Lindsey's school, the investigation takes a sharp turn when the CSIs uncover an unlikely connection between the boy's death and atrocities of the past.

    • Episode 18

      Field Mice

      aired: Thu, Apr 15, 2010

      When Hodges and Wendy take a group of high school CSI Explorer Scouts on a field trip, they embellish their role in solving cases and take their assignment a little bit too far.

    • Episode 17


      aired: Thu, Apr 8, 2010

      When the CSI team investigates the brutal murder of a family, they trace the killer to the house next door, which might belong to the "Dr. Jekyll" serial killer.

    • Episode 16

      The Panty Sniffer

      aired: Thu, Apr 1, 2010

      Catherine and Detective Vartann are thrown together in a hotel room for 24 hours as they stake out a duo making drugs in the room next door. Meanwhile, Nick and Langston work a case that involves a fetish which has become big business in Vegas.

    • Episode 15


      aired: Thu, Mar 11, 2010

      When a young boy is found murdered, the CSI team uncovers evidence that may link his death to an old case that recently resurfaced.

    • Episode 14


      aired: Thu, Mar 4, 2010

      Rascal Flatts takes center stage when a band member is electrocuted by his own guitar during a concert, the CSI team investigates if it was a case of foul play.

    • Episode 13

      Internal Combustion

      aired: Thu, Feb 4, 2010

      The case of two high school students, one dead and one missing, lead the CSIs into the underbelly of streetcar racing and a tangled web of deadly competition.

    • Episode 12

      Long Ball

      aired: Thu, Jan 21, 2010

      The CSI team delves into the world of professional golf when the body of a legendary player is discovered during a high-profile tournament.

    • Episode 11

      CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: 11. Sin City Blue

      aired: Thu, Jan 14, 2010

      Two beautiful women are murdered in a Las Vegas hotel and the CSIs uncover an unusual killer during their investigation. Meanwhile, Langston continues to hunt "Dr. Jekyll."

    • Episode 10

      CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: 10. Better Off Dead

      aired: Thu, Dec 17, 2009

      A major shootout at a gun store may be connected to the death of a young woman involved in a suicide pact.

    • Episode 9

      CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: 9. Appendicitement

      aired: Thu, Dec 10, 2009

      When Nick, Greg and Hodges take Henry to celebrate his birthday at a biker bar, they uncover a double homicide and find several suspects still at the bar who may be the murderers.

    • Episode 8

      Lover's Lanes

      aired: Thu, Nov 19, 2009

      An unusual piece of evidence revealed during a bowling tournament brings the CSIs to intestigate a murder at a bowling alley.

    • Episode 7

      The Lost Girls

      aired: Thu, Nov 12, 2009

      Langston's continued search for a young girl taken hostage as part of a human trafficking operation leads him to investigate a prostitution ring in Las Vegas.

    • Episode 6

      Death and the Maiden

      aired: Thu, Nov 5, 2009

      Two seemingly unrelated crimes tracked by the CSIs turn out to be connected by a twisted plot of revenge.

    • Episode 5


      aired: Thu, Oct 29, 2009

      When a policeman kills another officer, the CSIs must look to the evidence to determine if the shooting was premeditated or an accident. Infighting between the police and the local community soon ensues in this racially charged case.

    • Episode 4

      Coup de Grace

      aired: Thu, Oct 15, 2009

      When a policeman kills another officer, the CSIs must look to the evidence to determine if the shooting was premeditated or an accident. Infighting between the police and the local community soon ensues in this racially charged case.

    • Episode 3

      Working Stiffs

      aired: Thu, Oct 8, 2009

      When two office mates plot to rob a casino, their plan ends with the CSIs investigating a murder.

    • Episode 2

      Ghost Town

      aired: Thu, Oct 1, 2009

      When a porn producer and drug dealer are found dead in an upscale Vegas area, the CSIs focus their investigation on members of the neighborhood. The CSIs are shocked when they discover that one victim had his intestines tied in a bow.

    • Episode 1

      Family Affair

      aired: Thu, Sep 24, 2009

      When Sara unexpectedly returns, the CSI team come together to investigate the death of a famous young actress killed in a dubious traffic collision. Also, the CSI lab is attacked by a mysterious group of men.

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    • Episode 24

      All In

      aired: Thu, May 14, 2009

      A cache of missing chips from a closed down casino turn up in Vegas and a string of murders follow, leading Langston to use deadly force for the first time in his career as a CSI.

    • Episode 23

      Hog Heaven

      aired: Thu, May 7, 2009

      The CSIs are on the case when a member of a motorcycle gang is murdered at a local biker bar.

    • Episode 22

      Gone Dead Train

      aired: Thu, Apr 30, 2009

      An unexplained illness that is affecting random citizens of Las Vegas baffles the CSIs.

    • Episode 21

      If I Had a Hammer

      aired: Thu, Apr 23, 2009

      Catherine revisits one of the very first cases she worked as a CSI when the convicted felon in the murder claims the verdict was based on faulty evidence.

    • Episode 20

      A Space Oddity

      aired: Thu, Apr 16, 2009

      When Hodges and Wendy run into each other at a science fiction convention for one of their favorite classic television shows, they end up investigating the murder of one of their beloved actors.

    • Episode 19

      The Descent Of Men

      aired: Thu, Apr 9, 2009

      Nick's case of a deceased skydiver takes an interesting turn when Catherine discovers there may be a connection between the skydiver and a mysterious double murder case.

    • Episode 18


      aired: Thu, Apr 2, 2009

      Langston is shocked when his former student is found murdered and becomes the focus of a CSI investigation into the world of Mexican wrestling.

    • Episode 17

      No Way Out

      aired: Thu, Mar 12, 2009

      Langston and Riley are taken hostage during the aftermath of a shootout in an usually calm Las Vegas community.

    • Episode 16

      Turn, Turn, Turn

      aired: Thu, Mar 5, 2009

      When the CSIs are called to a murder scene at a familiar motel, Nick is thrown for a loop as he pieces together three separate murder investigations that all took place at the same establishment over the course of a year.

    • Episode 15

      Kill Me If You Can

      aired: Thu, Feb 26, 2009

      The CSIs are called to three different crime scenes in one night that are seemingly unrelated, but each case's forensic evidence reveals a common link.

    • Episode 14

      Miscarriage of Justice

      aired: Thu, Feb 19, 2009

      While Langston testifies in the trial of a respected Congressman, new evidence sends the CSIs back to the lab to reopen the investigation.

    • Episode 13

      Deep Fried And Minty Fresh

      aired: Thu, Feb 12, 2009

      Langston and Nick are called to investigate a murder at a fast food restaurant and have quite a task ahead of them when they discover that much of the evidence is coated in cooking oil.

    • Episode 12

      Disarmed And Dangerous

      aired: Thu, Jan 29, 2009

      When an FBI agent who was working undercover is found brutally murdered, the CSI team is called in to assist the victim's partner in finding the killer.

    • Episode 11

      The Grave Shift

      aired: Thu, Jan 22, 2009

      The first day on the job for Dr. Langston turns from bad to worse when a simple burglary case quickly overlaps with a complicated arson and homicide case.

    • Episode 10

      One to Go (Part 2)

      aired: Thu, Jan 15, 2009

      The CSI team is shocked and saddened when, after working with Dr. Raymond Langston on the Dick and Jane murders, Grissom announces that his time as a CSI has come to an end and offers Langston a permanent position on the CSI team.

    • Episode 9

      19 Down

      aired: Thu, Dec 11, 2008

      When a new murder leads to a connection with an infamous serial killer, Grissom secretly joins the class of well-known criminal pathologist Dr. Raymond Langston, to gain access to the killer and get a crack in the case.

    • Episode 8


      aired: Thu, Dec 4, 2008

      When a popular young singer is found dead outside an infamous Las Vegas nightclub, the CSI team uncovers a link between the present day crime and a murder from over 50 years ago.

    • Episode 7

      Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

      aired: Thu, Nov 20, 2008

      The prime suspect in a murder case from 12 years earlier comes to the forefront of a new CSI investigation.

    • Episode 6

      Say Uncle

      aired: Thu, Nov 13, 2008

      After a shooting involving a young boy occurs right in the middle of Koreatown, none of the witnesses will speak to the CSI team investigating the case.

    • Episode 5

      Leave Out All the Rest

      aired: Wed, Nov 5, 2008

      When the CSI team investigates a case involving the world of domination, Grissom pays a visit to Lady Heather to help find some answers.

    • Episode 4

      Let It Bleed

      aired: Thu, Oct 30, 2008

      During the course of an investigation, the CSIs discover that their victim, a young woman who was murdered and found with several different blood types in her system, is the daughter of a wanted criminal.

    • Episode 3

      Episode 3

      aired: Thu, Oct 23, 2008

      When a series of victims are found deceased seemingly in the middle of everyday activities, the CSIs must determine what is causing them to remain upright after death.

    • Episode 2

      Season 9 Episode 2

      aired: Thu, Oct 16, 2008

      A hypnotist who uses her powers of persuasion to rob banks becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

    • Episode 1

      Episode 1

      aired: Thu, Oct 9, 2008

      The CSI team comes together after Warrick is shot in a Las Vegas alleyway, on the ninth season premiere.

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    • Episode 17

      For Gedda

      aired: Thu, May 15, 2008

      Warrick is accused of murdering a famous Vegas gangster and even he is uncertain of his guilt or innocence.

    • Episode 16

      Two and a Half Deaths

      aired: Wed, May 7, 2008

      Grissom and the CSI team become involved in the world of Hollywood comedy when a diva sitcom star (Sagal) meets an untimely demise while filming her show in Las Vegas.

    • Episode 15

      The Theory of Everything

      aired: Wed, Apr 30, 2008

      Grissom and his team discover several victims who have green blood, leading them to the conclusion that their deaths are somehow connected.

    • Episode 14

      Drops' Out

      aired: Wed, Apr 23, 2008

      Brass and Nick get help from an unlikely source, an incarcerated criminal (Method Man), when investigating two murders that take place in the same apartment building.

    • Episode 13

      A Thousand Days on Earth

      aired: Wed, Apr 9, 2008

      The disturbing death of a 3-year-old girl has a great impact on Catherine as she searches for clues to her murder.

    • Episode 12

      Grissom's Divine Comedy

      aired: Thu, Apr 3, 2008

      Grissom and his team battle the flu when they are called upon by DDA Klein to investigate the deaths of several key witnesses for a grand jury case against a dangerous Las Vegas gang.

    • Episode 11


      aired: Thu, Jan 10, 2008

      Grissom and his team investigate two murders that take place at the annual bull riding rodeo in Las Vegas.

    • Episode 10

      Lying Down with Dogs

      aired: Thu, Dec 13, 2007

      Grissom and his team delve into the world of illegal dog fighting to find out who is responsible for the death of a wealthy socialite. Meanwhile, Warrick tries to clear his name in the murder of an exotic dancer.

    • Episode 9


      aired: Thu, Dec 6, 2007

      Warrick's addiction to pills begins to impact his job when his investigation into the underground mob in Vegas results in him being targeted as the prime suspect in a mob-related murder case.

    • Episode 8

      You Kill Me

      aired: Thu, Nov 22, 2007

      Hodges has ulterior motives when he stages hypothetical murders in the lab to give his colleagues a chance to play CSI. Also, everyone tries to reach out to Grissom after Sara's departure.

    • Episode 7

      Goodbye and Good Luck

      aired: Thu, Nov 15, 2007

      A suspect from Sara's past returns, causing her to question her future as a CSI.

    • Episode 6

      Who and What

      aired: Thu, Nov 8, 2007

      n Part One of a Two-Part crossover episode to conclude on "Without A Trace," a kidnap victim from New York who went missing six years ago may be the same boy whose death Grissom and the CSI team are investigating in Las Vegas.

    • Episode 5

      The Chick Chop Flick Shop

      aired: Thu, Nov 1, 2007

      The CSI team goes behind the scenes at a horror porn film studio to investigate the murder of a slasher film actress murdered on the set of one of her movies.

    • Episode 4

      The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp

      aired: Thu, Oct 18, 2007

      Grissom and his team discover a young man strangled to death by hanging...whose body looks like that of a woman. The boy's mother desperately wants answers to why her son is dead.

    • Episode 3

      Go to Hell

      aired: Thu, Oct 11, 2007

      The CSI team investigates the murder of an entire family, except for one daughter who supposedly is possessed by the devil.

    • Episode 2

      A La Cart

      aired: Thu, Oct 4, 2007

      The CSI team investigates two unusual cases, one involving the suspicious death of a go-cart racer who took his hobby to the highway and paid the price with his life, and a murder at a hip new restaurant where patrons dine in the dark. Sara comes back to work.

    • Episode 1

      Dead Doll

      aired: Thu, Sep 27, 2007

      Sara's fate remains in question as the CSI team rushes to find out if she survived an attack by the miniature killer. This is the season premiere for season eight.

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    • Episode 24

      Living Doll

      aired: Thu, May 17, 2007

      As the CSI team comes closer than ever to identifying the miniature killer, Sara mysteriously goes missing, forcing her relationship with Grissom out into the open.

    • Episode 23

      The Good, The Bad and the Dominatrix

      aired: Thu, May 10, 2007

      Sara is uneasy about Grissom being reunited with Lady Heather during the CSIs' investigation of her attempted murder by a client she refuses to name.

    • Episode 22

      Leapin' Lizards

      aired: Thu, May 3, 2007

      The CSI team investigates the murder of a blackjack dealer whose estranged husband has ties to a club of UFO believers.

    • Episode 21

      Ending Happy

      aired: Thu, Apr 26, 2007

      In their attempt to identify the murderer of a has-been boxer who lived among a group of prostitutes who detested him, the CSIs must establish which of several life-threatening acts against him in one night actually killed him.

    • Episode 20

      Lab Rats

      aired: Thu, Apr 12, 2007

      While Grissom and the rest of the CSIs are out investigating new cases, Hodges leads Archie, Henry, Mandy and Wendy to believe that Grissom wants them to secretly band together that evening in an attempt to solve the four miniature killer cases.

    • Episode 19

      Big Shots

      aired: Thu, Apr 5, 2007

      Greg is forced to again contend with the hostile mother and brother of the hoodlum he killed in self-defense several months ago when the CSI team discovers that the brother is involved in a new murder case.

    • Episode 18

      Empty Eyes

      aired: Thu, Mar 29, 2007

      While processing the house where several showgirls were murdered, Sara is haunted by the terrified eyes and cryptic dying words of the sixth victim she discovers.

    • Episode 17

      Fallen Idols

      aired: Thu, Feb 22, 2007

      Grissom's quip that two missing young lovers may have run off to Mexico is soon quashed by the discovery of drops of blood by the boy's vacant parking spot at the high school. After finding a letterman jacket and cheerleading sweater in the field house and a pool of blood nearby, the team tries to determine what went awry.

    • Episode 16

      Monster in the Box

      aired: Thu, Feb 15, 2007

      With potentially less than a day to attempt to prevent the next murders, the CSI team must quickly shake off their shock that the true miniature killer is not the late Ernie Edward Dell, who committed suicide after confessing to the slayings.

    • Episode 15

      Law of Gravity

      aired: Thu, Feb 8, 2007

      Grissom returns from his teaching sabbatical as new member of the team Michael Keppler desperately tries to keep his dark past hidden from his colleagues.

    • Episode 14

      Meet Market

      aired: Thu, Feb 1, 2007

      A case involving a man's torched corpse whose bones and tissues had been harvested leads Nick and Keppler into the disturbing world of illegally sold human body parts.

    • Episode 13


      aired: Wed, Jan 24, 2007

      The lead suspect for the high-profile murder of anti-drug crusading assemblyman Danilo Zamesca is Thomas Simon, the west coast's biggest drug supplier. Simon's trail quickly grows cold, so Catherine agrees to Keppler's unconventional method to find him. Part of the plan involves withholding information from her team, and tension surfaces when the group senses something is awry.

    • Episode 12

      Sweet Jane

      aired: Thu, Jan 18, 2007

      As Catherine and Keppler begin to investigate the murder of a teen-aged "Jane Doe," both agree that the killer, who was meticulous in removing evidence from the body and its surrounding area, is likely a repeat offender. Soon they and the rest of the CSI team uncover three similar unsolved cases that suggest the serial killer has been active since 1975.

    • Episode 11

      Leaving Las Vegas

      aired: Thu, Jan 4, 2007

      Catherine's testimony in court is not enough to convict a killer suspected of murdering his own mother. Adam Novak, with whom Catherine had a brief romantic encounter, is the lawyer who represents the killer and secures his freedom.

    • Episode 10

      Loco Motives

      aired: Thu, Dec 7, 2006

      When the CSIs process clues after a murder at a poultry manufacturing plant, the evidence leads them to the home of a man who collects miniature trains and other miniature paraphernalia. Grissom and his team rush to link him to the other miniature killings, but a twist in the case could prevent them from gathering enough evidence to catch the killer.

    • Episode 9

      Living Legend

      aired: Thu, Nov 23, 2006

      Grissom and his team investigate a string of murders in Las Vegas that may be tied to an infamous mob boss from the 1970s who disappeared many years ago.

    • Episode 8


      aired: Thu, Nov 16, 2006

      When identical twins are found dead, the evidence in both cases does not immediately prove a connection between the two deaths. However, as the CSIs dig deeper into the histories of the women, a surprising twist takes the investigation in a new direction.

    • Episode 7

      Post Mortem

      aired: Thu, Nov 9, 2006

      While investigating an elderly woman's murder, Grissom receives a miniature crime scene replica; Greg attends a hearing to ascertain his culpability in a teenager's accidental death.

    • Episode 6

      Burn Out

      aired: Thu, Nov 2, 2006

      When two young boys are reported missing, a known neighborhood sex offender is the primary suspect. In an attempt to extract his confession, Grissom asks for the pedophile's help in catching the boys' abductor. However, as the case unfolds, the crime turns out to be much more complicated than Grissom or the rest of the CSI team ever expected.

    • Episode 5

      Double Cross

      aired: Thu, Oct 19, 2006

      When a dead woman is found hanging from a cross inside a church, the team follows the evidence to uncover a bizarre love triangle dating all the way back to the victim's high school days.

    • Episode 4


      aired: Thu, Oct 12, 2006

      hen an innocent man is brutally attacked and beaten to death by what looks like a monster in a black cape, the CSIs are called to investigate, only to learn that a similar attack took place minutes later.

    • Episode 3

      Toe Tags

      aired: Thu, Oct 5, 2006

      While Grissom leads a group of college students on a tour of CSI, the dead "speak" while the CSIs investigate, each narrating their own case: a dead casino security guard whose luck ran out, a wife who "fell" off a cliff while hiking with her husband, a war veteran murdered on his first day back from Iraq and two neighbors whose encounter with a chainsaw ends badly.

    • Episode 2

      Built to Kill: Part 2

      aired: Thu, Sep 28, 2006

      Grissom is fascinated when every detail of a miniature is identical to that of a real crime scene, and he goes about trying to solve the case using the clues provided. Meanwhile, Catherine again finds herself--and someone close to her--in danger, and begins to suspect who may be responsible. Danny Bonaduce and Sean Young guest star.

    • Episode 1

      Built to Kill: Part 1

      aired: Thu, Sep 21, 2006

      The CSIs investigate first-hand the behind-the-scenes action of Cirque du Soleil in order to determine what may have contributed to a young dancer's untimely death. Later, after visiting a nightclub, Catherine finds herself in jeopardy and must act as her own CSI. Also, Grissom is perplexed by an uncanny miniature replica of the crime scene he is investigating.

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    • Episode 24

      Way to Go

      aired: Thu, May 18, 2006

      The CSI team rallies around one of their own who is shot in the line of duty and may not survive on the sixth season finale.

    • Episode 23


      aired: Thu, May 11, 2006

      A man accused of murdering his wife and co-workers leads the CSIs on a wild chase through a busy Vegas casino.

    • Episode 22

      Time of Your Death

      aired: Thu, May 4, 2006

      The evidence in the case of a high-stakes gambler and ladies man murdered outside a casino after a night of revelry proves that appearances can be deceiving.

    • Episode 21


      aired: Thu, Apr 27, 2006

      Solving the case of a wealthy defense attorney killed at her son's wedding is compromised when all of the evidence is stolen along with Nick's car.

    • Episode 20

      Poppin' Tags

      aired: Thu, Apr 13, 2006

      The CSIs enter the world of rap music in order to investigate the deaths of three teenagers killed while working for rival rappers.

    • Episode 19


      aired: Thu, Apr 6, 2006

      Science collides with the occult when the team investigates the case of a psychic who predicted her own murder.

    • Episode 18

      The Unusual Suspect

      aired: Thu, Mar 30, 2006

      A high profile murder trial is thrown into a tailspin when two siblings confess to the same crime.

    • Episode 17

      I Like to Watch

      aired: Thu, Mar 9, 2006

      A crime documentary series follows the CSIs for the first 48 hours of an investigation.

    • Episode 16

      Up in Smoke

      aired: Thu, Mar 2, 2006

      A body is discovered stuffed into a working chimney of a residential home.

    • Episode 15

      Pirates of the Third Reich

      aired: Thu, Feb 9, 2006

      Grissom teams up with Lady Heather.

    • Episode 14


      aired: Thu, Feb 2, 2006

      CSI investigates two deaths both linked to the same killer.

    • Episode 13

      Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye

      aired: Thu, Jan 26, 2006

      The CSIs enter the world of glamerous old Vegas.

    • Episode 12

      Daddy's Little Girl

      aired: Thu, Jan 19, 2006

      The CSI team is brought into the world of tweakers and methamphetamines.

    • Episode 11


      aired: Thu, Jan 5, 2006

      CSI investigates the murder of a man who was covered in hair from head to toe and shot in the heart with a silver bullet.

    • Episode 10

      Still Life

      aired: Thu, Dec 8, 2005

      A widowed mother's six year old son is reported kidnapped from a local park.

    • Episode 9

      Dog Eat Dog

      aired: Thu, Nov 24, 2005

      On Thanksgiving night, a man is found dead in a dumpster behind a restaurant.

    • Episode 8

      A Bullet Runs Through It, Part 2

      aired: Thu, Nov 17, 2005

      Evidence points to Sofia as the shooter who accidentally shot another officer.

    • Episode 7

      A Bullet Runs Through It, Part 1

      aired: Thu, Nov 10, 2005

      A routine traffic stop turns into a wild police chase through the streets of a Las Vegas Latino ghetto.

    • Episode 6

      Secrets & Flies

      aired: Thu, Nov 3, 2005

      CSI determines a young mother's suicide was actually foul play.

    • Episode 5

      Gum Drops

      aired: Thu, Oct 20, 2005

      A family of four is brutally murdered in their own home.

    • Episode 4

      Shooting Stars

      aired: Thu, Oct 13, 2005

      A middle of the night break-in in a suburban home on the edge of the Vegas desert reveals a body dump.

    • Episode 3

      Bite Me

      aired: Thu, Oct 6, 2005

      Our CSIs attempt to determine there was foul play in a housewife's fall down the stairs.

    • Episode 1

      Bodies in Motion

      aired: Thu, Sep 22, 2005

      Our forensic team is back together again, with Grissom and Catherine leading in three fantastic forensic mysteries.

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    • Episode 24

      Grave Danger: Volume 1

      aired: Thu, May 19, 2005

      The CSI teams come together to save one of their own when they learn one team member has been kidnapped and buried alive, and now they must find him before he suffocates under 5 feet of dirt.

    • Episode 23


      aired: Thu, May 12, 2005

      Two amorous freshmen are found dead in a sleeping bag in a dorm room, and Sara and Greg run into one dead end after another as they try to determine why the students were killed.

    • Episode 22

      Weeping Willows

      aired: Thu, May 5, 2005

      A man (Alan Rosenberg) whom Catherine flirted with at a bar reappears in her life as a suspect in a murder investigation of a woman who was shot and killed.

    • Episode 21


      aired: Thu, Apr 28, 2005

      Grissom and Sara investigate the murder of a mental-hospital patient and quickly narrow down the suspects to a handful of other patients and staff members.

    • Episode 20

      Hollywood Brass

      aired: Thu, Apr 21, 2005

      Brass travels to Hollywood, California to try to track down his estranged daughter's friend, meanwhile trying to rekindle some kind of relationship with her.

    • Episode 19


      aired: Thu, Apr 14, 2005

      One night, four cases. Grissom and Brass get a stolen hummer and a taco stand. Warrick gets a dead car show girl. Sara and Greg get a dead bodybuilder. Nick gets a dead boy found on a bench.

    • Episode 18

      Spark of Life

      aired: Thu, Mar 31, 2005

      Grissom, Sara, and Greg investigate a wildfire that killed one man and badly burned a woman. Catherine, Nick, and Warrick get the case of a family of three murdered in their home.

    • Episode 17


      aired: Thu, Mar 10, 2005

      A serial killer strikes again, and the CSI team tries new technology using evidence from a prior killing.

    • Episode 16

      Big Middle

      aired: Sun, Feb 24, 2002

      Catherine, Nick, and Warrick investigate a badly mutilated body in the woods. Grissom, Sarah, and Greg try to determine how a man was killed in a hotel room. It leads them to a convention of big women.

    • Episode 15

      King Baby

      aired: Thu, Feb 17, 2005

      When a major Las Vegas player is found dead, Ecklie orders both teams to investigate the case. The man who had secrets on everyone in Vegas had a very big one of his own.

    • Episode 14


      aired: Thu, Feb 10, 2005

      Grissom, Sofia, Sara and Greg investigate the disappearance of a woman coming home from a night out with a friend after her abandoned car is found on the edge of a highway.

    • Episode 13

      Nesting Dolls

      aired: Thu, Feb 3, 2005

      Catherine, Warrick and Nick find the body of two women at a construction site buried under tar.The swing shift are brought into the world of foreign "mail-order" brides.

    • Episode 12


      aired: Thu, Jan 13, 2005

      Warrick looks into the murder of man by someone who apparently needs a wheelchair. Nick looks into the murder of woman in the subculture of the narcocorrido, songs about drug murders.

    • Episode 11

      Who Shot Sherlock

      aired: Thu, Jan 6, 2005

      Greg, for his final proficiency, has to determine how the Sherlock Holmes of a Sherlock Holmes club was killed.

    • Episode 10

      No Humans Involved

      aired: Thu, Dec 9, 2004

      Grissom and his team investigate the starving death of a five year old boy. They discover the boy has siblings who are in danger too.

    • Episode 9

      Mea Culpa

      aired: Thu, Nov 25, 2004

      Grissom is confronted with new evidence while on the stand of a murder trial of a restaurant owner.

    • Episode 8


      aired: Thu, Nov 18, 2004

      A woman who was pulled over by police is found murdered two miles up the road from the stop. It's not long before Robbins determines that the woman is, genetically speaking, not a woman.

    • Episode 7


      aired: Thu, Nov 11, 2004

      Grissom is called to a murder of a 17-year-old in a casino penthouse. The entire team gets involved when its discovered that a kidnapping took place along with the murder.

    • Episode 6

      What's Eating Gilbert Grissom?

      aired: Thu, Nov 4, 2004

      The killer from The Execution of Catherine Willows returns with deadly results.

    • Episode 5

      Swap Meet

      aired: Thu, Oct 28, 2004

      Grissom and Sara investigate the murder of a woman after a swap party where the married couples in the neighborhood meet and switch partners.

    • Episode 4

      Crow's Feet

      aired: Thu, Oct 21, 2004

      A woman is found dead in a hotel suite with symptoms of the ebola virus.

    • Episode 3


      aired: Thu, Oct 14, 2004

      A young girl is abducted from outside a convenience store, triggering an Amber alert.

    • Episode 2

      Down the Drain

      aired: Thu, Oct 7, 2004

      Heavy rains in Vegas wash up a body in the storm drains. As the team investigates, they find bones in the sewer system that could only be murder.

    • Episode 1

      Viva Las Vegas

      aired: Thu, Sep 23, 2004

      A feverish night in Las Vegas results in one dead male in an alien suit, one more dead male in a bathtub, one dead female with two suspicous men at the scene, and another dead male with a polaroid of yet another dead male.

  • Watch CSI: Crime Scene Investigat... Season 4

    • Episode 23


      aired: Thu, May 20, 2004

      A casino employee is beaten and raped on her way home from work, but she survives and identifies her attacker.

    • Episode 22

      No More Bets

      aired: Thu, May 13, 2004

      Two young men are found murdered after scamming Sam Braun's casinos.

    • Episode 21

      Turn of the Screws

      aired: Thu, May 6, 2004

      A roller coaster runs off its track, leaving six people dead. The CSI team investigates whether this was an accident or foul play.

    • Episode 20

      Dead Ringer

      aired: Thu, Apr 29, 2004

      Grissom, Catherine and Nick investigate the death of a runner during a competition. Meanwhile Sara and Warrick investigate the death of a couple in a hotel room, initially thought to be a murder-suicide.

    • Episode 19

      Bad Words

      aired: Thu, Apr 15, 2004

      Warrick, Catherine, and Nick try to determine the cause of a house fire that kills a teenage girl. The fire is in the same neighborhood as a similar arson fire. Grissom and Sara investigate a man found dead with letter tiles in his stomach.

    • Episode 18

      Bad to the Bone

      aired: Thu, Apr 1, 2004

      A violent murder in a casino parking garage and another episode in the police interview room lead the CSIs to one shocking discovery after another.

    • Episode 17


      aired: Thu, Mar 11, 2004

      A mutilated female body is discovered tied to the undercarriage of a bus carrying prisoners from a women's correctional facility after a severed arm flies out from beneath the vehicle and strikes a car.

    • Episode 16

      Getting Off

      aired: Thu, Feb 26, 2004

      Catherine and Sara deal with the death of what at first seems to be a transvestite.

    • Episode 15

      Early Rollout

      aired: Thu, Feb 19, 2004

      The whole team must investigate a crime where a husband and his porn star wife were murdered execution style.

    • Episode 14

      Paper or Plastic?

      aired: Thu, Feb 12, 2004

      A robbery at a grocery store results in a shootout leaving five dead. The police officer at the scene believes Grissom has a grudge against him.

    • Episode 13


      aired: Thu, Feb 5, 2004

      Grissom, Sara, and Nick respond to an electrocution at a casino. The casino is hosting Japanese antiquities. The electrocution is just a ruse to steal the central piece of the exhibit.

    • Episode 12


      aired: Thu, Jan 15, 2004

      A woman found murdered in her home. Her resemblance to Sara causes Grissom to take a personal interest in the case and forces him to examine the decisions he has made in his life.

    • Episode 11

      Eleven Angry Jurors

      aired: Thu, Jan 8, 2004

      A woman found murdered in her home. Her resemblance to Sara causes Grissom to take a personal interest in the case and forces him to examine the decisions he has made in his life.

    • Episode 10

      Coming of Rage

      aired: Thu, Dec 18, 2003

      A teenager is found murdered on a construction site. Grissom, Sara, and Warrick follow the lead of blood on a hammer. Nick, with an assist from Catherine, tries to find how a woman was killed by a gunshot on her lawn when no one nearby had a gun.

    • Episode 9

      Grissom Versus the Volcano

      aired: Thu, Dec 11, 2003

      The sheriff is under political pressure to find who killed an air marshal with a car bomb that the sheriff witnessed.

    • Episode 8

      After the Show

      aired: Thu, Nov 20, 2003

      A suspect's infatuation with Catherine results in her taking over a high profile case.

    • Episode 7

      Invisible Evidence

      aired: Thu, Nov 13, 2003

      Warrick's appearance at the preliminary hearing on a rape and murder case goes terribly wrong when the only piece of evidence is thrown out on a technicality.

    • Episode 6


      aired: Thu, Nov 6, 2003

      A severed head is shipped to Dr. Robbins from Jackpot, Nevada. Grissom goes to Jackpot to find the rest of the body and gets very little cooperation from the locals.

    • Episode 5

      Fur and Loathing

      aired: Thu, Oct 30, 2003

      The team is introduced to the "Furry" side of Vegas when a man is found dead on the side of the road, dressed in a racoon suit.

    • Episode 4

      Feeling the Heat

      aired: Thu, Oct 23, 2003

      During Vegas' latest Heat wave of triple digit temperatures, Gil and Catherine investigate a baby locked in a car. Warrick investigates a man's death of an apparent heat stroke in his house. Nick and Sara investigate a woman's body found floating in the lake with a blow to the head.

    • Episode 3


      aired: Thu, Oct 9, 2003

      Grissom and Warrick get the case of an old woman found mummified in her closet. Sara and Nick arrive to investigate a breaking and entering to find a raped teen.

    • Episode 2

      All for Our Country

      aired: Thu, Oct 2, 2003

      When the lead suspects in Grissom's serial killer case are murdered, Grissom suspects an inside job.

    • Episode 1

      Assume Nothing

      aired: Thu, Sep 25, 2003

      Two couples meet in a bar and one of the couples is murdered. When a second couple is murdered in a similar fashion the team suspects a pair of serial killers are on the loose.

  • Watch CSI: Crime Scene Investigat... Season 3

    • Episode 23

      Inside the Box

      aired: Thu, May 15, 2003

      A professional bank robbery leads to the death of a detective. While investigating the case, Grissom deals with his hearing loss and another CSI gets a personal revelation.

    • Episode 22

      Play with Fire

      aired: Thu, May 8, 2003

      Grissom, Sara, and Nick investigate the murder of a woman in the press box of a high school stadium.

    • Episode 21


      aired: Thu, May 1, 2003

      The trampling death of a trainer by her horse aboard a private jet is investigated by Grissom, Catherine, and Nick. Sara and Warrick look into a Romeo and Juliet scenario in the desert.

    • Episode 20

      Last Laugh

      aired: Thu, Apr 24, 2003

      Grissom and Catherine investigate the murder of a despised comic who died onstage, apparently after drinking from a tainted bottle of water.

    • Episode 19

      A Night at the Movies

      aired: Thu, Apr 10, 2003

      Grissom and Catherine investigate a movie-goer who was stabbed to death.

    • Episode 18

      Precious Metal

      aired: Thu, Apr 3, 2003

      Catherine, Nick, and Sara investigate a seemingly months old body found in the mountains.

    • Episode 17

      Crash and Burn

      aired: Thu, Mar 13, 2003

      An elderly woman crashes her car into a crowded restaurant. One of the patrons is Sara's paramedic boyfriend. Grissom and Nick investigate the possible carbon monoxide murder of a woman in her home.

    • Episode 16

      Lucky Strike

      aired: Thu, Feb 20, 2003

      A man driving with a wooden stake in his head dies in front of a casino.

    • Episode 15

      Lady Heather's Box

      aired: Thu, Feb 13, 2003

      Warrick and Grissom investigate the death of a man found at a foam party. Nick works on the case of a man found dead in his home. Catherine and Grissom investigate the death of a women who was involved with the aforementioned two men, all of which lead to Lady Heather.

    • Episode 14

      One Hit Wonder

      aired: Thu, Feb 6, 2003

      Catherine takes the point in the investigation of an escalating series of peeping tom incidents.

    • Episode 13

      Random Acts of Violence

      aired: Thu, Jan 30, 2003

      Warrick investigates the drive by murder of a young girl in his old neighborhood.

    • Episode 12

      Got Murder?

      aired: Thu, Jan 16, 2003

      Some bird watchers find a raven with a human eyeball in its mouth. Warrick and Grissom look into the circumstances of David's unusual and first autopsy.

    • Episode 11

      Recipe for Murder

      aired: Thu, Jan 9, 2003

      Grissom and Catherine investigate the grisly meat grinder murder at a slaughterhouse.

    • Episode 10

      High and Low

      aired: Thu, Dec 12, 2002

      Grissom, Warrick, and Nick investigate the case of man who apparently was murdered and pushed off a six story building.

    • Episode 9

      Blood Lust

      aired: Thu, Dec 5, 2002

      A cab driver seems to run over a boy and is then beaten to death by a mob for racial reasons.

    • Episode 8


      aired: Thu, Nov 21, 2002

      Catherine is called in by a pornographic-film developer to view graphic footage from a snuff movie in which a woman is brutally slain.

    • Episode 7

      Fight Night

      aired: Thu, Nov 14, 2002

      A boxing champ dies in the ring after taking a brutal beating from his nemesis, but Grissom finds evidence that points to murder.

    • Episode 6

      The Execution of Catherine Willows

      aired: Thu, Nov 7, 2002

      Fifteen years ago, Catherine helped put a man on death row for the rape and murder of a coed at a nearby college. The man is about to be executed when he's granted a stay based on new DNA evidence.

    • Episode 5

      Abra Cadaver

      aired: Thu, Oct 31, 2002

      Grissom, Warrick, and Sara investigate when a woman vanishes while taking part in a magician's act.

    • Episode 4

      A Little Murder

      aired: Thu, Oct 17, 2002

      Grissom suspects murder when the body of a dwarf is found hanging from a rope high above a stage in a casino hotel where a convention of little people is being held.

    • Episode 3

      Let the Seller Beware

      aired: Thu, Oct 10, 2002

      Grissom and Catherine investigate the murder of a wealthy couple who are found outside of their home, which was up for sale.

    • Episode 2

      The Accused Is Entitled

      aired: Thu, Oct 3, 2002

      Grissom and his team investigate a crime involving a popular actor.

    • Episode 1

      Revenge Is Best Served Cold

      aired: Thu, Sep 26, 2002

      Catherine and Nick investigate street racing after one of the drivers is found dead out in the desert at an abandoned airstrip.

  • Watch CSI: Crime Scene Investigat... Season 2

    • Episode 23

      The Hunger Artist

      aired: Thu, May 16, 2002

      The CSIs investigate when the body of an unidentified young woman is discovered stuffed in an overturned shopping cart near a freeway underpass.

    • Episode 22


      aired: Thu, May 9, 2002

      Grissom and his crew handle their highest profile case to date when the city's former chief of detectives is slain execution-style in his house following a wild party. The case ultimately sends Catherine and Warrick to Miami where they meet that city's top CSI, Horatio Caine, who aids them in the investigation.

    • Episode 21

      Anatomy of a Lye

      aired: Thu, May 2, 2002

      Grissom and Sara investigate when a man's body, which has been doused with lye, is found buried in a park.

    • Episode 20

      Cats in the Cradle...

      aired: Thu, Apr 25, 2002

      Grissom and Catherine investigate the stabbing death of an 80-year-old woman who lived in a run-down house full of cats.

    • Episode 19


      aired: Thu, Apr 4, 2002

      Jane Galloway is a nervous breakdown waiting to happen. She has completely shielded herself from the outside world, but that doesn't stop a stalker in her attic from killing her.

    • Episode 18

      Chasing the Bus

      aired: Thu, Mar 28, 2002

      A bus carrying 23 passengers from Los Angeles to Las Vegas crashes less than 40 miles from its destination, killing nine people.

    • Episode 17

      Felonious Monk

      aired: Thu, Mar 7, 2002

      Grissom investigates the murders of four monks who were shot point blank while chanting in a Buddhist temple.

    • Episode 16

      Primum Non Nocere

      aired: Thu, Feb 28, 2002

      Grissom, Catherine and Sara are called in to investigate when a hockey player dies during a practice. Warrick and Nick look into the apparent drug-related death of a sax player at a casino.

    • Episode 15

      Burden of Proof

      aired: Thu, Feb 7, 2002

      Grissom investigates the murder of a Las Vegas photographer whose remains were dumped at a nearby body farm where CSIs routinely study corpses, and his findings reveal that the man was apparently shot to death even though there are no bullet fragments in the body.

    • Episode 14

      The Finger

      aired: Thu, Jan 31, 2002

      Catherine is ordered by a kidnapper to accompany a man who is to deliver $1 million in ransom to him or else he will kill the man's mistress.

    • Episode 13

      Identity Crisis

      aired: Thu, Jan 17, 2002

      Grissom's nemesis, serial killer Paul Millander, reappears and claims a third victim in this gripping episode.

    • Episode 12

      You've Got Male

      aired: Thu, Dec 20, 2001

      Grissom and Sara are called to the crime scene when two murder victims are found hidden in pipes at a construction site in the middle of an alfalfa field, while Catherine and Nick investigate an ostensible hunting accident.

    • Episode 11

      Organ Grinder

      aired: Thu, Dec 13, 2001

      The CSI team is called in when a famous real estate entrepreneur is found dead in a hotel elevator.

    • Episode 10


      aired: Thu, Dec 6, 2001

      Warrick is in charge for the first time as the team investigates the murder of the con artist, who has run off with some tourists' money only to get shot and killed in the parking lot. The prime suspect in the case turns out to be Captain Brass' daughter.

    • Episode 9

      And Then There Were None

      aired: Thu, Nov 22, 2001

      Grissom and his team investigate a casino heist during which innocent victims were shot, while Catherine and Sara are called to the scene of a murder in a remote part of the desert.

    • Episode 8

      Slaves of Las Vegas

      aired: Thu, Nov 15, 2001

      Grissom and Catherine investigate the apparent violent death of a woman found in a sandbox. Their investigation leads them to the underground world of S and M clubs.

    • Episode 7


      aired: Thu, Nov 8, 2001

      Grissom and Nick investigate the death of a book restorer while Catherine and Sara are called to the scene of a fatal train crash.

    • Episode 6

      Alter Boys

      aired: Thu, Nov 1, 2001

      Grissom and his team investigate a murder suspect who is caught red-handed, burying the victims, while Catherine and Warrick take on the case of a woman found dead in a hotel spa.

    • Episode 4

      Bully for You

      aired: Thu, Oct 18, 2001

      When the class clown at the local high school is found murdered, the CSI team is called to investigate.

    • Episode 3


      aired: Thu, Oct 11, 2001

      Grissom investigates a possible suicide at a high-profile construction site.

    • Episode 1


      aired: Thu, Sep 27, 2001

      Grissom and crew are called in after high roller Tony Braun, a known drug addict, is found dead in his house by a gardener.

  • Watch CSI: Crime Scene Investigat... Season 1

    • Episode 23

      The Strip Strangler

      aired: Thu, May 17, 2001

      The team is investigating the ongoing murders by a signature killer. The killer has some knowledge of forensics and has left little evidence behind.

    • Episode 22

      Evaluation Day

      aired: Thu, May 10, 2001

      On the day Grissom has to evaluate his team, a head is found in the trunk of a car. While Gil and Catherine work on the head, Sara and Nick investigate a body in the desert that's missing its head.

    • Episode 21

      Justice Is Served

      aired: Thu, Apr 26, 2001

      Grissom, Nick, and Warrick take the case of a jogger who was killed by a wild animal in the park. It gets complicated when they discover that the jogger had his liver removed after he was killed.

    • Episode 20

      Sounds of Silence

      aired: Thu, Apr 19, 2001

      Two teenage girls run over a deaf man with their car but they didn't kill him - he was already dead.

    • Episode 19

      Gentle, Gentle

      aired: Thu, Apr 12, 2001

      The entire team investigates the abduction of the infant child of a well to do family. Suspicion immediately falls on the child's parents.

    • Episode 18

      $35K O.B.O.

      aired: Thu, Mar 29, 2001

      A couple leaving a restaurant on their anniversary are killed in the street and their car is stolen. The crime scene is compromised when it rains shortly after the CSIs arrive.

    • Episode 17

      Face Lift

      aired: Thu, Mar 8, 2001

      A body is found in a pottery store in what's apparently a robbery that was interrupted.

    • Episode 16

      Too Tough to Die

      aired: Thu, Mar 1, 2001

      A woman is abducted from a mall parking garage. She's raped, beaten, shot and left for dead. Sara collects evidence from her and grows attached to her.

    • Episode 15

      Table Stakes

      aired: Thu, Feb 22, 2001

      At a swanky fundraiser, attended by the sheriff, a woman turns up dead in the pool.

    • Episode 14

      To Halve and to Hold

      aired: Thu, Feb 15, 2001

      When a single human bone is discovered in the desert, Grissom and Catherine must cover miles of territory to find the rest of the skeleton.

    • Episode 13


      aired: Thu, Feb 8, 2001

      A bomb goes off in an office building killing one and injuring many more. The chief suspect is a security guard who left minutes before the explosion and has knowledge in bomb making.

    • Episode 12

      Fahrenheit 932

      aired: Thu, Feb 1, 2001

      A man about to go on trial for arson and the murder of his wife and child seeks assistance from Grissom to help prove his innocence.

    • Episode 11

      I-15 Murders

      aired: Fri, Jan 12, 2001

      A woman is abducted from a supermarket. In the store, Grissom finds a bathroom stall door that claims five women have been killed.

    • Episode 10

      Sex, Lies and Larvae

      aired: Fri, Dec 22, 2000

      Grissom and Sara investigate a bug riddled body found in the desert. Warrick and Catherine look into the theft of some valuable art.

    • Episode 9

      Unfriendly Skies

      aired: Fri, Dec 8, 2000

      Grissom and his team investigate the death of a first class passenger on a flight to Las Vegas.

    • Episode 8


      aired: Fri, Nov 24, 2000

      Royce Harmon was murdered 3 months ago in a scene staged to look like a suicide. Now another murder has taken place. Whoever the killer is he has a thorough knowledge of forensics, he purposefully has left evidence, and has baffled Grissom and his team.

    • Episode 7

      Blood Drops

      aired: Fri, Nov 17, 2000

      When a teenager and her sister are the sole survivors of the gruesome murder of four members of one family in a quiet suburban neighborhood, Grissom and his entire team investigate the crime.

    • Episode 6

      Who Are You?

      aired: Fri, Nov 10, 2000

      Catherine violates department protocol when she takes the case of a rape accusation against her ex-husband. Warrick and Sara search for the missing bullet that will either exonerate or indict a cop for murder. Grissom and Nick investigate when a female skeleton is found under a house buried in cement.

    • Episode 5

      Friends & Lovers

      aired: Fri, Nov 3, 2000

      Grissom and Warrick take the case of a young man who is found naked in the desert without an obvious cause of death.

    • Episode 4

      Pledging Mr. Johnson

      aired: Fri, Oct 27, 2000

      Grissom and Catherine investigate when a leg is found severed from a body in a lake. Meanwhile Sara and Nick investigate a fraternity pledging gone terribly wrong.

    • Episode 3

      Crate 'n' Burial

      aired: Fri, Oct 20, 2000

      Grissom, Nick, and Sara search for a kidnapped woman and find more than they expected. Catherine and Warrick investigate the hit and run death of a little girl.

    • Episode 2

      Cool Change

      aired: Fri, Oct 13, 2000

      A man is killed after winning a fortune and then dumping his girlfriend. So, Grissom, Nick, and newcomer to the CSI team, Sara Sidle, investigate this one.

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