David Duchovny heads up the cast in this comedy about Hank Moody, a novelist with sex and drug addictions, who is struggling to raise his daughter (Madeleine Martin) while having problems with his ex-wife (Natascha McElhone). Other cast members include Evan Handler and Madeline Zima.

Genre: Comedy

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    • Episode 12

      Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be

      aired: Sun, Apr 1, 2012

      Hank hits the local watering-hole, only something's amiss. Not only does Mr. Moody find himself surrounded by shadowy figures, but the bartender is an old, departed friend. Is Hank dreaming or has he finally made it to hell? Next it's onto the set of Santa Monica Cop where Sam's jealousy - and fondness for firearms - gives Charlie an opportunity to show just how much he loves his best friend and number one client. Later, Hank's ex-girlfriend surprises him with a way for them to be together forever.

    • Episode 11

      The Party

      aired: Sun, Mar 25, 2012

      Hank has finally overstayed his welcome at the house of Karen and Richard Bates, so it's time to hit the road. But not before one last stop at Malibar, where he runs into Lizzie, who uses her newly acquired acting chops to lure him back to the Runkle Manor. Once there, Hank is surprised by everyone he loves and loathes - Karen, Becca, Charlie, Marcy, Stu, Bates and his creepy sponsor, Gabriel. Even Samurai Apocalypse and Kali show up. It's not a party until someone gets hurt. Luckily for these party-goers, Hank has it in him for one final run-in with Tyler.

    • Episode 10

      Perverts & Whores

      aired: Sun, Mar 18, 2012

      Hank, down an agent and best friend, finds reason to crash with his two favorite ladies -- Karen and Becca. There's still money to be made, so it's time for him to find new representation with Hollywood power agent Larry Levine. Lizzie's big break has arrived - a role in Santa Monica Cop, via a special favor from Stu Beggs. Charlie, distraught over his personal losses, seeks comfort from Marcy.

    • Episode 9

      At the Movies

      aired: Sun, Mar 11, 2012

      It's day one of production on Hank Moody's latest movie, Santa Monica Cop and Stu Beggs has brought back his Fu**ing & Punching director in hopes of creating another cinematic masterpiece.

    • Episode 8


      aired: Sun, Mar 4, 2012

      Hank finds himself stuck with the unpleasant task of reading Tyler's screenplay. Unfortunately for Hank, Tyler's hiding some talent under that head of hair. Even more unfortunate is the fact that the screenplay references Becca. Charlie and Lizzie's quadrilateral with Stu and Marcy heats up, but when MarStu's bedroom games hit too close to home for Charlie, it may be off to therapy for the four of them.

    • Episode 7

      Here I Go Again

      aired: Sun, Feb 19, 2012

      It appears to be just like old times with Karen and Hank, but the moment is ruined by the arrival of a drunk Richard Bates. Hoping to save her from the misery of the situation, Hank quickly kicks Karen out of the house and takes off with Bates to piece together the events of the night before.

    • Episode 6

      Love Song

      aired: Sun, Feb 12, 2012

      When Samurai Apocalypse hits a lyrical roadblock with his protégé, he calls on the best scribe he knows, one Hank Moody. Hank and Kali come together to imbibe, bear their souls, and write a song that takes Hank back in time.

    • Episode 5

      The Ride-Along

      aired: Sun, Feb 5, 2012

      Charlie's boyhood dream is realized and Hank's worst nightmare comes true when Samurai Apocalypse invites the boys on a ride-along with the Santa Monica Police Department. While at a crowded Venice restaurant, Richard Bates hits the bottle, prompting a return engagement of the "Glorious Mangina."

    • Episode 4

      Waiting for the Miracle

      aired: Sun, Jan 29, 2012

      Hank receives an unwelcomed surprise in the form of Carrie, ex-girlfriend. When Karen and Becca show up to invite Hank to a dinner party, he has no choice but to bring Carrie along. While Stu, Marcy and Bates' sex talk leaves the Van der Moody's searching for the nearest exit, the party gets out of control when Carrie makes a realization about Hank.

    • Episode 3

      Boys & Girls

      aired: Sun, Jan 22, 2012

      Hank delivers a completed draft of Santa Monica Cop to Samurai Apocalypse, but his attempts to leave town are once again thwarted when he's asked to show Kali a night on the town.

    • Episode 2

      The Way of the Fist

      aired: Sun, Jan 15, 2012

      Eager to return to the East Coast, Hank tries to pass on writing the screenplay for Samurai Apocalypse's latest feature, Santa Monica Cop. Sam won't take no for an answer.

    • Episode 1

      JFK -->LAX

      aired: Sun, Jan 8, 2012

      Season five picks up a few years after we last saw Hank Moody. He's living in New York and has moved on. After the unceremonious dumping of his latest girlfriend, Carrie, Hank's looking for a ticket out of town. Charlie calls with just such a ticket - a job on the Left Coast. Back in LA, Hank and Charlie drop in on the now-married Marcy and Stu Beggs. Stu rushes Hank off to a meeting with megarich hip-hop mogul Samurai Apocalypse.

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    • Episode 12

      And Justice for All

      aired: Sun, Mar 27, 2011

      Hank brings attorney Abby over to Stu and Marcy’s place for the FandP kick-off party, where he’s surprised to see Karen and new beau Ben who have some surprising news of their own regarding Becca. Everyone’s enjoying the party, including Sasha Bingham, until Eddie Nero, who now looks and acts just like Hank Moody, gets a little inappropriate with Karen and Charlie’s date Peggy gets a little violent with Charlie. Meanwhile, casting for the FandP movie has begun and Hank, Charlie, Stu, and the Director are seeing women for the role of Karen. One woman in particular bears a striking resemblance to Karen, stirring familiar feelings in Hank. But as his sentence is handed down in court, how will Hank’s punishment affect his future with the real Karen and Becca?

    • Episode 11

      The Last Supper

      aired: Sun, Mar 20, 2011

      The verdict is in. Hank Moody is guilty. While struggling to process, Hank keeps slipping into horrible daymares, even ending up back at the Church with a familiar (and very accommodating) nun. Attorney Abby gives her best effort to make up for not getting Hank off in the courtroom. Hank goes to Charlie’s house for solace, where he meets freaky realtor Peggy and then meets up with old friend Trixie, but even her company isn’t enough…Hank uses some of his zombie movie cash to buy a new, used Porsche. Back on the road, and with visions of driving to escape the trial’s outcome and LA in general, Hank receives a phone call that has Hank spending one last night surrounded by family as Charlie and Marcy, Karen and Becca, swap stories and relish in the nostalgia. The night ends with Marcy revealing to Charlie that her baby is likely his, as well. Meanwhile, Karen and Hank share one final night to remember…

    • Episode 10

      The Trial

      aired: Sun, Mar 13, 2011

      It’s the first day of the Moody trial and the otherwise cool Hank is visibly nervous, especially after an irksome encounter with Bill outside the courthouse. Attorney Abby tries to calm him down, but the Prosecutor has enough evidence to make Hank’s outlook seem pretty grim.Charlie is called to the stand and lets slip some incriminating anecdotes about Hank’s run-ins with director Todd Carr and his wife, unintentionally worsening what has become a total character assassination. Karen’s testimony reveals the childish, jealous nature of Hank, portrayed ever more desperately pathetic and drunk. Bill adds malice and motive, and drops a bomb that squashes Hank’s last bastion of innocent ignorance. By the time Mia takes the stand, Hank’s cause seems all but lost…

    • Episode 9

      Another Perfect Day

      aired: Sun, Mar 6, 2011

      After his final pre-trial conference with attorney Abby, Hank Moody heads back to his hotel room, only to discover he’s been evicted for an outstanding bill. After spending the night in his car, he’s taken in by Karen and Becca for one final weekend before the trial -- a weekend spent teaching Becca how to drive in the Porsche. Charlie and Peggy continue to explore ever more perverted taboos. When Marcy and Stu invite Charlie over to dinner to reveal the pregnancy news, Charlie’s reaction prompts jealous Peggy to burn Charlie… literally. Meanwhile, Hank’s ideal family weekend is interrupted by Karen’s date with Ben, leaving Hank to “babysit” Becca and the mischievous Pearl. The girls sneak out for a joyride and crash the Porsche. And the countdown to Hank’s trial grows ever closer…

    • Episode 8

      Lights. Camera. A**hole

      aired: Sun, Feb 27, 2011

      Hank Moody takes a job rewriting dialogue for a new blockbuster zombie sequel Slowly We Rot 2, helmed by an increasingly frustrated director and starring Sasha Bingham. He leaves the set after receiving a tip from bandmate Pearl that Becca has ditched school and is now drunk. At the hotel bar that night, Hank meets a sexy “age-appropriate” woman who turns out to be even closer to Sasha than Hank, which may lead to Hank getting fired from his lucrative new gig…Karen takes Marcy to a clinic, where Marcy wrestles with whether or not to terminate her pregnancy. Marcy lets Stu Beggs know that she’s pregnant, but before she can explain whose baby it is, he cuts her off, overjoyed to learn that he’s going to be a father. Meanwhile, Charlie is caught in a compromising situation with real estate agent Peggy, who, as Charlie soon finds out, is quite “adventurous” in the bedroom.

    • Episode 7

      The Recused

      aired: Sun, Feb 20, 2011

      Given the previous night’s surprising events, Abby recuses herself as Hank’s attorney, and, over an afternoon of golf, tries to pair him with a senior partner of her firm, with mixed results. Hank is further irked to discover that Karen and Ben are hanging out more frequently, including at the concert for Becca and her band, Queens of Dogtown. Charlie, still on his quest for 100 partners, beds Abby’s BBW secretary. Later on, Stu and Marcy come to ask Charlie for his help pitching a show to Showtime. But when Marcy and Stu’s nerves get the better of them, will Charlie be able to step up and save the day?

    • Episode 6

      Lawyers, Guns and Money

      aired: Sun, Feb 13, 2011

      After seeing the compromising photo of Hank with the two young ladies, the DA calls off Hank’s plea bargain, causing attorney Abby to dismiss Hank as a client. The photo scandal also causes Sasha Bingham to drop out of the movie. Waxologist Marcy makes a house call for a bikini wax that turns out to be an act of courtship by Stu Beggs, and the pair eventually bond over body wax and bull-riding movies. Hank and Charlie’s dinner meeting with offbeat actor Eddie Nero is cut short when Becca and the Queens of Dogtown get into some trouble at a Venice tattoo parlor. The love Hank shows for Becca is enough to convince Nero that Hank is a character worth playing. Meanwhile, Karen goes to Abby’s office and tries to convince her to re-represent Hank, which leads Abby and Hank to reconcile over a drink and blur the lines of attorney-client privilege…

    • Episode 5


      aired: Sun, Feb 6, 2011

      While discussing the FandP script, the trial and the quest for more partners, Charlie consults Hank about grooming his “area,” which Hank encourages. Karen and Marcy are getting ready for Becca and the Queens of Dogtown’s first show at the Whisky, when Charlie interrupts them with a pretty serious “shaving accident.” Marcy takes him to the ER, where the doctor informs them that both of Charlie’s vasectomies were botched. A look of fear comes to Marcy’s face as she realizes the baby in her belly might actually be a Runkle. On his way to meet attorney Abby for dinner, Hank runs into Mia and the actress who’ll be playing her in the upcoming movie, Sasha Bingham. Awkwardness abounds. Later, Hank and Abby’s business relationship is starting to get a little more personal when Hank gets a text invite to Becca’s show, where he meets Ben for the first time. After Hank returns to the hotel that night, he gets word that Mia is acting strange on the balcony of Sasha’s room. He innocently coaxes her inside, but a discreet picture of Hank with his alleged victim and the teen starlet is about to hit the blogs and change everything…

    • Episode 4

      Monkey Business

      aired: Sun, Jan 30, 2011

      Hank Moody is notified by his attorney Abby that he will be going to trial for statutory rape. But not before Hank hands the completed FandP script to Charlie, who promptly drags him to a meeting with the Director, producer Stu Beggs and eccentric financier Zig Samitaur, setting off a chain of events that leads to Hank and Charlie having to explain why there’s a dead billionaire in the bathroom. While Becca, Pearl, and the Queens of Dogtown rehearse at the Runkle House, Karen helps Marcy realize that she may actually be pregnant, and the two buy a pregnancy test to be sure. When they arrive back at the house, Karen hits it off with bohemian artist Ben, Pearl’s father, making the exiled Hank feel even further away from home.

    • Episode 3

      Home Sweet Home

      aired: Sun, Jan 23, 2011

      Hank wakes up in the hospital after his accidental overdose. Not only is a cynical doctor at his side, but Karen who invites him home, making Hank wonder if he’s really died and gone to heaven. Mia comes by the house to apologize to Hank where she is confronted first by Karen, and then Becca. After being robbed by four teenage misfits, led by Pearl, Becca is invited to join their band, The Queens of Dogtown. Meanwhile, Hank has realized that Karen is only acting so nice because she thinks he’s suicidal, but how long will Becca allow him to keep the truth from her mother? Charlie tells Hank that he’s got to get working on the FandP script, as Producer Stu Beggs is getting antsy. So antsy, in fact, that he drives over to the Runkle Residence to confront Charlie, but instead meets Marcy, who is oddly intrigued by the man in the Maserati. After securing permission to pursue Marcy, Stu hooks Charlie up with promiscuous D-Girl Heather, as Charlie embarks to sleep with 100 women.

    • Episode 2

      Suicide Solution

      aired: Sun, Jan 16, 2011

      Houseguest Hank Moody is literally starting to make Marcy sick, especially after she wakes up in bed with him. Hank and the dirty black Porsche need a jumpstart from a less-than-thrilled Karen making him even later for his meeting with attorney Abby, who is already beginning to question Hank’s commitment to (and her involvement in) Hank’s case. Later, Hank and Becca’s trip to a guitar shop run by Zakk Wylde does little to bridge the father-daughter rift. Charlie takes Hank to meet with starlet Sasha Bingham and imbalanced Oscar-winning actor Eddie Nero, who might play the Hank role for the upcoming movie, but the meeting ends with Hank hiding in Sasha’s hotel bathroom. Back at Runkle Haus, Hank self-medicates and sets out to write an apology letter to Becca, but the sleeping pills and booze have a devastating effect and Hank never finishes the letter…

    • Episode 1

      Exile on Main St.

      aired: Sun, Jan 9, 2011

      Season 4 picks up about 72 hours from where Season 3 left off –- with Hank Moody sitting in a jail cell – but the gossip blogs are already buzzing with news of the Hollywood’s latest Lolita literary sex scandal. Hank’s most damaging secret is a secret no more. When Charlie finally bails Hank out, he has to break the news that he’s been exiled from Karen and daughter Becca. Hank has a meeting with alluring attorney Abby Rhoads, who against her better judgment agrees to represent Hank. Then it’s on to the UTK Agency to discuss turning the novel at the center of the scandal into a movie. In addition to a director and veteran producer, the stolen Hank Moody novel has also attracted the attention of young Hollywood starlet Sasha Bingham, whose interest in playing the Mia role is soon intensified by her own interest in Hank Moody.

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    • Episode 12

      Mia Culpa

      aired: Sun, Dec 13, 2009

      As the Moodys at last prepare to move to New York, Becca tells Hank about an intimate coming of age experience she had. Hank’s stunned when Mia shows up at the house unannounced, in town with her slimy boyfriend / manager PAUL for a book signing. Hank fails to prevent Mia and Paul from hatching a devious publicity stunt, forcing Hank to finally share the long-buried heartbreaking secret with Karen. Sue Collini gives Charlie a career opportunity of a lifetime, but Charlie must confront the fact that he might be losing Marcy for good.

    • Episode 11

      Blues From Laurel Canyon

      aired: Mon, Dec 8, 2008

      Karen drags Hank to an end of the semester goodbye luncheon at Felicia’s. Hank realizes he’s walked into a hornet’s nest as Felicia, Jackie and Jill all gang up on him. The Hank bashing is interrupted when Richard Bates, the novelist / professor Hank replaced at the college, pays a surprise visit. Hank’s none too pleased to learn that Bates and Karen share some intimate history. Finally, a drunken Dean Koons storms the lunch in full Civil War re-enactment regalia, challenging Hank to a sloppy duel that ends in catharsis. Marcy and Charlie get an offer on their house the same day their divorce papers arrive. While hooking up once more for old time’s sake, Charlie has a nasty sex accident and Marcy discovers his new tramp stamp.

    • Episode 10


      aired: Sun, Nov 29, 2009

      Hank takes Charlie out on the town to drown his sorrows after Sue Collini fires him for causing client Rick Springfield to leave the agency. Meanwhile, Karen, still miffed by Hank’s dalliance with Felicia, organizes a girls' night out with Becca and Marcy. Drunk and up to no good, Hank and Charlie have a near-death experience when they confront a couple of thieving hoodlums in a convenience store. The night ends with Charlie realizing he made a questionable body art decision and Hank having the breakfast of his life with the woman he loves.

    • Episode 9

      Mr. Bad Example

      aired: Sun, Nov 22, 2009

      After Becca and Chelsea get into a brawl at school, Hank and Karen are called into the principal’s office along with Felicia and Peter Koons. Karen’s disgusted after the Dean offhandedly airs Hank and Felicia’s indiscretions. Later, Hank gets up close and personal with campus security when a distraught Charlie storms the college in search of cocaine for high-maintenance client Rick Springfield. Felicia flexes her power to help save Hank from his own bad judgment. Meanwhile, Karen encourages Becca to make amends with Chelsea. As Marcy becomes increasingly infatuated with coke fiend Rick Springfield, Charlie valiantly tries to protect her from a relapse, jeopardizing his agent/client relationship in the process.

    • Episode 8

      The Apartment

      aired: Sun, Nov 15, 2009

      Hank’s in for a hedonistic night to remember when Jackie and two stripper friends arrive at his doorstep, unannounced. The next morning, before Hank can escort his new friends from the apartment, Charlie shows up with a verbally abusive Rick Springfield. Hank’s forced to hide the hung-over party girls all over the house after Jill and Felicia pay surprise visits. The charade reaches its boiling point when Dean Koons arrives on the scene, resulting in a messy catharsis by fire.

    • Episode 7

      So Here's the Thing...

      aired: Sun, Nov 8, 2009

      Eager to set things right with Karen again, Hank tries to distance himself from the ladies of the university. But after Dean Koons catches Hank in an intimate moment with Jackie, Hank finds himself more entangled than ever. Meanwhile, his attempts to cool things off with Felicia and Jill begin to backfire. Adding insult to injury, Becca calls Hank out on the awful example he’s been setting for her. Charlie fights to keep Sue Collini’s favorite client from leaving the agency. Later, Sue asks Charlie for a most curious favor.

    • Episode 6

      Glass Houses

      aired: Sun, Nov 1, 2009

      Back in L.A. for a short visit, Karen hatches a plan to move the family back to New York for good. Hank’s mighty pleased, but Becca’s crestfallen about leaving her new best friend, Chelsea. After inviting herself to Hank’s class, Karen meets the comely ladies of the university: T.A. Jill Robinson and sexpot student Jackie. Later on, tempers flare when Becca and Chelsea get into some serious trouble and Hank and Karen are forced to pay a tense visit to Chelsea’s parents, Felicia and Stacy Koons. Charlie is crushed when Marcy loudly consummates her girlhood-crush on Rick Springfield. But Sue Collini thinks up a creative way to restore Charlie’s confidence.

    • Episode 5

      Slow Happy Boys

      aired: Sun, Oct 25, 2009

      Hank has the apartment all to his bad self when Becca visits Karen in New York for the weekend. Meanwhile, Hank’s old buddy from Long Island, Mike Zlosowski, pays a visit. Hank shows Zlos an epic time, inviting him to a swanky party hosted by Sue Collini and her eccentric husband Dickie. The weekend culminates in a night of debauchery where Hank and his talented pupil Jackie take their student / teacher relationship to the next level. Upon picking up Becca at LAX, Hank’s surprised to see his daughter isn’t traveling alone. Charlie and Marcy are finally hitting the sheets again, but it’s coitus interruptus after Charlie reveals a dirty little secret involving ex-flame Daisy.

    • Episode 4


      aired: Sun, Oct 18, 2009

      Becca drags Hank to a trendy shopping boutique to pick out some more grown-up attire. But Hank isn’t so sure he likes the “new” Becca’s makeover. At work, Hank juggles sexual encounters with teacher’s aide Jill and boss Felicia. And finally, in an attempt to figure out why talented writer Jackie is missing class, Hank drags Charlie to the strip club where she works. Unfortunately, temptation gets the better of the Hank. Charlie and Marcy attempt to sell their house, but an unexpected surprise chases the buyers away.

    • Episode 3

      Verities & Balderdash

      aired: Sun, Oct 11, 2009

      Hank and Becca attend the annual English Department Fall Mixer hosted by Dean Koons and wife Felicia. After flirtatious exchanges with student Jackie and Felicia, Hank finds himself consoling his jilted teacher’s aide Jill the best way he knows how. Meanwhile, Becca and Chelsea sneak out to discuss life, love, and the finer points of psychedelic mushrooms. Charlie tries to coax Marcy into celebrating his first signing at the new agency, teen idol Rick Springfield. When Marcy passes on the offer, Charlie finds a modicum of comfort in the arms of his new boss, Sue Collini.

    • Episode 2

      The Land of Rape and Honey

      aired: Sun, Oct 4, 2009

      Newly anointed (and decidedly reluctant) professor Hank Moody grapples with teaching an undergrad creative writing course. A brutally honest assessment of a student’s work lands Hank in hot water. In order to placate the Dean and maintain his position, Hank visits the student to make amends. Damage controlled, Hank ends up giving gorgeous and talented writing student JACKIE a ride to her surprising place of employment. Meanwhile, Charlie overly concerns himself with roommate Marcy’s dating life to disastrous results.

    • Episode 1

      Wish You Were Here

      aired: Sun, Sep 27, 2009

      Following Karen’s move to New York, Hank Moody does his best to raise daughter Becca by himself. But being a single dad isn’t easy, especially with Becca starting to question his authority more than ever. To make matters worse, Becca’s new best friend Chelsea has a fondness for sex, drugs and trouble. After a run-in with Chelsea’s straight-laced mother Felicia, a teacher at a local university, Hank reluctantly accepts a dinner invitation. Hank does his best to tolerate the various academics in attendance, including Felicia’s stuffy hubby Stacy Koons, the Dean of the university. Things get a bit out of hand when Hank insists on having drinks with a teetotaling professor… Meanwhile, Charlie moves back in with soon-to-be-ex-wife Marcy as they sort out the details of their impending divorce. And, on the employment front, Charlie sets up shop at a talent agency owned by fading super-agent Sue Collini.

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    • Episode 12

      La Petite Mort

      aired: Wed, Dec 17, 2008

      Hank completes his biography of Lew Ashby. Mia departs L.A. for her cross-country book tour. Sonja gives birth to a baby who is decidedly not Hank's. Fortunately, Julian steps up to the plate. Charlie is reduced to working at a BMW dealership in the valley. After Daisy reveals that she slept with another guy, Charlie expresses his regret to an unsympathetic Marcy. Karen decides to take a job in New York City - the family can finally relocate back home. Hank and a heartsick Becca are thrilled. But when Becca and Damien patch things up and she decides she wants to remain in LA, Hank decides to stay behind for his daughter.

    • Episode 11

      Season 2 Episode 11

      aired: Wed, Dec 10, 2008

      To celebrate the release of Mia's book, Ashby hosts a soiree at the manor. At the party, Karen reveals to Hank that she hasn't read Mia's book. Back from rehab, Marcy tries to avoid the powdered temptation all around her. Becca is devastated when she discovers Damien making out with another girl. And, after spotting Daisy with Ronny Praeger, Charlie tells Marcy he wants a divorce. Later, just as the madness is winding down, Janie Jones arrives. As Ashby tries to work up the courage to go downstairs to see her, he does a line of some very bad coke.

    • Episode 10

      In Utero

      aired: Sun, Nov 30, 2008

      While Hank nervously awaits the results of his biopsy, he reflects on his relationship with Karen, and we flashback to the beginning of their stormy union - an event that coincides with the tragic overdose of a famous grunge rocker. Meanwhile, Daisy tells Charlie that she's moving out, but Charlie doesn't want to let her go.

    • Episode 9

      La Ronde

      aired: Sun, Nov 23, 2008

      Hank meets Janie Jones for a date at a Venice art gallery, where they bump into a very pregnant Sonja and Julian. After a quick escape, Janie invites Hank back to her place, but he declines. Karen goes on an impromptu date, of sorts, with Lew Ashby. She returns home to find Hank waiting with the big news that he did not sleep with another woman. And, after a congratulatory roll in the sack, Karen finds a disturbing lump on Hank's groin. Meanwhile, with Marcy in rehab, Charlie is left to hold down the fort at her waxing salon. And he and Daisy bond over Dirty Dancing.

    • Episode 8

      Going Down and Out in Beverly Hills

      aired: Sun, Nov 16, 2008

      Hank spends the day at the home of Janie Jones trying to get the back story on her relationship with Lew Ashby. When Janie's husband comes home early, Hank is forced to bide his time in the pool house with the Jones family maid, Rosario. When Karen learns that Mia is having an affair with Ashby, she races to his house to confront him but winds up having a tender heart-to-heart with the legendary producer instead. Meanwhile, Charlie sends Marcy to her mother's house to detox and succumbs to temptation with Daisy.

    • Episode 7

      In a Lonely Place

      aired: Sun, Nov 9, 2008

      Hank and Karen attend a parent-teacher conference at Becca's high school. Hank hits it off with the English teacher, Mrs. Patterson, only to discover that this latest possible conquest is also the mother of Becca's boyfriend Damien. Meanwhile, Charlie and Marcy take a frightened Daisy into their home. When Daisy's former manager shows up for reparations, Marcy is forced to reveal that she's spent their cash stash on cocaine, forcing Charlie to hand over the keys to his prized convertible.

    • Episode 6

      Coke Dick & the First Kick

      aired: Sun, Nov 2, 2008

      Hank decides to seek out Lew Ashby's long lost love. He finds her in the surprising form of Beverly Hills mom Janie Jones. Later, Hank accidentally walks in on Julian going at it with a rocker chick he's "mentoring." When Hank confronts Sonja about the discovery she reveals that, much to her frustration, they have an open relationship. Mia spends the day trailed by Rolling Stone reporter Annika Staley. After finagling their way over to Ashby Manor, Hank takes a liking to Staley, but is shocked to discover Mia leaving Ashby's bedroom later that night. Meanwhile, when a location falls through, the Runkle residence is transformed into the set of Vaginatown. The lead actor's failings force Charlie to step in for the money shot.

    • Episode 5


      aired: Sun, Oct 26, 2008

      After getting dumped by Karen, Hank is relegated to living at Ashbys mansion. In order to distract Hank from his heartbreak, Ashby arranges a sex session with popular, yet incredibly annoying, celebrity chef, Chloe Metz. Meanwhile, Charlie takes on a new client, Daisy, who's eager to land the lead in a porn film called Vaginatown. Charlie meets with the film's director Ronny Praeger and secures her the part, but only after investing $100,000 of his own savings.

    • Episode 4

      The Raw & the Cooked

      aired: Sun, Oct 19, 2008

      Hank and Karen throw a dinner party for a few close friends: Charlie and Marcy, show up high, Ashby, Sonja, Julian and Mia. Becca and her new boyfriend Damien round out the group. Before everyone arrives, Hank pops the question, but Karen begs off to think it over. At dinner, it's revealed that Hank is the likely father of Sonja's baby. Becca stands up to Julian, much to Hank's delight. And Ashby nearly dies of an allergic reaction to sushi. At the end of the evening, Karen decides that she can't marry Hank.

    • Episode 3

      No Way To Treat A Lady

      aired: Sun, Oct 12, 2008

      On Hank's first day as biographer to Lew Ashby, he's re-introduced to Trixie, the hooker with a heart of gold, who stirs up trouble by claiming that Hank is better in bed than Ashby. When Karen and Sonja meet to discuss a renovation project, Julian interrupts to work his guru magic on Karen. Becca grudgingly starts her first day at Mia's private school, where she meets an unexpected friend, Damien. Meanwhile, Charlie spots one of Marcy's clients, a porn actress named Daisy. While pitching himself as her agent, Charlie hops a ride with Daisy only to realize that he's in the middle of an impromptu porn shoot.

    • Episode 2

      The Great Ashby

      aired: Sun, Oct 5, 2008

      Hank finds himself in jail after assaulting a mouthy police officer. Karen, still upset at Hank for his accident at the party, refuses to bail him out. In prison, Hank is reintroduced to fellow inmate Lew Ashby, who proposes that Hank write Ashby's long-awaited biography. When Hank refuses, Ashby bails them both out and tells Hank a story of the girl he loved and lost. Meanwhile, Charlie gets fired after his former assistant, Dani, plays the agency president a montage of Charlie's self-pleasuring office sessions.

    • Episode 1

      Slip of the Tongue

      aired: Sun, Sep 28, 2008

      After reuniting at the end of season one, Hank and Karen decide to pack up and head to New York. As part of the reconciliation, Hank undergoes a grueling vasectomy at Karen's request. That night Hank and Karen meet Charlie and Marcy for drinks. They wind up bumping into Sonja, the vomiting Scientologist from Season One, who's now pregnant, and her new boyfriend Julian, a renowned self-help guru. The group heads to a party at the home of record producer Lew Ashby where Hank has an accident when he confuses a partygoer for Karen. On the ride home, Hank gets arrested for driving under the influence and assaulting an officer.

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    • Episode 12

      The Last Waltz

      aired: Mon, Oct 29, 2007

      In the season finale, the wedding of Karen and Bill provides the impetus for emotional crises and revelations that threaten to derail the entire ceremony - unless Hank can put everything right.

    • Episode 11

      Turn The Page

      aired: Mon, Oct 22, 2007

      Bombshells start dropping on all fronts: Hank discovers Mia is peddling his book as her own, and she threatens to reveal their one-night stand if he reclaims his work; Becca tells Karen she wants to go live with her father.

    • Episode 10

      The Devil's Threesome

      aired: Mon, Oct 15, 2007

      A boxing movie turns into a mini-orgy for Hank and his new roommate Charlie, but their ecstasy soon turns to agony; Dani and Mia have a creative meeting of their own.

    • Episode 9

      Filthy Lucre

      aired: Mon, Oct 8, 2007

      A manuscript for a new novel and a royalty check from his movie inspire Hank to go on a spending spree, but his purchases don't have the desired effect on his life; Marcy drops a bombshell on Charlie.

    • Episode 8

      California Son

      aired: Mon, Oct 1, 2007

      Hank receives bad news about his father and embarks on a grief-stricken bender of booze, drugs, and even a prostitute, as he remembers the last time they saw each other.

    • Episode 7

      Girls, Interrupted

      aired: Mon, Sep 24, 2007

      Hank makes peace with his archenemy, Todd, and lands Karen a designing gig in the process, but a dilemma with Mia interrupts their temporary domestic bliss; Charlie attempts a disastrous threesome with his wife and assistant.

    • Episode 6

      Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

      aired: Mon, Sep 17, 2007

      Becca's impressive musical performance at a rock concert leads to a romantic, booze-fueled moment for Hank and Karen, but it doesn't last; Charlie's dalliance with his assistant is nearly discovered by Marcy.

    • Episode 5

      If You See Her, Say Hello

      aired: Mon, Sep 10, 2007

      A point of modern linguistic style comes between Meredith and Hank, who also guest-lectures at Mia's creative writing class; Becca and Karen both have a crush on a cool guitar teacher but Mia breaks both their hearts.

    • Episode 4

      Fear and Loathing at the Fundraiser

      aired: Mon, Sep 3, 2007

      The fiercely apolitical Hank is dragged to an environmental fundraiser at Charlie's agency, where he briefly displays his gallant side to both Meredith and Karen, and inadvertently discovers his agent's dirty little assistant secret.

    • Episode 3

      The Whore of Babylon

      aired: Mon, Aug 27, 2007

      Hank ponders whether or not to continue his blogging job after he discovers the identity of the web site's owner, and reconnects with Meredith, his one-time blind-date disaster; Charlie's relationship with his assistant takes a surprising turn.

    • Episode 2


      aired: Mon, Aug 20, 2007

      Hank reluctantly accepts a blogger gig for a hip L.A. web site, and endures a dinner party with Karen and her fiance, Bill, that yields a scandalous romp with a sexy Scientologist.

    • Episode 1

      Season 1 Episode 1

      aired: Mon, Apr 2, 2012

      In the series premiere, Hank is dismayed when he sees the film version of his acclaimed novel; agrees to a blind date arranged by his agent that goes horribly awry; and learns that his ex-girlfriend Karen is engaged to another man.

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