Celebrity Rap Superstar

Celebrity Rap Superstar
Celebrity Rap Superstar

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    • Episode 8

      The Queen Is Crowned

      aired: Thu, Oct 18, 2007

      It all comes down to tonight! We're on the edge of our seats as the ominous voiceover brings us up to date on the full season of Celebrity Rap Superstar . Over seven previous episodes, eight contestants were whittled down to just two. How? Viewers voted, and sometimes that mattered. Other times, judges decided which contestants would stay and which would go. Along the way, there were hapless rap wannabes forgetting lines and losing the beat, there were noticeable signs of improvement from some we thought would never hack it. And then there were some who seemed born to spit rhymes.

    • Episode 7

      Ladies' Night

      aired: Thu, Oct 11, 2007

      Despite the fact that there's a whole hour stretched out in front of us, we're getting into it fast in week seven of Celebrity Rap Superstar . After a brief recap of last week's action, we find out that this penultimate week will be an straight out head-to-head rap battle. That means, we're it won't be long before we're down to two finalists!

    • Episode 6

      Speed Rapping

      aired: Thu, Oct 4, 2007

      After a brief recap of last week's action -- you know, when we found out that Countess Vaughan was unfortunately pulling out of the competition due to illness and was therefore the eliminated contestant -- Kevin Hart says, "What are you lookin' at, America?" He knows it's him and he graciously welcomes us to another episode of Celebrity Rap Superstar . This is the sixth episode of the season, and there are only eight in total, so let's face it, we're getting down to business now.

    • Episode 5

      Rappin' with the Stars

      aired: Thu, Sep 27, 2007

      So far, each week of Celebrity Rap Superstar has had some sort of serious drama. And this week is no different. Host Kevin Hart comes out packing heat, saying there's going to be a "bombshell" announcement that will change the results of this week's show ... but he won't tell us what it is until after the performances! But despite the looming presence of some earth-shattering news, the show must go on, right? We wanna know who's on top and who's going home!

    • Episode 4

      Celebrity Duos

      aired: Thu, Sep 20, 2007

      After a week of self-written rhymes, and a ton of offstage drama, we're literally on the edge of our seats as the first LIVE broadcast of Celebrity Rap Superstar gets underway!

    • Episode 3

      Write On!

      aired: Thu, Sep 13, 2007

      Holy crap, they had to write their own raps! This is gonna be genius! It's the third episode of Celebrity Rap Superstar and tonight seven become six as we march on towards the finale. Whose performance last week earned them a toss into the trash bin? We've got to wait a while to find out.

    • Episode 2

      Gettin' Gangsta

      aired: Thu, Sep 6, 2007

      Anticipation is high as the second episode of Celebrity Rap Superstar gets rolling, because we want to know who's getting bounced! It's been a week since we saw the likes of Sebastian Bach and Perez Hilton surprise us with their burgeoning hip-hop skills -- and Jason Whaler and Efren Ramirez, um, well, to be honest, they surprised us with their lack of lyrical flow. But the decision was in the hands of the viewers who took the time to vote, and now we want answers.

    • Episode 1

      Let The Raps Begin

      aired: Thu, Aug 30, 2007

      What happens when you take eight celebrities and turn them loose on the mic? Well, in the premiere episode of Celebrity Rap Superstar , we're gonna find out!

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