Boston Legal

Boston Legal
Led by an Emmy Award-winning cast, Boston Legal tells the professional and personal stories of a group of brilliant but often emotionally challenged attorneys. Sometimes irreverent and funny, sometimes intense and moving, Boston Legal prides itself on being at the forefront of issue-oriented television, often addressing issues that are underreported by the media. Fast-paced and wildly comedic, the series confronts social and moral issues, while its characters continually stretch the boundaries of the law. Starring James Spader as Alan Shore; William Shatner as Denny Crane; Candice Bergen as Shirley Schmidt; John Larroquette as Carl Sack; Christian Clemenson as Jerry Espenson; and Tara Summers as Katie Lloyd.

Genre: Comedy, Drama

  • Watch Boston Legal Season 5

    • Episode 13

      Last Call

      aired: Mon, Dec 8, 2008

      "Boston Legal" ends its five-season run in a two-hour finale that finds Crane Poole & Schmidt in dire financial straits - possibly forcing the firm to find a buyer. And Alan Shore heads to the Supreme Court to persuade them to let Denny Crane have access to a non-FDA approved drug that could slow down his rapidly progressing Alzheimer's. Meanwhile, Shirley Schmidt and Carl Sack plan their wedding, and Denny poses an important question to Alan. Download part 2 now!

    • Episode 12

      Made In China

      aired: Mon, Dec 8, 2008

      "Boston Legal" ends its five-season run in a two-hour finale that finds Crane Poole & Schmidt in dire financial straits - possibly forcing the firm to find a buyer. And Alan Shore heads to the Supreme Court to persuade them to let Denny Crane have access to a non-FDA approved drug that could slow down his rapidly progressing Alzheimer's. Meanwhile, Shirley Schmidt and Carl Sack plan their wedding, and Denny poses an important question to Alan. Download part 1 now!

    • Episode 11


      aired: Mon, Dec 1, 2008

      After Denny Crane learns some disturbing news about the progression of his Alzheimer's disease and that an experimental drug which could slow his deterioration is available but not FDA approved, Alan Shore tries to convince the Massachusetts Supreme Court to let his best friend have access to it.

    • Episode 10


      aired: Mon, Nov 24, 2008

      This Thanksgiving Shirley just wanted to spend the day with her partner Carl, but after she invites the gang over for dinner; Alan, Denny, Jerry and Katie and the ever emotional and unstable Ed Poole who in turns brings along his foster son who tried to mug Shirley to join them in the feast.

    • Episode 9

      Kill, Baby, Kill!

      aired: Mon, Nov 17, 2008

      Denny Crane and Carl Sack head to Virginia to defend a corrections officer on murder charges for shooting a death row inmate out of mercy when the execution, via lethal injection, went awry. Meanwhile, Alan Shore tries to heat things up with Shirley Schmidt while they work together to help Martha Headly, who claims she was fired for voting for John McCain for President.

    • Episode 8


      aired: Mon, Nov 10, 2008

      Jerry Espenson insists on defending himself in court when he's accused of aggravated assault after a run-in with a bully. Meanwhile, Alan Shore and Shirley Schmidt try to help an underaged pregnant girl obtain a judicial by-pass for an abortion.

    • Episode 7

      Mad Cows

      aired: Mon, Nov 3, 2008

      Alan Shore and Denny Crane sue the government when cattle rancher Carol Hober - who, Crane believes, is the spitting image of actress Valerie Bertinelli -- accuses the USDA of not allowing her to test all of her cows for Mad Cow Disease, an affliction that's close to Denny's heart. But Denny continually irritates Carol when he tries to make her confess that she really is Valerie Bertinelli. Meanwhile, Jerry Espenson is up for partner at the firm, but his quirky social inadequacies could lead to his downfall with the firm's panel, which includes Paul Lewiston.

    • Episode 6

      Happy Trails

      aired: Mon, Oct 27, 2008

      Alan Shore and Denny Crane take a breather from the office and saddle up at a Dude Ranch in Utah. But the two city slickers soon find themselves at odds with their fellow horse enthusiasts and may need to call on the always irritating attorney Melvin Palmer - who also happens to be at the ranch. Meanwhile, Shirley Schmidt defends the murderous Catherine Piper when she unintentionally blows up her doctor after setting his office on fire for prescribing medication that almost killed her.

    • Episode 5

      The Bad Seed

      aired: Mon, Oct 20, 2008

      Alan Shore and Shirley Schmidt take on the armed forces when a man's brother dies in a local military hospital due to malpractice. But a friendly wager Denny Crane makes with Alan regarding the outcome of the case could cost Alan his job. Meanwhile, Jerry Espenson's sister, Joy - whose son was conceived through an anonymous donor - - asks him to get a ruling which would allow her to find out who the father is to determine if her son and his girlfriend are related.

    • Episode 4

      True Love

      aired: Mon, Oct 13, 2008

    • Episode 3

      Dances with Wolves

      aired: Mon, Oct 6, 2008

      Denny Crane is arrested yet again, this time for carrying a concealed weapon with which he shot a man who was trying to mug him and Jerry Espenson, and Alan Shore tries to help a sex surrogate - with whom he shares a past - gain joint custody of her daughter.

    • Episode 2

      Guardians and Gatekeepers

      aired: Mon, Sep 29, 2008

      Alan Shore sues a major pharmaceutical company for deceptive advertising after Denny Crane's unintended misuse of an arsenal of prescription drugs almost kills him.

    • Episode 1

      Smoke Signals

      aired: Mon, Sep 22, 2008

      Alan Shore tackles a big tobacco company and discovers that the defense attorney is an old flame, and Denny Crane's frustrating lack of performance issues are getting him down.

  • Watch Boston Legal Season 4

    • Episode 20

      Patriot Acts

      aired: Wed, May 21, 2008

      Alan and Denny celebrate being accepted by the Auxiliary Coast Guard, but their relationship is challenged when each play opposition in a case in which Alan represents a town in Massachusetts which wants to secede from the U.S.

    • Episode 18

      Indecent Proposals

      aired: Wed, Apr 30, 2008

      Denny falls for a female cattle rancher who is pushing for the government to stop selling meat which has been cloned. Meanwhile, Shirley demands that Alan sues the Democratic Party after her nephew, a delegate, disagrees with his state's primary vote.

    • Episode 17

      The Court Supreme

      aired: Tue, Apr 22, 2008

      Alan Shore gets the dream of a lifetime for an attorney when he is asked to present an appeal to the Supreme Court in the case of a mentally challenged man who has been sentenced to death for the rape of a young girl. Meanwhile, Katie Lloyd learns some startling news from Lorraine Weller about Jerry Espenson's new girlfriend.

    • Episode 15

      Tabloid Nation

      aired: Tue, Apr 8, 2008

      Alan Shore and Jerry Espenson take on a tabloid talk show when a woman is murdered by her ex-boyfriend after declining his marriage proposal on television; and Shirley Schmidt defends a friend an unstable war hero -- for shooting seals for meals. Meanwhile, Denny Crane goes to extreme measures to win Shirley's affections back when she invites him to dinner; and Lorraine Weller tells Alan that he should seek professional help after he confesses to her that he used to murder his toys as a child.

    • Episode 9

      No Brains Left Behind

      aired: Tue, Dec 11, 2007

      After trying to sue the National Guard for not coming to the aid of a business that was flooded out during a storm, Alan Shore and Denny Crane decide that it's up to them to stop complaining and do something about it. Meanwhile, Shirley Schmidt's granddaughter asks for her day in court when she's expelled from school for trying to make a social statement; Carl Sack informs Shirley that he feels ineffective at the firm and wants to return to the New York office; and the fate of Lorraine Weller's position at the firm is unknown when she comes clean about her past to Shirley.

  • Watch Boston Legal Season 3

    • Episode 20

      Guise 'n Dolls

      aired: Tue, Apr 24, 2007

      Alan Shore finds himself pitted against old friend Jerry Espenson in a case of a woman suing a department store for selling "pornographic" dolls to kids. Meanwhile, Shirley Schmidt and Paul Lewiston must decide the fate of Denny Crane after he makes a politically incorrect statement to an African-American under consideration for employment at the firm, and a colleague's valued opinion causes Denise Bauer to re-think her future with Brad.

    • Episode 17

      The Bride Wore Blood

      aired: Tue, Mar 20, 2007

      Megan Mullally as Renata Hill, a former lover and co-worker of Alan Shores. No stranger to trouble, Renata reunites with Shore as she dashes down the courthouse hallway wearing a bloody wedding gown, carrying a bloody pair of scissors and proclaiming her innocence in the murder of her betrothed. Meanwhile, Claire Simms gets stuck defending a cocky young man accused of stealing a cell phone, and Denny Crane tries to understand why Bethany Horowitz thinks hes a bigot.

    • Episode 13

      Dumping Bella

      aired: Tue, Jan 30, 2007

      When Denny Crane's latest love, Bella, is attacked by animal rights activists, an irate Denny prepares to square off against the protestors and their vindictive lawyer -- Dennys ex, Bethany. Meanwhile, Brad suspects hes not the only person in the office enjoying a friends-with-benefits relationship with Denise; Clarence expresses romantic interest in Claire; and Paul Lewiston plans an office costume party to boost company morale.

    • Episode 10

      The Nutcrackers

      aired: Tue, Dec 5, 2006

      Alan Shore takes the case of a mother desperate to retain custody of her pre-teen daughters -- who turn out to be white supremacist singing sensations. Meanwhile, Brad Chase, Jeffrey Coho and Denise Bauer represent a woman who wants to sue God after her husband is struck by lightning, Denny Crane helps a woman whose anorexic daughter is seeking emancipation, and Shirley Schmidt makes a bet with Shore that is revealed at the office Christmas party.

    • Episode 9

      On the Ledge (Part 2)

      aired: Tue, Nov 28, 2006

      Shirley Schmidt attempts to reason with her kidnapper, the peculiar Lincoln Meyer, who turns out to be significantly more depraved than she realized. Meanwhile, Jerry Espenson's legal skills shine as he and Alan Shore defend a woman accused of killing her ex-girlfriend, and Denny Crane is overcome with jealousy when he catches Jerry and Alan bonding over Scotch and cigars.

    • Episode 3

      Desperately Seeking Shirley

      aired: Tue, Oct 3, 2006

      When Ivan Tiggs wants to invalidate the post-nup Shirley Schmidt drafted so he can divorce his current wife, Schmidt finds herself in court, battling her former lover -- and his new attorney, Alan Shore. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Cohos persistence and ethically dubious tactics help him elicit key information from witnesses as he prepares to defend an accused murderer, and Denny Cranes petite Internet date, hurt by his comments on her size, pursues a lawsuit against him.

  • Watch Boston Legal Season 2

    • Episode 21

      Word Salad Days

      aired: Tue, Mar 28, 2006

      It’s a rough day in court for Alan Shore when he experiences an inexplicable case of “word salad� – a horrifying condition that causes him to speak unintelligible gibberish. To ease Shore’s anxiety, Denny Crane recommends that they enjoy a day at the spa. Meanwhile, Denise Bauer defends a polygamist whose wives believe their husband has done nothing wrong and are willing to fight for their beliefs. And Brad Chase defends his college buddy’s video game company, which is being sued by the mother of a boy who died after playing one of their games for two days straight

    • Episode 18

      Shock and Oww!

      aired: Tue, Mar 7, 2006

      Denny Crane finds just the right thing to cure his depression after his one-day-old marriage falls apart: The case of a man arrested for electrocuting and paralyzing a burglar. Meanwhile Shirley Schmidt seeks Alan Shore’s help when nude photos of her taken by a famous photographer are put up for auction. And a suspicious Paul Lewiston asks Brad Chase to befriend his daughter to find out if she’s still using drugs.

    • Episode 17

      There's Fire!

      aired: Tue, Feb 28, 2006

      Within three hours of getting married, Denny Crane is caught with another woman and Bev Bridge demands an annulment plus 50% of her brand new husband’s worth. While the attorneys from Crane, Poole & Schmidt frantically rally around their colleague to rescue him, Bev hires the slick, handsome divorce lawyer Eli Granger to represent her. Meanwhile, Alan Shore defends Joan Zeder who was fired from her job after being unable to adhere to the company’s strict no-smoking policy.

    • Episode 16

      Live Big

      aired: Tue, Feb 21, 2006

      While trying to woo her back, Shirley Schmidt’s ex-husband, Ivan Tiggs (Tom Selleck), wants her to be his ‘best man’ at his upcoming wedding with an annoyingly perky woman. Meanwhile, Paul Lewiston’s estranged daughter, Rachel, who he claims blindly stole from him to feed her drug and alcohol habits, comes back into his life after seven years. And Alan Shore defends a man who said he was only complying with his wife’s wishes when he assisted in ending her life.

    • Episode 15


      aired: Tue, Feb 14, 2006

      Alan Shore files a discrimination suit against a private school that refuses to admit a gifted nine-year-old girl with nerve damage that makes it impossible for her to smile. Since Brad Chase’s attempt to bribe Denny Crane’s fiancée, Beverly Bridge, failed miserably, she threatens to tell Denny what happened unless Brad can find a legal loophole to save her sickly cat from her ex-husband, who wants to take it off of life support. Meanwhile, Shirley Schmidt and Julie Bauer defend a teenaged girl who was brutally raped and is now pregnant. The girl wants to sue the Catholic hospital where she was treated because they refused to provide her with emergency contraception.

    • Episode 14

      Breast In Show

      aired: Tue, Feb 7, 2006

      The terminally ill Daniel Post hosts his own funeral, an event that Denise Bauer would rather not attend. Meanwhile, Alan Shore takes an interest in a woman who causes a political uproar when she leads a protest with hundreds of bare-breasted women. And Catherine Piper, who is now the office building’s new sandwich lady, decides that the office of junior associate Garrett Wells is the perfect spot for her to do her accounting work.

    • Episode 13

      Too Much Information

      aired: Tue, Jan 24, 2006

      Alan Shore bails out Catherine Piper after she goes on a spree of convenience store holdups. Meanwhile, Denise Bauer sues an HMO for inadequate internet security that led to a brutal murder -- all the while trying to get through to her hospitalized boyfriend, Daniel Post, who won’t take her phone calls. And, as the partners begin to see Beverly Bridge’s influence on Denny Crane, Brad Chase makes her a proposition and tries to convince her to leave Denny.

    • Episode 12

      Helping Hands

      aired: Tue, Jan 17, 2006

      Daniel Post convinces his new love, Denise Bauer, that he should second-chair in her case against overbearing parents who harass their teenaged daughter’s teacher. Meanwhile, Shirley Schmidt makes life difficult for Alan Shore as he prepares his defense of Jerry “Hands� Espenson, the firm’s brilliant but quirky attorney who held a cake knife to Shirley’s throat. And the partners at Crane, Poole and Schmidt worry about Denny Crane’s impending nuptials and the kind of influence his future wife, Beverly Bridge, could have over the firm.

    • Episode 11

      The Cancer Man Can

      aired: Tue, Jan 10, 2006

      The law firm represents Daniel Post (Michael J. Fox), a CEO battling terminal lung cancer who used his status with a pharmaceutical company to ensure that he receive the non-placebo in a promising anti-cancer drug test. Now, another participant in the test study is suing him. During one of Post’s visits to Crane, Poole & Schmidt, the charismatic man meets and becomes romantically involved with the firm’s Denise Bauer. Meanwhile, Denny Crane is attracted to Beverly Bridge (Joanna Cassidy), a fifty-year-old attractive predator trolling for a husband amongst her high-net-worth peers. And Alan Shore advocates on behalf of “Hands�, a fellow quirky employee, in his quest for partnership at Crane, Poole & Schmidt.

    • Episode 10

      Legal Deficits

      aired: Tue, Dec 13, 2005

      Brad Chase pushes for an immediate trial after he is arrested for impersonating an FBI officer and assaulting a priest during the rescue of a kidnapped child. Shirley Schmidt is worried about how this case may reflect on the firm and is reluctant to consent to Brad’s request for the erratically-behaving Denny Crane to be the lead attorney. Meanwhile, Alan Shore tries to bail out his secretary, Melissa (Marisa Coughlan), who is in serious credit card debt, and seeks the assistance of the firm’s quirky but brilliant bank and finance genius.

    • Episode 9


      aired: Tue, Dec 6, 2005

      While Denise Bauer shops with her housekeeper and the woman’s four-year-old son, the unthinkable happens when the boy is kidnapped by a known pedophile. An FBI special agent tells them that technicalities prevent the Bureau from getting involved, but he strongly suggests that, as private citizens, Denise and Brad Chase conduct their own investigation. Their frantic search eventually takes them to Father Ryan (Richard Fancy), a priest who refuses to help since he can’t break his confessional seal. Meanwhile, a homeless man throws a rock at Denny Crane for not acknowledging his request for money and Denny shoots him – with a paintball gun. When the man shows up at Crane, Poole & Schmidt for compensation, Denny adamantly refuses to consider his request, but Alan Shore takes the man’s case, pitting the friends against each other.

    • Episode 8

      The Ass Fat Jungle

      aired: Tue, Nov 15, 2005

      When Alan Shore experiences the return of his night terrors - where he sleepwalks and could physically hurt himself - he asks his new, attractive secretary, Melissa, if she would moonlight and sleep with him to keep him from hurting himself. Meanwhile, if Alan agrees to get an MRI for his night terrors, then Denny Crane will agree to undergo one to determine whether he has Alzheimer's or Mad Cow disease. Meanwhile, Shirley Schmidt is reluctant to take a case in which the teenaged son of a rich client is accused of vehicular manslaughter, and she becomes even more reluctant when she has to interview the only eye witness, an elderly woman with Alzheimer's. And Denise Bauer is asked to represent two women who claim that Boston's most famous plastic surgeon injected his own butt fat into their lips, when they believed the fat was coming from their bodies.

    • Episode 6

      Witches of Mass Destruction

      aired: Tue, Nov 1, 2005

      Shirley Schmidt and Denise Bauer represent two groups of parents, one Christian and the other Wiccan -- a pagan religion -- who are suing to get rid of a school's Halloween pageant for its wicked witch. The Christians feel their faith is being marginalized by a satanic symbol, and the Wiccans claim that Halloween images stereotype them - especially after the school's principal gives a riveting demonstration of her cackling, green witch. Meanwhile, Garrett Wells takes Cassie, the paralegal with whom he's involved, to see Alan Shore and ask him to represent her in suing the U.S. government, to vindicate the death of her brother, killed in the Iraq war. Shore takes on the unconventional case, but his friendship with Denny Crane is threatened since Crane strongly feels that one shouldn't criticize the military while the country is at war. The strained friendship threatens the annual office Halloween party, where they both were to dress up as giant flamingoes.

    • Episode 5

      Men to Boys

      aired: Tue, Oct 25, 2005

      When an old case she neglected comes up for trial, Denise Bauer frantically prepares for her defense against an auto manufacturer whose defective pick-up truck caused a fire that killed a terminally ill woman. Garrett Wells' research trip to the file room of the opposing law firm turns steamy when he meets Cassie, an audaciously outspoken paralegal. Meanwhile Alan Shore, still trying to get over Tara Wilson, takes Sara Holt to dinner and embarrasses her by giving his own public service announcement to a crowded restaurant. And when Lori Colson files an internal complaint against Denny Crane for sexual harassment, Shirley Schmidt insists that he apologize, leading Denny from the frying pan into the fire.

    • Episode 4

      A Whiff and a Prayer

      aired: Tue, Oct 18, 2005

      Forced by a client to put Denny Crane on the case, Shirley Schmidt reluctantly enlists his help to defend a Democratic Congressman being sued for not keeping a campaign promise to pass a ban on assault weapons. The right-wing Crane is an unlikely defender from the start, but Schmidt really wonders if she made the right decision when he goes missing the day of his closing. Meanwhile, Alan Shore, still reeling from Tara's exit, focuses on defending Catherine Piper, accused of murdering his client, Bernard Ferrion. And Reverend Diddum, Denise Bauer's ex-husband's lawyer, threatens to report Sara Holt and Garret Wells to their superiors for their ruse to get him to drastically reduce his client's alimony -- but he'll forget the whole matter if Sara gives in to a sexually perverse request.

    • Episode 3

      Finding Nimmo

      aired: Tue, Oct 11, 2005

      Reeling over his break-up with Tara, Alan Shore heads to Nimmo Bay in British Columbia with Denny Crane for some fly fishing and male bonding in an effort to cure his pain. When they learn that the salmon population is being threatened by sea lice produced by fish farms, Shore and Crane feel compelled to act. Meanwhile Catherine Piper drops a bombshell on Shirley Schmidt when she confesses to killing Bernard Ferrion by whacking him over the head with a skillet, and the firm scrambles to find the best way to deal with this shocking turn of events. And Sara Holt and Garrett Wells go to extremes to convince Reverend Diddum (Kurt Fuller), the divorce attorney for Denise Bauer's husband, to decrease the alimony settlement she is required to pay him.

    • Episode 2


      aired: Tue, Oct 4, 2005

      In the midst of a media circus, the murder trial of Kelly Nolan, AKA 'The Black Widow,' gets underway with defense team Alan Shore, Brad Chase and Denny Crane. Can they pull off an acquittal in this seemingly un-winnable case, with the media playing judge and jury and a defendant who is unapologetically cold as ice? Meanwhile Denise Bauer, intent on avoiding alimony payment to her soon-to-be-ex-husband, enlists the help of junior associates Garrett Wells and Sara Holt to challenge the constitutionality of no-fault divorce; Holmes convinces Tara, who's desperately trying to avoid his charming advances, to help represent his client, Johnny Damon -- Damon, singer Edwin Starr's nephew, wants to be allowed to sing his late uncle's trademark song, "War," at a club where the owner has deemed the song un-American -- and a frightened Catherine goes to the police when Bernard calmly tells her that he fantasizes about committing another murder.

    • Episode 1

      The Black Widow

      aired: Tue, Sep 27, 2005

      Alan Shore and Brad Chase represent Kelly Nolan, a cold-as-ice- beauty dubbed "The Black Widow" by the media, on trial for poisoning her wealthy and much older husband. Denny Crane lusts after Mrs. Nolan and begs Shore to let him lend a hand in any way possible. Denise Bauer enlists junior associates Garrett Wells and Sara Holt to assist her on a case involving a Jewish man who feels his civil rights were violated when his Christian co-workers held Bible readings in the workplace. To complicate matters, Denise's husband serves her with divorce papers in front of them. Meanwhile, Shirley Schmidt and Tara Wilson (Rhona Mitra) defend a respected surgeon accused of sexually assaulting a mute woman, who ultimately testifies by very unconventional means. Shore is taken aback when he finds out that opposing counsel on the case is Tara's former lover, Malcolm Holmes.

  • Watch Boston Legal Season 1

    • Episode 12

      From Whence We Came

      aired: Sun, Jan 16, 2005

      One of the members of the firm falls victim to Shirley Schmidt's mandate to clean house and is ordered to leave immediately. Meanwhile Lori, with help from Denny Crane and Shirley Schmidt, defends a school superintendent being sued by two science teachers who were fired for refusing to teach creationism. And Bernard Ferrion, Alan Shore's client who killed his mother by whacking her with a skillet, finds himself in need of legal help once again, but Shore refers the case to Tara, as he cannot hide his disappointment in his former client. And Shore is genuinely surprised when he learns his assistant, Nora Jacobs, is offended by his inappropriate advances.

    • Episode 11

      Schmidt Happens

      aired: Sun, Jan 9, 2005

      Founding Crane, Poole & Schmidt partner Shirley Schmidt (Candice Bergen) returns to the firm to help bring order to the chaotic office. The firebrand Schmidt proves to be a formidable adversary to Alan Shore, and gets under the skin of Denny Crane, with whom she has a checkered history. Meanwhile, Lori represents a Sudanese native who sues the U.S. government for lack of action in the face of the horrific atrocities being committed in his country, and Alan Shore defends a man who killed his mother in a fit of rage, hitting her over the head with a skillet.

    • Episode 6

      Truth Be Told

      aired: Sun, Nov 7, 2004

      When mayoral candidate Jack Fleming has his bid for Boston's highest office threatened by dirty politics just days before the election, his wife, Samantha, seeks the help of longtime friend Alan Shore…whose tactics put him on a collision course with the city's new power elite. Meanwhile, Lori takes the case of a man, Richard Kirkland, whose ex-wife refuses to release their son's umbilical cord blood that was stored at the time of his birth, which may be the only hope Kirkland has to fight his cancer, and Lori is forced to tell him some very difficult news.

    • Episode 5

      An Eye for an Eye

      aired: Sun, Oct 31, 2004

      Lori and Sally take on a criminal case defending a man, Jason Binder, who is accused of killing another man at a bar with a martial arts-type punch to the throat, and whose only character witness is his mother — who doesn't make the best impression herself because of her glass eye…which tends to fall out when she gets excited. Meanwhile, Shore and Tara, the sexual tension between them growing, take the case of a hypochondriac, Bill Morgan, who is suing his doctor for malpractice; and the partners are concerned when Crane takes over one of Edwin Poole's cases, especially considering Crane is not at all prepared to try the case — which is taking place the following day — and is flat-out denied a continuance by a spiteful judge.

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