Adam-12 follows Officers Pete Mallow (Martin Milner) and Jim Reed (Kent McCord) as they patrol the streets of Los Angeles. Adam-12 , which was the radio call number of the unit that Malloy and Reed worked in, was the first series to realistically portray the joys and frustrations of being a police officer in the late 1960's to early 1970's. The attention to detail of the show inspired countless people to enter the law enforcement/EMS agencies when they became adults. The police station used throughout the series was the newly-built (at the time) Rampart Station. Starring: Martin Milner as Officer Pete Malloy; Kent McCord as Officer Jim Reed; William Boyett as Sergeant MacDonald; Gary Crosby as Officer Ed Wells; and Shaaron Claridge as Dispatcher.

Genre: Drama

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    • Episode 26

      Log 22: So This Little Guy Goes into This Bar and...

      aired: Sat, Apr 5, 1969

      Reed can't understand why his "shaggy dog'' story isn't getting a hilarious response.

    • Episode 25

      Log 92: Tell Him He Pushed Back a Little Too Hard

      aired: Sat, Mar 29, 1969

      Malloy and Reed investigate a dispute between neighbors over a jointly owned boat.

    • Episode 24

      Log 172: Boy...The Things You Do for the Job

      aired: Sat, Mar 22, 1969

      A young and wealthy beauty pursues Malloy for a date after he issues her a traffic violation ticket.

    • Episode 23

      Log 12: He Was Trying to Kill Me

      aired: Sat, Mar 15, 1969

      Malloy and Reed answer a "child left alone'' call and uncover a child-neglect case.

    • Episode 22

      Log 152: A Dead Cop Can't Help Anyone

      aired: Sat, Mar 8, 1969

      Malloy and Reed risk their lives to rescue a fellow officer who is shot and wounded.

    • Episode 21

      Log 102: We Can't Just Walk Away from It

      aired: Sat, Mar 1, 1969

      Officers Malloy and Reed fight against time to thwart a 17-year-old's suicide.

    • Episode 20

      Log 73: I'm Still a Cop

      aired: Sat, Feb 22, 1969

      Malloy, a part-time university student, finds himself in the middle of a campus riot.

    • Episode 19

      Log 51: A Jumper - Code Two

      aired: Sat, Feb 15, 1969

      Malloy tries frantically to dissuade a man from leaping from the roof of a building.

    • Episode 18

      Log 112: You Blew It

      aired: Sat, Feb 8, 1969

      Malloy and Reed forget to "go by the book'' when citing a traffic violator who turns out to be wanted for armed robbery.

    • Episode 17

      Log 33: It All Happened So Fast

      aired: Sat, Feb 1, 1969

      Reed is questioned in detail after he shoots and kills a 16-year-old sniper.

    • Episode 16

      Log 62: Grand Theft Horse?

      aired: Sat, Jan 18, 1969

      Malloy and Reed round up a homesick Texan who has "borrowed'' a horse.

    • Episode 15

      Log 36: Jimmy Eisley's Dealing Smack

      aired: Sat, Jan 11, 1969

      Malloy and Reed break up a narcotics ring as they lead a raid on the apartment of a suspected dope pusher.

    • Episode 14

      Log 81

      aired: Sat, Jan 4, 1969

      Malloy and Reed answer a silent alarm and wind up in a shootout with three suspects.

    • Episode 13

      Log 122

      aired: Sat, Dec 21, 1968

      A stolen car containing toys for a needy family is the object of a widespread search.

    • Episode 12

      Log 61

      aired: Sat, Dec 14, 1968

      Malloy and Reed rescue two men from a burning house, break up a neighborhood feud and look for a stolen car.

    • Episode 11

      Log 111

      aired: Sat, Dec 7, 1968

      Malloy and Reed call at a house where a girl is suffering from the ill effects of narcotics.

    • Episode 10

      Log 132: Producer

      aired: Sat, Nov 30, 1968

      Malloy and Reed match wits with a pair of burglary suspects inside a factory.

    • Episode 9

      Log 101

      aired: Sat, Nov 16, 1968

      Reed and Malloy investigate the bizarre theft of a lawn.

    • Episode 8

      Log 72: El Presidente

      aired: Sat, Nov 9, 1968

      Officers Malloy and Reed deal with a busload of children that arrived; disarming a sniper.

    • Episode 7

      Log 71: I Feel Like a Fool, Malloy

      aired: Sat, Nov 2, 1968

      Malloy and Reed answer a "loud noise'' complaint and find a babysitter in trouble.

    • Episode 6

      Log 161: And You Want Me to Get Married!

      aired: Sat, Oct 26, 1968

      Malloy and Reed look for a robbery suspect, help a woman in a car crash and settle a family dispute.

    • Episode 5

      Log 91: You're Not the First Guy's Had the Problem

      aired: Sat, Oct 19, 1968

      Reed and Malloy respond to an "officer needs help'' and Reed finds that one of his academy colleagues has been critically wounded.

    • Episode 4

      Log 131: Reed, the Dicks Have Their Job and We Have Ours

      aired: Sat, Oct 12, 1968

      Malloy and Reed assist a young mother trying to protect her baby from a deranged man.

    • Episode 3

      Log 11: It's Just a Little Dent, Isn't It?

      aired: Sat, Oct 5, 1968

      The officers of ADAM-12 are involved in a high-speed chase, a murder case and a family dispute.

    • Episode 2

      Log 141

      aired: Sat, Sep 28, 1968

      Malloy and Reed attempt to save two small victims of narcotic pills.

    • Episode 1

      Log 1: The Impossible Mission

      aired: Sat, Sep 21, 1968

      Officer Pete Malloy is considering resigning from the police force.

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