7th Heaven

7th Heaven
7th Heaven is an acclaimed family drama from Aaron Spelling and focuses on a minister and his family and deals sensitively and intelligently with such issues as homelessness, drug abuse and teen pregnancy. Reverend Eric Camden (Stephen Collins) and his wife Annie (Catherine Hicks) have always had their hands full caring for seven children, not to mention the friends, sweethearts and spouses that continually come and go in the Camden household. Not only are they raising their own seven children, they pick up several additional family members along the way.

Genre: Drama, Family

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    • Episode 36

      36. Captian Gallant of the Foreign Legion-The Boy Who Found Christmas

      aired: Sat, Jan 1, 1955

      A captain in the French Foreign Legion in North Africa tries to keep the peace and battle bandit tribes while also taking care of his son, who lives with him at the Foreign Legion fort.

    • Episode 9

      I Hate You

      aired: Mon, Mar 8, 1993

    • Episode 8

      Do Something

      aired: Thu, Sep 11, 2008

      After years on the frontier, Jim Bowie returns home to Opelousas, Louisiana and finds his town has been overrun by a posse of criminals.

    • Episode 3

      I Love You

      aired: Thu, Sep 11, 2008

      Nat Cutler, known as Hawkeye, is a fur trader. With his faithful Indian companion Chingachgook, the last of the Mohican tribe, he fights to protect settlers against the raiding Huron Indians.

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