Burn Notice

Burn Notice
A spy, Michael Westen, receives a "burn notice" while on assignment in Nigeria, which effectively fires him. Dumped in his Miami hometown with no money or resources to his name, Michael works as a freelance spy/private investigator to fund his investigation into who burned him and why. Starring: Jeffrey Donovan as Michael Westen; Gabrielle Anwar as Fiona Glenanne; Bruce Campbell as Sam Axe; and Sharon Gless as Madeline Westen.

Genre: Action and Adventure, Drama

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    • Episode 18

      Fail Safe

      aired: Wed, Dec 14, 2011

      As the team reaches a breaking point with Anson and his sinister plans, Pearce puts Michael in charge of his biggest CIA mission yet.

    • Episode 17

      Acceptable Loss

      aired: Thu, Dec 8, 2011

      Michael needs Pearce's help to get in touch with a prisoner from his past who has information on Anson. Jesse tries to help his old friend expose his corrupt boss, who uses diplomatic immunity to get away with dealing diamonds.

    • Episode 16

      Depth Perception

      aired: Thu, Dec 1, 2011

      Sam has a surprise reunion with Beatriz, whose newspaper articles have made her the target of a murderous Russian spy. Michael has to trust Anson's profiling ability to track the Russian, and must get to him before he gets to Sam and Beatriz.

    • Episode 15

      Necessary Evil

      aired: Thu, Nov 17, 2011

      Michael runs point on a CIA rescue mission involving a scientist kidnapped by an African warlord. Meanwhile, Sam and Jesse go undercover as microchip specialists but quickly get in over their heads. Guest-starring Lauren Stamile.

    • Episode 14

      Breaking Point

      aired: Thu, Nov 10, 2011

      When gang warfare claims the life of one of Michael's childhood friends, he teams up with the victim's brother to entrap the gang in a weapons scheme. Guest-starring Jere Burns, Indigo and Andre Holland.

    • Episode 13

      Damned If You Do

      aired: Thu, Nov 3, 2011

      Michael and Fiona head to Puerto Rico to abduct a financial hacker whose software they need for Anson, but the hacker has some dangerous enemies waiting for him in Miami. Meanwhile, Sam and Jesse train Madeline to retrieve sensitive information from the police. Guest-starring Lauren Stamile, Jere Burns and Ian Anthony Dale.

    • Episode 12

      Dead to Rights

      aired: Thu, Sep 8, 2011

      With all evidence pointing to him, Michael must perform a desperate act in order to clear his name as Max's murderer. And in a bit of bad timing, Larry returns with a job for Michael and he won't take "no" as an answer. Guest Stars: Lauren Stamile, Jere Burns.

    • Episode 11

      Better Halves

      aired: Thu, Sep 1, 2011

      In order to extract a dangerous bio-weapons specialist, Michael and Fiona go undercover as a rich, married couple at a South American resort. Back in Miami, Sam and Jesse set traps in hopes of snaring Max's killer. Guest Stars: Lauren Stamile, Charisma Carpenter.

    • Episode 10

      Army of One

      aired: Thu, Aug 25, 2011

      Michael goes undercover with a group of hijackers in order to assist Jesse with a security job, but he changes the plan when the hijackers take hostages at the airport. Madeline assists Michael by organizing the hostages and trying to lead them to safety. Guest Star: Lauren Stamile.

    • Episode 9

      Eye for an Eye

      aired: Thu, Aug 18, 2011

      Fiona and Jesse take a surveillance job for a powerful pharmaceuticals magnate, but there's more to his company than meets the eye. Michael and Sam interrogate a bomb-maker involved in the cover-up of Max's murder. Guest Star: James Frain.

    • Episode 8

      Hard Out

      aired: Thu, Aug 11, 2011

      Michael and Jesse join Agent Pearce for a CIA extraction mission on a Caribbean island, but an army of mercenaries makes it impossible for them to leave. Meanwhile, Fiona does a favor for a powerful ex in order to get information for Michael. Guest Stars: Gavin Rossdale, Lauren Stamile.

    • Episode 7


      aired: Thu, Aug 4, 2011

      When a woman's ex-husband takes their ailing son to an armed compound, Michael and Sam vow to bring him back to her. But the compound has more firepower than anyone was expecting. Meanwhile, Fiona and Jesse babysit an odd day laborer who may be connected to a vital lead.

    • Episode 6

      Enemy of My Enemy

      aired: Thu, Jul 28, 2011

      Michael must help the CIA retrieve a weapon from a violent Serbian mob. As part of the plan, Sam goes undercover with a heroin dealer, but Sam is left hanging when the CIA disagrees with his methods. Guest starring Lauren Stamile.

    • Episode 5

      Square One

      aired: Thu, Jul 21, 2011

      Michael plays a key role in a CIA murder investigation. Meanwhile, the team helps a client who reminds them of Michael--a former army sniper who wants revenge on the men who put his sister in the hospital. Guest starring Matt Lauria.

    • Episode 4

      No Good Deed

      aired: Thu, Jul 14, 2011

      When Barry's brother is framed for a server heist by a ruthless hacker, the team tries to track down her super-computer before it's too late. Guest starring The Big Show.

    • Episode 3

      Mind Games

      aired: Thu, Jul 7, 2011

      Michael's brother, Nate, returns to Miami and recruits him to help take down a loan shark that's been harassing an old friend's widow. But the loan shark and his boss may be more brutal--and have more motives--than they anticipated.

    • Episode 2


      aired: Thu, Jun 30, 2011

      Michael has to balance his new agency duties and helping a woman recover her cousin, who is one of many being trafficked into the U.S. by the Yakuza. Against Michael's wishes, Madeline becomes a critical component of the plan to find the girls.

    • Episode 1

      Company Man

      aired: Thu, Jun 23, 2011

      Although still burned, Michael works alongside his old agency to bring down the people who burned him. Following the trail leads them to the heart of Venezuela.

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    • Episode 18

      Last Stand

      aired: Thu, Dec 16, 2010

      Michael's world collapses when his actions force a tactical assault team to come after him and everyone he cares about. With his back against a corner, Michael will need to do everything in his power to hold them off. Dylan Baker guest stars.

    • Episode 17

      Out of the Fire

      aired: Thu, Dec 16, 2010

      Michael's ruthless enemy Brennan vows to release a valuable piece of data if Michael doesn't carry out a specific task: killing off government agents. Jay Karnes and Tim Matheson Parise guest star.

    • Episode 16

      Dead or Alive

      aired: Thu, Dec 9, 2010

      When Sam's old friend goes missing and is branded a dirty cop, Michael and Sam spearhead an investigation in order to clear his name. Raphael Sbarge, Leo Fitzpatrick & Alexi Gilmore guest star.

    • Episode 15

      Brotherly Love

      aired: Thu, Dec 2, 2010

      When Nate gets in over his head tracking down a stolen car filled with a drug kingpin's merchandise, Michael brings back an old alias to save his brother's life.

    • Episode 14

      Hot Property

      aired: Thu, Nov 18, 2010

      Michael finds himself trapped when a malicious thief returns to Miami, with a plan to steal a chemical weapon away from a group of Venezuelan Revolutionaries.

    • Episode 13

      Eyes Open

      aired: Thu, Nov 11, 2010

      When a vengeful lawyer hires a paranoid bombmaker to kill off members of a local gang, Michael is forced to intervene before innocent lives are lost in the mayhem.

    • Episode 12

      Guilty As Charged

      aired: Thu, Aug 26, 2010

      Michael helps a criminal defense attorney rescue his daughter after she is kidnapped by one of his clients.

    • Episode 11

      Blind Spot

      aired: Thu, Aug 19, 2010

      Michael and team come to the aid of a woman who has her entire life savings wiped out by a sleazy womanizer.

    • Episode 10

      Hard Time

      aired: Thu, Aug 12, 2010

      Michael infiltrates a high-security prison in order to protect an inmate (a good friend of Sam's) who is marked for death by a fellow prisoner.

    • Episode 9

      Center of the Storm

      aired: Thu, Aug 5, 2010

      Michael impersonates a hitman in order to protect the target who is a crucial witness to criminal activity.

    • Episode 8

      Where There's Smoke

      aired: Thu, Jul 29, 2010

      Michael, Sam, and Jesse must try to rescue Fiona when their plan to protect a wealthy business bigwig at his house party go horribly awry.

    • Episode 7

      Past and Future Tense

      aired: Thu, Jul 22, 2010

      Michael helps an ex-CIA operative who has become a target of Russian spies. Guest Stars: Burt Reynolds, Richard Kind and Johan Doman.

    • Episode 6

      Entry Point

      aired: Thu, Jul 15, 2010

      Sam and Jesse interrogate a captured contract killer in order to find out who ordered a recent assassination. Meanwhile, Michael and Fiona pose as security consultants to stop a notorious antiquities thief from stealing a priceless artifact.

    • Episode 5

      Neighborhood Watch

      aired: Thu, Jul 1, 2010

      A reluctant doctor turns to Michael for help when a group of vicious drug dealers terrorize his neighborhood clinic. Along the way, Michael is drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a sadistic killer.

    • Episode 4

      Breach of Faith

      aired: Thu, Jun 24, 2010

      The stakes become higher than expected when Michael and Sam are inadvertently dragged into a hostage situation at a local bank. Meanwhile, Fiona helps Jesse track down information about a recently deceased weapons runner.

    • Episode 3

      Made Man

      aired: Thu, Jun 17, 2010

      While investigating an underground artillery operation at the Port of Miami, Michael and Jesse come across a port worker being threatened by dangerous mobsters. To get the mob off the docks for good, Michael will need to call on the help of a familiar friend.

    • Episode 2

      Fast Friends

      aired: Thu, Jun 10, 2010

      Michael meets Jesse, a recently burned counterintelligence agent looking for Michael's help. Michael agrees to help Jesse clear his name, but first must get him out of the crosshairs of a ruthless drug trafficker seeking revenge.

    • Episode 1

      Friends and Enemies

      aired: Thu, Jun 3, 2010

      Michael helps Fiona and Sam protect a lawyer against the city's most dangerous biker gang. Meanwhile, he must team up with an unlikely ally to stop a looming terrorist threat... but quickly finds that no mission is without its price.

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    • Episode 16

      Devil You Know

      aired: Thu, Mar 4, 2010

      Michael's worst fears come to life when a world class terrorist is unleashed on Miami, threatening to detonate a bomb if Michael doesn't give him what he wants.

    • Episode 15

      Good Intentions

      aired: Thu, Feb 25, 2010

      Fiona seems to get more than she bargained for when she becomes involved with a paranoid kidnapper, only to discover that he's more than what he appears. Chris Vance & Carlos Bernard guest star.

    • Episode 14

      Partners in Crime

      aired: Thu, Feb 18, 2010

      Sam convinces Michael to investigate a robbery at a chic fashion house, but they quickly realize the world of design isn't always pretty.

    • Episode 13

      Noble Causes

      aired: Thu, Feb 4, 2010

      Michael ends up in hot water when the black ops sociopath he’s been dealing with asks him to steal sensitive flight information.

    • Episode 12

      Noble Causes

      aired: Thu, Feb 4, 2010

      Michael is caught off guard by a visit from his drug dealing neighbor Sugar. But to Michael’s surprise, Sugar isn't looking for trouble - he needs Michael's help fending off a crew of notorious thieves.

    • Episode 11

      Friendly Fire

      aired: Thu, Jan 28, 2010

      When Sam gets an unexpected visit from a former Seal buddy asking for help, Michael must infiltrate a protected urban barrio and hunt down a child predator.

    • Episode 10

      A Dark Road

      aired: Thu, Jan 21, 2010

      When a recently widowed woman hires Michael and Fiona to get her away from a group of violent con men, Michael turns to Madeline for help - but he may ask her to go too far.

    • Episode 9

      Long Way Back

      aired: Thu, Aug 6, 2009

      A dangerous man from Fiona's past resurfaces in Miami after years of hiding, with deadly intentions. Teaming up with Fiona's ruthless brother, Michael will do whatever it takes to save her ... even if that means crossing a few lines.

    • Episode 8

      Friends Like These

      aired: Thu, Jul 30, 2009

      Barry enlists Michael's help in tracking down his money-laundering client list, which has been stolen by a vicious thief. Michael goes after the thief, only to find that there's a lot more to the situation than he realized. Fiona tries to be supportive of Michael's efforts to reconnect with the intelligence community, but she and Michael find that their differences on the subject may not be reconcilable.

    • Episode 7

      Shot in the Dark

      aired: Thu, Jul 23, 2009

      Michael, Sam and Fiona help a young boy whose family is being terrorized by his abusive - and powerful - stepfather. The team mounts a fear campaign, convincing the stepfather that he's the target of a ruthless assassin in an effort to get him out of town. In the meantime, Michael's new contact, Strickler, returns with an interesting proposition: Work together and he will help Michael get back into intelligence community.

    • Episode 6

      The Hunter

      aired: Thu, Jul 16, 2009

      When Michael hears about an operative from his past who is hunting him, he turns to Beck, a prominent member of Miami's underworld, for help. He's too late, however, and Michael and Beck are kidnapped together, only to escape as they are being taken out to the Florida wilderness for interrogation. They are forced to work together to survive the wilderness and the paramilitary team that is chasing them down. Meanwhile, a man approaches Michael offering to sell his services as an ex-spy to the highest bidder.

    • Episode 5

      Signals and Codes

      aired: Thu, Jul 9, 2009

      Michael meets a paranoid mathematician who enlists his help. They need to stop the VP of a defense firm from selling company secrets... secrets that are killing American spies. In the meantime, Michael tracks down a new contact in the intelligence community.

    • Episode 4

      Fearless Leader

      aired: Thu, Jun 25, 2009

      In an attempt to get the Miami police off his back, Michael takes it upon himself to deal with one of the city's most wanted criminals. Michael befriends Tommy, a low-level wannabe gangster in order to infiltrate the gang, and ends up discovering that his new friend is a better person than he appears to be. Meanwhile, Sam has to deal with an IRS agent who turns out to be the son of an ex-flame.

    • Episode 3

      End Run

      aired: Thu, Jun 18, 2009

      Arms trader Brennen (from "Sins of Omission") returns and kidnaps Nate, forcing Michael to help him pull off an elaborate heist. Michael must also contend with Paxson's ongoing investigation.

    • Episode 2

      Question and Answer

      aired: Thu, Jun 11, 2009

      Michael faces a new foe in Detective Paxson, who has tracked down some explosives Michael has been hiding in a storage facility, forcing Michael to surreptitiously get them out before Paxson gets a warrant. Meanwhile, Michael and team must rescue a kidnapped child by using reverse interrogation.

    • Episode 1

      Friends and Family

      aired: Thu, Jun 4, 2009

      Michael emerges from the water free from interference by the organization that burned him. He's not under their protection either, and is under investigation by the police. He gets out of prison with help from his old friend, who has a job for him: extraditing a thug who's displacing landowners in a Latin American country.

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    • Episode 12

      Loose Ends

      aired: Wed, Sep 19, 2007

      Sam takes on a case of a woman who is being blackmailed by drug smugglers and becomes a victim himself. Michael meets with Cowan, only to find that the people behind his burn notice have big plans in store for him.

    • Episode 11

      Dead Drop

      aired: Wed, Sep 19, 2007

      Sam takes on a case of a woman who is being blackmailed by drug smugglers and becomes a victim himself. Michael meets with Cowan, only to find that the people behind his burn notice have big plans in store for him.

    • Episode 10

      False Flag

      aired: Wed, Sep 12, 2007

      Michael is hired to track down a woman's estranged husband (who has disappeared with their son); he becomes emotionally involved, impairing his judgment, and he finds out that he has been played by a female assassin.

    • Episode 9

      Hard Bargain

      aired: Wed, Aug 22, 2007

      Michael and his crew help a man whose fiancée is kidnapped from the house he is looking after and Michael considers taking a meeting with someone who may be able to revoke his burn notice.

    • Episode 8

      Wanted Man

      aired: Wed, Aug 15, 2007

      Fiona's new job as a bounty hunter places her in contact with a fugitive who insists he did not steal a 2-million-dollar broach and Michael gains access to the man behind his burn notice.

    • Episode 7

      Broken Rules

      aired: Wed, Aug 8, 2007

      In order to set up an elaborate scheme to ensnare the government agent sent to handle his case, Michael accepts a job protecting a convenience-store owner from the extortion of a local crime boss.

    • Episode 6

      Unpaid Debts

      aired: Wed, Aug 1, 2007

      Michael discovers a surprise aboard a boat he repossessed from Jamaican gangsters and a new surveillance team urges Michael to stop his investigation into his burn notice.

    • Episode 5

      Family Business

      aired: Wed, Jul 25, 2007

      After they threaten an airport supervisor, Michael infiltrates a family of gunrunners in order to scare them off and the FBI is pressuring Sam to produce more intel on Michael's activities.

    • Episode 4

      Old Friends

      aired: Wed, Jul 18, 2007

      Michael dodges assassination attempts by a Czech assassin from his past while trying to rescue a friend’s daughter from a prostitution ring.

    • Episode 3

      Fight Or Flight

      aired: Wed, Jul 11, 2007

      Michael protects a single mom from a drug trafficker who wants to prevent her from testifying against him; and he contacts a former associate who may know who ordered his burn notice.

    • Episode 2


      aired: Wed, Jul 4, 2007

      Michael's mother has some information on the men who may have ordered his burn notice, but first she wants him to help her friend who was beaten and robbed by a scam artist.

    • Episode 1


      aired: Wed, Jun 27, 2007

      While in the middle of a dangerous mission in Nigeria, a covert operative receives a burn notice, which is effectively a death sentence for a spy. After being dumped in Miami with no money or resources (and being tailed by the FBI), he uses his Special Ops training to find out why he's been burned, and how he can get his life back.

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