Cagney & Lacey

Cagney & Lacey
Two female police detectives work together to make it through both in their professions and their personal lives.

Genre: Drama

  • Watch Cagney & Lacey Season 7

    • Episode 22

      A Fair Shake, Part 2

      aired: Mon, May 16, 1988

      Chris and Mary Beth wrap up the investigation into the stolen $100 million dollars, and get a great surprise at its conclusion.

    • Episode 21

      A Fair Shake, Part 1

      aired: Mon, May 16, 1988

      A plea bargain over a missing $100,000 from a bank sends Cagney and Lacey upstate in search of its president, and of another $100 million.

    • Episode 20


      aired: Mon, May 2, 1988

      A Wall Street success with friends high on the police command chain is robbed, creating additional pressure to solve the case quickly. Meanwhile, Harvey Jr. visits home.

    • Episode 19

      Friendly Fire

      aired: Tue, Apr 5, 1988

      Christine's date-rape case against Brad Potter goes to trial. Meanwhile, Harvey Lacey, Jr. disappears from his Marine training.

    • Episode 18


      aired: Tue, Mar 29, 1988

      In a case of friendly fire, an officer is accidentally shot by Thornton.

    • Episode 17

      Button, Button

      aired: Tue, Mar 22, 1988

      The girlfriend of a murdered federal witness asks for help finding his killer. Meanwhile, one of Alice Lacey's classmates has AIDS.

    • Episode 16

      A Class Act

      aired: Tue, Mar 15, 1988

      The theft of a valuable painting sends the detectives to upscale galleries, hoping to find out where it went. Christine realizes Nick is the opposite of David.

    • Episode 15

      Land of the Free

      aired: Tue, Feb 23, 1988

      When a refugee from El Salvador is slain, different people give wildly different opinions of the life he led to Chris and Mary Beth during their investigation. Meanwhile, Chris meets a friendly, handsome plumber at AA.

    • Episode 14

      School Daze

      aired: Tue, Feb 16, 1988

      Chris and Mary Beth have very different attitudes at a mandatory refresher for their precinct at the police academy.

    • Episode 13

      Hello Goodbye

      aired: Tue, Feb 9, 1988

      David Keeler proposes marriage to Christine.

    • Episode 12

      Shadow of a Doubt

      aired: Tue, Jan 26, 1988

      An undercover operation at a computer manufacturer is jeopardized when Chris fails the company's random drug test.

    • Episode 11

      Trading Places

      aired: Tue, Jan 19, 1988

      Chris is disappointed when she's passed over to fill in during Lt. Samuels' vacation. Harvey assists in a case involving kickbacks at a construction site.

    • Episode 10

      Old Flames

      aired: Tue, Jan 12, 1988

      Harvey, Jr. stuns his parents on his 18th birthday by announcing he's enlisting with the Marines.

    • Episode 9

      Don't I Know You?

      aired: Tue, Jan 5, 1988

      It's a case of 'he said/she said' when Christine claims to have been date-raped--while her date claims the sex was consensual--and she finds her story doubted because she didn't attempt to use her gun to defend herself.

    • Episode 8


      aired: Mon, Nov 23, 1987

      Chris finally gets to work on the Major Task Force, and immediately is faced with finding out who the turncoat is in their midst.

    • Episode 7


      aired: Mon, Nov 16, 1987

      Chris and Mary Beth go uncercover as game show contestants to investigate a rigging accusation.

    • Episode 6

      Video Verite

      aired: Mon, Nov 9, 1987

      A missing music video may be linked to drugs. Chris' niece visits, with aspirations of becoming an actress in New York.

    • Episode 5

      You've Come a Long Way, Baby

      aired: Mon, Oct 26, 1987

      Cagney and Lacey go undercover on streetcorners to investigate a rash of middle-aged prostitute murders. Isbecki is thrilled to discover his new partner is a woman.

    • Episode 4

      Different Drummer

      aired: Mon, Oct 19, 1987

      An eccentric, older woman who claims she's a witch is getting in the way of a lucrative real estate deal.

    • Episode 3

      Loves Me Not

      aired: Mon, Oct 5, 1987

      David Keeler defends Mary Beth after the community demands a Civilian Review Board investigate her role in a neighborhood dispute. Det. Petrie is promoted to Sergeant.

    • Episode 2

      The City Is Burning

      aired: Mon, Sep 28, 1987

      When Det. Corassa's gun is linked to the slaying of a black youth in a white section of town, the negro community suspects a cover-up.

    • Episode 1

      No Vacancy

      aired: Mon, Sep 21, 1987

      Cagney and Lacey's guarding of a mentally ill witness is complicated by his refusal to take his medication.

  • Watch Cagney & Lacey Season 6

    • Episode 22

      Turn, Turn, Turn, Part 2

      aired: Mon, Mar 30, 1987

      As Chris turns to the bottle herself to deal with her father's death, Mary Beth tries to save her by getting her back to AA.

    • Episode 21

      Turn, Turn, Turn, Part 1

      aired: Mon, Mar 23, 1987

      After years of drinking finally cost Charlie Cagney his life, Christine and her brother, Brian, must deal with the aftermath.

    • Episode 20

      Happiness Is a Warm Gun

      aired: Mon, Mar 23, 1987

      After Lacey is shot, but saved by a bulletproof vest, her and Cagney deal with the stress by seeing the police psychiatrist.

    • Episode 19

      Special Treatment

      aired: Mon, Mar 16, 1987

      Mary Beth is arrested at a nuclear weapons protest, finding herself in the custody of Queens' Det. Dupnick.

    • Episode 18

      Right to Remain Silent

      aired: Mon, Mar 9, 1987

      The detectives question if a deaf girl could have committed the murder of which she's accused. David Keeler wants Christine to forgive him for representing Mansfield.

    • Episode 17

      Divine Couriers

      aired: Mon, Feb 23, 1987

      Cagney and Lacey try to bring down a scam artist who promises to get messages to the departed by giving them to the terminally ill, but face difficulty in that nobody seems to feel victimized.

    • Episode 16

      To Sir With Love

      aired: Mon, Feb 16, 1987

      Cagney and Lacey get placed in charge of planning a banquet to award Lt. Samuels with the Distinguished Service Award.

    • Episode 15

      Easy Does It

      aired: Mon, Feb 9, 1987

      A rash of AA meeting robberies sends the detectives to pose as alcoholics. At a co-dependents' meeting, Chris is surprised to see Donna, her father's girlfriend.

    • Episode 14

      Ahead of the Game

      aired: Mon, Feb 2, 1987

      Mary Beth has egg on her face when the Laceys' home is robbed, and it's revealed she doesn't follow the same home safeguarding tips she gives to civilians. Meanwhile, a high school athlete's death is investigated.

    • Episode 13


      aired: Mon, Jan 26, 1987

      Chris and Mary Beth investigate a judge who's friends with Chris' father. Mary Beth is surprised at the results of her performance review from Chris.

    • Episode 12

      Waste Deep

      aired: Mon, Jan 19, 1987

      An environmental champion begs Chris and Mary Beth to investigate a toy company for the dumping of toxic waste. Meanwhile, Chris dates a younger man.

    • Episode 11

      Cost of Living

      aired: Mon, Jan 12, 1987

      When drug dealer Mansfield goes on trial, he surprises everyone by hiring David Keeler to represent him, especially upsetting Chris.

    • Episode 10

      To Thy Own Self Be True (The Rapist, Part 2)

      aired: Mon, Dec 15, 1986

      When Sara Jones, one of Mary Beth's maternity replacements, goes to trial for her act of vigilante justice against a rapist, Chris refuses to lie to save her.

    • Episode 9


      aired: Mon, Dec 8, 1986

      Petrie falls under suspicion when someone he was squabbling with is murdered. Chris finds out a reporter she's dating isn't just interested in her romantically.

    • Episode 8

      Rites of Passage

      aired: Mon, Dec 1, 1986

      When hazing is suspected to have caused a girl to fall off a roof while rushing a sorority, the sisters close ranks, impeding the investigation.

    • Episode 7


      aired: Mon, Nov 24, 1986

      Cagney and Lacey are charged with protecting a white South African runner in town for the New York City Marathon.

    • Episode 6

      The Zealot

      aired: Mon, Nov 10, 1986

      Pornographers come under suspicion when an A.D.A. who championed against child exploitation is murdered.

    • Episode 5

      Role Call

      aired: Mon, Nov 3, 1986

      The 14th Precinct is abuzz over a visit from the star of a female TV detective show who wants to tag along with Chris and Mary Beth to see real female cops in action.

    • Episode 4


      aired: Mon, Oct 27, 1986

      After a girl accuses her father of molesting her younger sister, Cagney and Lacey are forced to take action to keep the girls safe.

    • Episode 3

      Sorry Right Number

      aired: Mon, Oct 20, 1986

      A sweltering day leads to an elevator failure, with Chris and a claustrophobic Victor trapped inside.

    • Episode 2

      Culture Clash

      aired: Mon, Oct 6, 1986

      When an girl who wants to break away from her traditionally Islamic upbringing is murdered, Chris and Mary Beth must confront her family. Chris lusts for a possible assignment to a potentially career-making task force.

    • Episode 1

      Schedule One

      aired: Mon, Sep 29, 1986

      A suspect has an intriguing deal for leniency: he'll reveal who in the precinct is involved with heroin. Meanwhile, the Laceys move into a new home.

  • Watch Cagney & Lacey Season 4

    • Episode 23

      23. Organized Crime

      aired: Mon, Apr 8, 1985

      When Cagney and Lacey catch the case of a murdered nun whose family has Mafia connections, they discover they're not the only ones anxious to find the killer.

    • Episode 22

      Organized Crime

      aired: Mon, Apr 8, 1985

      When Cagney and Lacey catch the case of a murdered nun whose family has Mafia connections, they discover they're not the only ones anxious to find the killer.

    • Episode 21


      aired: Mon, Mar 18, 1985

      A teenager is raped when he's accidentally sent to a violent prison over a petty crime, resulting in both a lawsuit from his parents and a case for Cagney and Lacey to solve.

    • Episode 20

      Con Games

      aired: Mon, Mar 11, 1985

      Mary Beth swindles the swindlers in a case with the bunco unit. Meanwhile, Chris' sexual harassment charges against Captain Hennesey go to trial.

    • Episode 19

      Two Grand

      aired: Mon, Mar 4, 1985

      Christine again squares off against jewel thief Albert Grand.

    • Episode 18

      Lost and Found

      aired: Mon, Feb 25, 1985

      While Mary Beth recovers from breast surgery, and mulls retirement, Chris has her prized Corvette stolen, but it may provide her a leg up on the sergeant's exam. Meanwhile, an informant is murdered, leaving Chris to find out the who and why.

    • Episode 17

      Who Said It's Fair, Part 2

      aired: Mon, Feb 11, 1985

      With Christine busy looking for a missing child and getting ready for the sergeant's exam, Mary Beth prepares for her breast surgery.

    • Episode 16

      Who Said It's Fair, Part 1

      aired: Mon, Feb 11, 1985

      Mary Beth ignores a lump in her breast, while Chris and Harvey beg her to get the care she needs. Meanwhile, the mother of a missing child feels she'd get more attention if her son were white.

    • Episode 15


      aired: Mon, Feb 4, 1985

      After witnessing a stabbing, Chris becomes the target of the prepetrator, who has a history of making witnesses disappear. Meanwhile, the NYPD brass demand stress reduction classes for the 14th Precinct.

    • Episode 14

      Rules of the Game

      aired: Mon, Jan 28, 1985

      Chris and Mary Beth are delighted when they catch a major case, and get to work for an attractive captain, but Chris takes issue with the captain's advances towards her.

    • Episode 13

      Happily Ever After

      aired: Mon, Jan 14, 1985

      Dory proposes to Christine, who has a few questions of her own she needs an answer to before she gives him one. Meanwhile, a long string of tiny thefts leads to big profit for an ingenious credit department employee.

    • Episode 12

      American Dream

      aired: Mon, Jan 7, 1985

      When a series of arsons all seem to benefit the same company, Cagney and Lacey uncover an extortion operation.

    • Episode 11

      Out of Control

      aired: Mon, Dec 31, 1984

      When a captured burglar swears he never uses a gun, it sends Cagney and Lacey to figure out how a shooting also occurred at the scene of the crime. Dory finally feels it's time for Christine to meet his children.

    • Episode 10

      Lady Luck

      aired: Mon, Dec 17, 1984

      When a woman Mary Beth saved from suicide winds up murdered shortly thereafter, the investigation uncovers massive gambling debts, and sends Cagney and Lacey after a loan shark who may be involved.

    • Episode 9


      aired: Mon, Dec 10, 1984

      When Sgt. McKenna's drug rehab sponsor is caught with cocaine, his defending of him gives Christine doubts over whether he was ever really drug-free himself.

    • Episode 8

      Thank God It's Monday

      aired: Mon, Dec 3, 1984

      A weekend spent clearing up lousy precinct paperwork leads Chris and Mary Beth to race to serve a warrant before the statute of limitations expires. Meanwhile Det. Petrie finds his weekend used up painting his apartment.

    • Episode 7

      Unusal Occurence

      aired: Mon, Nov 26, 1984

      The press paints Christine's self-defense shooting of a Hispanic drug-dealer as being racially motivated.

    • Episode 6

      Taxi Cab Murders

      aired: Mon, Nov 19, 1984

      With the 14th Precinct's detectives driving taxi cabs to solve a rash of hack murders, Mary Beth's son becomes frightened the ruse will cost his mother her life.

    • Episode 5

      Fathers and Daughters

      aired: Mon, Nov 12, 1984

      A man's wife and daughter confess to his murder in effort to make it impossible for either to be found guilty.

    • Episode 4

      Old Debts

      aired: Mon, Nov 5, 1984

      Cagney and Lacey work to track down a murderer who managed to kill a newly-paroled cop-killer who was under their protection.

    • Episode 3


      aired: Mon, Oct 29, 1984

      Cagney and Lacey assist Sgt. McKenna, newly returned from drug rehab. A captain who used to work under Lt. Samuels envisions changes at the precinct.

    • Episode 2


      aired: Mon, Oct 22, 1984

      Mary Beth is taken hostage by a very dangerous man.

    • Episode 1

      Child Witness

      aired: Mon, Oct 15, 1984

      An over-protective father hinders prosecution of a babysitter who may have molested his daughter. Petrie gets beaten by some white NYPD officers who don't know he's a detective.

  • Watch Cagney & Lacey Season 3

    • Episode 7


      aired: Mon, May 14, 1984

      After the key witness in the upcoming trial of a shady landlord dies, Cagney and Lacey must re-canvas his building in search of new witnesses before he gets set free. Meanwhile, Chris has a pregnancy scare.

    • Episode 6


      aired: Mon, May 7, 1984

      Getting shot doesn't stop Chris from assisting on a case while in recovery, while Mary Beth's temporary replacement partner leaves a lot to be desired.

    • Episode 5

      Baby Brokers

      aired: Mon, Apr 30, 1984

      An abandoned baby sets Cagney and Lacey on the trail of a baby broker, and though deaf, Mary Beth considers adopting her. Meanwhile, Chris' new playwright boyfriend doesn't like her being a detective.

    • Episode 4

      Bounty Hunters

      aired: Mon, Apr 23, 1984

      Cagney and Lacey are in pursuit of a perp also wanted for bail jumping, and must capture him before a bounty hunter does and takes him out of their jurisdiction.

    • Episode 3

      Victimless Crime

      aired: Mon, Apr 16, 1984

      After the star of a pornographic film dies during production, Cagney and Lacey must convince his reluctant co-star to be a witness.

    • Episode 2

      Killers Dozen

      aired: Mon, Mar 26, 1984

      A uniformed officers' strike forces the detectives back into their blues and onto the streets, as Cagney and Lacey try to bring an end to the "Don Juan Strangler."

    • Episode 1


      aired: Mon, Mar 19, 1984

      A housewife from Cagney's hometown in Westchester County winds up dead in New York City, and the investigation offers a glimpse into Cagney's past. Meanwhile, the son of Lt. Samuels is arrested for stealing a car.

  • Watch Cagney & Lacey Season 2

    • Episode 22

      The Informant

      aired: Mon, May 9, 1983

      Cagney and Lacey have a high school drug case blow up in their faces when it turns out their teenage informant is a drug pusher hiself.

    • Episode 21

      Cry for Help

      aired: Mon, May 2, 1983

      A con man has to be let go because he had nothing on him when arrested, so Cagney and Lacey have to find a way to get him with the goods. Meanwhile, a fellow police academy graduate of Mary Beth's is a wife-beater.

    • Episode 20

      The Gang's All There

      aired: Mon, Mar 28, 1983

      The gang from the 14th precinct are robbed at a celebration for Petrie's promotion, and set out to bring the perpetrators to justice before they become the laughingstock of the NYPD.

    • Episode 19

      Let Them Eat Pretzels

      aired: Mon, Mar 21, 1983

      Cagney and Lacey try to find a way to arrest the son of a immunized diplomat who's using his nation's embassy to avoid justice after hitting a poor man with his car.

    • Episode 18

      Chop Shop

      aired: Mon, Mar 14, 1983

      Isbecki becomes a hostage after Cagney and Lacey fail to back him up properly. Meanwhile, when Petrie accidentally shoots a black child, the department thinks the uproar will go away if the public sees Petrie is black, too.

    • Episode 17


      aired: Mon, Mar 7, 1983

      Chris poses as a nun as part of an investigation into missing drugs from a hospital. Meanwhile, Mary Beth vanishes after a last-minute vacation cancellation.

    • Episode 16

      Date Rape

      aired: Mon, Feb 21, 1983

      A date rape investigation divides Chris, who feels the victim brought it on herself, and Mary Beth, who doesn't believe that philosophy. Chris feels honored for the girls to be let in on the male officers' practical jokes.

    • Episode 15

      Jane Doe #37

      aired: Mon, Feb 14, 1983

      When a Jane Doe homeless lady is murdered, Chris vows to find out who she is. Meanwhile, Chris and Mary Beth shoot a recruiting commercial for the NYPD while Mary Beth is fighting a nasty cold.

    • Episode 14

      Open and Shut Case

      aired: Mon, Jan 31, 1983

      Mary Beth is the star witness in a trial that turns out not to be the slam dunk the prosecutors thought it was. Meanwhile, Chris and Mary Beth try to convince a rape witness to not back out of testifying.

    • Episode 13

      Affirmative Action

      aired: Mon, Jan 24, 1983

      When the 14th precinct is assigned another female detective, Mary Beth and Chris don't agree on whether she's qualified to be there or not.

    • Episode 12

      Grandest Jewel Thief of Them All

      aired: Mon, Jan 17, 1983

      Cagney and Lacey set out to determine if a man who stopped a minor crime is himself a wanted, world-famous jewel thief.

    • Episode 11

      Hopes and Dreams

      aired: Mon, Jan 10, 1983

      Chris and Mary Beth investigate a rash of burglaries committed while the occupants are away at funerals, with a handicapped girl among the victims.

    • Episode 10

      Recreational Use

      aired: Mon, Dec 27, 1982

      A shady landlord attempting to turn his building co-op is a prime suspect in a murder, but the investigation becomes more complicated when the sergeant Cagney and Lacey have been lent to, who happens to be Chris' boyfriend, succumbs to an addiction.

    • Episode 9

      I'll be Home for Christmas

      aired: Mon, Dec 20, 1982

      A petty criminal's escape in a stolen squad car turns Lt. Samuels into a Scrooge, who forces the precinct to stay their entire shifts on Christmas Eve in effort to catch him. Meanwhile, Detective Petrie's daughter is born.

    • Episode 8

      Conduct Unbecoming

      aired: Mon, Dec 13, 1982

      Cagney and Lacey's working with a third detective to investigate illegal weaponry hits a snag when it is revealed that he may be gay, and faces possible suspension.

    • Episode 7

      Mr. Lonelyhearts

      aired: Mon, Dec 6, 1982

      When a Vermont farmer comes looking for his missing wife, it uncovers a bigamy fraud involving a woman who has married, and taken money from, multiple men.

    • Episode 6

      Internal Affairs

      aired: Mon, Nov 29, 1982

      When undercover agents start having their covers blown, NYPD Internal Affairs calls on Cagney and Lacey to uncover the informant lurking in their precinct, putting them in the uncomfortable position of snooping into the private lives of their fellow officers.

    • Episode 5


      aired: Mon, Nov 22, 1982

      Chris and Mary Beth investigate a series of stranglings involving women who worked for the telephone sex trade.

    • Episode 4

      High Steel

      aired: Mon, Nov 15, 1982

      After a former co-worker falls to his death at a construction site, Harvey disagrees with the conclusion that his death is accidental and joins Mary Beth to investigate.

    • Episode 3

      Beauty Burglars

      aired: Mon, Nov 8, 1982

      Cagney and Lacey lead an investigation into a series of robberies at exclusive beauty salons committed by assailants posing as the police.

    • Episode 2

      One of Our Own

      aired: Mon, Nov 1, 1982

      A case of mistaken identity leads to a police officer's shooting at a restaurant. Meanwhile, Isbecki does all he can to keep Chris and Mary Beth off the precinct's new softball team.

    • Episode 1

      Witness to an Incident

      aired: Mon, Oct 25, 1982

      Cagney and Lacey witness an accidental police shooting, but have differing memories of exactly how it happened. Lacey feels heat from her superiors to fall in line with Cagney's accounting of events.

  • Watch Cagney & Lacey Season 1

    • Episode 6

      Better Than Equal

      aired: Thu, Apr 29, 1982

      Cagney and Lacey must ignore their feminist sentiments when they are assigned to protect the life of a female ERA critic.

    • Episode 5

      Suffer the Children

      aired: Sun, Apr 25, 1982

      Cagney and Lacey become involved in an investigation of child abuse and possible murder when they rescue a child from a window ledge.

    • Episode 4

      Street Scene

      aired: Thu, Apr 15, 1982

      Cagney and Lacey are accused of racial prejudice when they investigate a gangland beating

    • Episode 3

      Beyond the Golden Door

      aired: Thu, Apr 8, 1982

      Cagney and Lacey uncover a deadly smuggling ring when searching for a missing child.

    • Episode 2

      Pop Used to Work in Chinatown

      aired: Thu, Apr 1, 1982

      A Chinatown robbery brings Cagney's retired father back on the beat.

    • Episode 1

      You Call This Plain Clothes?

      aired: Thu, Mar 25, 1982

      Cagney and Lacey go undercover as prostitutes.

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